Linen Fabric

If you live where the temperatures reach ninety degrees F early in the year, you already know that linen is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear in hot weather. All of the linen pieces I own are white, and they are always cool and comfortable. The more I wash and wear them, the softer they become.

The first time we had sunny skies and a high of eighty-four degrees, we took the convertible out for a spin. Of course, I wore a hat, but truthfully, the linen tunic saved the day.

If you love linen, you may have pieces that have been in your wardrobe for a decade or longer. The fabric is lightweight and very comfortable to wear, but it is also durable.

I machine wash my linen garments in cold water and never use bleach or detergents with optical whiteners. You can tumble dry your linen clothes or hang them to dry naturally. They don’t need ironing to look good. High-quality linen is wrinkly, but those wrinkles are part of its beauty.

My white linen top is here. None of my other items are from this year, so the links are for similar current items. PantsShoesHatBagSunglasses.

WatchEarringsRing – Pearl Bracelets here and here.

Suzanne, the designer of Beauty in Stone Jewelry, is teaming up with me to give away a pearl lariat necklace (shown below). If you would like to win the pearl lariat necklace you’ve seen me wear so often, leave a comment below. I’ll randomly choose a comment and announce the winner on Friday. Pearls are the birthstone for June, so if you were born this month, Happy Birthday!

The magenta top above is here. The pearl lariat necklace is here.

Lazy weekends are the perfect time to serve brunch. Pictured below is a recent brunch meal. I included slices of baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli, lima beans, and a piece of sauteed wild-caught salmon topped with sauteed Vidalia onion and portobello mushrooms. I drizzle olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar over the dish before serving.

I prepare the sweet potatoes by baking them at 375 degrees for 60 minutes. Cover them and turn off the oven to let them cool there, then pull off the peel and discard. I refrigerate the extra potato for later use.

  1. Looking fresh and summery…and it never occurred to me to serve salmon with sautéed veggies on top : )

  2. I love the lariat necklace and would love the chance to win one. I love how you style your pieces and your jewellery items in today’s blog really reflect you and your individualism.

  3. Good morning Susan!

    You look super in this outfit! I adore linen, wrinkles and all. You’re right about it’s durability. I have had some pieces for years, mostly white blouses. My favorite one is a camp shirt, with sleeves that can be rolled up, and buttoned to 3 quarters. Always in style.

    Your hat is adorable on you!

    I would love to have the Beauty In Stone, pearl lariat necklace. A perfect accompaniment to summer tops!

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Would like to have the opportunity to win the pearl lariat necklace.

  5. I have never bought a linen top because of the wrinkles, but might just give it a try. Love the pearl lariat necklace.

  6. I have long admired your lariat necklaces and would love to win one! Thanks for your frequent out fit blog posts — your simple, elegant style is fetching.

  7. I’m in the Hate Linen camp……..cannot bear the wrinkles.
    I do love the necklace and recently bought one. Would love another one of a different colour though.
    Thank you

  8. A great summer look. I have the Beauty in Stone freshwater pearl bracelet and would love the necklace you are showing today.

  9. Susan
    Another exquisite and interesting blog
    I look forward each day to your blogs
    You are so elegant in everything you do

  10. June is my birthday month and I love pearls. Thank you Susan for all your help through the years! You truly are a wonderful person! Good luck to you and Mr. Micky!

  11. I have two, over-sized long sleeved linen shirts that belonged to my mom – classic good looks that seemingly last forever and are never out of style. Love the easy brunch recipe – I’m always looking for healthy food combinations and this one looks like a winner! Bon appetit.

  12. I would love to win the pearl lariat necklace. They can be worn different ways and I love that feature. I have added a few new linen tops to my wardrobe lately and am wearing them since summer has arrived in NC. I want to be as cool as possible and I don’t wear sleeveless tops. Always look forward to your posts and the helpful info you share with your followers.

  13. Love linen! When the humidity is so high you can’t hardly breathe, linen really saves the day! Love the red slacks!

  14. The pearl lariat necklace pops with the
    Magenta Clara Sunwoo Top. Just love all your looks, picks and finds. Thanks!

  15. I “discovered” you only a couple of weeks ago and really love your blog. The funny thing is that my husband says we look alike. I am 70 years old and still like to look good. My style is very much like yours and that makes me happy. You really look lovely. (So I suppose I look lovely too ) . All the best to you for the next 50 years. Vicky.

  16. I look forward to reading your posts every day. The pearl necklace would be a great addition to any jewelry collection!

  17. Good morning! What a beautiful necklace for summer, so light and elegant. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. I love linen, wrinkles and all. I have a longer linen skirt that has traveled everywhere for the better part of a decade. It’s beige so a perfect neutral. I haven’t found a replacement for it so I may have to sew a new one using the old one as a pattern.
    The leather and pearl necklace is a lovely combination, sophisticated meets rustic.

  19. I have several pearl necklaces, different lengths. I really like this necklace because of its length. Very pretty!

  20. Love your blog and wait for it each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m turning 68 on Sunday and am still trying to define my style. Your suggestions are very helpful to me.

  21. The stunning pearl lariat is both classic and modern and appears to be an accessory suitable for casual and even formal outfits. I would love celebrating my late June birthday wearing this beautiful updated pearl strand.

  22. I would so much like to win the pearlnecklace, but I live in Denmark, so it might not be possible to have it sent here.

  23. Happy birthday to me! I begin every day with devotion readings first then Susan after 60. Thanks for your dedication to our senior grays. Love It!

  24. I am a June baby and love pearls! That is a lovely necklace!
    I am glad to see you and Mr. Mickey out and about again.
    I am wondering why you save the sweet potato peels…what do you do with them?
    Thanks for the gift opportunity!

  25. I love your blog!!! It is changing the way I wear my clothes and what I buy!! I thank you for that. Enjoy the day and thank you for the opportunity to win!!!

  26. I would LOVE to win the pearl lariat necklace! I admire it each time I see it. I agree that linen is so cool to wear in the heat and humidity. And I was so glad to hear you say you wear it for years! I have a white linen tunic that I’ve had 20 years and still wear it when I know I’m not going to be in a situation to spill food on it! LOL.

  27. I sometimes share your post with my husband who is 70. You and Mr. Mickey are an inspiration to us. We feel like we can take on new projects and are not letting anyone tell us we are too old.

  28. A very lovely summer outfit. I love the lariat necklace and it would be a great addition to my jewelry collection.

  29. I love seeing your outfits and jewelry. Always top notch. I have been following your blog for several years now with your transition to grey hair, which I did as well. I love pearls and think they necklace is wonderful and would like to have a chance to win. Thank you for all of your excellent styling tips.

