Seven Years!

On July 16, 2011, I launched a Facebook page and named it “Fifty, not frumpy.” I had begun the process of shopping for a whole new wardrobe after losing more than forty-five pounds at the age of fifty-four. I wasted lots of money buying things that weren’t right for my personality, age, or lifestyle. Finding the right size is hard enough, but standing in the sea of choices in my local department store, I felt overwhelmed, confused and less confident by the hour. As a woman who had been working in some aspect of the fashion industry for more than thirty years, you might think this chore would have been child’s play for me. Not so much.

The most important lesson I’ve learned while blogging is that I don’t need to shop very often to make wise choices. I stopped following other bloggers or even acknowledging the latest trends about three years ago. I realized the futility of trying to keep up with that vicious cycle and decided to be true to myself and show you our adventures and the classic basics I wear on repeat in a myriad of combinations.

On this rainy Saturday, we explored the little town of Waynesville, North Carolina, before having dinner at the Sweet Onion restaurant.

The Sweet Onion serves Southern-style comfort food.

That’s my open handbag with my favorite scarf inside. Some of you asked me to show you how I use a scarf to fend off the air conditioning in restaurants. I fold it into a triangle and then put it over my shoulders and let the ends rest at my sides.

A scarf in the colors above would be more appropriate for the woman with a warm skin tone.

The other elements of my look have been worn many times here on the blog. The white linen jacket was found on a sale rack at Stein Mart a few years ago. The double-layer V-neck tank was from Express last year. The VANELi Aliz Slingback pumps are from Nordstrom. The narrow black and silver belt was from T.J.Maxx a couple of years ago.

Thank you so much for joining us on our fun blogging adventure. Mr. Mickey and I enjoy sharing our little part of the world, our fun adventures, and our classic style with you. The second fifty years are the best!

  1. I love how you are dressed appropriately for a day out and a restaurant. Comfortable elegance is the phrase that comes to mind. I’m eagerly awaiting your latest haircut, can’t wait for that.

  2. Dear Susan, I want to eat less meat. That’s why I want to know what’s on the plate you consume. Sometimes I do not recognize the food. On today’s blog I see dessert ice cream, but what’s on the other plate?
    Thank you very much for the answer. Best regards: Eva

    1. That was Mr. Mickey’s plate. He ordered crab cakes with collard greens and garlic mashed potatoes. I ordered three sides to make a vegetable entree including broccoli casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, and vegetable pasta salad. (no photo) I rarely eat half the food served in restaurants, but I did have a few bites of that apple crisp with ice cream. The portion sizes are always huge in American restaurants.

  3. Thank you so much Susan, for all of your efforts over the years . It is much appreciated. xxxxx Greetings from Australia

  4. Love this post, Susan. You set such a pretty, elegant example for those of us wanting to celebrate our age, appropriately. Thank you!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I’ve so enjoyed following your style journey over the years and your wonderful road trips. You are an inspiration. All the best for the next 7.

  6. Susan, congratulations on your “blogiversary” and thank you for your kind presence and practical advice.

  7. The lessons you have learned (in your second paragraph) are the reasons I follow your blog. So refreshing to see a classy lady looking put together and polished and not madly chasing after something new! Congratulations on your seven years.

  8. No wonder I like your blog so much.
    You eat out at places with cute signs and interesting food.
    You and Mr. Mickey are inspirational dressers.
    AND your last name is the same as one of my favorite TV characters—Della Street who is also a snappy dresser. This morning I FINALLY made the connection. (I think before I was focused on the alliteration of the two S’s. )

  9. Love your blog and have followed it for years. Been a fun journey and I am using my wardrobe similarly with very similar outfit pieces. Thanks for all the great advice and demonstrations. Absolutely love your adventures.

  10. Congratulations on 7 yeas. I think I’ve followed you for most of them and you’ve been an inspiration to me. I wonder when you wear a tank top, especially one with spaghetti straps, do you wear a bra? I hate to have bra straps showing but even tank tops that claim to have a built in bra don’t give the proper support and I feel somewhat exposed. As a result, I seldom wear tanks, even when the weather calls for them.

    1. I eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, greens, seeds, and nuts. About once a week I have a small portion of grilled chicken or wild caught fish. Mostly I drink filtered water, but sometimes have a glass of wine with dinner. I have a small piece of dark chocolate or share a dessert with Mr. Mickey occasionally. It is normal for me to eat breakfast at about 7 AM and lunch around 2 PM and then no more food for the day. I go for a brisk walk for about thirty minutes each morning and try not to sit still for too long for the rest of the day.

  11. Hi Susan
    I am really looking forward to my tank dress winging its way to UK. Just one thing I would like to ask I have the colour thing sort of sorted as I am warm toned but if you were pear shaped how would you wear your outfit on the blog today? This is the bit that still has me stumped even at the age of 67. I am an avid follower of your blog and like you have given up the others which mostly consist as ads for clothing companies You are different as you wear what you show. Thanks. Margo

    1. Pear-shaped ladies benefit from A-line skirts and shorter jackets or tops that show off a more slender top half. Wearing a dark color on the bottom and top with a pattern or brighter color draws the eyes upward. Small shoulder pads or some other embellishment around the neckline or across the bodice is always good for you.

    2. Like you I am pear-shaped. I am also short-waisted and petite. I am smaller from the shoulders to just below the bustline, larger from the bustline to the knees, and then my calves are smaller.

      If I apply the rule of thirds – say a shorter top with slim-legged pants, I look dumpy. I have had better success looking for tunic-length tops that are fitted from the shoulders through the bust and then A-lined or flared the rest of the way down. These tops look best with a slim-legged pair of pants. I haven’t been able to find a skirt look that’s flattering, but loose fitting dresses or A-line dresses that end at about the middle of my knee are working well for me. If you don’t like to reveal your calves, I have met some women that are combining dresses with leggings. Much as I have loved structured jackets, they are no longer flattering on me. I have replaced them with longer-length flared cardigans.

