Plan To Be Flexible

If you travel often, you know that it can be challenging to plan your wardrobe around spring weather. We spent the previous weekend in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley Wine Country.

We were only going away for the weekend, so I took the same jeans style in white and in black, and I wore a pair of blue jeans to travel on Friday. (Similar jeans here.) I also took a white tank, a black tank, my gray cashmere sweater with a V-neck (here), and the gray cardigan here.

I also took two jackets and two scarves. Here is the blue and white scarf; the horse scarf is old. The blush faux leather jacket is a few years old. Similar here. The black and white jacket is also old. Similar here.

The weather was predicted to be sunny and in the high fifties. Instead, it snowed on Friday while we traveled. A bitterly cold wind blasted us all day on Saturday. We enjoyed a delightful evening meal at the Harvest Grill.

Sunday was mostly another travel day, so I made the most of the layered look. We stopped in the village of Blowing Rock for lunch after spending the day driving along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. (Note that some sections of the Parkway are closed at this time.)

I didn’t plan to wear any of these pieces the way I did, but I certainly was glad I brought the sweaters. I wore one or both of them at all times. My Teddy Blake bag is here, and my VanELi pumps are here.

We saw the limo from Heart and Soul Bed and Breakfast while having lunch at JOLO winery. If you plan a trip to Mount Airy or the Yadkin Valley area, check into all that the B&B offers. Several couples were having great fun as they were taking the tour together.

I haven’t given anything away lately, so I thought I would do so in honor of spring. Both the bag and shoes are new. The bag is here. The shoes are here (size 8).

For a chance to win, please leave me a comment below. I’ll randomly choose and announce the winner in the Friday blog post. I bought these items for myself, but the bag is too large for my frame, and the shoes are too small. Both are good dupes of much more expensive items.

  1. I enjoy your videos and blogs. When I can’t decide what to wear I sometimes think “what would Susan wear?”

  2. Hi Susan. Thank you for your guidance. I turn 64 on Thursday and for the first time, am struggling with what to wear and have to wear it. Your inspiration lead me to order the Vince Camuto boots you featured last week. Can’t wait to get them! Thanks for showing us we don’t have to feel invisible after 60! -Candace S.

  3. Oh yes, that the bag I have been looking for! Thank you for everything you share with us. I have almost every tip! But still color my hair. Take care!

  4. I love Vaneli shoes. I have a narrow foot and they are only narrow shoes that fit my foot properly. Also, I love the bag. Your styling tips have certainly helped me utilize my clothes better and I am much mor selective about new purchases. Thank you.

  5. What a nice giveaway! The bag is lovely, thanks for all that you do to inspire us silver sisters to look our best! I look forward to your posts and am an early riser too.

  6. I always enjoy your blogs, they are very informative and insightful. Do you ever wear tights or panty hose under your ankle pants? How do you keep the pants from getting hung up on them when you get up from a sitting position? Winter time in Missouri says I need something on my ankles!

    1. When I wear tights or pantyhose, I make sure the pants are made from thicker fabric and fit snugly. If it is freezing cold, I will wear socks and boots together with the tights. Loose-fitting long pants often drag when you try to wear them with tights. Wearing sheer silky hose with slacks may solve the problem.

  7. Thanks for your insight and sharing. I learn so much from your blog. Sadly the shoes would be too small.

  8. Love your elegant style and appreciate the inspiration you give us. The bag is beautiful and I wear a size 8 shoe so I would love to win either of these amazing accessories.

  9. Love everything and thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful items!
    Have a great week!

  10. Love the color choices, even if you did not plan to wear them that way, they looked so polished! That’s what I love about your style!

  11. Well, what a nice way to begin the day. I think the bag and shoes are meant for me. Always look forward to your posts and timely information. I feel as if I always have something to wear for any occasion now that I have used your tips to fine tune my closet. Thank you for all you do.

  12. Susan, even though you give so much attention to detail, the result never looks overdone. If I win the bag, I’ll use it for the rest of my life!

  13. Bonjour Susan, je n’ai pas vu de neige cette année mais seulement beaucoup de pluie. Vous êtes toujours superbes, comme d’habitude et votre façon de vous habiller m’inspire souvent. Les chaussures seraient trop grandes pour moi !

  14. The bag and shoes are beautiful. I love big bags for my work. Great for carrying lots of things!!

    Love your blog!

  15. looking forward to some driving vacations in retirement…i would love to do the highway between LA and SFO, and the Blue Ridge again.

