Lunch On The Veranda

One of the best things about living so close to Asheville, North Carolina, is that we can zip over to Biltmore to have lunch on a Saturday afternoon. We enjoy all of the Estate’s dining options, but this time of year, the Veranda at the Inn at Biltmore is delightful. The panoramic views of the newly green mountains and the regal ambiance provide a perfectly relaxing afternoon.

The best crabcake sandwich ever!

I wore a navy Portofino shirt from Express with Ralph Lauren straight leg jeans and nude sandals with a cork sole by Sam Edelman. I also took the gray J.Jill cashmere sweater seen in the first photo. The mountain air can become very chilly when the sun goes down. The bag has no brand name. Mr. Mickey wore khaki slacks with a navy and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt. The intricate gold object in the foreground is his nearly one-hundred and fifty-year-old walking stick.

Truffle popcorn goes perfectly with champagne!

The wedding season has begun on the Estate. There were numerous weddings taking place at the same time. It was such a delight to see all the beautiful ladies in their finery and stunning shoes.

Christian Louboutin Pumps!

A water feature and flowers located at the entrance to the Inn always bring a smile.

Thanks for coming along on our lunch date! We hope you have a delightful weekend.

  1. I love the way you are wearing your hair. You look very carefree and happy. The bangs give you options to look a little “rock and roll” . Is it more work to whip it into shape in the morning? Does it behave well in humidity?

    1. Thank you. It is a carefree style. I blowdry some lift into the roots at the crown and my bangs in no particular direction, then tuck the rest behind my ears. After that, I pretty much forget it for the rest of the day. I may be too low maintenance.

  2. Have y’all experienced the Chihuly exhibit?? We’re heading to NC beaches at the end of June and will be spending a night or two in the Asheville area! Just wondering!
    You look great!

    1. We are planning a trip to see the Chihuly exhibit and want to do it during the day but also in the evening when they light the display in the gardens – should be beautiful! Think lunch on the Veranda sound perfect – thanks!

  3. Love your outfit! I am really struck by the way you’ve styled the shirt – half (or semi?) tuck and rolled sleeves. It lends such a relaxed, nonchalant air to your look, while maintaining its elegance. Definitely a style tip I’m going to keep in mind – thank you!

    1. Thank you! Leaving the shirt completely untucked was too casual looking, but tucking it in all the way around is a disastrous look for those of us with behinds that have all but vanished.

  4. I love how you half tucked your shirt for this outfit, Susan. Even my mom has done this a couple of times and I think it’s a modern approach to not tucking the entire shirt, but still looking put together (along with elongating the legs!!)

  5. Susan,
    The tucked in shirt was amazing. You should do things like this more often, it made you look
    younger, thinner and taller. Wow, not kidding it’s a great look on you. Have a great weekend.

  6. You look cool, comfortable and chic as always! I also have a Portofino top. in a beautiful deep green color. I love the way it looks but have a devil of a time keeping the sleeves rolled, given the silky fabric. Any tips?

    1. I buy the shirts too large so that I don’t have the gap at the bust, which means I can leave the cuffs buttoned and then roll them up. They stay in place only for that reason.

  7. What I love about this outfit is that it’s timeless. You probably have a photo of yourself in an almost identical outfit from a few years ago, and it looked as good then as it does now!

  8. You looked very pretty for your lunch Susan. I like your new style in pants that aren’t so tight in the legs. Beautiful scenery!

  9. Thank you for a delightful and enjoyable post. You have a way of photographing that allows us to see what you saw. I especially liked the beautiful ladies in their wedding attire, as well as the gorgeous NC hillsides.

  10. I love your looks! While we both have blue eyes and mostly white hair, our body types are different. That doesn’t keep me from “translating” what you put together and making it my own! I appreciate how you explain the why’s and wherefore’s of what you put together. I like how you use clothing and accessories that work for you no matter when you might have gotten them. It’s a good reminder not to be caught up in needing something “new” all the time and to focus on what looks best on me! There are so many creative ways to use what I already have. Thank you!

  11. We would love to come down to the Biltmore when it’s cool. We went 2 years ago in April thinking that would be perfect & it was sweltering.
    I wanted to your the gardens but it was just too awful hot!
    We’ll try again.
    You are fortunate.

  12. I missed commenting the other day on the white pants vs the black pants. I love these white pants. I think you looked nice in both, but I definitely like the ones you have on here better. I agree about the knee and just because you can you don’t have to. Finding that happy feel with aging is a process for sure. You look great in the blues and I love this one and the one with the ruffle sleeve. The ruffle sleeve one is a good happy medium for me. I think some of the bell sleeves are just a bit too much for me.

  13. I’d never wear jeans to such an elegant place. Do you ever wear a maxi skirt or tailored slacks, with a complementary top? Maybe Virginians are more conservative.

    1. All the other folks on the Veranda had on shorts, tee shirts, and flip-flops or running shoes. White jeans, black or very dark blue jeans can look acceptable in most places these days. I would never wear faded or torn blue jeans.

  14. I think the tuck is a youthful and slenderizing trick. I’ve been doing it too and feel longer and leaner and I’m 5’2” !
    How lovely to see the wedding party so beautifully turned out. The shoes are magnificent!

  15. I like straight leg jeans and they look terrific on. You glow in the picture under the indoor tree. Fabulous!

  16. Beautiful pictures, thank you.

    Love the handbag you were caring, that is one I would go right out and buy.

  17. I think you could make the tee shirts, shorts and flip flops look elegant Susan! Always classy no matter where or what you wear.
    Some people never look elegant in so called formal evening wear, half of ones appearance is attitude, personality and kindness.
    Thanks for all your kind sharing!!!!!!

  18. I really like your Portifino Shirt from Express. Question: is this shirt material transparent? I saw the featured photos online and it seems to be so, but I know you would not feel comfortable in a shirt you could see through. Could you confirm for me that this shirt material is not see-through? Thanks. It comes in a gerat color selection.

    1. It is one of my favorite shirts for summer because it keeps me covered and it is so sheer and light. The darker colors are not a problem, but I always wear the white with a camisole.

  19. I so admire your ability to look correctly dressed wherever you go. You look beautiful. That food looks amazing too. Yum!

  20. You look gorgeous in this blog! I agree about Asheville. It is just a jump over the mountains from Johnson City! I have never been to Biltmore yet I have made numerous trips to Asheville. I do find driving the Billy Graham Parkway to be disconcerting. Zelda Fitzgerald died in a mental institution in Asheville 70 years ago in March and there was a Zelda Fitzgerald Day in Asheville for mental health awareness and to focus on some of her art.

    I enjoy your blog so much! It is always interesting and classy. I can better relate to you than many other style bloggers.

  21. Beautiful pictures and I loved your outfit. I have all these pieces but never put them together.

  22. Oh Susan what a delight….we love the Asheville Inn we sat on that porch and the views are amazing!!
    You look so lovely and I enjoy all your photos and suggestions about clothing….you keep us looking like
    lovely classy women. Looking forward to my next visit with you. Good Night!

    Thank you,
    Lorraine Lorenzo

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