A Walk In The Park

The summer’s first Blowing Rock Art in The Park was May 25th. We had early dinner reservations at Chef & Somm and enjoyed some of the day’s festivities.

Blowing Rock is a delightful village located in the mountains of North Carolina.

We enjoyed the Warm Wild Mushroom Salad with polenta crouton and Cypress cheese.

The Focaccia bread with shallot garlic butter and olive tapenade was excellent.

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare was a special dish for the evening. It included mussels, shrimp, crab, and calamari, and it was so good.

We made friends with the couple seated next to us at dinner, the ladies in the courtyard outside the restaurant, and the guy in front of us at the ice cream shop across the street.

We love to visit Kilwins for one scoop in a cup for our occasional summer splurge. The line was out the door and down the sidewalk for most of the day.

I always bring a scarf or a lightweight cardigan when we go out in the evening.

My look for the day included a navy top by Clara Sunwoo via My Fair Lady here. The top I am wearing is a size medium. I am 5’5″ tall. The white jeans are classic Levi’s straight-leg here. The Ralph Lauren metallic espadrilles are from last year. (Similar here) The orange bag is by Dooney & Bourke here. My chain bracelet is here. A similar large face watch is here. The cuff bracelet was a gift from Mr. Mickey. A similar cuff is here.

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  1. Hi Susan – I’ve been following you for a few years now and I too was in Blowing Rock on Saturday for the Art Festival. I remember thinking “Maybe I’ll run into Susan today”, because I know you frequently visit this quaint little town. One of my favorite places to visit too. I would have loved to seen you and say hello. Maybe next time!

  2. Awe, Its too bad your fan Betsy didn’t get to meet you. She would have loved your sweet and kind personality!
    I have to go to one of those art festivals this year! I’ve been wanting to look into a vendor spot too for a long time.
    I will plan to eat at Chef & Somm and will tell them your blog sent me! Kilwins too! LOL. I never can resist their ice cream when I’m there!
    I love your scarf!

    1. Yes, I’ve lost about five pounds recently. I’ve been walking a lot more often, and I started eating lots more leafy greens and stopped eating grains, and beans as well as peanuts and cashews.

  3. Susan,
    This is one of my all time favorite looks for you. All these pictures feature great surroundings but focus on you as especially happy and very attractive – but not overly posed. Your eyes just sparkle!

    Blue is an amazing color on you. The espadrilles are perfect. I love scarves and you accessorize so well with them. Again, you naturally add a scarf to your outfit without making them look too “just so.” I live in white jeans- perfect, timeless, warm weather look.

    At this season of the year – I miss TN and NC a lot. The hills are so lush and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the subtle details on your blog. You certainly plan and enjoy the BEST day trips!

    Thanks once more for all your ideas and insights.
    Ann McMullin

  4. Looks like a lovely holiday and you looked lovely. I just recently bought 2 Clara Sunwoo tops and love the fabrics. They just don’t wrinkle at all. I ordered both of them in a large, but the blouson (sp?) top was a little roomy…I may try a medium next time. I’m normally a size 14 but have lost ten pounds. By the way after reading your posts on eating I have adopted the veggies, fruit and organic chicken and fish way of life and have just gotten off of three blood pressure meds, so thank you so much.

  5. Hi Susan, I have been a faithful reader, but don’t often leave comments. I must say, however, that whenever I see a picture of you with Mr, Mickey, your eyes are extra sparkly! Thank you for your thoughtful posts and sharing your life with us!
    Lori-58 years young!

  6. Hi Susan, I have noticed that with shorter hair you are wearing longer earrings or it may be that longer earrings show up more with shorter hair! 🙂 I have very short hair and like to wear bolder earrings however I don’t want the earrings – or any part of what I wear – to stand out from my overall appearance. I prefer small details that work well together for an overall cohesive look. With your analytical approach to fashion and design, what ‘guidelines’ do you follow for selecting earring size, shape and length?

    1. My formula for wearing larger earrings is not to wear a necklace with them. I often wear statement earrings and a bracelet or two with 3/4 length sleeve simple tops and white pants in summer.