  16. Wow! Love your shoes and. because I wear an 8, I’d love to win!! I do not have a pair of black jeans, but after seeing yours looking so stylish, I will put it on my list of something to invest in.

  17. Love your blog! The style tips are great.
    Perfect for me and I was searching last weekend for weekend away clothing tips and here we are!
    Thank you !

  18. I love the purse…I’m 5′ 10 so it’s perfect for my frame…my shoe size is 10 so I know the shoes would never work.. love following your posts ❣️

  19. I look forward to your blog each week. Thank you for sharing everything you’ve learned. I really like the bag!

  20. Have you ever posted about choosing a bag? I’m 5’3” and often feel a bag that’s large enough for glasses, phone, etc., is too large for my frame as you said. And heavy! I use Baggallini because of the lighter weight, but they make an outfit very casual.

  21. I really enjoy your blog – the food pics you post are always amazing. Love the bag and shoes!

  22. Thank you for the give away opportunity. I’ve learned so much by reading your blog over the years. Your photographs are inspiring. You have changed my closet, my clothing choices, and helped me refine my style. Thank you!

  23. Lovely bag and shoes(my size too) Your travel pieces look comfortable and stylish. The perfect combination for an enjoyable trip.

  24. I have been following your blog for years and always enjoy your style tips. I could use a black bag! Keep writing.

  25. Hi Susan, another Susan here who enjoys your posts. Have been retired for almost seven years and enjoying every minute. Clothing Choices are quite different than from my busy management days, so look forward to your bog and more relaxed clothing ideas. Your travel hints are good as well. Even though my business work and travel days are behind me..the future looks wonderful from this perspective. Have a great spring!

  26. Your fashion articles and other information are enjoyed daily and reviewed frequently!! The black handbag is beautiful and a very attractive size which would be a joy to carry!! Keep the blogs coming!!

  27. Love your sweater comment…always travel with a sweater. Love the handbag, shoes would not fit!

    1. Hi Susan!
      Love the shoes! Don’t think I’m crazy if two comments appear. I’m having Monday morning glitches…

  28. I would love to win the bag! I have a size 9W foot, so I couldn’t wear the shoes, LOL! Love all your looks, as usual!

  29. I was just looking into those shoes. They are so elegant! Love your style and your basic philosophy on dressing. I’m trying to emulate it!

  30. Yet another lovely post, thank you. The bag would be my choice for my 5’8” self! The cute shoes would never fit my gunboats!

  31. Love your getaways. I enjoy every blog post and learn so much. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway. You are so kind. Bag and shoes would fit me perfectly! Happy Monday!

  32. I just recently started following you and always look forward to seeing a new photo and blog. I have told all my girlfriends about your blog and style and they are following you and loving it as much as I do. I absolutely adore the black handbag. Handbags and shoes are my weakness. As soon as I finish my treatment for breast cancer, I am looking forward to getting a new wardrobe, so I have saved your style suggestions. Thank you so much for your blogs and style.

  33. Looking for a new bag and shoes are my size! It’s been a hard week so looking for something on an upbeat. Thanks for your generous offer!❤️

  34. I love the bag and would welcome winning it. I wear size 6 shoes, so they would not be beneficial, but the bag would enhance my retirement wardrobe. Thank you for sharing by giving away nice things.

  35. I enjoy your blog. I wear a size 8 in shoes and would love to be the lucky winner of either the shoes or handbag. Thanks for this fun chance!

  36. Good Morning, Susan! First, thank you for all that you teach us. I now only buy structured handbags because of an earlier blog of yours. I would love to own the black bag.

  37. I enjoy watching you put it all together! Wish you had a sister styler with a small bust and a large waist to style

  38. You look gorgeous Susan. The grey and white looks beautiful. I would love to win these items.

    I always look forward to your post.

  39. Susan thank you so much for all the help you have given me.I really like how you have answered ALL my questions lol even on fb messager and the pictures. You have and are helping me so much….shoes are too small for me …but thanks

  40. Always love your look. Also the travel ideas are great. I travel a lot to Mexico City so I like to look polished but not too fancy. Great ideas

  41. Your blog is an inspiration to me and I’m sure most of us who read it. You always go out of your way to answer all our questions and cover all the subjects we ask of you. Thank you so much!

