Atop The Roan

One way to spend a beautiful sunny day is by taking a long ride through the mountains in the convertible. We stopped at the VA in Johnson City to take some photos before the trip.

The black tee just arrived from My Fair Lady. I love it so much I now have it in black, white, navy, and magenta. This is the perfect style of top for women who have short legs or a pear shape. The length from the neckline in the back to the hemline is twenty-three inches. I am wearing a size medium. The top is here.

My white jeans are here, and the white cardigan is here. Links to similar, if not the same current items; HatToteShoesBraceletWatchEarringsRingRing

Tote bags help me to stay organized during all-day outings. The hat, sweater, camera, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and cosmetics all fit nicely inside.

We drove through Buladean in North Carolina and then followed Fork Mountain Road to the top of Roan Mountain.

One of our favorite appetizers is the smoked trout dip at the Lobster Trap in Asheville, NC. I attempted to recreate a similar dish for us to share at the end of the day. Mr. Mickey declared it a hit!

If you would like to try something similar, here is my recipe.

One piece of smoked trout. (I find it packaged beside the fish counter in Fresh Market.) Remove the skin and tear it into small pieces in a mixing bowl. Add four ounces of plain goat cheese broken up into small pieces. Add the juice of half a lemon, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to taste. Stir until you achieve a reasonably smooth consistency, serve with rosemary crackers and a light Pinot Noir wine or the beverage of your choice.

  1. Hola Susan,
    Una receta fácil y supongo que excelente, la probaré en cuanto tenga la ocasión.
    Me alegro mucho de que estéis bien y ya retomando vuestra vida.
    Una apariencia cómoda y versátil la que nos muestras hoy, como todas a las que nos tienes acostumbrados. Enhorabuena!
    Saludos desde España.

  2. Love your outfit. Simple, elegant and a perfect fit. The smoked trout spread looks good too. I’ve pinned both!

  3. I miss my beautiful Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks for the lovely glimpse of home. A beautiful day and a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like a lovely day. I appreciate all the links you include and I’m planning on trying your dip recipe. It sounds delicious!!

  5. I will definitely be trying that recipe. Breath taking views! As long as I’ve been here from Florida (12 years) I still have not been on top of Roan Mountain! That’s a shame! I must!

  6. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit. So coordinated and classy as usual. Another “keeper” for me to copy and paste for my collection to wear.

    The dip sounds intriguing and something I will attempt to make.

    Loved the pictures you shared and where they were taken. We plan on visiting the area in October this year if all goes okay after the pandemic crises.


    Clara from Iowa

  7. Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts during this difficult time. I always look forward to them.
    I would love it if you would do another post about the care and styling of your hair. It always looks so good!

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment. My hair is wavy, so I have to blow-dry it into submission. I use a small round brush (here) with my blow dryer to dry lift and shape my hair. I spray (this) on my hands and work it through the roots, lifting and smoothing the hair. After the spray is dry, I run my fingers through my hair to free up any stiffness.

  8. Susan, I am so glad that you and Mr. Mickey have been able to get out, drive and photograph your beautiful surroundings. You continue to inspire me and offer advice on how to present your best self! Love black and white together. It is so classic. I do have a question for you about white fabrics and laundering or cleaning. I have tried for years to keep my whites looking fresh and crisp. I have to say that I am not always successful. It means that I usually purchase new pieces to replace those items which have become a dingy like gray white. Any helpful hints? Have a great week! Continued strength and healing sent to Mr. Mickey!

    1. There are so many reasons that your whites might not be coming out as bright as you would like. I found that I was using too much detergent. The type of water we have can cause discoloration, and even the dryer can cause fabrics to look dingy. I use the setting for Whites on my washer and my dryer. I take out the clothing items while they are still damp. I may have to steam or iron them a little, but this has given me much better results.

  9. I needed that lovely post this morning!! You look sooooo cute in that hat!! I used my salmon Dooney & Bourke handbag yesterday, and a colorful scarf with my white jeans outfit. Channeling Susan!! I got many compliments. Thank you.

  10. Susan, what a classy and timeless look. I always have your outfits in mind when dressing and making purchases. It is so similar to what my Mom taught me about clothing and accessories. I recently purchased a similar top from Ruby Rd and it is so versatile.
    Thanks for your beautiful posts.

  11. Thanks for the recipe – will try it!!!

    Regarding tops, you say this one is good for short legs and pear shape. What do you recommend for me-6’1”, very long legs (35” inseam), built like a 2×4 (long and straight)!!!??

      1. Oh my, I have always said I look like a Weeble Wooble in long tunics! I just started following you as I’m always looking for fashion and beauty tips that are age (57) appropriate. I love your style. Do you mind sharing your height? I have wondered if your selections would look as nice on me. I am short, 5’3″, 122 lbs. but have no waist. Is the shirt clingy? I can’t stand anything to cling at my thick waist.

        1. I am 5′ 6″ tall and I weigh 143 pounds. I carry most of my weight in the chest and tummy, and I have short legs. I’m with you, I don’t want to wear clingy tops. This one is not that type of knit. It falls away from the body and has some structure to it.

  12. Great look! Susan, I bought some of your crepe knit pants when you were selling clothes. I have lost weight and would like to get the same pants in a medium. Do you have any left? Probably not, but can you tell me where I could get the same brand, please.