  30. Meal looks great that for certain. It took me ages, as a northerner, not to constantly iron my linen items. Now that I’m in SW Florida, I’ve dropped that craziness ‍♀️ And I love all your jewelry pieces. Heck, I love all your accessories

  31. The necklace is beautiful. I always admire it when you wear it. I was blessed to turn 70 on June 1st! I have survived three types of cancer. God is good.

  32. Love pearls! You can wear them with everything. I have a strand of pearls that belonged to my mother and I wear them often.

  33. The Pearl Lariat would be a great addition to my Beauty in Stone collection. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful line of jewelry and thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  34. I would absolutely love to receive the later necklace. I look at it on the Beauty in Stone site really often. I would love the tan one as it would go with everything. You always look lovely in it Susan

    I hope my name is picked.

  35. Today’s post has inspired me to consider linen again. The heat and humidity in the Deep South can be overwhelming and I’m willing to try anything to cope with it – and still look stylish and age appropriate! Years ago I couldn’t tolerate the wrinkles. Now I think I can see the wrinkles as just one of the characteristics of this beautiful fabric. Thanks for the insight!

  36. I was going to ask how you prepare a sweet potato to slice like that! After you bake them, how long can you store them before you eat them? LOVE linen!

  37. I like that point of view: “but those wrinkles are part of its beauty”. I bought a white linen top from Goodwill yesterday. I hang dry a lot of my tops. June is my birthday month, in fact it’s a BIG birthday this year. I am so looking forward to the coming years.

  38. Love the necklace! I also have many linen pieces, they make the summers more comfortable & don’t cling to the soft spots! From Ontario, Canada

  39. Love the pearl necklace. I would be thrilled to add to to my spring/summer accessory wardrobe. Anything with pearls make an outfit look more polished.

  40. I really like the style of the lariat, so different from other jewelry I have seen and own. The lady making the jewlery is a real artist and must be appreciated and supported. You certainly do your share of supporting her work.

  41. Linen is my summer favorite too. Living in the Ohio River valley guarantees many days of hot humid weather just right for linen. Love the pearl lariat necklace too! Thanks for all the practical fashion and nutrition advice. And Your adventures with Mr. Mickey always add a smile to my day.

  42. I too love to bake sweet potatoes
    The pearl necklace is classic and beautiful. I would love to win it.

  43. I absolutely adore linen! I’d love to have a chance at the necklace…you wear it well 🙂

  44. Good morning, Susan. I live in SW FL where the heat and humidity abound. Linen is always a good option. Although I find that white linen sometimes yellows with age. Not sure how to keep that from happening. I would love to win the pearl lariat.

  45. I love linen and need to purchase a new White one. Thx for the tips. Have purchased two of the Beauty in Stone Lariat necklaces and recommend them. The pearl one is beautiful. Would love to win it.

  46. I really need me some lima beans. My favorite and have been craving them for a few days. And rhubarb!! Not sure why the combination. Love linen tops. Had one I wore for years but finally had to discard and haven’t found another one I truly love and am willing to pay the price for!! Thanks for all your blog posts!! Look forward to them!!

  47. I have always loved pearls. I think they are timeless and elegant. They are so versatile and can be styled with casual or more formal outfits. I really like this lariat necklace because of the length and style. Being drawn for the necklace would be a nice surprise, especially since pearls are my birthstone and my birthday will be coming up in June!

  48. I practically live in linen during the summer. I always admire the pearl lariat necklace when you wear it. Would love to win it!

  49. Thank you for this message on linen. I am still getting use to the “wrinkle” look.
    I look forward to reading your blog. Your advice has helped me style my 73 year body.
    So happy Mr. Mickey is healing and active again!

  50. I love the necklace and the clothes that you wear. I am also a fan of both Chico’s and Talbots clothes.

  51. I love linen…once I quit obsessing over the wrinkles and that took awhile. Love that sweet lariat!

  52. I really could utilize this necklace in my wardrobe. I especially love pearls since it is my birthstone. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!

  53. I love your ideas for meals! I’m trying to eat more vegetarian/vegan due to cholesterol levels. Could you show more cooking ideas? Thanks!

  54. I always love your fashion and food suggestions. It improves my choices for my life. Glad Mr. Mickey is on the mend!

  55. I love this pearl lariat necklace! Another classic look- thanks for the chance to win it and for your delightful, helpful posts!

  56. So beautiful! I love your classy style! I am 68 and have white hair and blue eyes. I embrace my hair and my age. I’m a June birthday girl and would love to have the pearl lariat necklace. Please put me in the drawing. Thank you!
    Diane R.

  57. Totally agree with you about linen in the summer…nothing better! As usual, all of your choices are spot on

  58. So pretty. I now wish I didn’t donate 2 pretty linen talbots tops. Maybe just needed to wash more to soften up. Lol. You look so beautiful and always cheerful. Always enjoy your posts and love the pearl lariat too. Enjoy your day.

  59. I turn the magic age of 65 on June 25th. I would love to receive the beautiful pearl lariat as gift to mark this milestone. Thank you.

  60. I really enjoy your blog and outlook. I would love to be entered to win the pearl lariat, as pearls are a favorite.

    The blue/lavender plant that you showed in a previous post is baptisia or false blue indigo. We have some and they are beautiful.

    Lenten roses or hellebores are shade plants that bloom in the winter in central NC. Wonderful to enjoy winter blooms.

    My husband cooks sweet potatoes and peels them and them then freezes them. Easily to defrost and heat.


  61. Hi Susan. The pearl necklace is lovely. Thanks for the June birthday shout-out. It is very timely as today is my birthday. I am just a few months older than you and have been following you since the Fifty not Frumpy days. You are definitely the major influence on my wardrobe as I have transitioned into retirement. Thank you for sharing your tips and life with us.

  62. Every morning I look forward to seeing your beautiful picture and reading your blog. It makes me so happy in these trying times!! Don’t ever stop Susan, yo make the world a brighter place

  63. I have learned to embrace the wrinkles and wear linen when the temps soar. Pearls are my favorite and are always right!

  64. I love linen in the summer. The necklace would be a wonderful addition to my jewelry collection. Pearls go with everything.

  65. Hi Susan! This weekend my husband and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. The pearl lariat necklace would be a wonderful gift to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you for your blog, I look forward to it.


  66. I ordered that linen top some time ago…it was offered in Petite….AND on sale. I really enjoy how it fits and you are right, white linen is cool and comfortable. That lariat necklace is so pretty.

  67. I’ve been admiring these necklaces since you started featuring them. Gorgeous and a great, dramatic length.

  68. The Beauty in Stone pearl lariat necklace catches my eye each time you wear it! It is beautiful! Would love to be a winner!

