Color In The Sun

Do you wear bright, cheerful colors on a cold rainy day? Color seems out of place to me when the weather is bleak. I feel more appropriately dressed in dark neutrals such as black, gray, and denim on stormy days.

On this particular Sunday, the sky was blue, and the sun was bright. We haven’t seen much of that as of late. I celebrated by wearing my most brilliant casual knit cardigan topper with an equally colorful scarf.

The turquoise topper is from Cali & York. The tank and the jeans are from Chico’s. The cap toe flats are from Neiman Marcus Last Call. The bag is by Michael Kors. The sunglasses are by Tory Burch.

We snapped these photos on the campus of East Tennessee State University before going to lunch recently.

  1. To each his own! I love my red raincoat. It makes dreary days brighter. I think the key is what you feel comfortable in wearing and your coloring. I’m a natural blond so grays make me look sickly. I love color! I totally love the colors you are wearing. It brightens you!

  2. I have a red trench coat too. It brightens up a rainy day and I get compliments every time I wear this fun pop of color!

  3. I notice you push the sleeves of your cardigan (and other long sleeve tops) up to make them 3/4 length, which I do all the time also. Do you find that the cuff eventually gets stretched out? Have you discovered a brand that has a tighter cuff that doesn’t stretch? Pretty color by the way and love the flats.

    1. I have been doing that for years. Showing the forearm seems to make me look taller and slimmer. I just fold them up instead of pushing them up if they get stretched.

  4. When you live in the north where winter nights are cold, long and dark for half the year, color is a great mood lifter. ironic, isn’t it? People who live in milder but wetter climates seem to prefer those dark colors on dark days. But if we waited for ideal conditions, we’d rarely wear color. We might be grumpier, too. 😉

    A lot of this preference is cultural. Some cultures prefer bright colors. Traditional cultural costumes often reveal this preference. When I travel, I research what people at my destination wear, so that I blend in a bit better.

    I do wear black, but it’s almost always as a base with a bright topper. That’s my personal preference.

  5. Another red trench coat chiming in. I especially wear something colorful when it’s gloomy. I’d like to think I’m someone’s ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Love the colors you have on today.

  6. Love that sweater. My color. An older lady at our church used to always say “wear red on rainy, dark days”!

  7. I agree with you regarding gloomy days – I tend toward a darker platte. I love the colors you are wearing today. You look fabulous!

  8. Susan, love this outfit. Is the scarf the “Tree of life turquoise” one in your shop? Want to order it but need to make sure I get the correct one.
    Many thanks for sharing your wonderful outfits!

  9. Susan,Love the scarf but I cannot locate in in your selections.Could you please highlight the one you are wearing so they are easier to locate in shop.
    Thank You

  10. Hi Susan, I love this colour and this whole outfit on you..I think this colour or version of it looks good on everyone..
    I have a question for you.Is there any ways to hide loose skin around your neck..I am ok with looking old except for my neck..I hate it..


  11. I think that turquoise is your color! You look lovely. I live in sunny Arizona, so bright colors are the norm. A nice cloudy day allows me the chance to break out some black.

  12. Love the turquoise color! Do you know if it runs true to size? I’d like to order it from Cali & York but not sure of their sizes. I usually wear size 12.

    1. If you can get a size L, that might work for you. They seem to be going out of business, so there aren’t many sizes left, and they are not getting new items.

  13. Hi Susan, I love that cardigan (the colour is awesome) with the beautiful scarf. Warm Regards,
    Linda (from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

  14. Hello Susan,

    Yes I do wear colors a lot like the ones you are wearing in these pictures on rainy days. I have to say I enjoy those days more then really hot days.

    Wearing bright colors with black or gray just makes me feel happy. Thank goodness we are not all alike that would be boring. I like the way you put a scarf on while dressed in neutrals. 🙂

  15. I personally think bright colors flatter you. This combo is beautiful. You probably don’t have time to answer this question but I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve lost 15 pounds and hoping to lose 7 more in the next month in time for a trip to Pasadena to visit my son. My clothes are beginning to look a little baggy. What pieces would you suggest for rebuilding my wardrobe? I’m going to try to achieve a more classic style since I just turned 60; however, I’m still drawn towards latest trends.

  16. Even though I know that black is very chic you look beautiful in this bright color. We are retired and live 8 months a year in Florida. One of the things my husband likes are the bright color of clothes people wear here. Love your blog.

  17. A perfect outfit !You look young, chic and happy .
    Thank you for showing us the University of Tennessee with the Greek ionic columns at the entrance.

  18. You look amazing in these colors! So good to see you in bright colors for a change. You seem to wear a lot of black, as do I. I know when I put on a bright color it really stands out.

  19. Susan, I take the opposite view on stormy rainy days. I always try to wear red or yellow on those days that the sun doesn’t shine. It seems to bring the most compliments and a bit of joy to an otherwise dreary day. It really doesn’t matter what you wear, you’re always looking spectacular!

  20. Hi Susan I bought the cardigan in turquoise and coral. I really love the scarf you are wearing with the turquoise cardigan. Where can I find that scarf. Also what do you recommend as an affirtsbkd alternate? What affordable scarf would go with coral.

    Thanks- love that outfit today!!


  21. Hi Susan
    I saw where you had sold out of that beautiful turquoise scarf. Would it be possible to email me when/if you get an additional supply. I would love to have one like that

    Thank you,
    I left an earlier message as well-not sure you received it


  22. My turquoise flyaway cardigan arrived today. I love it and it will be perfect to wear tomorrow night to a goodbye party for our former mayor. Thanks. I will order the scarf to later in the summer.

  23. I love your blog and read it about everyday!
    I am a 73 year old woman who is petite and weighs 105 lb. before I started following you I found it very hard to find clothes appropriate for me, now I know exactly what to look for and where to go to find my clothes. Thank you I now feel more confident when I go out.

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