Summer Skin Care and Makeup

Our best skin starts with rest, exercise, and what we consume. I don’t eat meat, processed, convenience, or fast foods, and rarely have an evening meal. I never drink sodas, but I do drink a lot of filtered, purified water every day. I have only two cups of black coffee in the morning and occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner.

My daily summer routine includes skincare products and makeup by Beautycounter. I use the Cleansing Balm every evening. It is also great for gently removing stubborn eye makeup. The balm comes with a 100% muslin cloth.

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar helps to clear up my T-Zone, which tends to still break out in summer. I use it in the shower to remove all traces of the day.

As a person who has had skin cancer, I can assure you that it is a smart practice to protect all of your skin from the aging, damaging rays of the sun. You will appreciate that Countersun Mineral Sunscreen is lightweight and water-resistant. This sunscreen doesn’t harm coral reefs.

Dew Skin is a light tinted moisturizer with sunscreen that offers a light dewy coverage that is very natural looking. I pat No. 2 over my face and neckline. I have never liked wearing foundation, but this is very sheer and light.

My makeup routine is getting shorter every year. I fill in my brows and blend well, then fill in the top lashline only with an eyeliner pencil. Eyeshadow in neutral colors with no shimmer is blended from the bottom part of my lid and upward to vanish above the crease. I never extend the color out too far on the outer edges because it tends to visually drag the eyes down. I use a lighter color on the inner corners to diminish the darkness we tend to get there as we age. Finish off with brown or black mascara to lengthen or thicken lashes.

I have stopped using blush in the summer because my cheeks naturally flush with color in warm weather. I do use a bright lip color that harmonizes with the color of my top. Beautycounter Red is my current favorite.

I was so impressed with the mission of the Beautycounter company to provide safe products not tested on animals that I signed up to be a consultant last fall and have been using these products with excellent results since. Visit my Beautycounter site here.

  1. Susan, since I have gotten older, when I apply an eyeliner pencil the skin on my eyelids “drags,” making it hard for me to get the nice, clean line that I am trying to achieve. Have you experienced this problem? Any thoughts on how to solve it?

    1. I use a pencil and smudge it into the lash line rather than trying to draw a line above the lashes with liquid liner. Next, I use a small short bristle brush to fade it even more with a dark eyeshadow. I want the line to be soft and blended.

      1. Thanks for sharing your summer routine, which I am following. But I have better luck using a dark, matte eyeshadow (plum or charcoal) and applying it by blotting along the upper lid very close to the lash line, with a flat brush. It gives the same look as the blended/smudged pencil but I find it much easier to apply and there is no eyelid “drag”. (I can also opt to put a bit on the lower lash line too, as it takes the place of mascara there.)

  2. Susan you have lovely skin – and the tinted moisturizer with sunscreen looks very natural. I, on the other hand, was a sun worshiper in my youth – and not so distant past! And not only that, my pregnancies left me with what my dermatologist calls “melasma” – dark patches on my face. I try to take good care of my skin these days, but have lots of pigmentation and unevenness that “bleeds through” any lighter coverage (moisturizer or foundation). I find I have to have a full coverage foundation to get an even skin tone – I never go out of the house “bare-faced”! I envy your routine! 🙂 I have been following your blog for a little while now – enjoy all your topics! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Susan, do you recommend a whitener for teeth. I really value your insight in beauty matters.

    1. I have occasionally used a 10% power whitening gel from my Dentist for a few years. I apply the gel into trays and wear them for about an hour during the day. I use the system about eight times per year.

  4. Beautiful lip color… nice and bright. It looks great on you. Do you use a lip liner with it and if so would you mind sharing the color and the brand? Thank you!

    1. I use Lancôme Le Lip Liner in the color Rougelle. I line and color the whole lip and then blot well before applying the Beautycounter red lipstick and then blot again. The color will last almost all day.

  5. Susan, you look lovely and natural in the tinted moisturizer. Would you describe it as having a thin or thick consistency?

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