  69. Love your articles! I don’t have linen items but think I’ll try this white top. Here in Ohio the temperature reached 92 degrees yesterday, which is unusual. I’m anticipating a hot summer. Please keep showing tour meal ideas too.

  70. You’re right Susan, linen is perfect for warm weather. The fabric breathes. The top you’re wearing is so pretty and flattering. It looks so comfortable too, Important on warm days. Pearls always look great as they go with everything. Enjoy those convertible rides- carefree and fun!

  71. Hi Susan..I love pearls. My Mother always said,…When in doubt what jewelry to wear, Always choose Pearls…they are timeless. I have several strands of my Mothers pearls.
    Thank you for the wonderful advice and sharing your choices.

  72. Thank you for your sound advice once again. Your outfit looks great and reminded me of some trousers I purchased last year and didn’t wear very often. Thanks for the reminder, and I hope I look as great as you!
    Again it’s so generous of you to do the give aways. The necklace is lovely. Thanks again.

  73. June is my birthday month! 8 is the date! No need to know the year 😀 The necklace is lovely and thank you for your generosity.

  74. I have a June birthday and I have been following your blog for approximately 5 years. I really enjoy your fashions and travel photos.

  75. I love your blog and all your wonderful posts along with your insights and tips for living life in our 60’s. The necklace is beautiful and I would love to have it. Thank you again for all you do!

  76. I look forward to each one of your blogs. I have admired your pearl lariat necklace and love the video at Beauty in Stone showing the many different ways to wear it. I love that it is very lovely and versatile. I would be thrilled to own one. Thanks for a chance to win it.

  77. Love your articles! I don’t have linen items but think I’ll try this white top. Here in Ohio the temperature reached 92 degrees yesterday, which is unusual. I’m anticipating a hot summer. Please keep showing your meal ideas too.

  78. Susan, you are an inspiration! My mom was from Tennessee originally. She wore linen even though we lived in the midwest. We had linen dish towels, etc too. I’ve always loved it and like it best when wrinkled (like me) lol.
    I’ve had my eye on a denim jacket that has sleeves with pearls on them. If I should be so fortunate to win that beautiful necklace, I’m going to buy the jacket! My favorite, anything rustic witb pearls.
    Best regards to you and Mr Mickey!

  79. This lariat necklace is so versatile and will go with most everything. I have looked at it so many times and have almost ordered it even more times. I have been one that has been laid off because of Covid, needless to say I wish I had ordered it when finances werent so strapped. I would love to be chosen to receive this classy necklace, and thank you Susan for the time you put into your posts….you really are making a difference in our lives.

  80. I’ve always admired that necklace. I wasn’t born in June but do love pearls of any kind…..classic and cool.

  81. All your outfits always hit the he spot, but what do you wear when you are cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, washing the kitchen floor etc.

  82. Susan, A lovely outfit that is perfect for the weather! Thank you for offering a lucky follower the opportunity to win a lariat necklace.

  83. You look wonderful. The necklace is beautiful. I really like pearls and the necklace is so pretty on you. Love to win it.

  84. Although I don’t have a June birthday, I have always loved the classic beauty of pearls. I would love a chance at the pearl lariat and really enjoy your blog.

  85. I am really appreciating sweet potatoes more and more…so easy to bake or cube and roast. We especially love baked sweet potato fries with just a little olive oil drizzled over! Glad to see Mr. M can get out and about with you again. Rides are so fun! And I LOVE the necklace! It would make a great addition to my wardrobe 🙂

  86. I would like to win the Perl necklace for my birthday on June 22 as the perk is my birthstone.. you have great style

  87. I’ve been eyeing this pearl lariat every time you post a picture of you wearing it. I would love to own it because of its beauty and because my birthday is in June and it’s my birthstone!

  88. Would love to win the pearl lariat necklace to give to my beautiful daughtet for her June birthday.. My baby girl is turning 57!
    Susan Hangartner

  89. Pearls are my favorite, especially for summer — they just look cooling. I would wear this lariat necklace pretty much non stop!

    Thanks for all you do. I am within a year or so in age (I’m older) & you are such an inspiration to me.

  90. Two things I keep forgetting to ask you: Is there a particular reason that you do not eat skin of sweet potatoes? And I’ve not been as pleased with my fav pj’s lately, Vera Wang at Kohl’s. What is the brand you have said you like? Miss Elaine?
    Susan, the info you give us is invaluable!!! Your only competitor for useful knowledge in my eyes is Google! Thank you.

  91. Please include my name in your drawing ❣️ That lariat would look great on my natural linen top
    Thanks and stay healthy,

  92. I absolutely love that necklace and would be very blessed if you chose my comment for the giveaway!! Love your posts Susan!!

  93. I’m trying to incorporate more vegetables in my diet and dish looks so good. I have a sack of sweet potatoes,so this gives me a way to use them. Thanks for informative website!!!

  94. Love reading your blog. Being in California I love seeing all the interesting places you visit on your road trips. Would love to win the pearl lariat.

  95. I love the necklace, Susan, and would love to win it. I am
    74 and doing a pretty good job of controlling my aging process my way. I was a brunette who lightened my hair several years ago to dark ash blonde with sometimes blonde highlights. I am transitioning now to the silver I’ve earned! Still working parttime, because I enjoy it. You’ve inspired me to clean out my closet(s)! It’s a work in process, and you’ve really turned me on to sweet potatoes!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Susan, the linen top looks great with the red pants.
    I would love to win the pearl lariat necklace, timeless like linen.
    Continue a healthy, happy journey & thanks for sharing.

  97. Love your Beauty in Stone bracelets also Susan. Hope they are a give away one day but now I would love to receive the lariat.

  98. The pearl lariat necklace is such a different & modern way to wear pearls. I would love to be chosen! Thanks

  99. Love the necklace! Have learned so much from your blog. Long necklaces help elongate shorter people like me.

  100. Susan, your shoes always look brand new! What’s your secret to keeping them looking like they’ve never been out of the box???

    1. It is my nature to be careful with all my things and clean them often. The fact that my shoes don’t get worn frequently or for very long may also contribute to why they look newish.

  101. A belated Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey! The photo of the 2 of you is just smashing!
    I’m a big fan of linen in hot humid weather, like now in Canada. I really like the straw hat you’re wearing-perfect fit & style on you.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgeous lariat. Keep healthy, Susan, and please keep sending your readers great and simple styling ideas. Speaking of which…maybe a post on summer hat styling advice (face shape vs. hat style).

  102. My granddaughter will be 21 this month. This would be a great gift if I am fortunate enough to win. Thank you for sharing your fashion wisdom with us.

