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When we have a few minutes to spare before our planned event, Mr. Mickey will always suggest finding an appropriate background and taking some photos for the blog.

We were on our way to an early evening outdoor gathering on a garden patio. It was about ninety-degrees with 100% humidity, so I wore the lightest, most comfortable items I own. I chose a chiffon kimono and white pull-on cotton/blend pants by Kaari Blue™. The white double layer tank was from White House|Black Market last year.

The light was perfect, and the shoot was going well until wind gusts came whipping over the hillside, nearly taking me away.

So much for the hair and makeup!

My tip for today? When things don’t go the way you planned, laugh, and make the most of it. Tomorrow will be a new day. Have a great weekend!

    1. That could have been pretty, also, but the lightness of the straw bag and espadrilles go perfectly here. I think Susan nailed it. Her attitude is right on!

    2. The dove grey would have altered the whole attitude of the outfit. It would have given it a more formal, less summery look. It would have been lovely in different circumstances.

  1. Susan,

    In August my husband and I will be traveling to California. First we travel to Corona, where we will be touring a vintage racecar museum in a warehouse. Don’t know if the warehouse is air conditioned. I am told this past week the temperatures in this area hit an unusually high 117 degrees.

    From Corona, we travel to Long Beach, where my husband will be involved in business meetings and I will be on my own. Finally we travel to the Monterey area to attend the Monterey Historics, a vintage racecar race held at the Laguna Seca racetrack. We will be outdoors, doing a lot of walking. We will also have access to a tent area, where food will be served.

    My objective for this trip is to pack as lightly as possible, so I will have less luggage to drag around. The Monterey Historics is known to draw more affluent people, and I would like to dress appropriately.

    The information you shared about what you brought on the two trips you took earlier this year were immensely helpful to me. So now I am wondering – what would you pack for this trip? We will be gone for 12 days.

    1. Take a dress similar to the tank dress since it can be dressy or casual and it is the coolest item of clothing I have found. Include items that are light colors and tissue weight. I hope you have a fun trip!

    2. Hi Linda,
      I live in Monterey and the temperature is usually 65 degrees year round. Please make sure you bring a sweater or light weight jacket. Our climate is completely different than Corona. I would wear a nice pant outfit like Susan shows on her blog. Have fun and enjoy our area of paradise!

  2. I love the light kimono and also think it will go well with the navy tank dress featured in a previous post, so I have ordered both!

  3. LOVE IT….the spontaneous silliness thanks to the wind, the white with neutral shoes plus the shoes are my fave….I think i’ll love wedges til forever.

  4. How fun! What a great atttitude! Love that you keep it real. 🙂
    Your outfit looks very pretty, cool, and fresh. <3

  5. Susan, like this sudden breezy moment, your posts are always a breath of fresh air. Looks like you & Mr. Mikey are ready for another fun adventure. I always appreciate your real-world suggestions–diverse & without judgment exactly when we need them. Thank you so much for the time & care you invest in us via your blog every week.

  6. Haha! Great advice! Just love your attitude, Susan. I’m sure that’s a big part of why you’re so beautiful!

  7. I LOVE to see you looking spunky!!! You are always so classy, refined and polished. This last photo made you real!! Thanks for including it!

    1. I don’t follow any other bloggers on a regular basis. I sometimes take a look at une femme d’un certain âge and That’s Not My Age, but I try to do my own thing without too much influence from others.

  8. So much fun in a pretty outfit. I love action pics and this post was filled with lots of fun action. Your actions are “cute”! Happy Friday.

  9. As always, you ‘nailed’ the outfit Susan! Just perfect for the event & weather you describe.
    More importantly, I’m so glad that the wind came up and you got the silly shots! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
    Sometimes I think that we lose our ability to just be silly as we get older (I know I have) and this is so refreshing – the perfect expression of ‘lighten up and have fun’!
    Well done Susan!

  10. You look gorgeous and sexy in that outfit, Susan! Casual, yet so put together. I love the kimono, but you currently have it in only size XL. Do you think you’ll be reordering? I would imagine I’d wear the same size as you.

  11. So fun Susan, I had no idea you could be so playful, thanks for sharing this side of your personality. I need that kimono, when will it be back in stock? Amy

  12. Beautiful photos! You look marvelous! I just love the last picture ( a kick to the wind). LOL Mr. Mickey takes great photos. Thank you!!!

  13. Hi Susan,

    I love the kimono too and understand it is too late to get more this season. If you do plan to restock in the future, I hope you will announce its return. You look terrific!

  14. Love these crazy pictures of you. It’s very windy here where I live. I sometimes tell my husband, “I don’t even know WHY I fixed my hair.”

  15. I love your blog, your style, and your advice. We have similar color palette. Most of all I love the last picture in the blog Just Go With It.


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