  42. Love the bag! Love the shoes also, but too small for me. Enjoy reading your blog each day !

  43. Susan – you constantly amaze and inspire me. I truly look forward to your blog everyday. Thank you.

  44. First thing each morning is have coffee and read Susan’s blog.
    A great start for my day.
    Enjoy every thing I read on your blog.
    Think you
    Barb Cochrane

  45. I so enjoy reading about your adventures. It’s a good thing you brought sweaters since the weather turned cold. The outfits that you adapted to the temps are chic and practical. Did you bring home a selection of wines? This must be a sign from above: the shoes are my size! ha!

  46. Hi Susan. I travel to India twice a year to care for my aging in laws. The trip takes about 26 hours door to door. I am always on the lookout for handbag that looks sharp and can be functional as well for the long haul flight. This would fit the bill. Thanks for all your do. I have been an avid follower for years, and your post is one of the first things I check on mwf.

  47. Love that you are honoring both spring and your readers! The handbag and shoes are beautiful. I am heading back into the workforce after a divorce and appreciate the lessons you have shared on your blog about how our wardrobes should help us look and feel good as we try to achieve our best life. Thank you for all the good advice!

  48. Good morning, Susan!! When I saw your picture, in the alley way, I had to laugh. We are on our month long trip to Clearwater Beach. I wore a similar outfit on Friday evening for dinner, because of weather!! Thankfully, your tips over the years have come into play with the variety of weather we experience here. Yep, I put together outfits I never planned, but always feel pretty good about them. (Makes me wonder why didn’t I think about putting them together, at home??)…
    I have never tried for any of your giveaways, but I would be thrilled with either the shoes or purse!! If lucky enough to be chosen, you can be sure my family and friends would hear about how a gal, who was stationed in Norfolk, with the Navy and worked at Rice’s chose me to receive your giveaway!! (If I had a choice, I’d chose your shoes…)…
    Thanks, Susan…I always look forward to your posts…no matter where I am…as do my friends who now follow you.
    Suzanne Owens, Norfolk native, who lives in Va. Beach…

  49. Your unplanned OOTDs demonstrate the versatility of having a wardrobe of classic items in primarily solid colors. I love the shoes and the bag, but the shoes would be too small. Thank you for your generous offer.

  50. The bag is perfect proportion to me! I love (and require) a large bag! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest!

  51. How sweet of you! Thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful bag and shoes. I love reading your post every morning with my cup of coffee. What a lovely way to start the day. Thank you so much.
    Helen Halkias

  52. Susan, you and your style are lovely! I am about to order my 2nd shapezz bra. Wonderful recommendation. Both the bag and the shoes are so, so pretty. Whoever gets them is in for a treat!

  53. I just truly enjoy reading your blog each day! You make dressing, whether a very casual day or planning for a get-a-way, so much easier with simple yet elegant choices that can mixed in several ways! I’ve reached a point in my life that I want simple and comfortable and easy to wear so that I don’t feel trussed up (and I know most of you ladies have definitely felt that way!) You are stylish and classic! Thank you, Susan…….

  54. Thanks for sharing your tips with us! Spring (and fall) present more challenges for me and we often travel in April and October

  55. Cleaning out my closet for spring, I kept thinking-what would Susan say about this piece. I made some good decisions for the spring cleaning plus I have space in my closet for either the shoes or handbag!

  56. Love the items you took on your trip. You have a gift for knowing how to put things together and you always look stunning, but comfortable. I love your blog.

  57. I love structured bags. Things stay where you put them inside. I also like the option of a cross body strap for the occasions when you know you will need your hands free.

  58. Thank you for the opportunity of a fun giveaway! The bowler bag is lovely but it would be gifted to my friend who has completed the first round of four chemo treatments for breast cancer that has returned and has now begun the next round of twelve chemo treatments. Then she will undergo a double mastectomy. She is my inspiration to brave any health challenges and to those of us who are fortunate to know this gracious lady. When the time is right all 8 of us ladies who have been in an exercise class for several years and have become close friends, are taking her out for lunch to celebrate her life and journey. The bag would be something special that each of us could tuck a gift inside and present to her.

  59. Susan, you are so generous and I would love to win these beautiful items! The shoes would fit me, too.
    The places you visited in this blog post bring back so many wonderful memories. My mom’s family from NYC retired to Hendersonville NC and every summer we came down from Canada to visit them.

  60. Your informative blog has truly helped me recreate my closet/style. When I shop for clothing, I no longer randomly buy items. I have a plan and think about how the item will coordinate with other clothing items. Love the black bag!!!