  103. So nice of you and Beauty in Stone to offer a lucky winner the pearl necklace. My lovely granddaughter turns 16 next week, June 17. Of course, pearls is the birthstone for June, but also her favorite jewelry piece. The lariat necklace for this young girl would be versatile and adaptable for a number of different wears. Thank you for your consideration.

  104. Love the white linen, it’s such a classic. My birthday is in June and again I will share it with Father’s Day. Pearls are so versatile and the beautiful lariat necklace would compliment so many things. Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely piece.

  105. If you don’t feel like turning the oven on in this heat, cut the sweet potato in half length wise, brush cut sides with olive oil and cook on very low (simmer) on the stove top in a covered frying/saute pan for about 35 minutes. Works with white potatoes also.

  106. Hi Susan, Does that top run a bit small? That is what some of the reviews said and I wanted to know what you think before I order it. Thank you. Love your blog! Rita

  107. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy your blogs so much, and you sharing your beautiful class and style with us, as well as links to everything. Reading what you write, and the photos you share, bring calm and comfort to me, in this troubled time in our country. This necklace is gorgeous, and although I’d love to have it for myself, I would probably gift it to my daughter, whose birthday month is June. She’s an elementary school teacher, and loves to dress nicely each day. In fact, she is one of the few teachers in her school that does dress nicely. Her, and her twin brother’s birthday was yesterday (June 9th), but she would be happy to receive the necklace as a late birthday gift, and I would be thrilled to give it to her, should I be selected as the winner. Thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air to my life each week.

  108. Thank you for inspiring me with everyone of your beautiful blogs.
    Stay save.
    Hugs from Sandra on Vancouver Island Canada

  109. You look so cool and comfortable!
    I would love to win the necklace–it would go with so many outfits!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Mickey!

  110. I would love to win the pearl necklace! Such a beautiful finishing touch to an outfit! A breath of fresh air….ah

  111. As always Susan, you look chic and comfortable in your linen top. I’ve shied away from purchasing linen because of the wrinkle factor. You’ve now encouraged me to give it a try. I love the pearl lariat necklace and would be thrilled to be chosen as the lucky winner.

  112. Hello Susan
    Soy Española
    Nací en Marzo de 1956
    Me gusta el Senderismo y camino todos los días
    Me gustan mis momentos de soledad
    Hay muchas cosas que comparto con usted y me identifico con sus pensamientos
    Me gustaría que comentara sobre zapatos de verano

  113. Such a beautiful and timeless piece. The older I get, the more I go for the classic, timeless clothes and accessories.
    Now I just to to learn how to put it all together! I have started a notebook with your blogs and pictures and suggestions and I look through it frequently for new ideas. You are such a put together lady, from your style to your healthy eating.
    I enjoy your positive outlook on life. At 73 years old, I am still learning. Never too late, as they say.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many.


  114. Always love your jewelry. It is very tastefully put together. I would love to win the lariat necklace!

  115. I have a pair of linen pants that get me through the warmest days. My daughter is a June baby.

  116. I love this look and I’m trying to learn to love the wrinkles in my linen pieces. I will think of your positive comment whenever the wrinkles bother me and with your help I may overcome this! I do love the pearl lariat necklace and if I were wearing that I’m sure no one – including me – would notice any wrinkles in my linen top.

  117. My favorite linen piece of all time was the bright orange linen shirt that my husband wore to our daughter’s creekside wedding…I wore a blue swirly “garden party” dress in blues and greens…Without knowing what her colors were, we perfectly matched her blue and orange flowers…I love all your outfits, and would love the pearl lariat…

  118. My birthday is not in June, but I would proudly wear the pearl lariat necklace.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter
    Linda Bright

  119. You look lovely, as always! And your brunch is a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy. Awesome giveaway: the pearl lariat necklace, and I would certainly enjoy wearing it if I should happen to be the winner. Thanks for posting!

  120. My daughter will be 21 next Wednesday and I would love to gift her with the pearl lariat! I enjoy your blog and styling tips.

  121. My favorite to wear winter, summer, spring fall is pearls! Even though birthstone is Ruby, pearls can be worn with casual and formal attire. They look great with your little black dress and your blue jean jacket! So, I would love to win the pearls today!

  122. I live in Florida year around and love wearing linen. My birthday is the end of June and I’m a cancer. Hope I win this beautiful necklace.

  123. I live in Florida year around and love wearing linen. My birthday is the end of June and hope I win this beautiful necklace

  124. Sorry but I can’t be convinced to be a linen fan.
    First of all, it makes me itch like mad.
    And I would go right out of my mind looking that wrinkled. When clothes look like they’ve been slept in, I don’t think it’s a great look. Nope, not a linen fan.

  125. I love pearls too. Thanks for posting new photos each day. I love your classic age appropriate style

  126. I will be 69 tomorrow (June 11) and would love to win the pearl lariat. I am one of those subscribers to your posts who usually refrains from commenting. (Does that make me a lurker?) Anyway, I have some linen tops from Talbots, and since I live in Missouri where it gets hot and humid, I wear them often. Thank you, Susan.

  127. You have changed how I wear make-up and clothes…thank you!
    I would love that necklace (already have the shirt!)

  128. I’ve been lusting after one of those necklaces since the first time I saw you wearing one on the blog!!
    So neat and unique.

  129. Another wonderful post Susan. You have inspired me to include more of linen pieces in my Summer wardrobe. Thanks to you I discovered Beauty in Stone and purchased one of its beautiful pieces. Best of all.

  130. I love, love the necklace. It would go with dressy or casual. Your brunch looks very appetizing and I am confident it was delicious !

  131. Ordered a Clara Sun Woo top while we have been quarantined. Love it. Look for to your posts daily!

  132. Your brunch looks delicious. I’d love to win the pearl lariat- pearls are my favorite gem

  133. I love pearls! They are so timeless and classy! I would love to win the lariat necklace! Thank you, Susan.

  134. I’m copying you and ordering that linen top! You look great in it and we know linen is the only way to go in heat.
    Thank you for the chance to win the lovely pearl necklace.

  135. I’ve never worn linen, but if we got the heat that you do I would definitely give it a try. We rarely get temperatures above 80ºF here. I do wear pearls though and I would love to add that necklace to my collection.

  136. Hi Susan,
    I so appreciate the time and energy you spend to give us all ways to make us feel our very best.
    I would love to win the beautiful lariat necklace to help celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on June 20th!
    Continued togetherness to you and Mr.Mickey!


