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Just before Friday rush hour, we braved the rain to travel to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

The scarf served the purpose of keeping me warm when I wrapped it around my neck as we boarded the shuttle. Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures today. It is nearly impossible to get good images in abysmal lighting or driving rain. Below is Mr. Mickey’s look for the evening.

We stayed in the Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate and took the shuttle up to the Inn at Biltmore to enjoy a light dinner in the Library Lounge on Friday evening.

In front of the fireplace, the sofas are always an inviting place to sit and listen to live music.

We enjoyed the artisan cheese plate with glasses of Biltmore wine.

Dinner was French Onion soup.

The purpose of our getaway was to celebrate thirteen years of dating. We always enjoy the slower pace and beautiful surroundings at the Biltmore Estate. There are several entertainment options, dining, shopping, and just sitting in front of a cozy fire while people-watching.

My travel wardrobe included the pink faux leather moto jacket, a silver/gray tank, light gray and dark navy, crew neck cashmere sweaters, and a navy wool blazer. The pants included olive jeggings, dark navy jeans, and black jeggings.

My accessories included black boots, a burgundy bag, a necklace, and two silk twill scarves in neutral colors.

I always pack items that work together to create several effortless, comfortable, and appropriate looks. The scarves added color, pattern, and warmth. (This was my most successful packing yet!) I’ll share more outfit photos on Wednesday and Friday.

The (Vintage Pink) faux leather moto jacket has sold out now. I bought it at Express. Here is a similar one. The cashmere sweaters are from Everlane here. The navy wool jacket is from J.Crew a couple of years ago. (Similar here) The dark navy jeans are from Liverpool Jeans Co here. The black and Montana Moss (olive) jeggings are from Chico’s here.

The Marc Fisher boots are here. The Dooney & Bourke Bordeaux bag is here. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

  1. As always, informative suggestions for packing a great wardrobe for a get away! Always a problem for me when thinking what to pack, too much too little, mixing & matching.
    Thank you Susan for your ideas in helping me to decide the possibilities of packing a wardrobe to best suit me, with similar ideas to suit my wardrobe.
    Happy Anniversary to you both! Wishing you many more.

      1. Susan, I enjoy your blog & always enjoy seeing your styling advise. Please tell me how you care for your cashmere sweaters.

          1. First, a very happy anniversary!
            Now, about dry cleaning sweaters…
            Like other wools, cashmere loves hand-washing!
            I have many cashmere sweaters but the nearest dry cleaner is 90 miles away. That and knowing the chemicals used in the process keeps my sweaters close to home.
            I simply use a very large mixing bowl warm water, a tiny squirt of Zum Frankinsense & Myrrh laundry soap and agitate the sweater gently by hand.
            Let it soak for 5 minutes.
            Rinse it by running room-temp water to overflow the bowl until the suds are gone.
            I then press the sweater against the sides of my wash tub (never wring sweaters), put it carefully into a lingerie bag & spin-only in my washing machine on gentle.
            Lay it flat to dry and it is delightfully soft & clean (and no nasty chemicals!).
            I have all my late Mom’s woolen sweaters (some dating to the 1930s) and they are in excellent condition, always having been hand-washed).

          2. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information, Lisa. I’ve learned that the washing instructions are not always the only option.

  2. Susan, I’m so glad I found your site. I travel often, but cannot get my packing skills down to a carry on bag.
    I’m wondering, what size travel bag do you travel with? 20inch? 22inch? 24inch?
    Lavon Coleman

    1. I carried a tote bag for toiletries and lingerie on this trip and put all my clothing in a hanging bag. I sometimes use a CalPack bag which has hard sides and measures about 22 x 14 inches.

  3. Asheville and The Biltmore are on my bucket list so I especially enjoy peeks at them when you visit. I appreciate the rhythm to your life, and how you and Mr Mickey honor your relationship with intentional time together. I can only imagine your conversations as you catch up!! It is helpful to see what you packed for your getaway. I’m doing that today for a trip into the metro for an appointment. I’ve recently lost weight, gone down a size and have emptied out much of my wardrobe. I have filled in at-home wear and I still have some dressy items but little in between. Taking into consideration the weather where I live and limited choices, packing is more frustrating than it should be. Building a wardrobe almost from scratch (in an area of the country that truly had four seasons) is an opportunity but also daunting. Any ideas and inspiration for starting over are welcome.

    1. Cashmere sweaters have been one of my best investments ever. I can wear them dressed up or down and layered with other items. I can even wear them with white jeans and sandals during cool evenings on the beach. If I were starting over again, I would buy a cashmere sweater and a great fitting pair of jeans first. I do not buy anything new if it doesn’t go with at least three other items in my wardrobe.

