Weekend Travel Looks

After a great night’s sleep, it’s time to dress for breakfast and a long stroll around the Antler Village on The Biltmore Estate.

Breakfast is always my most substantial meal. I ordered the Lox & Bagel, and Mr. Mickey had the Social Omelet with crab. Both meals were delicious!

My daytime look included dark blue jeans, the gray cashmere sweater, and the pink moto jacket. The shopping links for each item I brought with me are here.

After breakfast, we visited the museum and all the shops in the village, including the Creamery.

When the rain started to fall in the afternoon, we took it as our sign it was time to go back to the room and read or nap until it was time to dress for dinner.

I use a scarf for temperature control and to bring color and pattern to my classic neutral wardrobe.

I wore the dark navy cashmere sweater, the black jeggings, and the dark navy wool blazer to dinner. More details here.

Mr. Mickey’s favorite course is always the bread basket. The champagne was an anniversary gift from our favorite server, Bobby. We dine at the Bistro often, and we always ask for him.

My entree was the Bouillabaisse served with slices of grilled French baguette.

Mr. Mickey enjoyed the Grouper very much. Now on to his other favorite, the dessert menu.

The Graham’s 20-year port was the perfect complement to the shared Chocolate Pecan Pie.

We sat in front of the fire in the Village Social and enjoyed live music by Chris Rhodes and visited with other guests until it was time to retire for another peaceful night’s sleep.

The details of my travel wardrobe and the shopping links are here. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you. More travel and outfit photos on Friday!

  1. Another fabulous anniversary memory! – Love your casual, classic, and comfortable style Susan. Great inspiration here with your styling tips! I’m a fan! 🙂

  2. Such sharp, classy and well put together outfits. That’s what I always aim for after following you for so long. Gone are the days when I would just throw on pieces that either didn’t fit together, for instance flowing pants with equally flowing top, or ending up with an outfit that just looked flat. And I never gave much thought to accessories beyond a scarf to keep me warm instead of complementing a look. Now, I pick out my clothes and accessories with intention and a better eye for achieving a total finished look, all while keeping it simple. Happy Anniversary to you both, and it’s been uplifting as well as inspirational following you on your life’s journey.

  3. I always admire your scarves but often wonder what size (measurement) is the one you are wearing…and in this post wondering how you tied the one in the first picture and what size it was…thanks…

    1. I almost always wear 51″ scarves because they are versatile. In the first photo, I folded the scarf on the bias, placed it at the front of my neck and wrapped the ends back around and tied them once beneath.

    2. How is the sizing on the Everlane cashmere sweaters? Do you find them true to size? Do you wear a blouse or just a camisole… (I wear one under everything…has become my *undershirt*).

      1. I wear my usual size medium in the Everlane cashmere. I don’t wear anything other than a bra under them. They are very soft and comfortable against the skin.

  4. I enjoy your style, but I live in Florida and am trying to have a classic look here. It is challenging with the heat and humidity. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I also enjoy your date weekends because it gives me great ideas when I come home.

    1. Seconding Anne’s comment, the pink jacket and the scarf are particularly flattering on you. Your new hair cut is really working for you.

  5. Susan you always look so stylish. Thanks for tidying up me and my wardrobe! Less is definitely more and you’ve shown me this.

  6. Susan, you look absolutely stunning in the pink jacket outfit! I love the black, gray, and pink combo on you. Lovely, classic, and well put together. Congratulations on your anniversary. I was stunned to read that your evening outfit was black pants and navy sweater and blazer. What?! It’s not showing on my monitor as black pants and navy jacket. It looks all black. I have always stayed away from combining dark blue and black. Grew up thinking that was a fashion no no. You’ve opened up a new color avenue for me again. Will have to try this.

    1. I have a high-end moto jacket that includes both navy and black. A quote from Dior in “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” reads: “Among all the colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black. It has all the same qualities.”

  7. In addition to the loving outfits I love your retired (semi) life. It’s exactly what I would like to do minus the blog. 😀 of course who knows… I may have something to say at that time. Thanks for the lovely photo’s and sharing that life after 60 is grand.

  8. A really fun, delectable trip away again and I do so enjoy them vicariously. I like this grouping of pieces you took with you covering all that you did. By the way, your hairstyle really, really works beautifully. Enjoy!

  9. I have the Mark Fisher boots that are similar but with a lower heel of 1 3/4… recommended by Audrey Coyne. I thought you had those also.

    I have noticed you were lately wearing a higher heeled Mark Fisher boot. Are they as comfortable as the lower heel, which I dearly love! I want to also purchase the higher heel if they are just as comfortable.

    1. I have both. I recently bought the higher heel style because I had practically worn out the first pair from last year. Yes, they are comfortable as long as you wear them with thick tights or socks. The top end of the zipper works on the skin a bit too much.

  10. Do you ever wear white shoes? Yesterday I got my order from DSW of what I thought looked okay of Anne Klein, white espadrilles. My 33 year old son said they made me look old so I am immediately taking them back; God knows at 75 I don’t need to look old.

    Are white shoes, e.g. sneakers, flats, espadrilles, etc. hard to pull off at 75? I do wear a size 10 shoe.

    Thanks for any input.


    1. I’ve always avoided white shoes because they make feet look enormous. I recently donated my white walking shoes to a women’s shelter. I like a soft gray or tan color much better.

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