Summer Hats

When my hair becomes an unruly mess during high humidity, I turn to my hat collection.

The packable hat above by Betmar (here) is my all-time favorite. I have it in several colors. I wear them hiking, working in my shade garden, walking in the neighborhood, and after riding the convertible. It has a tiny ribbon on the inside to adjust the fit.

The view above includes Green Mountain, NC, where I was born and lived on a working farm until I was eight years old. In my heart, I will always be that little girl riding bareback on my aunt’s pony and roaming the ridges looking for wildflowers with my dog.

I’m wearing Levi’s here and this hooded jacket. My hiking boots are a couple of years old. A similar pair is here. Purchases from links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

My beautiful friend, Dina Gyorkei, and I had so much fun hiking at Roan Mountain State Park on Wednesday. The day was windy with temps in the forties, but we thoroughly enjoyed the sunny little breaks along the way.

All of the hats in my collection are almost masculine in design. None have embellishments more than a simple band, and they are all in neutral colors. (Hat above here)

I always wear hats on the top of my head and low on the forehead, never on the back of my head. The perfect style for my roundish face has a higher crown and at least a three-inch wide brim.

Wearing a hat is a bold statement, so I keep everything else in my look subdued and classic. I may wear a great pair of sunglasses and a tiny pair of studs to cover the ear piercings but no other accessories above the shoulders. Necklines should always be low and open.

I hope you have a splendid weekend!

  1. Happy weekend! You look beautiful in hats! I love hats too. I bought an embellished one at Wine, Women and Shoes this year. But need a place to wear it of course:)

  2. I love hats, but seldom find hats that fit my smallish head. I’ll look into the one you mentioned with the adjustable option. I find that most hats come down to my eyebrows and cover my ears, and that’s just not an attractive look!

  3. The view is breathtaking and you look adorable in your chapeau. At one time I had an arsenal of hats as absolutely loved them, however currently have only one summer one that is about ten years old and similar to your Betmar but the crown is more fedora in styling. (I’ll have to check its label and may even treat myself to a new one. ) On the same note; my all time favourite was a winter one that I got numerous compliments on (from females and men alike) that was made of real fur and best described as Russian Cossack in style. It was the era of the mid 60’s (before PETA) and the movie Dr.Zhivago was popular and I paired it with a matching fur collared, mid length wool boucle fitted coat, long black suede boots with co-ordinated gloves. Thinking back, it was really an ensemble that suited our Canadian winters and I wish I held on to the hat.

  4. Beautiful country! Reminds me of visits to my grandparents in Tennessee when I was a child. It rained briefly every morning which kept it green or so it seemed.
    Susan, would you consider a post on best styles of hats for various face shapes (and body sizes/shapes). I like hats but struggle with what is flattering since I have gradually put on weight. I wore brimmed summer hats for decades and tbought they looked fine. Now I question every look but still wear for sun protection any way.
    I love your blog and so appreciate how easy and simple it is and by that I mean no ads, pop ups, etc to fight through. Great job!

  5. Susan, I have fallen in love with Clara Sunwoo and Shop My Fair Lady. Is there a discount code for June? I have also enjoyed many of the jewelry pieces you have suggested.—the link bracelet from Beauty in Stone is even prettier in person. Thank you so much for all you do for us.

  6. Susan, what best style hat would you recommend for a petite woman? I use to wear a beret when I was younger.
    Thank you!

  7. Love hats Susan and in Australia we need to wear them all seasons. Your foldable hat is also my favourite and i buy them for the NSW Cancer Council on line shop. The colours are not as extensive as your choices but otherwise very similar. One at the front door. One in the car. One in the beach basket. One in the bag for cruises ready to go.

  8. My mother’s face was perfect for wearing hats, and they enhanced her beauty. I, on the other hand, look terrible in hats. All hats. I was at a Kentucky Derby party where, amid champagne and much laughter, we ladies each put on our hats, one at a time, for comments. This was a very kind and supportive group of friends. Hat after hat received, “Oohs and aahs” and compliments. When I put on my hat, there was a stunned silence. Not kidding. I look THAT BAD in hats!

    But oh how I admire them on others! And you look absolutely wonderful, Susan!

  9. Susan. I wondered what sporting clothes you wore. I have trouble knowing how to dress down. I appreciate your tips & style. Thanks. Judith

  10. Susan

    Came across your blog
    the other night and think I’ve
    read every post on your over 60 blog.
    Wasn’t as taken with your earlier blog
    But this one has me hooked.
    Keep blogging… enjoying your outfits
    and thoughts. Jane
    P.S. I’m over 70. Still coloring my hair, retired from both of my businesses. Life is good.
    You got me to organize my closet today.

  11. @Susan: Totally agree with your advice to Raquel and do hope you don’t mind me chiming in by suggesting she web search : (titled: Best hats to suit your face shape’) as it may assist her as well. -Brenda-

  12. I always thought I could never wear hats.. I bought this one and love it !! How late I. The season do you wear this one? I’m going to be sad to put it away .. lol … any suggestions for the upcoming season? I have really short hair so I’ve always had a hard time choosing hats

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