  61. Hello Susan
    Please pick me!! I would love to receive either items. Thank you for posting such helpful information! Your video about selecting the frames for your eyeglasses was very helpful and came at the right time for me!
    Best regards
    Joyce Wiatrek

  62. I get so much inspiration from you! Love your style and when I’m out shopping, if I look at something I think I like, I always ask myself, “Is this something Susan would wear?” Love your style and travel tips are always so helpful!

  63. Susan,
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the lovely purse and shoes. I wear a size 7.5 shoe, but with that pointy toe, I’ll bet the size 8 would be perfect! And thanks for all of the inspiration you give me as I build and maintain my retirement wardrobe with classic pieces!

  64. More great ideas for travel packing. I have admired your blog for several years and have purchased many, many items you wear. You have great taste and I get compliments when I wear those items. I hope I am lucky enough for the drawing.


  65. Thank you for sharing your clothing travel tips. The option of layering is always in my mind when packing since we travel from the Northeast to the Southeast often. Enjoy your blog and hearing about your travels in NC…we love those mountains!

  66. Hi Susan! In one of your posts a few months ago you mentioned a type of Levi’s that fit you well. I have since looked for that post without success. Would you please let me know which they are. I have a hunch that they might work for me too. I enjoy your posts. Thanks

  67. My favorite clothing colors are pink and gray so you can imagine how much I like your stylings in today’s post. Hoping for a chance at the handbag, shoes would be too small.

  68. I love your practical advice on dressing for our age, not following absurd trends (ripped jeans?!) and looking fabulous! I would love to win the handbag!

  69. Hi Susan! I’m glad y’all got to travel and enjoy your weekend in spite of the chilly weather. Thank goodness for a flexible wardrobe! I love the handbag! I think my frame could handle it well!

  70. Your tips for travel are spot on. Several years ago we were caught in a surprise “mistral” storm in France and I was so happy that I had packed my merino sweaters and other things to layer. After seeing how you carry off cap toe shoes, I would love to be the lucky winner of those!

  71. Susan. I love all your classic looks!! I’m in my mid 50’s and since I’ve been reading your blog I’ve learned so much. Thank you. I’d love to be considered for the give away of the handbag so that I could gift it to my mother. I’m trying to help pass your tips on to her.

  72. Dear Susan, As always you made lemonade out of lemons. I’ve often had to layer and wear things differently while I’m traveling. Rather than lament and have regrets about what I “didn’t bring”, I also enjoy the challenge of putting together something new. Your style is so classic that the pieces are all interchangeable, the best way to have a travel wardrobe. Amy

  73. Susan – I have recently joined your Blog. Wonderful to see a woman “after 60” looking so put together. You are a beautiful example that getting older is a good thing.

  74. As always, classy & timeless looks.
    Unfortunately my foot is larger but I love the bag.
    Thank you for all your tips.

  75. Love your travel clothes tip. I am going to upstate New York in two weeks and have to pack for Spring or late Winter weather.

  76. Thanks so much for your ongoing encouragement. You are so kind to share your experiences and ideas.
    Phyllis Kidwell

  77. After using cross-body bags almost exclusively for years, I have realized they are too casual for some uses. This bag looks like it holds all one’s belongings! Still looking beautiful in basic black.

  78. I’ve been following you for a long time
    Although I have not written to you before, I am always waiting for your input, keep it up, so you help us a lot to all women

  79. I am so inspired by all of the local trips that you take. It looks like so much fun and the shops and restaurants look adorable. Your corner of the world seems so special!!!

  80. I love the bag & have been looking for one in that style!!i follow you religiously, you’ve given me great tips on how to dress & still look stylish . Keep up the good work & tell Mr. Mickey hi from Arkansas!

  81. I live in Illinois but spend the winter in Florida. Thank you for the reminder how lucky I am when you talk about snow and cold weather. No snow in south west Florida.

  82. I am a “larger” woman who appreciates nice handbags.
    Please enter me in bag offering. Thank You!

  83. Watched one of your videos on packing for the first time this weekend ! Really inspiring … I’m trying very hard to follow your example when I travel now ! And I’d love to win the bag !!

  84. I have been a fan of your blog for several years. You have been an inspiration to me in all areas including style, nutrition, and generally having fun in life. Thank you for all you do!!

  85. What a lovely giveaway, Susan. the B & B in Mt. Airy looks wonderful! My husband and I like to try different ones out. Thanks again.