  4. I meant to mention that I purchased that necklace after you first showcased it, and I just love it! The medallion is much lighter weight than some of my earlier pieces, which is preferable to me. Your blog has been so helpful and I look forward to it. Appreciate the good work.

  5. What an attractive couple you both make. I always learn something from and look forward to each post. Thank you for sharing your valuable information.

  6. Hi Susan, first-I love the jeggings on you. And, do you need a reservation for dining at the Biltmore?

  7. Happy Anniversary! You both present yourselves beautifully. Several years ago my best friend and her husband took me to the Biltmore Estate and would go back in an instant if given the chance. Always read your blog and love to see and learn some wonderful recommendations from you, Susan. Wishing you both many more years together.

    1. Mr. Mickey is wearing a dark charcoal oxford button down shirt with a half zip gray vest over it. He is wearing a black blazer and fringe scarf in light and dark gray paisley. His pants are dark gray, and his shoes are black. He often wears black, gray and white in winter. In summer he frequently wears khaki pants with a blue chambray shirt or a navy shirt. He is a huge fan of Ralph Lauren clothing because the line fits him so well.

  8. Hi Susan,

    Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad I found your site. I am starting to rebuild my wardrobe and love all of the ideas I am getting.

    Would you mind telling me what skin care line you use?

    1. We maintain separate lives and homes, just getting together for the fun times. The arrangement suites my personality much better than twenty-four-seven. I am by nature a loner, so I require a lot of alone time to be happy and fulfilled.

  9. I’m struck by the description of the pink faux leather moto jacket as vintage. The quilted pattern popular of clothing today does mimic styles I recall from the ’70’s, but the styling of the jacket seems so modern. Can you expand on your notion of vintage, as it has many connotations? Old? Old as in second hand or purchased several seasons past? I think use of the term has changed over the years as vintage became sought after.

    1. Thank you for asking about that term. It is the description used by Express to describe the color of pink. It is a soft pale color that looks vintage, but the jacket is from a few months ago. In most cases, vintage describes an item that is about twenty years old.

  10. I love your blog. I am also a Susan after 60. Would you mind be asking where you live. My husband and I are looking to move after retirement. We love the mountains and you look like you are in close proximity to a lot of great places to explore and dine.

    Susan from Ga.

    1. I live in Johnson City, TN. It is about one hour north and west of Asheville, North Carolina. Located in Washington County, it has a population of 64,978. The median income in Johnson City, TN is $39,566, and the median home value is $153,800, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability. Johnson City is also the perfect place to break in your new shoes, due to its WalkScore® of 24.3012. We have walking trails and parks as well as lovely treelined streets and many neighborhoods that are a pleasure to walk.

  11. Great looks by you and Mr. Mickey. I have the green pants that you have and forgot about them in my closet. I will wear them today! I love to pack with all my clothes on the bed and then I decide what jewelry and scarves to add. I like to have most things interchangeable so I get more outfits when traveling. Do you have a theme in mind when you start to pack? I love it when I get to the destination and I wear all the clothes I have packed. You didn’t mention swimming when at a hotel. I love to swim and have a cover up skirt but I’m thinking I will get back to sewing a pareo cover up since I miss them. If you swim do you wear a pareo or something else?

    1. I love to read your blog. First noticed it on Pinterest and have been hooked ever since. Your style and tips have helped me immensely to transition into a cool nana retired lady. Loved your pictures today as you displayed what you wore and packed for your trip. So professional. I so loved my One visit to Biltmore. We just loved all our get aways in the Blue Ridge mountains. Following our daughter south we have found a substitute mountain view by retiring in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.
      Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey for many more years of time and togetherness.
      Thanks for continuing to share your talents.

  12. This was very helpful. The Biltmore looks like a lovely setting for a celebration. Hope you enjoyed your time there. Mary

  13. You and Mr Mickey look polished and elegant as always! Congratulations on 13 years together! Love your blog….

  14. 2 questions. Does Mr. Mickey have on a blazer? He always looks so nice.
    How do you keep your scarves around your neck? Mine is a traveling machine.
    Thank you!

    1. Mr. Mickey has on a blazer or sportcoat. He often wears one in the evening with dark jeans or other slacks. He never wears the jacket from a suit with casual wear.

      My jackets often anchor my scarves. Otherwise, I am just mindful of my posture and readjust the scarves if needed.

  15. Your link for the jeans appears to be broken. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful tips! Congratulations to you both. You both seem to enjoy life.

  16. Hola Sue love fun fashion how to videos. So nice to see a woman sharing and caring for our age group. Thank You

  17. Susan, so enjoy your lovely adventures and spot-on fashion advice. I have purchased two of your beautiful scarves recently, and would like to buy the one featured in your post, the black, olive green and orange scarf. Please let me know if this is possible as the link posted only takes you to your closed shop site.
    Thank you for your help with this.
    Kay Skubikowski

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