Summer Weekend Fun

If the weather is agreeable, Mr. Mickey and I enjoy adventures planned around dinner reservations. This past Saturday, we visited Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park.

My look for the day had to be comfortable for daytime temperatures near 85 °F, followed by much cooler evening temperatures and appropriate for dinner. My solution was to wear a black crossover sleeveless top from White House|Black Market a few years ago with white jeans. None of my clothing is new, so I’ve linked to similar pieces below. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may earn a small commission for me at no cost to you.

TopJeansSandalsBagBraceletEarringsDome Ring

You will never see me wearing shorts or a short dress again, but I may be so daring as to wear short sleeves with my white pants when the temperatures climb. I am selective about the sleeveless tops I wear. Note that the armholes fit snugly so that bra straps or the underarm area do not show. The surplice or wrap front creates a neckline that doesn’t expose too much skin or show off jiggly bits at the waistline.

Another nice feature is that it hits the sweet-spot on length. Mid-bottom is perfect for me. This top was from White House|Black Market a few years ago, but it is a classic style, so they often bring back some version of it. Here is the current one.

That’s Lake Lure off in the distance.

We visited The Gardens Restaurant at Rumbling Bald Resort at the end of the season last year and looked forward to returning. We shared a couple of appetizer dishes and two desserts. Sharing small plates is an option if neither of you is very hungry or if you enjoy sampling different dishes without overdoing it.

The house-made bread with olive oil and fresh herbs was most excellent!

Sage and Brie Martini – Sage & brie fondue, sour apples, pear, roasted grapes, crostini.

Crab Avocado Stack – Crab, avocado, mango, pickled bell peppers, ginger soy dressing

Fluff Cake – Whipped cream, homemade lemon curd, fresh raspberries

Peach Melba – Amaretto creme brulee, yellow sponge, homemade peach ice cream, macerated berries, vanilla tuile

The jacket was a welcome addition as the temperatures started to drop. It was from Stein Mart several years ago. Here is a similar one.

I hope you have a weekend full of adventures. Happy Summer!

  1. Love this post. I may be inspired to try sleeveless. Our temps have been quite hot. Love black and white.

  2. I love this outfit on you Susan. Simple, but classic and you look great in sleeveless. Just one question—are the jeans you’re wearing bootcut? They appear to be straight leg rather than the bootcut you’ve linked to. Thank you

  3. Helloooo, ladies visiting Savannah and Beaufort last weekend whose questionable dress assaulted my eyes — THIS is how you should have dressed!

    Kudos to you, Susan! And have a lovely weekend.

    PS: I even saw shorts at Savannah’s very beautiful cathedral when I was at mass. I’m still using smelling salts after that.

  4. We have walked up to Chimney Rock! What a view! I love love your outfit today! Makes me believe I can wear sleeveless sometimes.

  5. I just brought home a 3/4 sleeve denim jacket from my last trip. I wouldn’t have put it with black and white. Now I see how to wear it! You look great in sleeveless! That food presentation is amazing!

  6. I still wear shorts, but I’m not brave enough to go sleeveless due to my saggy upper arms. I find that if I at least wear short sleeves, my upper arms aren’t highlighted. Your top looks really nice on you and I love the black/white combo.

    1. @Kathy: Do you have any 14 oz. can goods in your cupboard as in lieu of dumb bells they make great weights for ‘lateral and overhead raises’ that will tone the arms (upper portion included). For both exercises just do a web search for instructions and while sitting watching the evening news for example, give it a try and in no time you might even become a champion arm wrestler. (The latter jokingly of course but you will definitely see positive results .) -Brenda-
      P.S.: You can always start off with 8 oz. cans if that suits you better and work up to larger ones.

  7. Very nice color combination. You help me me so much in ways to wear what I have in different color combos I would not have thought would work. Thanks, for sharing with us!!

  8. Susan, you look perfect in the sleeveless top. Could you say a few words about how to find your “sweet spot”, please?

    1. This length makes my legs look longer since it shows the full extent of them, and the mid-bottom range makes me appear more shapely (instead of flat). Longer tops can make me look shorter, frumpy, and highlight instead of hiding my middle.

  9. Looks like a fun trip. We enjoy that restaurant and the view when we go up to our house in Rumbling Bald. Such a beautiful area and yes, the nights do cool down.

  10. You look amazing in sleeveless, even makes you look even younger. Did you wear your heels all day? The food also looks amazing. I admit though, roasted grapes is a new one to me. Are they just simply roasted like a vegetable?

    1. The block heels were comfortable all day, but we don’t do a lot of walking. I certainly didn’t go on any trails, but I did climb to the top of Chimney Rock via the steps. It was a beautiful day!

  11. Susan, you look fantastic in sleeveless. I enjoyed this entire post and pictures. I went to Chimney Rock a long time ago and remember the beautiful scenery. I wished we lived closer to that area for visiting.

  12. Susan, I love your blog which I just happened upon a few months ago. Since we are close in age, I find inspiration in your posts from what to wear (or not) to places to visit. My brother has a vacation home in Ashe County so I often recognize the areas you post about. By the way, have you posted about athletic wear for those of us who are 60+? Just curious since I tend to put on athletic shorts when I go walking in the morning – it’s just so doggone hot and humid here in central N.C. I just can’t stand long pants and I know the capris length isn’t an attractive look either. We are more beach people, so I would be interested in a post about that. Thanks.

