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Finding new inspiration for styling items you own is a great way to get more use out of a small wardrobe. It is also a fundamental way to make classic pieces look more modern.

Similar denim is here and here. The long-sleeve tee is here.

I’ve had this Anne Klein tweed jacket for a few years, but it seemed too heavy and dated when I styled it with dark-washed jeans or black pants. So when I saw the image of the young woman below, I was inspired to try a similar look with faded flare-leg jeans. I wore the look for our Friday lunch date at a casual restaurant. The sun was shining, but the temperature hovered around thirty-six degrees all day.

The image on the right is from Pinterest. The model is nazifeeozcan.

Expressing our personality and feeling authentic in what we wear should be a priority. For example, I enjoy wearing heels with jeans and a structured jacket, but I won’t be embracing pant legs puddling on the ground. I added a black belt less than two inches wide to elongate my short waist, and the pointed-toe gray shoes visually extended the length of my legs.

A similar jacket is here and here.

My foundation garments include the long-line bra here and the hose here. My skincare routine is here, and my makeup tips are here.

A similar belt is here. Similar bag here. Similar sunglasses here.

The sculptural heels are comfortable, and they feel more like me. I’ve tried to wear flats, but they do NOT make me happy, confident, or comfortable. So my mom was thrilled to get another shopping bag full of flat shoes.

The shoes are here. All the other items in my look are at least a year old, so I shared links to similar items.

I hope that sharing my looks inspires you to enjoy what you have in new ways. In addition, shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Hi Susan. I love this look ! I have a similar jacket and I’m going to try it. I wanted to see your jacket suggestions but the links just take me to the Bloomingdale’s app. Thanks for all you do to keep us current !

  2. Great ideas, Susan! I enjoy it when you link to the source of your inspiration. These suggestions will give me some extra use out of the items in my closet.
    Your posts are so helpful!

  3. I agree so wholeheartedly with the “they feel more like me “ comment! Getting ready for a trip to a warm climate I have purchased a dress, “not me”! I’m a pants girl through and through. Gauze or linen will be going in my suitcase. Thanks for reinforcing my fashion challenge! Being yourself makes you more confident.

  4. Susan, help me understand one thing when you talk about your proportions. It seems I have read that you have short legs, which I also have. But I recall you also stating at one point that you have a long waist and today I understand you have a short waist. Is it possible to have both short legs and a short waist? I do have a long waist and I just want to make sure I am following you correctly. I am glad you are being authentic in wearing your heels. It inspires me to be true to myself in sporting sneakers whenever I can!

    1. When you measure the parts as related to the whole, my waist, and my legs are short. A short waist means less than two hand widths space between the bottom of your bust and the point where you bend to the side at the waist.

  5. Great look, Susan!

    As a plus-size woman, I want to encourage plus size readers to use your looks as a template and change up as needed. I’m packing two of your old Polyvore looks for our St Augustine trip next week, as well as your jacket and “barely boot” jeans look.

  6. Love this look. Suggestions for other possibilities for shoes since arthritic feet don’t work with heels any longer? Would be much appreciated!

    1. Match your shoes to the color of your pants (or bare legs), as the case may be. If you can wear an almond-shaped or pointed toe, that will also help to elongate, but continuing the line of color all the way down is the best trick of all.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions, Susan. Unfortunately, due to several foot surgeries, pointed toes are not possible. I love the look; it adds to the classiness. For now, I’ll enjoy seeing your style and be content with what’s normal for my feet.

  8. I love the feminine but unfussy way you have styled this outfit. Also, your hair looks smooth. Are you using any different products? I’m having trouble taming those little bits of fluttery hairs. Any suggestions? Enjoyed your post as always! Have a good weekend!

  9. Oh, I know I have a long waist! It is pretty obvious. Just wanted to clarify if you are dressing for a long or short waist, before I utilize your tips. Thanks for all your advice and inspiration.

  10. Hi Susan, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. My husband and I moved from Wisconsin to South Carolina at the end of 2021 and I am struggling to adapt to a new wardrobe for the warmer climate. We are so happy here, that we made this move, but what to wear has been a challenge! I find your posts inspirational and they help me find ways to use what I can that I brought with me, and what to shop for to fill in the blanks. Your look is classic but fresh, and I just wanted to say Thank You!

  11. I love the reinterpretation of an outfit shown on a younger model!
    Please do more of this – it shows we can be current but comfortably age appropriate.
    faith m

  12. This is a great look, I think it’s my favorite. This outfit can be worn just about anywhere. It has also inspired me to wear my classic blazers; some of which I haven’t worn since I retired 2 years ago. The t shirt and jeans keeps it casual yet polished.

    I remember your hair being naturally curly, are you straightening it now? It looks great! I’m currently growing out a pixie and that’s the look I’m going for.

  13. You look fantastic in that. You do inspire me to really pay attention when I buy clothes. I hardly ever really dress up. I am most comfortable in jeans. I’m a product of the 70’s! I love tee shirts also. I am short and short waisted and about 20 pounds too heavy but I am working on that. (It is a STRUGGLE!) I wear pullon jeans now because the zipper adds too much extra bulk that I do not need. I do buy quality clothes for church and dressing up but I never pay full price for any of them. I shop mostly at Belk because it is close by. I am learning from your posts. I will be 64 in April and my husband likes to travel so I am trying to dress more appropriately for the traveling. He is 83 so he likes me to be a little more dressy than I really like but I am trying. Thank you for all the advice in your posts.