  13. A very classy look! You continue to inspire me. Now if I could just get my hair under control I’d be even happier. I have resorted to trimming my hair and I definitely have no talent as a hair stylist.
    So glad you could take your lovely trip and share the pictures with us. It’s been a trying time here with protests that turned into looting, burning and destruction. We have a curfew for the third night. I especially appreciate your beautiful pictures. I needed them!

    1. I have been so sad because of the tragic things happening in our country. I almost didn’t share a post today, but I know that many people look forward to a reprieve from all the bad news. Please keep yourself safe.

      1. Thank you for your post today. It’s just been very difficult in Atlanta. You helped to relieve some of my sadness and anxiety.

  14. How do you keep your hat on while riding in your convertible? We love our vintage convertible but I find my favorite hats do not stay on well and do not all lend themselves to bobby pins. I have a couple that stay nicely once pinned into place and I leave them on while we tour and/or dine. Not to mention hat hair! LOL

    Susan B. in Va

    1. I take a hat to wear after my hair has been whipped around all day. If we aren’t on the open highway, it stays on without a problem. I keep my hat on after we stop to shop or dine. Miss Manners says ladies don’t need to remove their hats unless they are unisex hats such ballcaps.

  15. Sunday was the most beautiful day of this year! What a lovely day to just take in. Love you in black and white, my go to!

  16. I ran a couple of long overdue errands today. I put on my favorite ankle length white jeans with a beautiful periwinkle blue top that I purchased pre-stay at home. Added some tan thong sandals, my 5 year old white/tan Dooney Burke shoulder bag and of course our newest accessory, homemade face mask. A few bracelets & nice hoop earrings and I was set. I felt wonderful! I thought of you as I looked in the mirror. Please keep posting your positive messages & photos.

  17. Enjoyed the post so much. Roan Mountain is lovely. Thanks for the refreshing photos! And I’m going to order the 3/4 length sleeve top. I do have the pear shape and think this will look nice on on me.

  18. The black & white combo looks great. You guys had a pretty scenic drive.
    I always look forward to reading your post. Have a good week & I look forward to your next adventure.

  19. Susan, the black and white outfit is very attractive on you. One of my favorites.. Congratulations to Mr Mickey.

  20. You live in one of the prettiest places in the US! We have traveled to that area many times for the NASCAR races at Bristol. My husband also worked in Kingsport the summer of 96. I was with him while my plant was shut down for vacation. I met many nice ladies in the stores the two weeks I was there. I would go back to see some of them when we went to the races. I have very pleasant memories of your part of the world. Your fashion is great, too, but I enjoy the beautiful pictures you share with us. Some of the places I have visited, others I haven’t but maybe in the future. We are getting older now and can’t climb the mountains at Bristol anymore, but we sure do miss that time in your lovely mountains. I haven;t heard anything lately on Covered Perfectly. Do you know if they are still in business? Thank you and thanks for all you do !!!!!

  21. What a lovely day you had! My husband and I would have loved this. I’m a huge fan of both smoked fish and goat cheese, so will be trying that spread soon.

  22. Hi Susan,

    What beautiful scenery “Atop The Roan”, everything is so green and lush. Must have had some healthy rain falls.
    You always look so cute, I love that you have a passion in your heart to always look so stylish. I admire that you
    can still wear such fabulous looking sandals, and shoes. I miss my high heels and fashionable shoes, but that was yesterday.
    Good for you that you nailed the “smoked trout dip.”
    I sent Mr. Mickey a congratulations card on his retirement. His long lasting career deserved a card. I made a goof,
    I mentioned 42 years of his industrial chemical business, after I mailed the card yesterday I realized his business was 44 years. Oh well, my heart was in the right place.
    Sending a happy day.
    In Arizona

  23. I don’t quite know how to say this, but I appreciate your showing healthful, beautiful meals. We Americans need to get a grip on our health and learn to pay attention. While I haven’t always agreed with some of the things you have promoted, as they could be quite dangerous for some people with certain conditions, we all need to realize that we can be “digging our graves with our teeth.” Moderation can be accomplished!

  24. Thank you for showing us that one item of clothing can suit different body shapes. In this case, a shorter top worn untucked can suit a pear, because it creates a line higher than the widest part of the body. It also uses the rule of thirds to give the appearance of long legs.

  25. Ohhhh! Beautiful drive. And the appetizer sounds delightful! Will give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Susan, I’m a long time follower of your blog and have purchased many of the items you highly recommend, including a beautiful scarf from your site, several tops from Covered Perfectly, a few bras from Shapeez, several pairs of Sheesocks and I’m currently one of your Beauty Counter clients. I’ve been very pleased with all of your recommendations and I value your style advice. It has served me very well, including letting my hair grow naturally. I notice that you have a huge variety of shoes. I don’t have a closet nor a lifestyle that justifies the purchase of so many shoes. My question to you is: “If you had to limit your shoe wardrobe to seven pairs of shoes, excluding slippers and tennis shoes, what seven pair could you not do without?”

    1. If I had to limit myself to seven pairs of shoes, it would be a pair of black and also nude low heeled loafers, nude sandals (with a low heel) and nude pumps, black pumps, metallic low heeled loafers, black pointed-toe short boots for winter. If you have a colder winter with more snow, you may need snow boots instead of metallic low heeled loafers, but I find that metallic colors go with almost anything.

  27. Susan, I would like to purchase this top from Clara Sunwoo. I normally wear an XS in their tops, but I noticed that they suggested sizing up for more comfort. Did you order your normal size? Thanks!

    By the way, you look very chic in your black and white!

  28. Thanks for the recipe! I love the top❤️ It is hard for me to find a top for my short pear self. I

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