  86. Enjoy your posts so much, Susan and have made numerous purchases based on your recommendations!
    Traveling in Disneyland and striving for a mature, yet fanciful look! I think you’d approve!

  87. Love your way of sharing designs into everyday activities. Thanks for all the great & reasonable advice!

  88. Your posts are always to inspiring and cause me to “up my game” as to how how I present myself. Thank you and please keep posting!

  89. I enjoy your blog very much and live in the neighboring state of Virginia. I would love the bag, but the shoes would be too big! Thanks for your generosity! I hope to run into you someday, because I love the Ashville area and adore Abingdon, VA.

  90. Thank you for all of your inspiration, Susan! You always look so classy. I would love to win the bag. I wear an 8 1/2, so the shoe style might not work for me.
    Thank you!

  91. Hi Susan,
    I have adapted many of your styling suggestions after watching your videos and reading your blogs. Thanks for making dressing with style simple and chic!
    I would love to win either bag or shoes.

  92. Thank you so much for all of the good information. You have so many tips that have been so helpful. For instance, I had never thought about the reason some flats lose their shape or the column method of using colors to elongate the figure. Now I can actually put together outfits and “have something to wear”!

  93. I enjoy your blog so much. You were in Florida 2 weeks before I was. You helped me pack. Thanks for that but next time you could stick around and help carry the luggage too! LOL

  94. We also have travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway but during the spectacular fall color show last October. What a beautiful drive! I know what you mean about needing to have several sweater/jacket choices along with you when you travel, especially during the “shoulder” months of spring and fall. I like the blush jacket on you and also the gray looks great. Thanks for sharing your travels and outfit ideas!

  95. Thank you for all the tips and tricks you share.

    While I could not wear the shoes( too big) , I would love the bag.

  96. As always I look forward to your email/blog. I love that you wear your wardrobe in both stylist and practical ways. It takes planning to have such a wearable wardrobe. Having such a wardrobe allows you to limit what you pack plus enables you to be flexible and to dress according to the weather. I do
    Hope that it was an enjoyable weekend!

  97. Hi Susan,

    Just happy to be a part of your fashion community. Sure have learned a lot from you! Thanks!!!!

    Cathy Allen

  98. You always look so good and so “Put Together”. I enjoy your post so much each week. You are a true inspiration. I would love winning the bag, love the shoes but they are a little small. Have been looking for this style and color. Have a wonderful day – it’s warming up some!!

  99. I love the purse! Unfortunately, I wear a size 6.5 shoe, so that pair wouldn’t fit me. But I love them, too!

  100. Always use your tips when planning a trip. I am going to a yoga conference at the beginning of April and would love the bag you show above. On your advice, I have started buying cashmere sweaters (I live in Canada and it is cold here in the winter) what a difference the sweaters make in warmth! Thank you for a wonderful tip that really, really works for me.

  101. I love your blog. I’m moving in the near future. I am going through my closet to make it streamlined and functional like yours. Wish me luck!

  102. Your information is always so interesting and helpful directing my shopping choices. Thanks for the time you invest in us. The bag is especially nice. Thanks.

  103. Hi Susan. This one was very helpful for me but if I saw any snow I would have panicked. Not because of the snow, but my wardrobe. . I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. I may not always comment but I enjoy all that you post. As a matter of fact, my sister, who is younger and very health conscious like you, was heading to the Keyes. She did not know what to pack. I sent her your Florida blog from a few weeks ago and she couldn’t thank me enough. Lol. She loves your style. My sister is a Talbots woman. I on the other hand love Eileen Fisher and I do shop often on ShopMyFairLady, which I’m waiting for an outfit any day now. I’m somewhat interested in the makeup line you use and I do get emails, however I’ve been using Sothys for years and I’m afraid to switch. Your skin looks beautiful. Hmmmm, makeup products are a tough one for me. All the best to you and Mr Mickey. Carol Lloyd Bilotta

  104. I am so glad I found you on Youtube and this blog. Also following on Facebook. I love your ‘classy’ style, I too am over 60, and moving closer to 70.

  105. Wore my Beauty in Stone lariat to bridge today—all the gals loved it as do I. Thank you for finding that for us. Service is so quick and the lariats are prettier in person. Especially loved Suzanne’s video showing the many ways to wear it.
    I would be thrilled to win your handbag. Thanks so much for all you do!!

  106. I would be like Cinderella’s step-sister trying to get in a size 8 shoe………but I could easily work the black purse.

    It’s so kind of you to gift these items.