  137. Love to read your blog and have gotten so many helpful ideas. I am70 years old and so much of fashion does not suit my style. So thankful I found your blog! Love the watch and would love to see it on my wrist! Have a nice evening!

  138. I love your style. I try to emulate it. Using items in many ways seems so smart and you always look so stylish.

  139. Hello Susan,

    I’m a longtime follower of your blog and appreciate the way you guide our age-group through the pitfalls of fashion as we age. One of the things I love about your own look is your long necklaces, designed to give a lengthy overall appearance to those like me with short legs and body. I love the lariat in particular because I’m a pearl girl and the soft leather could take it from day to evening with grace.
    Cheers to both you and Mr. Suave and thank you for your blog.

  140. I love your style. I try to emulate it. Using items in many ways seems so smart and you always look so stylish.

  141. Salmon is my go to protein…that dish looks delicious! The pearl lariat necklace would be a wonderful prize!

  142. What a beautiful pearl lariat necklace! It’s just lovely. I have been reading your site for years now and it’s only getting better.
    It’s a lovely thing for me to read each day
    during this unusual period.
    Thank you for your cheerful and inspiring thoughts.

  143. I think of you often Susan because of the valuable information you continue to share with us. It has greatly influenced my closet and how to achieve the look I feel reflects my personality and clothing spirit. But mostly I have been more and more leaning towards a plant based diet. Being a baby boomer means it is more important than ever to eat for vitality. Your diet refinement has been of great interest to me and motivator to look into it further. Any recommended reading for this journey? You just seem to glow!

    1. I have read several books that helped me to understand how foods were affecting my health.
      “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
      “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain” by Dr. Steven Gundry
      “Clean — Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself” by Alejandro Junger

  144. I love this pearl lariat necklace so much that I bought one for my New Zealand daughter-in-law. It is so delightful that I would love one for myself sometime. Because I have no sisters or daughters to share fashion fun, your blogs are a great inspiration to me. Thank you so much.

  145. I have often admired your pearl necklace. Although my birthday isn’t in June, we celebrated our 44th anniversary on June 5th! I would LOVE to win the necklace. Also, I have subscribed to many blogs, and yours is the best hands down! You dress for your shape, style, and occasion…..not wearing all these fads that ladies look unattractive in. It is always a joy to read your posts. We live in Georgia but have traveled to many of your suggested trips in North Carolina and have loved each of them.

  146. I was born this month, as my father’s Father’s Day present, in fact. He is now in his 90s,

    I love linen, too. The white items wash up well with cold water and Woolite Darks liquid. I’m not sure why this works, but it does. Then I dry them for 10 minutes on my dryer’s extra-low heat cycle, and hang them on plastic hangers to finish. They look good without ironing.

    Another laundry story: my dad likes to look like a proper gentleman, and does his own laundry and ironing. Go, dad!

  147. Linen is so comfortable in the warm weather. I have a couple blazers and a couple pair of linen pants. I don’t mind ironing them. The white linen with the coral pants looks great.

  148. I’m not quite in my 60’s, but will be there in a couple of years. You inspire me to wear quality, classic clothes, and choose accesories thoughtfully. Thank you for your blog and your generousity in this give-away.

  149. Wonderful post. You have me re-thinking my opinion on linen. I think I will give it a try. What a treat it would be to win the pearl lariat necklace.

  150. I love reading your blog and seeing you looking so elegant and pretty in the way you mix and match and style your clothing. I sure would love to win that lariat necklace.

  151. Love your blog. It’s so helpful to see how you style your outfits. I’d be so happy to have the necklace! It looks classic because of the pearls, yet relaxed and modern at the same time..

  152. The linen top is refreshing! Lovely post! I love my lariat necklace I won from your site! I so appreciate your time and tips!

  153. Would love to win the lariat necklace. Have enjoyed seeing it each time it’s been part of your outfits

  154. I would really like to win the necklace. I have one of Suzanne’s necklaces; I love it. Thank you for saying that the wrinkles in linen are not something I need to try to iron away. My mom thought differently.

  155. Susan, you look just beautiful in the linen top and colorful pants. Thanks so much for your lovely giveaway.

  156. Hi Susan!
    Thanks for the brunch idea. Salmon is so good for us.
    Would love that pearl necklace . I’m not a June baby, BUT my middle name is Pearl. (Named after my sweet grandmother Pearl :-))

  157. Hi Susan, I’m game to win! Not my birthday in June but it is the month my
    son was born.
    I enjoy your blog.

  158. I am a June baby and would love the honor of owning the beautiful pearl lariat necklace. Good luck to all that enter and may the Winner wear it in peace and good health,

  159. I never fail to learn something new when I read your blog! I have a couple of linen tops that I always felt the need to iron (I don’t like wearing wrinkled clothes!) Of course the tops would wrinkle as soon as I put them on. I’m definitely going with the “natural” look from now on! The lariat necklace would be perfect with the coral top.

  160. Such a versatile necklace and a classic that can be dressed up or worn casually with a t-shirt! Love the look!

  161. Susan, I love your style and I love this lariat. My birthday is June 13th. I was born on a Friday, the 13th. It’s always been a lucky day for me as I also met my husband on a Friday, the 13th. LOL! Reading your blog and seeing your style makes me smile. You live a near perfect life. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  162. Hi Susan,
    Linen clothes are very comfortable where I live too. Tomorrow will be 104 degrees. No polyester for me!
    I love the pearl necklace and would love to have some real ones. This month is my 49 wedding anniversary and would love this necklace to remember it by.
    Regards Susan

  163. I’m loving this warm summer weather. I try to never complain no matter how hot it is because it is my favorite season. My husband and I went out and floated around in our pool for awhile and enjoyed the beautiful evening we had after a small thunderstorm blew through. Love the leather and pearl lariat necklace, such a versatile piece.

  164. Hi There
    I’m a big lover of linen as well. So comfortable! I’m about to turn 60 at the end of June. I’d love to celebrate with the pearl lariat necklace. It’s beautiful.

  165. Have enjoyed reading your blog especially during this time of staying in. Hope we can soon be back out and enjoying our freedom.

  166. Hi Susan,
    i love this necklace and i’m hoping i’ll win it in the drawing!!! it is such a nice neutral that will go with so many things!

  167. The Beauty in Stone pearl lariat necklace has always been a favorite of the necklaces you were, Susan. It looks so rich and elongated your silhouette nicely.

  168. I’m going to embrace linen wrinkles and all. Going to spend summer in Texas. I know it will be hot!! Love those pearls too.

