A Summer Dress

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures in the high eighties. I decided to wear a cool and comfortable dress while on my weekly trip to the grocery store. I felt regal!

The dress is sold out now, but a similar dress is here. I added block heeled sandals and a woven summer bag from a couple of years ago—similar shoes here and bag here.

The watch was a long-ago gift from Mr. Mickey. Similar items are linked – WatchTennis BraceletBold BraceletEarringsRing.

The Fresh Market is just a few blocks from East Tennessee University, so I visited the campus to take this post’s photos.

Carillion Bell Tower and globe fountain located on the “Alumni Walk” at ETSU main campus in front of Gilbreath Hall.

This large black granite Kugel ball is part of a matched set located on opposite ends of the ETSU Alumni Plaza.

The events of the last few weeks have brought grief and anger all across America. A few of you have asked, “How can I help without protesting in the streets?” (For some, that isn’t an option.) We can start within our communities to bring significant changes.

You can donate your time and money to nonprofits in and for your community. Research to find out what the needs are and then volunteer to help.

Learn as much as you can about the leaders who seek your vote. Make sure their values and plans nourish the society in which you wish to live. Use your power. VOTE!

  1. Beautiful dress. I’m just too short to be able to wear a long dress. The sleeve length is perfect, too.

    In the UK we’ve watched the situation in the States with shock and sadness Although our police are often described as too soft, I feel more comfortable living with that.
    RIP George Floyd and May justice be done.

    1. Amen. There is an unsustainable amount of anger in the U.S., for multiple reasons, which is now being translated into violence by those who are inherently prone to act violent (whether an ordinary citizen or bad apple in law enforcement), thus co-opting a legitimate cause for human rights as their excuse to do so. Instead of addressing root causes we are all too often fed blatant lies and false promises by our politicians. Susan is absolutely right–make a difference where we can, modeling positive behavior for others to follow, and VOTE. I too am petite and generally keep to dresses/skirts below my knees save for an occasional long one; long ones are supposedly elongating, especially with even a small heel.

  2. Love the dress, Susan. You look cool and comfortable. Could you please share tips on the sizing of the dress? What is your usual size and what size are you wearing? Thank you.

    1. I usually get a size 8 or 10 top or jacket. I bought several of this same style of dress in a size medium. Snip the tags out before you wear it. They are very irritating to the skin.

  3. If everyone would adhere to decency as directed by the One, the Only, we would not kill or steal and we would love our neighbor as ourselves. Although important, voting only goes so far.

  4. I love your posts! Any tips on growing hair out? I want to try to stop coloring….Beautiful post. Thank you.

  5. I appreciate you speaking out, gently and persuasively. Crisis upon crisis impels us to do SOMETHING for the sake of our future generations. I like your idea that we vote with a vision in mind of how we wish our world to be. A very kind point of view. Thank you.
    By the way, I loved your last post with all the critters. They help make this time of year so magical.

  6. Susan, I love the dress… especially that it has sleeves. However, I’ve never been able to wear cross-over tops or dresses without risk of a wardrobe malfunction. I’ve tried pinning and snaps (it shows). How do you manage?

    1. I’ve had the same issue with other dresses. This one fits well in that regard, so I didn’t feel overexposed. You can use double-sided fashion tape to make sure the neckline stays where it should.

  7. You look beautiful (as always!), love that color on you!
    Would you say the fit/sizing is spot on or does it run a bit large or small?

  8. You look lovely Susan. I’m starting to stop saving some things for only “good”. I love them and I’m going to wear them when and wear I please. I would never have thought of wearing that dress to the super market, but you wore it and “rocked” it. You are an inspiration.

    1. Hi Susan. I love your posts but notice that you often are wearing heels. I have plantar fasciitis and was wondering if you have any suggestions for attractive summer sandals with arch support. I’m not that thrilled with Vionics and am not a Birkenstock girl. Thanks for any suggestions!

  9. Hi Susan, The dress is really amazing on you. That color suits you so well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Wow! that colour looks so fresh and summery and it really suits you, Susan. I too am in the UK and have watched the situation in the US with great sadness. The worries and frustrations with covid and the economy are creating a pressure cooker. I hope things calm down soon and that it leads to changes in attitude. We all need to be kind to each other and keep racism where it belongs – in the past.

  11. Thank you Susan
    As always your words show thoughtfulness, care & compassion.
    Kindest regards

  12. Thank you for expressing optimism during a difficult time for our country. We will get through these challenges and hopefully be better for it.
    I love the comfort of the knit dresses. There are many styles available for this type of dress. The Chaus doesn’t work for me, but I’ve found others in petite sizes that are perfect. Some of the shorter gals might try Lands End or Sahalie. So gals continue to look, you’ll find one!

  13. It is true that many of us are in the high risk group for Covid-19, which is still here. Even with masks, we dare not join large groups. But the issues facing us now do not end when the marchers go home. There is no “best before” date.

  14. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for being so consistent with your posts and emails! Even when you are probably super busy. They help so much. You really add a much needed balance and inspiration to my day! It’s wonderful to see Mr. Mickey feeling better too!