  107. I love the handbag but my feet are too big for the lovely shoes. I always enjoy your posts. Thank you.

  108. Love hearing about your adventures. We are doing some traveling but with entrely different weather. From San Diego to Payson Arizona to visit my best friend and her hubby. Sunny skies and temps in the low 80s
    Take care,
    Susan Hangartner

  109. It is kind of you to offer another giveaway, Susan. I particularly like the purse. Black Is my go-to neutral all year, and a satchel style with rounded, sturdy handles is my favorite choice, as shoulder bags tend to slip off my shoulders. The shoes are nice, too, but I do not wear that size. Thank you, once again.

  110. Your style is now my style! Thank you for all your sound advice. I would love to win the purse. Thank you

  111. How exciting that you are doing a giveaway! The shoes are just my size and that is also a great bag! I always enjoy your posts and your travel experiences. We used to make annual trips to Blowing Rock but have missed the last few years. That was wild about the forecast being so off and getting snow!

  112. I love all your tips for travel packing. I need to add a pair of black jeans to my closet. I would love to win the handbag!

  113. Thanks for sharing your life journey, your wisdom, and your trips. I enjoy reading your blog, and I have shared your website with many friends. Cheers!

  114. Hi Susan,
    I purchased the Ann Taylor sweater after you featured it in navy in the vacation pictures. I love it. Perfect for Florida climate. I’ve admired these shoes on you many times as a Chanel look a like. Would love to own, them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  115. Love your fashion sense! You always look chic and pulled together. I have subscribed to other fashion blogs but am dismayed how these ladies wear items that do not look attractive on them just to follow a trend. I have followed your advice, and have a very functional and beautiful wardrobe that I always get compliments. It makes it so easy to shop!

  116. Love the bag! Until reading your blog I never considered my pocketbook to be such an essential part of my outfit. It was more of a necessity than an accessory. Since learning how important one is and how it elevates the look – I love shopping for poscketbooks now and change often!

  117. It is so refreshing to read your blog everyday. I’ve recently lost my husband and have had to remember that it’s important to maintain my appearance for ME. Your style tips are attainable and your approach is warm and non judgmental…..just what I need.
    Thank you.
    Moira McLaughlin
    I’m a British Columbia reader from beautiful Vancouver Island.

  118. Thanks for your informative blog.

    Would love the shoes, if the bag is too large for you, it would be too large for my 5′ frame.

  119. So appreciate your style tips and tricks! Makes it easy to grow up and away from the t shirt and jeans for every occasion mentality…thank you!

  120. Love the shoes! Have admired them for some time on your blog. I have to wear sling back shoes because of tendinitis in my heel and good looking ones are hard to find. Would love to own this pair!

  121. Susan,
    I so look forward to your blogs and frequently go back to previous ones and I always learn something new.
    You are one classy lady and I absolutely LOVE your stylw.

    Happy Spring,
    Karen W.

  122. Enjoy your blogs so much and love the purse! Thank you for all the information you share and for the giveaway!

  123. Hi Susan….would love your shoes and handbag, both would work for me! It was good you brought more than needed for layering since it was a bit chilly. We live in eastern NC and would love to visit that winery, will need to map quest it to see driving distance.

    All the best and happy traveling

  124. Your outfits all look so put together! A nice assortment of pieces for a short getaway! I especially love the look in the pink leather jacket! Your glasses are cute, too.

  125. Love both items but the shoes a much to large for my size 6 feet! But I’d love to win the bag. It’s just my style.

    Love your posts.

  126. I love your blog Susan! You have helped me with my wardrobe since I’ve been retired. Can’t live in sweats and T-shirt’s my whole life LOL. I would love either the bag or the shoes. I wear an 81/2 shoe so not sure if they would fit. Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

  127. You keep giving great advice and I love your weekend recaps! Size 8 is just my size so thanks for the opportunity to win the shoes. Love your blog!

  128. Thankyou Susan for the inspiration you provide on each blog. You have taught me to embrace my 60 year old self. To accept the way I am now, white hair and all. And to be the best I can be for myself. I will always be a wife and mother but I am now refinding myself thanks to you!