  169. My birthday was June 8 we were unable to celebrate with family & friends due to the virus. My son and his wife did send me a beautiful floral banquet of mixed flowers. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Always look forward to the pictures you send of the flowers etc. Also he food tips. You and Mr. Micky stay well. Joy

  170. I love linen and the wrinkles – part of its charm! And who can live in Houston Texas and not own at least a few linen pieces?!?!
    The lariat necklace is very pretty and looks summery!

  171. Hope I get picked for this one as I have been admiring it for sometime now. Thank you for your blog.

  172. Susan you seem to be an excellent little chef. The brunch dish looks yummy. I leave the skin on my red sweet potato… lazy I guess but I did read that’s where all the fibre is. That’s my excuse anyway. . Yes in Aus we wear lots of linen most of the yr as it is cool and lovely to wear. Last July we were in Spain and Italy and I purchased so many gorgeous little linen dresses and tops. Mind you when we got home in August it was freezing but they had heaps of wear around Christmas. They brightened my day during fires then drought then flood. Take care, and I love your pearl necklace.

  173. Thank you so very much for the tips on wearing linen to deal with heat and humidity. I’ve only recently discovered your articles, and have learned so much. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for the necklace contest.

  174. HI Susan I hope Mr. Mickey’s leg is healing quickly and that you are both keeping safe. I really enjoy your blogs with my morning tea, and I would love to win the pearl lariat necklace!

  175. We recently bought a retirement home in Florida and will be making a permanent move from California in the next year. I just discovered linen! You are so right. It is perfect for warm and humid summers. I’ve added quite a few pieces to my wardrobe and am always on the lookout for more!

  176. Thank you again Susan, following two life changing health issues my body shape changed and confidence in style choice was lost, but the hints, tips and colour co ordination in your articles has been an inspiration.
    Thank you.
    Sue Lynn

  177. I love your blog. You are an example of stylish dressing as we age. Love the advice and informs you provide. Thanks

  178. I’m in linen top as I write! And my 65th birthday was on June 1st! Love your posts and been following you for some time.Opps I love pearls too! – wearing earrings as I write but could never afford a necklace !
    But I’m in far off Australia so probably no chance of your lovely necklace.
    I was shopping for a bag for my birthday and as usual I said to myself – what would Susan say?

  179. My birthday is tomorrow and would love the pearl lariat necklace. Your style is similar to mine but I still have learned so much from you. I even have a Susanafter60 folder on my iPad. Thank you!

  180. I can’t wait to see your blog everyday! I surely hope I’m in the running for the necklace. And by the way, you have a double in my town, Wilmington , NC! Love hearing about Mr Mickey! Y’all are the “pretty people”! Let me know also when you give away Mr Mickey’s car!! Ha! Best, Carolyn McEachern, Wilmington, NC

  181. You look very smart and cool in your outfit. I love pearls and like the look of the necklace.
    When you bake the sweet potato do you use oil?

  182. Yea, I’m in the “no linen” camp also. Cannot get past, what feels to me, like I would be unkempt and messy looking. It always looks see thru on the hanger too.

  183. Good morning, Susan! You look cool and comfortable and great as usual. I especially love your bracelets. I am definitely going to look into getting those. They would go beautifully with the pearl lariat which is such a timeless piece of jewelry. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!! Have a blessed day.

  184. Though I’m a May baby I love pearls. Those are great because they have a more “modern” style.

  185. Pearls are my “go to” jewelry. I would love to win the necklace.

    Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

  186. The necklace is lovely! Thank you for sharing giving us a chance to win it. Love your column.

  187. Hello Susan,
    I own several pieces of linen clothing for summer wear, a short sleeved dress, a white sleeveless top and a new purchase this spring, a pale blue, short-sleeved “knit” linen tee. I don’t love the fact that linen wrinkles but I accept it. I start the day well-pressed and end it wrinkly!
    The pearl lariat is lovely…maybe it would distract my eye from the wrinkles!

  188. I love my linen items in my closet too. The meal you made looks delicious. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet but I would eat that for breakfast for sure.

    I would love to win the necklace you have shown. I would wear it with a pair of my linen pants and maybe a black knit top to show it off. Thank you for offering the necklace.

    Enjoy your week.

  189. I appreciate the practical ideas you share with us. Your blog is my favorite breakfast reading. Thanks.

  190. Hello Susan,

    I would love to win the Beauty in Stone Jewellery pearl lariat necklace, which you photographed, as it is beautiful. I have a round face, short neck and silver white hair, so it would be perfect to elongate my face and enhance most outfits I would wear.

    Kind regards,

  191. Love your style and appreciate your tips for putting together a beautiful wardrobe with pieces that work together and last for years.

  192. I love linen but always thought it had to be dry cleaned. This is a game changer! The pearl lariat Is simply beautiful and would compliment any outfit.

  193. I would love to win the pearl lariat necklace! Each time I see you in this necklace, I am envious because it somehow pulls an outfit together and also makes it unique. I’m short so I also think the lariat necklace would appear to detract from my short height. Thank you, Susan, for offering this giveaway.

  194. what’s not to love with this look – long length for a stylish slendering accessory and pearls – just what my wardrobe needs.

  195. Enjoy your site. You are so lovely and look great in everything you model. Thanks for a breath of fresh air.

  196. I’ve looked on “the beauty in stone jewlery” site, gorgeous things! I would love to win a piece of her art.
    As always, love your blog.

  197. Susan, I enjoy the variety of your blog: beautiful clothes, home, yard & food. Thank you for the inspiration.

  198. Oh, that necklace is just beautiful. I have been looking for a light/feminine necklace for awhile.

    Your blog always leaves a smile on my face and has taught me about fashion/makeup.

    I’ll be holding my breath to see if my luck finally comes through:)

    Joan Bustamante

  199. Love the white top from Talbots. The comments said you need a cami underneath. Did you find it necessary to wear a cami? Would love to purchase it.

    Would also love a chance to win the beautiful pearl necklace which is being offered to a lucky winner–hope it is me!

    Love your posts–wouldn’t miss a day without reading it. Mr. Micky looks great. You are so handsome together.

  200. Susan,
    You do look cool in your linen top & light neutral accessories. I enjoy your posts& take tips away for my own wardrobe. Thanks!

  201. I love the look of your linen top with your bright pants. I also live in a warm summer climate. Your look has certainly changed my opinion on linen which I avoided because of the wrinkles. Your outfit is so elegant yet casual. The pearl lariat necklace is stunning.

  202. I love pearls. The first time I wore them was on my wedding day in 1968. The Pearl’s were a wedding gift from my husband. The pearl necklace you are featuring is so unique and beautiful and I would love to wear it.

  203. Hi Susan,
    I always shied from linen because of the wrinkles. Interesting that you think they’re beautiful. Maybe I’ll try to loosen up a little. Thanks for your advice.

