Dressed Up Flats

I still enjoy wearing my remaining few pairs of heels when I will only be walking into the restaurant and staying seated for most of the evening. They are considered my ‘limousine shoes’ at this stage of life.

When there is a lot of walking or standing on a special occasion, I wear low heeled or flat shoes. If they have almond-shaped or pointed toes and the material is metallic, patent leather, suede, embroidered velvet, or well cared for and polished leather, they can be appropriate with evening attire.

We snapped these photos on our way to experience the delightful new fall menu at Gourmet & Company after running a few errands for Mr. Mickey. The temperature was sixty-four F, and there was a slight breeze but not late enough in the year to bring out the sheer black hose. I never wear knee-high hose or socks. The line where they end is always visible, even with jeans, unless you have very slender calves. I wear sheer pantyhose or the more casual opaque tights to give a smooth line. If the weather is cold and the look is casual, I add opaque tights to keep warm.

The shoes are by Franco Sarto. The box clutch is a few years old. The rings have also been collected over the years. The slim black ankle pants are by Nic+Zoe. I am also wearing a black tank from Chico’s to unbutton the jacket while seated. The jacket is by IC Collection via My Fair Lady.

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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. And for your blog, it has made me think twice before purchasing clothing items. And has inspired me in other ways as well.

      1. I have been having some luck putting the peds socks on backwards. With the little plastic tab on the toes instead of the heel. It seems to work most of the time!
        Love the blog Susan and thank-you for all your ideas and recommendations!

      2. I found a great brand for no-show socks – Sheecs. They are an Internet company and got their start on KickStarter. They have different styles I can wear with heels, ballet flats, loafers and other flats, and slip on sneakers. They even have a style for slingbacks and a sock cushion for ballet flats and mules and slides. I like the SolehuggerSecret 2.0 style for heels and most flats and the Invisi Cool for loafers and brogues and slip-on sneakers. I was amazed – they really do stay on!

  2. Thanks for your excellent advice….as I approach 70 heels are in my past. I too struggle with looking polished with flats. Wish I could follow your eating plan, but all fruit and most beans are out of my diet due to fruit malabsorption.

  3. I have the same problem with peds so am glad you answered that question. Also, those pants look so nice on you but when I look them up they look a little short on the model.

  4. We just styled a post about flats last week too, Susan!!
    I still love my heels but it’s nice to have options. And the metallic ones are always fabulous!

  5. I love your blog and find myself taking your advice while shopping for new items. Do you have any suggestions for an ensemble to wear with leopard print flats ?

    1. Wear neutral solids with your leopard print flats. They will be the perfect touch with jeans and a black sweater. You can wear them with a black jacket, a white shirt, and jeans. If you want to dress them up a bit, wear that black sweater with black pants and your leopard print flats. If black near your face isn’t good for you, wear a camel or cream color sweater or top.

  6. Susan, love your style. Do you think you can wear these shoes with dark rinse blue jeans or white jeans?
    thank you for your input.

  7. LOL for “limousine shoes” — I’m going to so steal that! My guy calls them “foot danglers” because I wear them from the car to the restaurant, then discreetly slip my feet out of them, cross my legs & dangle one from the toes of one foot. He knows that when I wear them out we’re not walking anywhere (although I often pop a pair of flats in the trunk of the car or behind the truck seat)! BTW, I REALLY like that jacket you’re wearing. It is so smart & yet not too structured or stiff & that is such a flattering neck-line. I especially like the idea of wearing a tank or cami under it both for warmth (it’s decidedly cold here in the evening now) & versatility. Thanks to everyone else here for their tips on Peds & other footlets. They’re the bane of my life, but I hate wearing full hose just to keep my feet warm & comfortable. I’ve always wondered why we can outfit someone to put him (or her) on the moon but no one can make a pair of “slipper socks” that’ll stay on my foot!

  8. When I wear heels, and we’re not taking our limousine that night (!) or there isn’t valet service, my husband drives up as close to the door as possible, gets out to open my door and help me out (this after 30 years of marriage) and goes to park the car. Then, with my arm through his, I maneuver to the dining room, (stomach in, head up, ignoring the oncoming pain) and even though I sit through dinner, my feet are fussing at me under the table. After dinner, I make every effort not to hobble back out–40 years of ballet helps with that–to wait on protesting feet while he gets the car. Flats eliminate all of that! These are beautiful, and I see them going well with so many things. Thanks, Susan–oh, and I saw The Gourmet has named a salad in your honor!

  9. Hi, Susan
    That opening sentence is hilarious! 😀 I’m tucking that big of advice into my mind to keep on file for restaurant dates with my husband, which is what we usually do.
    Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts,

  10. Love the outfit and the tips for dressy flats. My friend calls her heels her one hour shoes. But we were at a wedding and they turned into three hour shoes! Yikes! Barefoot under the table then!

  11. Hello Susan, Could you, please, further comment on or provide some photos for wearing socks with shoes? I live in Chicago, so the thought of going sockless during the cold months is too horrible to consider. My younger colleagues tease me about wanting to keep warm- while foresaking fashion. Is there some way to wear socks and not look like the 60 year old lady that I am? Thanks so much. Julie

    1. When I wear dark colors on the bottom half in winter, I wear black opaque tights. They continue the line and keep me warm. On warmer days, when I am wearing light colored pants and nude shoes I usually do not wear socks but if I did, I would wear nude hose.

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