  129. I LOVE your styling and helpful tips! You always look polished and sharp. I saved your pictures from previous posts and used them for my travels to Europe and Florida. A huge thank you

  130. I have shared your page, and style so much, I was asked that if you were my sister.
    I have to cut back on sharing, I guess….lol

  131. Love the bag and always enjoy reading your blog! Unfortunately my feet are too big for the shoes….lol

  132. I love your blog. I always try to pack lighter for weekend trips but it never happens. I usually bring back about 1/2 of what I packed unworn. Love the shoes and the bag. About to have my 50th high school reunion and I’ve been looking for shoes that would be comfortable for standing. These look perfect!

  133. You look very pretty in pink, and I love seeing all the interesting places you go when you travel. Thanks so much for your blog. You make me want to visit your beautiful state- I have never been there.

  134. Susan, I love the shoes. Having both knees replaced, I need to find a classic shoe with a small heel. Can’t wear the sky high style now.

  135. I always admire those two tone shoes when you wear them.
    The purse is beautiful but if it’s too big for you it will certainly be too big for me. I’m 5’2″

  136. You are an inspiration. Though older than you, I still love fashion. I would love the bag…as I am 5’8″ and weigh 145..but built the opposite if you. Narrrow shoulders and broad hips…But fairly flat stomach and butt! I guess few
    of us are perfect

  137. Traveled some of these locales during a trip to North Carolina and Tennessee two years ago with Danish friends! Would love to return. I am retiring in June after 41 years of public service helping others. The bag would be a great way to celebrate!

  138. I have only recently found your blog. It’s been fun reading through your current and old posts. I would love to win either the bag or shoes, especially as I was just admiring the shoes in your last post and they are my size!!

  139. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate but you look fabulous anyway. Thanks for sharing your tips, tricks and your life!

  140. I just bought the blue blazer From Sakes Off Fifth that you recently showcased and I love it. The shoes would be perfect to complete the outfit. And,… I am size 8. Thank you for offering these give aways.

  141. I love your classy style! I’ve followed your blog for several years and continue to learn from your very informative articles! Keep up the hard work.

  142. I follow your blog from Canada and have done so for several years. Your tips regarding travel wardrobes and creating a basic and classic collection of interchangeable pieces have been invaluable for me.
    I have been able to find a style that is all mine and your blog has helped me get there.

  143. Size 8 shoes would fit me perfectly and I have them on my wishlist. As always your comments are interesting and well thought out Susan.

  144. Thank you for offering a give away in honor of spring. A very beautiful season. I would be so excited to win one of your giveaways. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all.

  145. I could certainly use the handbag and the shoes! I have come out of retirement, at 68 years old, to help my local school district by doing speech therapy in an elementary school. Needless to say, an appropriate wardrobe and accessories, is quite different from being a stay-at-home retiree.
    I love North Carolina! My daughter lives there and we love to visit and travel the beautiful state! Thank you for sharing.

  146. I LOVE your classic simple style as it is sooo easy to understand! Thanks for showing us how to look elegant even when casual

  147. Susan, I have enjoyed your blog for several years. I am having surgery tomorrow and am looking forward to enjoying spring as I recover. Thanks for your good taste and common sense. The shoes although smart would be too small.

  148. Hi again Susan! I took mental notes on your packing list. I can always use some coaching. Thank you for all your sophisticated coaching. So many of us have grown due to your fashion tutoring. Again, thanks!

  149. Love following your get-a-ways and the outfits you pack for a weekend The shoes just happen to be my size! Looking forward to Spring and nicer weather here in Canada.

  150. Thank you Susan for all your sophisticated tutorials for those of us that are working to pull it all together in our golden years. I no longer just get dressed, but work to pull together an outfit to create a look. Thank you for the inspiration!

  151. You do so great planning what to wear for a weekend away….when we plan a trip I dread the packing and always end up with too much!
    Love the bag,I have small shoulders so I buy bags with short handles otherwise a shoulder bag just falls off. And the shoes…Love those, my kind of heel and my size! Hoping I win!

  152. Love the versatility!! And, yikes on the snow!!! When I travel I always take 3 tops & 3 bottoms that all can be worn with each other, making 9 outfits. Love adding scarves to dress it all up. Often a Jean skirt is the 3rd bottom. My secret sauce is self-tanner for my legs. Kudos to you!

  153. Love the bag! Although the shoes won’t fit me my daughter will love them. I agree with being flexible. The weather is so unpredictable this time of year. Blessings

  154. You are an inspiration for us ladies over 60 and 70. I dress in the same classic fashion as you but am 5’8” with long legs. The long legs often pose a problem with pant length. I live in Colorado so you have helped me adjust my classic style with the casual style of the Rockies. Thanks for all the information and wonderful ideas you give us.