  15. I don’t live in America, Susan, but am always aghast at how few turn out to vote in the States. In Australia, voting is compulsory and we are glad. I’m delighted to see you take the affirmative action of encouraging people to vote- subtly and well, just like your posts. It’s now that global change for the best is needed – fashion aside. Well done.

  16. Thanks Susan for sharing this dress. I would have never purchased online without a person wearing it. This was a brand I used to buy often. It looks lovely on you.

  17. Thank you for your wonderful message, Susan. As with all you do, you handled this conversation with grace, aplomb and terrific advice.

  18. Beautiful dress Susan, you look lovely!!!
    Great advice Susan as we are the ones that can bring about change! I became a citizen last December coming from England and our vote is so important.
    All the rioting, stealing and burning is not what most Americans stand for, these are groups out to destroy our country. Be loving and kind to all your neighbors, friends and acquaintances, give whenever you can to those that need it. We will overcome this and grow from this terrible experience.

  19. You always wear classics but there’s always a little something different that makes them seem new and exciting. The color of this dress is wonderful on you and the summer feel of the acessiories just say Warm and inviting.

  20. Hi Susan. I would like to comment… in comparison to former photos, I really do like your hair a bit longer in a bob… very flattering in my opinion. Also, in high 80’s temperature not sure how you can tolerate wearing polyester. I find cotton & linen so much more comfortable… yes it wrinkles but they are considered elegant. Thanks for reading.

  21. Dear Susan,

    since a long time (as a customer of V.J.S.) I have a deep love feeling for you and how you manage your life and am impressed of your wonderful soul.

    Thank you for sharing some of your shiny thoughts and beauty tips for women around the 60´ s:) You look so beautiful in your dress.

    keep healthy and stay a long time on earth.


    Anja Trappmann from germany.

  22. You look so beautiful. I need to start dressing up a bit when I get out of the house. The mask is making be slip into being a bit on the lazy side. The pictures of the university are also beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Hi Susan,
    You are regal! 🙂
    The large granite is stunning.
    This is a painful time for our country. It has been heart wrenching to watch as our cities and communities try to effect meaningful change and address difficult realities that are testing our nation.
    I agree you can and will make a difference, VOTE. We have a voice.

    Sending you a beautiful weekend.

  24. You look so lovely in all your outfits, but what do you wear when you are cleaning your house

  25. You look fantastic but who dresses up to go to the grocery store? That’s a beautiful dress and look for Sunday morning worship.

    Vikki Andrews

  26. Thank you Susan. Your posts are always something I look forward to. All I ask is that you stay away from politics and the advice and opinion that often goes with them. We are currently inundated with all of that and I treasure posts and blogs like yours that are a brief break from all the gloom and doom out there. Stay safe and stay Susan!

    1. Thank you, Carla. I have been genuinely struggling with what and how much of my grief to share. We all experience trauma and fear in different ways. Just because I don’t broadcast, it doesn’t mean I don’t burst into tears when I hear sirens as of late.

  27. Cute dress! Alas! Out of stock in medium (Aquinas & azure).
    Susan. Thanks for your wise words about how to react to the events – I had just told my 19 year old grandson a very similar version- vote for a strong leader who represents your values and morals and find some positive way of expressing your “protest”.

    1. Thank you. A good example is always the best teacher. I’m sorry that the dress has sold out now. I rarely wear new items, so it may be challenging to find the exact items I show, but maybe you can find a similar style.

  28. Belk’s has the azure in sizes S & M on sale on their website today. I think it’s around $30.

  29. That is a lovely look on you! I purchased the same dress in black and it is comfortable and flattering. I have many blazers and cardigans that will so go well with it. Dresses are so easy.

    It has been a traumatic time for the United States. Your suggestions to donate your time and money to nonprofits in your community is great advice as this will help to create the communities we want. And it is vital to research candidates and issues so our vote is informed – we need to vote and show up for every election. We can be the solution.

  30. You look really nice as I’m getting older I am experimenting with my clothing choices and these blogs help

  31. Susan, as you know I have followed you for years and routinely purchased your products. Love your style, love your approach to fashion. I am a little baffled why someone would ask a fashion blogger their political opinion. I have always used this site as a mental break from the uglyness of our new world. Please don’t turn this page into a moral lecture site, we get enough of that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please, give us a mental health break. My best to you and Mick and wish you nothing but health, happiness and prosperity. Fondly.

  32. I have worked our local election for 30 years! I am a firm believer in voting! It is a privilege that many don’t recognize the importance of. Even when a decision of who to vote for is difficult I vote. I feel I have no right to complain or comment on political issues if I have not exercised my right to vote! It is a long day for poll workers, 14-15 hours, but glad I am able!
    What a beautiful campus! I love that area of Tennessee! We hope to get up there soon and camp near Watauga Lake!

  33. You look so lovely in this dress! If I saw you in the grocery store, I would stop to tell you how fabulous you look!

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