The Birthday Celebration

Saturday was Mr. Mickey’s eighty-sixth birthday, so we spent the day celebrating carefully. Our favorite restaurant in town opened again with limited seating, and all of the staff wore masks. We thoroughly enjoyed getting dressed up a little and having a delicious meal at our usual table at Gourmet and Company.

My red lipstick is Girls’ Night – Classic Red here. It is a true classic red with no orange.

None of my items are new, so I’ve linked to similar current items: BlazerCamiNecklaceBagShoesPearl BraceletTennis BraceletDome Ring. The pants are here.

The Amuse-Bouche above was divine! It included crab and shrimp with fresh chives. (Amuse-Bouches are not ordered from a menu but are served free and according to the chef’s selection.)

I often order an appetizer as my entree. This time, it was the Wild Mushroom Porridge with Carolina rice grits, Parmigiano-Reggiano, preserved lemon, arugula, and poached farm egg above.

The guest of honor had the Seared Diver Scallops with tomato, dill, summer squash salad, three graces chèvre, watercress, and local cucumber water above.

Above is warm berry cobbler with house-made vanilla ice cream and a glass of port. Below is White Chocolate Marzipan Bread Pudding with smoked butterscotch sauce and root beer whip.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!

  1. Happy Birthday Mr Mickey. You both look wonderful and very fortunate to be able to eat out. I have no idea when we shall have the opportunity to eat out here in the UK. Your meals look absolutely delicious too, particularly the desserts 🙂

  2. Happy birthday, Mr. Mickey! You look well! I’m happy you were able to have such a wonderful celebration.

  3. Such an elegant couple! Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey, the man who defines “dapper”! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You look radiant and your birthday date dashing and much recovered. So pleased for you both. Happy birthday Mr. Mickey. May you both enjoy years of good health and sweet companionship.

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! What a nice photo. It’s great that some restaurants are opening and just in time for the celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!! What a lovely night out to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. You both look fabulous! The desserts looked so tasty.

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey, the dapper fellow we all adore! You both look fabulous and it is wonderful you were able to go out to celebrate.

  8. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. You both had so much to celebrate together. It’s wonderful to see a recovery and a birthday dinner all dressed up! Cheers!

  9. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! May you have a great year with complete healing. You two look amazing!

  10. Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey! So glad you were able to be at your favorite restaurant, a sign of getting back to a bit of normal. Lovely photo of the two of you.

  11. You looked so cheerful with your all white outfit and red jacket calling for a special birthday celebration.
    Glad you were both able to dine out and have an outing at last. Thanks for the pictures as the food looked delightful.


    Clara from Iowa

  12. Susan, you look very smashing in your outfit. Mr Mickey looks snazzy in his. What a great couple. Happy Birthday to Mr.Mickey on a special day. Glad you are healing nicely.

    Take care, both of you Love the picture, it is great of you two
    Barb F.

  13. Looking terrific as always! The red blazer is such a great color for you and the shoes are divine! I’m so glad you are able to go out and celebrate Mr. Mickey’s birthday.

  14. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! It looks like a lovely celebration! I love your outfit Susan! Can you share how you keep the sleeves of your jacket pushed up? I find I am constantly pushing mine to stay put!

    1. Mine don’t stay up for the whole evening. I have to readjust them occasionally. I pull up the sleeve near the elbow and then tuck the lower part of the sleeve up and under the fold. You can also find sleeve garters on Amazon to keep sleeves in place.

  15. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! Wishing you a year of joy.
    Thank you for sharing your festivities with us!

  16. That looks amazing! I wish we had restaurants like that here! Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! And many more!

  17. You look lovely Susan and Mr. Mickey is quite dapper. Happy Birthday! Glad you were able to get out and celebrate.

  18. You look like you were able to get your hair cut keep him young!you are a dashing couple. Happy Birthday again, Mr. Mickey. You get to celebrate all month in my book!

  19. Susan,

    I enjoy your post. Fashion Tips and your Adventures with Mr. Mickey.My Daughter is moving to Johnson City in July and I hope we get to enjoy some of the places you visit.

    I do have a request,,,,How do you store your jewelry? My collection of Jewelry has grown and I need some ideas.

    Thank you,

  20. Such a stunning couple! Happy Birthday Mr Mickey! Glad to see he is looking well and getting back to his normal pace.

  21. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!! You both look wonderful!!!
    Our restaurants in Alameda are still closed but some have take out menu.
    Stay safe,

  22. Happy Birthday, Mr Mickey! So glad to see him looking well and wearing two shoes again!

  23. Best wishes to you both for the coming year! Mr. Mickey reminds me of my husband’s aunt, 90 years old tomorrow and as attractive and beautifully dressed as ever. As someone said to her, “90 is the new 75.” Wishing a full recovery to Mr. Mickey!

