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After getting caught in the rain twice today, I finally got a few photos between the showers. You can see by the urns, I’ve started my tiny gardening projects for this spring. I returned to the Dwarf Alberta Spruce this year. Caterpillars always ate the ferns, and one of the boxwoods died. Keep trying until you find something that thrives where you need it to. Isn’t that the basis of all gardening?

Similar top here. The white denim jacket is here. The crossbody bag is here. The fabulous jeans are here.

The accessories are many years old. The prescription eyeglasses frames are by Life is Good. Similar other items: – RingEarringsBracelet (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

I wore this look for a quick visit to the grocery store before the next storm. Similar sneakers are here. If you get scuffs on the rubber part of your sneakers, I’ve learned that you can often remove them with a pencil eraser, but I will use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser next time. The no-show socks are peeking out a little. They are here.

We are getting another storm and some thunder, so I’ll cut this short for today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love the entire look and that *POP* of color added from your mask! It’s nice to see masks beyond the basic neutrals. I have a wide variety of patterns that really brighten things up when we (rarely) go out shopping!

    Have you “done” a post on necklace lengths for body type (busty vs less endowed) and when/if they can/should be worn with scarves or not?

  2. I noticed that the description of the pants refers to a skinny leg fit and that the average leg opening is 13″, which is too narrow for some athletic calves. Even though I could probably get in them, if the pants are tight on the calves, they pull down during the day and I am constantly making adjustments (sigh). I think the Talbot’s straight leg jeans would be more practical for me. But I love the fun, casual look!

  3. Love the casual, put together, look! Seems like a silly question, but how do you keep your sneakers so white?

  4. Thank you, Susan, for this post. I love the way you dress well, even when grocery shopping.
    We are having rough weather, too. Stay safe!

  5. Love your casual outfits! You may have covered this topic in the past, but I am wondering how your keep your white trainers so pristine.

  6. Thank you, thank you for teaching us how to dress and make wise purchases. Always look forward to your posts, and appreciate your hard work and preparation:) Does the Talbots white jean jacket run true to size?

  7. You look fabulous for damp weather. I do like the new hair style, even though I really liked it longer as well. I have just decided to bring the back length up as well and think it makes for a fresher look. I got my husband to do it and he did a wonderful job. I was going to mention about the Mr. Clean erasers as well. Susan, I was wondering if you are having any residual effects from your illness in the summer. I keep hearing of long term effects and permanant lung damage. I do hope you are staying well.

  8. Hi Susan, I ordered my first Sheec Socs and look forward to giving them a try! I’ve wasted a lot of money trying to find no show socs that actually stay up for any length of time. They were sold out of everything I was interested in but I was able to get the 4 pack of the Active high cut for my sneakers. Your sneakers look like some I have in another brand (with removeable footbeds) and I like the style. I have to wear shoe inserts for my arches. Do the Sam Edelman’s have removable footbeds to put your own inserts in?

  9. Cute casual outfit! I’ve used magic eraser on my shoes. Works like a charm! I’ve put small evergreens in the center of my porch pots too. That way there is something in there that looks nice all year long. I’ve planted pansies around the edge for spring. Maybe a vining plant would be good for summer?
    I’m sorry you have some problems left from having Covid. I hope over time your body heals. You certainly do everything to help your body repair. My family was able to get vaccinated. It is such a relief! Healing prayers for you as you recover.

  10. Cute grocery run outfit, Susan! I have found that the Magic Eraser works wonderfully on sneakers also. Give them a try! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Susan,
    Just a thought as it looks like your sneakers are sold out.
    You and others might like Superga 2750 Cotu Classic sneaker. I have them and love them in white.
    Bought 2 Pair and I am not a sneaker person. They are cute.
    Very similar.

  12. I love your latest glasses and recall a previous post where you mentioned the style and color but can no longer find it. Would really appreciate the info. Look forward to your daily posts and fashion!

  13. The azaleas are blooming here on the coast and the little blue flowers with the lovely name, “Meet me at the Gate” are everywhere.
    I love white denim and the jeans look just perfect on you. I’m seeing white sneakers on a lot of women now. The great thing is they are so comfortable as well as modern looking.

  14. So sorry to hear you have ongoing effects from COVID. Your case was pretty bad, and early on, so some things about it were still unknown. You look great, with a nice glow, so your healthy lifestyle has proven to be invaluable. You’re very blessed to have a support system with Mr. Mickey and your family, and although this year has been difficult, you’ve made the best of it.
    I can’t bring myself to buy white sneakers. They look great on you, and I know they’re comfy. Maybe at the sale price I will try them and try to get past my old-fashioned ideas about white shoes. Thanks for introducing them to us.

  15. Hi Susan, I use fabric protector spray on all my new fabric sneakers, really helps keep them clean. Have a great weekend and stay safe !

  16. Susan,

    Just ordered the black jeans since they look as if they would be a great staple for casual outfits.

    Thanks for all the tips!


  17. I hope spring is coming soon. And I always wondered. What type of wallet does a person use with a smaller handbag like the one shown?

  18. I like that you said you were wearing this outfit to the grocery store. I like to see people dressed nice, yet casual, in public. I try to dress nicely for errands, too. Sometimes one can see the sloppiest dressed individuals in public!

  19. I see you are wearing SlimSation jeans. I have been wanting to try them! DO you think they would work for someone 5′ 8′ tall?
    Thanks for your opinion.

  20. Thank you for the post! I have been using the Magic Eraser for my casual tennis shoes for awhile and it does work great making them look new again! Have a good weekend.

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