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On Friday evening, we attended a fundraiser for our beloved Johnson City Symphony. We have been season ticket holders for many years and often participate in fundraisers to keep our fantastic Symphony going.

The Blackthorn was the location for this event. We always enjoy watching the flowers mature throughout the summer. The rain has been falling for days, so they have an excellent start this year.

We were entertained by some of the players from the string section and also from the horn section.

My table mates were dressed so perfectly for their coloring.

It was a special treat to meet Deborah, a follower of the blog!

Vickie and I will be working together at Wine Women & Shoes, a benefit for the Wellmont Foundation, next Saturday, April 29, 2017. I will be judging the Shoe Contest, and I would love to meet you. Funds raised from this event will support breast cancer screening programs.

I wore a cutout shoulder black dress by Clara Sunwoo via ShopMyFairLady over Svelt leggings. The shoes are by BCBGeneration from last year. The bag is several years old from T.J.Maxx.

  1. It’s nice to see a dressy casual vibe at a symphony-related event. Looks like a lovely time.

    I was thinking about a comment last week in your blog, about how we recharge. Music is one of those things for me, so the next week is filled with jazz, a Gershwin musical and a blues/a capella performance. Music fills the well.

    It’s important to support local arts by buying a ticket and seeing what’s on.

  2. Hi, Susan!!!! I think it’s about time I introduce myself and say hallo to you!!!! I am from South Africa and I have been following your blog for some time now – I actually started following the old blog and now the new one!!!! (I came to know of your blog via Pinterest) I turned 50 in January and I absolutely love the way you dress – your style and taste is absolutely what I love and how I dress sometimes!!! I am a mom of two teenage boys and don’t have such an active social life as you have, so I do dress more casual most of the time, but I love to dress up even if I’m just going to do some shopping!!!! I also prefer solid colours and I love black and white!!!! And, as you, I love to add a lovely scarf to add that little bit of extra colour and pattern to an outfit!!!! And in winter I love wearing a blazer – even with a neat pair of jeans – I just love a blazer!!! The only thing that I don’t really wear anymore is heels – I used to love wearing them in my young days, but these days I definitely prefer more of a medium heel or flat sandels in summer!!!!! I also enjoy wearing statement necklaces and I never leave the house without earrings!!!! I think I would have been the biggest shopper in your shop, had it been possible for me to shop overseas!!!! I really admire your stylish and elegant style and the outfits you wear are so much my style, too!!!!
    I really enjoy my visits to your blog and I’m very often looking forward to your posts!!!!! I also love seeing all the wonderful places you visit and we also love going to restaurants that serve the kind of food you enjoy!!!!! I think we have a lot in common!!!!!
    Thanks for inspiring me to look my best and dress according to what suits me best!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    Warm hugz from afar!!!!

  3. Your act of supporting the local symphony is worthy of imitation.
    (I am not very happy when I see you all in black).

      1. Oh I am so happy you said that Susan…I am always happiest in black…and all black just makes my heart sing!!
        I’ve felt that way since I was a teenager, but my mother wouldn’t let me dress in black at that age. My first husband always said I looked like I was going to a funeral…notice I said first husband “smile”
        The interesting thing for me throughout the years is the meaning others attach to someone dressed in black…
        I’m in my seventies and have been asked if I’m in mourning, if I’m wearing all black to support a cause, one woman even asked me if I was goth? Some people think I’m depressed and on and on…I just laugh and rock all black every chance I get!
        Black is my happy color,

  4. Susan you look stunning! Your beautiful black outfit compliments your hair so perfectly. Can tell you enjoyed the evening.
    Thank you again for all you share!

  5. Susan,
    As always you don’t disappoint. Love all your lovely ladies doing great work for your community.

    Enjoy your week and like the new haircut. Such a cutie.


  6. Perhaps you can address posture and posing for photos. Also, how the rounded shoulder, drooping bosom look ages one visually. What can be done to make shoulders look more upright in dressing? Thanks!

    1. I try to maintain my posture all day since I sit at a computer so often. Wearing a supportive bra is very also important for us. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to put together a post soon.

  7. You look lovely, as usual. After reading your blog for some time, I have been inspired to check out some community events that offer a chance to support local endeavors while providing a social opportunity as well. On Saturday, we will attend a “Made in Utica” event at our local community college. Our little city has been fighting to recover from the economic problems of the last recession and establish itself as a leader in Upstate New York for cultural and economic opportunities. I am really looking forward to it. Doesn’t hurt that my oldest son is the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at the college. After, we will stop in to a new restaurant for appetizers and a cocktail. A great opportunity to dress up and support the community.

  8. I went with my son and his wife to our local University Symphony Concert yesterday! It was so inspirational to see the amazing talent of all those beautiful young people!

  9. Great look for the occasion and a new take on a little black dress. Have long enjoyed my “elevator music”,as coworkers called it, saying it would put them to sleep. April showers here too with flood warnings now. Also admiring the red Japanese maple behind you & nice that you met Deborah at this lovely event!

  10. Susan, I love and support our Oregon Symphony too. My husband and I have enjoyed concerts for many years. It is also a wonderful time for us to dress up and have dinner out. I noticed that you and the lovely women have chosen different looks for the occasion, but all of the outfits fit well. I was wondering if you could blog about how clothes should fit. Many styles seem to be looser, but others are snug. I see women wearing clothing where horizontal wrinkles form. Is there a rule about how these should fit the body to look the best?

    1. There should be no horizontal lines when the garments are put on at first. The fit should be smooth and sleek with no pulling or bunching when the garment is fresh. Many fabrics will wrinkle and crease after a few hours of wearing. It is inherent to the fabric (think of linen). Fit has no bearing on those kinds of creases and wrinkles.

  11. Lately I’ve been questioning my love of black, especially with my grey hair. Was undecided if I wore the black outfit or if it wore me. YOU wear the outfit & look 100% perfect. Question answered. Thank you

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