  204. I’ve come love linen for a hot summer day – even the wrinkles! I have admired the pearl lariat necklace in earlier posts very elegant and classic with a twist. Thank you for your posts

  205. LOVE LOVE LOVE that lariat necklace! I’ve been thinking about it since you first featured it!

  206. Hi Susan! Thank you for all your terrific posts. You have guided me in so many ways. Would you please recommend a lighter evening Beauty Counter moisturizer for summer? Thank you, Lucy

  207. Hello from Northern Mississippi, just over the state line from Memphis. The necklace is stunning!
    Enjoy your blog

  208. I agree with you, in the south linen is a must! I have tops and a few pull on pants that are great on those too humid days. Love the lariat!

  209. I love the pearl lariat necklace! It would be awesome to win! I look forward to your blogs – they always brighten my day and they are so informative! You’ve really influenced my style! Thank you!

  210. Love the lariat necklace! With that said…I love the look of the linen too! I am so glad you mention that the wrinkles are ok. I bought a tourquoise linen top last summer and probably paid too much but I couldn’t resist. Even though the store was going out of business, they never reduced the price (I watched the top over 3-4 months…I live in a small town). Anyway, just before the store closed, I broke down and bought it. I’m a retired teacher so of course my income is limited. I love the top and haven’t regretted getting it but the wrinkles concerned me. So, thanks again for the assurance that it’s ok.

  211. The simplicity of pearls- reminds you to take a pause in these times – to reflect on life’s joys and our way to spread it.

  212. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past year. Your elegance is an inspiration to me. I just celebrated my birthday on June 7th . I am especially grateful for this birthday and to be here to celebrate it because just a week prior I had an emergency surgery for a pacemaker!! I do love Pearls and the necklace would a great symbol of how lucky and grateful I am. I also love white linen. You’re beautiful and Mr. Mickey is handsome and I love reading about your trips and dinners. Ps I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee so I also enjoy the scenery.

  213. Thank you for offering these wonderful giveaways for your readers. Please put me in the pool for the draw!

    I received yesterday a watch I ordered via your blog. Thank you for the discount and I love the watch.

    Susan Ainsworth

  214. Dear Susan,

    Enjoy ALL of your postings. May our loving God continue to bless you and your husband with health and increasing joy. Thank you for the chance of receiving the pearl lariat necklace. Pearls are always classy…like you.

  215. HI Susan:

    I would love to win the pearl necklace. I also love linen fabric and have a few pieces that I wear often when the weather permits. Have a great day and keep up the nice work on your blog.


  216. I live in New Orleans and the summers are really hot and humid, so I know all about linen! I love your tunic. I have several white linen pieces that are life savers.

  217. The linen top is already in my shopping cart! I love the breeziness of white linen, such a great look for my Mississippi summers! I’m a new follower and I sure have enjoyed your blog. Our styles are similar and I, too have many older items that have made a comeback and been worn over and over. I have on a top today that I have had for over 10 years!:)

  218. The pearl necklace is beautiful! Do you wear a camisole with the white linen blouse? Thank you in advance!

  219. Love the way you layer your bracelets. Would love to win the necklace. (Pick me, pick me ) lol

  220. Hi Susan,
    Seeing your beautiful face and lovely white hair so often has inspired me to let my “white and silvers “ shine. Admittedly, after three months growth my resolve is waning. Your encouraging smile, and that lovely pearl necklace is just what I need to stay the course and keep growing!!

    You’re the best, thank you for all you do and share so generously.
    a faithful fan,

  221. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your generosity offering gift give-away items throughout the year!
    Simply put, I have admired the pearl lariat necklace for quite some time. It is a lovely necklace that would pair well with a lot of items in my wardrobe. I recently followed your advice in “Shop Your Wardrobe” and found hidden treasures thanks to following you! I have learned how to pair items together and accessorize in ways that I never could have done on my own. At 61, I look and feel stylish and saved the expense of buying a new wardrobe!
    Keep up the great work!
    Love getting your emails and best to you and Mr. Mickey and your families,
    Julie Johnston

  222. As I read the comments at the end of your blogs, we are all in agreement that we love your style. But more than that, for me, is your inner strength and beauty. As I have followed your blog, I am happy that your resilience, work ethic and positive can do attitude has brought you to this place. I have purchased items from some of the folks you recommend, and without fail, they have all said very kind things about you. While the last few months have brought great changes for all of us, Mr. Mickey’s accident and recovery, changing how and where you blog, and dealing with a myriad of other events, you have demonstrated grace and beauty. Thank you for more than just great fashion ideas and healthy food selection. You are a blessing to us in so many other ways.

  223. Sorry not feeling the tight- leg jeans, especially for older women. They make the legs look lumpy & awkward. A little more fabric looks more slenderizing & sleeker in my opinion. Your color choices & accessories are lovely though.

    1. If you have thick calves like mine, you may find that all pants but the widest legs are tight-fitting. I’m not wearing skinny jeans; they are straight leg ankle length. We all have to work around what may think of as our flaws.

  224. My birthday is TODAY, June 11th and I would love to wear this beauty of a lariat this summer! By the way, I love reading all your posts!!

  225. Two of my favorite things: linen and pearls! I’m going to a friend’s this evening for a socially distancing BBQ and this is exactly what I’ll be sporting!! Thank you for your blogs!! ~ Linda O

  226. I have ordered from Suzanne in the near past. I gifted myself with one of her pearl and medallion necklaces. I was so please with her craftsmanship that I Hope you choose me for the pearl necklace you are giving. I love your style and enjoy each and every post you sent.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you inspirer me to think about how I dress.
    Again Thank you, Joan

  227. You once again look beautiful in this airy cool outfit! I love the feel and weight of linen, but I hate the wrinkles. I know you say it’s part of the charm, but I can’t get over it!

  228. So glad you love linen and embrace it’s character. I too am a linen fan. I would love the pearl lariat necklace, and admire it when you feature it with many outfits.

  229. I look forward to seeing you each day. I live in Blowing Rock so each of your outings are in the surrounding area and I enjoy reading about them. Thanks for your many tips.

  230. Love your blog! Love seeing what you prepare for lunches, etc. Love how you re-use and keep things simple. Would love to win the necklace!

  231. I love linen! Our temperatures in Washington are still cool. I would love to win the beautiful necklace. Thanks for offering the contest

  232. I thoroughly enjoy your posts even though I am WAY over sixty!!! Your fashion advice is spot on and your meal plans are delectable!

    Oh, and my birthday is June 30th


  233. Love the pearl lariat. It’s feminine and can be worn casual or dressy. A staple piece than can be worn with anything!