      This is what is working for me. Maybe it will be helpful for you as well.

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary! Love your blog. I learn so much from it each and every time. Not only are your fashion tips extremely helpful, I enjoy the travel ideas. Thank you.

  13. Thank you Susan What about trousers like your ones that you wear from your shop? Sorry for all the questions. Margo

  14. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I love this blog. You have encouraged me many time over. My best to you both. Keep em coming. Ps…..I am a much shopper than I once was.

  15. Happy 7th year, Susan. You are such a shining example of how getting old doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy or invisible!!
    I wasn’t sure if you were interested, but Lesley (a reader who contacted you recently) wore her purse from your site when she filled in for my stepmom on my blog—it’s on the blog today!
    Enjoy your Monday, and cheers to many more years of being such an inspiration!

  16. What an appealing look! The defined waist is very flattering.
    It’s a good thing I don’t live near you or I’d be visiting that restaurant way too often!

  17. Congratulations!!!!

    Yours is a wonderful blog in so many ways, and I have had the privilege of following you for almost the entire time! Even at my age of 72, how I present myself is still very important, whether food shopping or a night out.

    Your helpful advice is terrific, inspiring and joyful! Please keep it up!!

  18. Congrats on 7 years, Susan. You look better than ever. BTW, have you ever done a post on your closet? Just wondering. Wanted to see how you organize your tops, jackets, slacks, etc. By color, style… etc. And, when you buy one of something and you really like it, will you purchase another for standyby? Thank you for being an inspiration I have learned so much from reading your blog. I ALWAYS have something to wear now.

  19. I love your timeless style. I follow your blog to help me stay current, yet not follow fads. How do YOU stay current?

  20. Congratulations Ms. Street on an Adventurous Seven Years!! It has been a delight to follow you and relish some sound advice on the “Fall” of our seasons!! I wish to You many more Wonderful Journeys and hope you keep us in the loop …. Cheers!!!

  21. What a wonderful post! I like everything about your outfit, and the addition of the scarf in the restaurant. I enjoyed the tour around this quaint town; makes me want to visit!

  22. I love your blog. I am 74, always loved fashion, but love your advice. Thank you so much.

  23. I’m always encouraged when you share your mistakes too, as we all make them. That’s how we learn. Thanks,

  24. While enjoy the fashion inspiration on your blog I really enjoy your travel info!

    We visited Jonesborough TN after reading your post & now decidedly we must visit Waynesville!

  25. Love your down to earth blog, thank you. I like the way you show relatively inexpensive clothes with more pricey ones.
    Being retired means staying on a budget. You are helping me buy wisely and not so impulsively as I was apt to do.

  26. Congratulations, Susan! I so very much enjoy reading your blog(?) and I need all of the advice I can get.
    Thank you!

  27. You were in my town! My husband and I moved to Waynesville from New Orleans four years ago, and we just love it here in the mountains. Sweet Onion is our favorite restaurant, too. I’m glad we weren’t there on Saturday because I probably would have embarrassed myself if I had seen you and Mr. Mickey!

  28. That photo of you crossing the road, is pure genius, has anyone else noticed the men in the background? The one wearing sunnies sitting on the seat and the man further back with his dog … both just staring at you, one can only imagine what they were thinking. They probably thought you were a famous movie star! I bet Mr Mickey got a kick out of that.
    Thanks for your blog, I only found you a couple of years ago but oh my gosh you have helped me in so many ways! The main change I have made was allowing my hair to go white (and recently shorter) you were the only person to give me the confidence to do it and I get so many compliments now I wish I had done it years ago, thank you Susan and all the best for many more years blogging. Happy Anniversary.

  29. You are right! Too many bloggers spoil the look! You and New Year, New Dreams is about all I need now. As ever, your look is elegant and charming, even as I write wearing Bermuda shorts and tee shirt in Los Angeles! (But it’s a nice tee!)

  30. I am 59 and have been following your blog for several years. I’ve learned so much from you, Susan. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of fashion and healthy eating! I also enjoy reading about your outings with Mr. Mickey. I used to live near the town of Waynesville and have eaten at The Sweet Onion several times. Waynesville is a charming little town.

  31. I would love to visit that sweet onion restaurant….looks so delicious! I do enjoy visiting all your destinations! Thanks.

  32. Congratulations on your anniversary and achievements over the years. Still waiting on the new hairstyle and fingers crossed we see the new style before my next hair appointment in about 2 and a half weeks

  33. Congratulations, Susan! You always look so polished and well-put together – it is hard to imagine that you have encountered the same struggles as I have in putting together a functional, useful wardrobe. Best wishes, and please keep up the good work – all of us followers are benefiting from your excellent guidance!

  34. Congratulations for 7 years! I appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing your fashion and travel.

  35. I so appreciate your philosophy on a wardrobe as well as ……everything! You are a treasure to all your followers. Thank you Susan for your authentic and sound advice on how to enjoy and get the most out of every day. ❤️

  36. Your blog is fantastic and very educational. One if the first things I go to each day in my email. Keep up the good work.

  37. Hey I know these places! Next time you’re in town I’d love to grab a coffee/tea with you! There’s a cute coffee roaster, Panacea, down on Frog Level. Hope all. Is well with you and Mr. Mickey! Cheers!

  38. At 60 Iam tired of trying to keep up with the Trends, I purchase a few good quality sweaters and pay attention to the fabric drape. You inspired me with “ just go with it “.

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