  7. Love your neat & comfy appearance, Susan!…very appropriate look for the day’s activities. I so enjoy your location shoots! Mr Micky is looking handsome as ever!

  8. We were up in Banner Elk this past week. We rode our Harley Davidson from Texas to NC. It was fun, but hot. We’ve been to North Carolina before, but not that far north. I saw Blowing Rock on the map, but we didn’t make it over there.

  9. Always fun….always perfect looks.
    Quick question. Is it possible to share where you got the earrings? I’d like to take a closer look.

  10. This is one of my favorite outfits. I’m so sad your shopping site is closed. I have beautiful pieces from you. How far do you walk every morning? Thank you!

  11. I’m trying to find the blog in which you discussed the brand of footies you wear with your closed toe shoes…the ones that stay in place. I’ve found one by Smart Wool, which I like, but the ones you recommended sounded perfect. Please point me to the blog or share the brand name, and I will Google it.
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Susan,
    I always enjoy your photos. Thank you very much.
    You’re always perfectly dressed.
    Edith from Munich

  13. Classic and comfortable, your outfit. Scarf is beautiful, but the scarf you selected as an alternate was over $300.00. Most of us can’t pay that. Bring back your scarves.

  14. As always, you look smart and pretty. It’s always enjoyable seeing and reading your posts. I’ve picked up some great looks from you, some of which I’ll plan on wearing when we are on our Hawaiian cruise in the Fall.

  15. Love the tan bag with the navy top. Susan you accessorise so well and I plagiarise so much of it, hope you don’t mind. thank you for sharing,

  16. You look so gorgeous and happy! I would love to see a blog post on your recent changes to your nutrition and fitness regime.

    1. I have eliminated grains and beans from my diet because of sudden digestive issues. My body has decided it doesn’t want to process those foods without putting up a fight. I go for a brisk walk (about two miles) whenever I can fit it in. I eat less food but better quality and move a lot throughout the day. Sitting at my computer for long periods was not doing me any favors. Avocados, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, walnuts, pecans, Spanish almonds, olives, and olive oil are the foods I eat most often. I’ll try to work up another video or blog post about my routine. Thank you!

  17. Hi Susan, I am a true fan. You look fabulous in the blue and white as well as the red and white. I’ve learned so much about fashion sense from you.
    My question now, is about High-Low tops. I’m short and at times they appear to be to long in the back. What’s your rule of thumb on the High-Low look? Is this a style that a shorter person should just avoid? Your input would mean a lot to me as I have come to trust your fashion sense.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Jo C

    1. The proportions of tops for petite women look best when altered to show the full length of the leg. (Petite means 5’4″ and under in the fashion industry.)

  18. I just adore your sense of style, Susan! You have inspired me to go through my closet and re-think some of my choices and work toward having a basic neutral wardrobe with splashes of color. One question I have for you concerns the length of shirts. Like you, I am 5’6″, and I am a pretty well–proportioned size 10. Many of your tops fall at the top of the hip and look attractive; is that what you would recommend?

    1. Because my legs are proportionally a bit short, I want to wear tops that show the full length of my legs. I often wear a belt or a shorter jacket or vest over longer tops to suggest a waistline. That helps!

  19. The sweetest picture of you & Mr.Mickey! You are glowing & look beautiful! This may be one of my favorite posts.

  20. We were in Blowing Rock Saturday as well! We were later in the afternoon arriving at Art in the Park because we had just arrived earlier that afternoon. We were in our Miata and boy! It was hot! It was our first trip there and I was delighted the entire time by the absolutely stunning gardens, planters and everything blooming! What a charming town! We will definitely go back (just not on a holiday weekend). And Kilwins was definitely worth the wait 😉

  21. I absolutely LOVE this scarf and have been looking for since I first discovered your blog. My hubs and I went on 2 week vacation to Europe nd fashion tips saved the day . I used a lot of T-shirt’s with different cardigans /scarf . We were packed so well . So I thank you . Also , tell where did you find this lovely scarf ??????

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