  24. Lovely photos and belated birthday wishes to Mr. Mickey . . . how marvelous you could dine in at your favorite restaurant. Congrats.

  25. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey . You are looking handsome as always. My birthday was the day after yours. Gotta watch those Geminis 🙂 !!

  26. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!! You both look fabulous and what a wonderful way to celebrate. Thank you for sharing!!

  27. Simply lovely! Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey, he looks dashing as ever! You look radiant Susan! What a gorgeous couple! It’s wonderful to get out and celebrate! Much love!

  28. The food looks delicious and the two of you look beautiful! So nice to see Mr. Mickey out and about!

  29. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey. A well deserved night out. So glad to see you are walking and enjoying going out.

  30. What a blessing to have such a special celebration! So many things to toast! Speedy recovery, a terrific birthday and a special relationship!. Here’s to you Mr. Mickey and Susan! May this outing be the first of a new set of adventures. All the best to the both of you.

  31. Happy Birthday, Mr Mickey. You both look so very much younger than you are and so delighted to be out for some normalcy.

  32. Very pretty and such a handsome couple; Nice to see dress up for special occasion. the red jacket is a winner.

  33. Wow you sure make a handsome couple and it’s so nice to see Mr Mickey looking well and mobile again, I hope you both had a wonderful time x

  34. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! You two make a very dashing couple! Love your red & white combo, Susan….you look stunning & very happy. Congrats to getting Mr. Mickey back to enjoying life again.
    Greetings from Lancaster County PA.

  35. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! So glad you were both able to go out to celebrate Mr. Mickey’s big day.

    The chef at Gourmet & Company must be very talented. Based on the photos and descriptions, the food seems to be outstanding.

    Best wishes to you, Mr. Mickey, and all of your readers. Hope we all have the opportunities to go back to doing the things that we enjoy very soon!

  36. Hi Susan,

    What a beautiful dinner you had. Life is about the experience, and you both have many special experiences together.

    Please wish Mr. Mickey a belated happy birthday from me. I love birthday celebrations. Mr. Mickey looks like he is recovering nicely. Hopefully the recovery is as good as he looks in your picture.

  37. So glad you and Mr. Mickey had a great time out for his birthdy. Good company, good food and good health what more could you ask for. You look gorgeous as always and Mr. Mickey looks wonderful. Love his smile. Always look forward to your posts, it is like hearing from a friend.

  38. Mr. Mickey is such a dapper young man, I am sure you feel very special being his lady.
    Great couple.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey.

  39. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! The two of you just don’t seem to age. Mr. Mickey you are very handsome and Susan you are as beautiful as ever. Hope you both have a wonderful year enjoying life, traveling a bit and simply relaxing. Both of you stay safe and healthy!

  40. Darling couple and happy birthday to Mr. Mickey, glad to see him up and about and looking dapper as usual!

  41. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey!
    No more boot. You both look great. Love your shoes, but the link is to a totally different looking style FYI.

    Love how you two are enjoying life and looking great doing it.

  42. Happy birthday to our favorite dapper man!! You look wonderful. Wishing you both many more lovely times together.

  43. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey! You both look marvelous. Thanks for sharing the celebration. Wonderful seeing you going to one of your favorite restaurants.

  44. Wow, Mr, Mickey, you look fantastic! Happy Birthday. Hope you are healing well. So glad that you and Susan are able to celebrate at your favorite restaurant. I wish I lived near there, that food looks divine!!!

  45. Happy birthday, Mr Mickey! Glad to see you are looking so well and both of you so elegant!
    In Portugal too we can go to restaurants but with certain restrictions.
    Thanks for sharing! Take care!

  46. Happy Birthday Mr Mickey! I’ve been looking for a true red lipstick, so I’ll be checking this one out! Thanks for sharing

  47. I’m looking at these Sasha pants but I can’t find the sizing. Not sure what size to order. How do these run? Thank you. I’m a curvy woman.

  48. I absolutely ADORE how you style and carry yourself.
    I am 64 and have had medical issues this past year which have put me in a slump and have made me feel frumpy.
    Your Spark and Attitude has given me just the Jolt I needed.
    I’ve given away tons of clothing that have not worked for me for a long time – adios 🙂
    I am getting my lean look back and copying your look of slim lines and color on top.
    Thanks for the inspiration … I can’t even remember how I found you as I don’t Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    but — I will keep following — just keep posting.

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