  234. Hi Susan,

    I would be thrilled to win Suzanne’s pearl lariat necklace.

    On a side note, the salmon and veggie’s that you show is the way we eat. Very healthy, mostly plant based,
    sometimes with a little canned tuna and salmon for our lunches. Cooking is such a beautiful love language and then presenting the food on a plate. I serve our meals on white plate too, except on holidays and when I accessorize for the holidays.

  235. Susan, I love your columns for the clothing ideas and for those special meals you and Mr. Mickey enjoy!
    I am nearly 85 and still love to wear lovely, but simple fashions. And I do enjoy linen garments.

    Might you make suggestions for those of us in this age bracket?

    Thank you,

  236. I always look forward to your posts and advice. Thank you! The pearl lariat necklace is beautiful.

  237. I would love to receive the pearl lariat. I’ve admired the ones you have worn but since I’m not working due to covid I’m unable to buy one. Thank you Cyndy

  238. Susan, I too love linen and while reading your blog, I have on a white linen loose blouse and beige linen pants. It is very warm and humid here in GA so this feels perfect today. I so enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work and so happy that Mr. Mickey is out and about!

  239. The lariat pearl necklace is gorgeous and so versatile! Suzanne is quite generous to share her pieces, and thank you both in advance for offering the giveaway. I live in South Texas and these pearls would compliment and add class to any outfit! I would be thrilled to win!
    Thank you for sharing your wardrobe talents. I always look forward to your posts. I’m a retired school teacher on retirement income, so I appreciate how you use clothing and accessories from past seasons.

  240. I love lariet necklaces and the pearl one has that hint of classic. Would love to add that to my wardrobe. I like long necklaces, not to make me appear taller (almost 6 ft) but seem to help with a slimmer look. Linen is not my favorite fabric, only own one white skirt and a pair of linen pants. I don’t wear them much. Its the wrinkles that I can’t seem to get used to. But they are indeed cool for this North Fla. heat

  241. Following you on your blog has helped me tremendously in learning how to put together items for a woman “of a certain age” and that pearl lariat necklace would fit in perfectly.

    Did I tell you what a “gem” you are too?

  242. Love the pearl lariat necklace and my birthday is the 24th of June…thanks for giving me the opportunity to win!

  243. Susan,
    I was looking where to purchase this beautiful pearl necklace. But it would be even better to win it!

    You mentioned once the type of long line bra that you purchase. I wrote down what I thought you said but did not find it. Could you please tell me the type of bra that is long and hids all the buldges from a person’s back and possibly middle too? Thank you.

    P.S. I am also 63!

    Debbie Robetts-Sorg
    Eugene, Oregon

    1. Here is the freshwater pearl lariat necklace. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item on the site.) The style of bra I wear is here. It smoothes bulges, lifts the girls, and it’s always very cool and comfortable. It’s the only bra I wear now.

  244. Dear Susan, I very much enjoy your posts. My husband and I have been living in Greenville SC for almost 2 years. We moved from upstate NY. The weather and clothing styles are very different here. I have been very confused about what to buy and wear. I admire and appreciate your suggestions. I have followed many of them. I have been admiring the pearl lariat necklace above and have checked it out a couple of time. Thank you again for your help.

    Regards, Vonda Oakley

  245. What?? I love pearls! My birthday is June 23rd! How perfect is that? Lariat necklace, could you be mine? 🙂

  246. You always look so put together. Love the hats. I just went thru all my scarves to start using them again.
    The pearl necklace would be lovely to add to my collection too.

  247. I have always loved pearl jewelry and this necklace is lovely. Pearl is my birthstone; I was born in June.

  248. Hi, Susan – I always love the way you make your meals: simply cooked, healthy, lean, nutritious, and beautifully garnished. They look so delicious! Thank for showing us how you stay well – Angie

  249. It’s my birthday june 26th! I’ll be 65 years young!!! I’d love a new necklace!!! Love your site!

  250. I would love to win the necklace. My birthday is June 5th. So it would look wonderful on me and be my birthstone. I already own some pearl earrings that would great with it. Love the linen top. We moved to Georgia last year, so I could use that top. And I always seem to wear white because of the heat. I love your style and would love to win something you already own.

  251. I have never liked linen on me but I have a friend who wears a lot of linen and she looks great in the cloths. You look great in all you wear. I have several colors of pearls. They are my favorite jewelry.

  252. Wow! The lariat pearl necklace is GORGEOUS! I’ve looked at the website and the lariat necklace makes so much sense! Wish I’d thought of it!!!

  253. Love the outfit and the meal looks delicious! Thank you for all your tips and suggestions.
    I love the lariat necklace – the combination of pearls and leather/suede is so unique!

  254. What a unique twist on a pearl necklace. Linen is great for warm weather but I just have to get over the wrinkles as well!! Thanks so much for always posting such great info on fashion and healthy eating. I look forward to getting them each time in my in box 🙂

  255. Love your simple/basic , yet elegant style. I’ve been trying to use your advise when making new purchases. The lariat necklace is pretty.

  256. Love the linen tunic. My daughter’s birthday is in June and the pearl lariat necklace would be a wonderful birthday surprise!

  257. Hi Susan! My birthday is in June and I would love to win! I love pearl jewelry. It’s simple yet classic…like me! Haha!

    Thanks and have a fabulous day!


  258. Dear Susan,

    I am having so much fun reading your blog!! You are a great success story because of your newfound healthy lifestyle choices- I hope to hear more about it!


    Nancy Loeffler

  259. Well, you certainly got me in trouble this morning. I ordered 2 necklaces and got 10% off, now I guess I should have waited but who knew 20% would come this p.m. I know I will love them. I started last week looking for long pearl necklaces and I think I found the cream of the crop. Such pretty items at this store. Thank you for helping to do the scouting.

  260. I am new to your blog and I’m so glad I found it! I find your posts relevant and inspirational! Thank you!

  261. Hello. Thanks for posting about linen
    I own a few linen tops and I find after a days wear they bag out a bit.
    Is that just how it is with linen in general or is it indicative of the quality of the fabric?
    Thank you.

  262. Love your style. Just found you on FB.
    I’m 61 and have a fashion background but never worked in the business. I love your taste, classy simple with lots of color.
    I am a jewelry hound. Love the necklace too.
    Enjoy the day

  263. As always love your blog and style I love when you include your diet and I’m trying to eat healthier Susan thank you for sharing your style and diet and for being a friend on my Facebook page and Instagram I don’t have many most are family a few friends and people I like to follow too so thank you so very much. ❤️☺️❤️

  264. Healthy food and delicious ways of cooking. I’m definitely going to make this.
    Thank you for sharing.

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