  13. Hi Susan,
    Please fess up as to how you lost weight! Was it giving up grains?? Also, I am pear-shaped and would die to have your slim hips and thighs. Would my “sweet spot” be higher than yours to avoid having a top that ends across the widest part of my rear? Love you in sleeveless, BTW.

    1. You are correct on both counts. Giving up the grains and excessive fruits helped me lose the weight. I also eat less quantity than previously.
      As a pear shape, you would be wise to end your tops at the most narrow portion above your hips.

  14. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful post! You look great, the food looks great and the scenery is breathtaking!

  15. After losing fifteen pounds, did you have to buy all new pants/jeans? I lost fifteen pounds and had to buy one size smaller in everything. I would try to lose more but it becomes too costly.

  16. I love everything about this post and you look amazing as usual. I love the black and white with the blue jacket. Thank’s for sharing I look forward to finding your post in my email.

  17. I think you always look very nice! I enjoy the fact that unlike a lot of bloggers, you style older clothes. To me, that is the beauty of wearing classic styles. I love to travel, so really enjoy your travel adventures!

  18. I live on the MS Gulf Coast where it can be hot in June, July and August. I wear the same style year round, 3/4 sleeve, straight leg pants in solids but I do change the fabrics to thinner and mostly white, navy, pale grey in summer. I wear flowing vests, bright necklace or scarfs instead of jackets to up my style. Sandles or pull on canvas shoes go most anywhere. And don’t forget sunglasses make a statement too. You do need a small just for summer wardrobe when it is this hot in summer but most pieces can be used as layers in colder weather. Come visit us.

  19. L-O-V-I-L-E-E in all aspects! Regarding the length of your top Susan and being slightly shorter than you; totally agree with your sentiment as feel one of the biggest offenders are elongated tunic tops that IMHO do no justice to a person who considers themselves as short/petite and who would be far better off achieving a similar look with a midi or maxi length dress styled to their body shape rather than have two divisional pieces. -Brenda-

  20. Susan, your posts are so pleasing to the eye, educational and heartwarming! They reveal that you are a special and kind person.
    I love your blog! Thank you!
    I want to visit your area in the future. Can you give an estimate of the average daytime temperature in the areas you visit for each season and humidity factor?

  21. Susan, I really like your style. I find I am saving many of your items & looking for the pieces when I shop. I am 5’6, small bosom with narrow shoulders, ample bottom & broad hips, square face, light blond hair & light skin (sunburn easily). So you & I have very different shapes. I need some ideas from you regarding how to dress my body type. I prefer clothes that are subtle not bright or too trendy but pieces that you endorse. I hope you open your store again soon. I would purchase prices. Thanks. Judith Carr

    1. Look for dark bottoms that fit well without pulling across the hips. They should flow across your body. You can wear lighter brighter tops with details, patterns, and buttons across the shoulders or the neckline. Ruffles, pleats or gathers at the bust will add more volume visually. I always look for classic shapes and interchangeable solid colors that flatter my complexion and shape. I think that guideline can prove beneficial to anyone.

  22. Fabulous outfit! I love you in block heels – a nice updated look. I have purchased quite a few pieces of clothing that you have suggested over the last few months. (My favorites are the Liverpool skinny jeans and the Moto jackets). I’ve gone from frumpy to sexy, but more importantly, I feel as though you have provided a much-needed roadmap for future purchases. Thank you!

  23. I was reading one of those “how not to look old” Pins on Pinterest, and one of them made the point that always covering up can make you more rather than less noticeable. One should look appropriate to the climate, and when it’s so awfully hot — something needs to be shed.
    I think your strategy – never shorts or a short skirt, but arms is a fair compromise. If you like shorts or short skirts (we all have our personal favorite parts), then wear the longer sleeves, and look cool with bare legs.

  24. Just bought: similar sleeveless top, but with small pleats at the shoulder, and a pleat down the centre below the V. It has nice fitting armholes, too, which is so important when going sleeveless. Gaping armholes are not attractive. I’m a pear shape, and I don’t like frou-frou sleeves. This will go well under jackets in the fall. I like scarves, do simple tops are a must. Thank you, Susan.

  25. Head to toe great look – probably one of my favorites. White isn’t going to work for me however. I admire that you can pull it off.
    Now about that manicure from the snap where you are holding a clutch and showing off your bling – you doing your own nails, what you using to keep cuticles looking perfect. Getting it done, and if so what do you request for services?

  26. Just curious, why no dresses? Love them in the summer. Definitely no shorts at this age! And I have a terrible time keeping track of my belongings when I change purses 1) work and 2) second job 3) recreation 4) out to dinner/event 5) every day! Any hints welcome. I’m so impressed that you change bags so often.

    1. Hi Lola, I don’t wear dresses for several reasons. 1)My calves (knee to ankle) are short in proportion to the rest of my body, so the best length for me is mid-thigh. Certainly not at this age! 1)I have broken capillaries and visible veins on my left leg, which make me very self-conscious. I keep my belongings in little zipper bags, which means I can move just the essentials or all of it to another bag in a snap.

  27. I am new to your blog. I am a very bad shopper and get ver very overwhelmed when I do go out and try to buy something.
    I hope by reading your blog, I get ideas about what to buy. It seems that I never have anything to wear for the ocasión.

  28. I just started following you. Lovely classic style! I just turned 60 and am so excited about what the next decade holds! It’s great to see women my age looking fantastic!

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