  14. Hello Susan
    I live in England and want to thank you for all your tips and inspiring examples. I have a large stomach so don’t tuck my blouses or tops into my trousers (Pants) how can I look smart with my tops untucked? and minimise my stomach. Thank you!

    1. If your tops are not too long or tight and end just below your tummy, they will not draw attention there. Consider fabrics that flow across the body without clinging or adding bulk.

  15. I love the outfit but what caught my attention was your comment on shoes. As much as I would love to wear flats all the time they just don’t look good on me. I’m sure it had to do with leg and ankle shape. I’ve decided to order the shoes in grey. One of my favorite brands and if they are comfortable that’s a good purchase for me.

  16. I don’t think I’d be comfortable in a blazer and tee on a 36 degree day, even if sunny. I thought you had said you tend to be cold? What’s your secret? I haven’t worn a blazer this season because it’s either too warm or too cold to be comfortable, but I miss the variety.

  17. Goood morning Susan! I love this outfit! And I am really loving your new hairstyle! If you were aiming to look younger you hit the mark! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy Sunday! Bonnie

  18. Nice ensemble! Can’t go around in that high of heels anymore but I find heels in lower height that works well! Thanks for sharing how we can be stylish in our own right after 60 by tweaking a 30 year olds style!

  19. May I ask what type of flat shoes you have done away with? Love the jacket in this post. Thank you for taking the time to still do this blog.

  20. I love your jacket just as it is, but it occurred to me that a change-out of its buttons to brass ones would make it even more current. Always enjoy your to-the-point, sensible yet sylish approach to fashion. Thank you.

  21. I cannot wear heels anymore. I opt for sling back flats. It gets a “I love your shoes” every time. I can wear wedges, but the difference between the sole height and heel height can only be an inch or so. That works to give the height I want. I have an older Esprit quilted, black jacket edged in velvet that I use with jeans or black slacks. Living in Florida I do not wear it often, but take it up north with me when I go. It can be dressed up or down as needed. Still looking for a summer navy and white one for down here.

    Thanks for all the fashion tips. I have been whittling down my closet for a while now. It is much more casual down here.

    I look forward to your next post.

  22. I love the look! Great ideas again. If you have a navy tweed jacket to wear with denim, what color denim would work?

  23. You look fabulous in heels but I was surprised to hear you gave away your flats. Recently you purged your handbags too. It sounds like you are doing a complete refresh. You seem to have a very active lifestyle. I enjoy all of your posts and consider each one an opportunity to learn. Thank you!

    1. I edit my wardrobe and accessories at least once a year. If I haven’t worn something very often, I may part with it so that I don’t become overwhelmed with things that aren’t a good fit for how I currently dress.

  24. Just located the jacket on Mango’s Australian website. Joy! Your jacket packs a punch with what you’re wearing. Need a new black jacket for autumn, early winter, so I’m starting my week on a winner clothes wise. Thanks to you.

  25. Love reading your blogs Susan and updating my look with your suggestions
    I wonder though, do you normally wear pantyhose with pants- all pants!!

  26. So…can I say, that you look better than the model! Your posts always hit it out of the park IMO. So simple, yet so elegant.
    Love your style Susan!

  27. you look great Sue, new look with your jacket and longs sleeve t-shirt
    you look great with heels, I cannot wear heel shoes, just flats or low heel wedges
    I am now retired with MS don’t go out much
    but I needs advice to look casual and dressy at home when family or friends visit my place

  28. This is one of my favorite looks you have shown, Susan! You are a great teacher.
    With loafers/flats removed from your wardrobe, what type of shoe will you wear when a higher heel is not doable or less appropriate?
    Please continue to blog!

    1. I still have sneakers, chunky loafers, and low-block heel booties, so I can wear those when I need them. It is just very flat shoes with no support or arch that I can not wear comfortably. This is the type of flat I gave away and won’t buy again.

  29. I appreciate your style and the shoes you wear. Unfortunately, I have come to a time in life where I have to insert an orthotic in my shoes which limits the style I can wear. Thanks for sharing your fashion ideas and how you come up with them!

  30. I agree that my shoes have to have arch support to be comfortable. Any shoes we wear should be very supportive to give balance.

  31. Will the highest bidders for the purses
    be announced soon? I noticed your posture is perfect, posture is so important to our look. Any ideas or hints to improve our posture?

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I contacted the winning bidders privately.
      I try to be mindful of my posture since it is so easy to slump forward. Besides yoga and self-discipline to hold the stomach in and the shoulders back, I don’t have other tips for better posture.

  32. This is not meant as a criticism – just a suggestion. Have you thought about changing the buttons to a metal finish? I think it would “lighten up” the mood of the jacket. I love your blog!

  33. Showing us how to take a young and tall model’s outfit and make it work for the mature woman is very helpful. Pls do more of these.

  34. Susan,
    Love the way your hair matches your shoes! Classic “Bottoms Up” that pulls your entire outfit together.

    Thank you for reminding us to think outside the box when styling an outfit. The tailored black jacket looks superb with those jeans.
    Another great blog!
    Sharon White

  35. Hi, Susan. I have recently started reading susanafter60. I will be 60 in a few weeks and I have really enjoyed gleaning all the style tips you share. I also enjoy seeing how you enjoy your life.

  36. So glad you are wearing heels again! I have tried flats and I’m not happy with them. I’m trying block heels for a change.

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