  155. We have the weather change on a dime here on the MS Gulf Coast. Layering is very important and I always assume that I’ll have to subtract something during the day. The sunshine is warm but in the evenings we can get winds off the water that do not feel tropical. I love this group of clothes. I think they make a perfect capsule to meet the different weather changes you encountered. A windbreaker would be something I would carry too.

  156. Susan,
    I look forward to your posts and happy to say I’m shopping different because of them. One of these days I hope to visit down your way and drive the blue ridge parkway. Thank you for the give a way chance.

  157. Hi Susan! I love your blog and have learned so much from you.. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of possibly winning your giveaway.

  158. Would love the larger bag, as I have been looking for one to use on the days I work to carry a few extra belongings. I am a size 8 and would love the shoes as well. I enjoy your blog and look forward to all of your posts. I admire your style and positive attitude towards embracing life and aging. As they say, age is a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy. Enjoy life, look your best, and have fun no matter what your age!

  159. Love your adventures and clothes ! Years ago I was in Blowing Rock and Asheville NC while at a famous spa there!
    I am learning so much from you and I am over 60 too!

  160. The Czech’s have a saying “you can’t fit redneck foot in big town shoes” ( my mom’s favorite) so they goes the beautiful shoes my size is 9, maybe I be lucky first time to win anything like the lovely hand bag

  161. Hey, I’m a size 8 too! I love both the bag and the shoes………it would so great to update my wardrobe to have either one of them. Always looking forward to your new looks.

  162. I would love to win the shoes! I have been considering purchasing them or similar dupes for awhile now, but haven’t quite had the extra money to justify the purchase. But they are so cute. And I’ve been watching the many ways you wear them. Love your style and the help you have given me in my own closet. Thank you.

  163. Love your post Susan. I took a lot styles from you and what compliments that I am getting.
    I would love to win the purse.

  164. Thank you for all the work you put in, it’s so helpful , especially for those like me who need guidance with our fashion sense! p.s. I’m copying your hair style!

  165. Love that you post items you’ve worn for years. Classic clothing last. Love your give away. True classic pieces.

  166. A Very useful post.
    Unfortunately the bag will be too big for me too and the shoes too small.
    Every piece of your outfit on the post is perfect. The new glasses too.
    I am a big fan of your blog ,Susan !
    Stay happy and healthy with your 12 years’ friend dear Mickey !

  167. Love your weekend travel looks! Would love the handbag. The shoes are great, but unfortunately I wear a size 6.Alice

  168. Susan,
    I look forward to getting your blog! I have been reading your advice for about eight months now. Your practical and empowering tips have been inspiring! I have used many of your links and found products that I really like and enjoy. I love the purse and hope it will find the right home!

  169. Being over 60 also, I love your styles of clothing and ease of complimenting your wardrobe with simple accessories.

  170. Hi Susan,
    I look forward to your post for great advice!
    My husband likes Mr. Mickey’s attire.
    Thank you,
    Jennie Pappas




  172. I’m reading your blog as I await the delivery of our first grandchild! What an exciting time of life!

    I’m sorry your weather wasn’t pleasant but it doesn’t sound like that dampened your spirits.

  173. Thank you soooo much for all your advise. Finishing my Senior year in high school one of our PE Instructors gave the advise..stay with the basics and you will always be in style. You continue to make this advise still ring true many years later. I would love to carry one of your purses. Regards, Judy

  174. Hi I love your blog and all the advice you share. Hi I’m just wondering if your give aways only available to US residents?
    Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  175. Susan, you are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for your wise words. The shoes are too small for me, but the bag would be a great addition. Fingers crossed.

  176. I would love to win theses. Those shoes are lovely and perfect for Spring. Thank you for the giveaway!

  177. Susan, I really enjoy reading about your adventures, and your style is so classy, just like the handbag!

  178. Thank you for your inspiring blog to show us how to look our best as we age. I always enjoy it, have been given new ideas and look forward to the next one.

  179. Unfortunately the shoes are too small but adorable but that purse….looks like just the perfect size 🙂 and love the detachable strap too.

  180. It’s a challenge when the weather does things like that! Easier to avoid these days bc of technology, but technology doesn’t rule nature. Love that blush jacket!

  181. I’m a New England gal who just moved to Florida and I miss wearing my pretty sweaters! I love that you share your travel stories with us followers. There are so many interesting places to go without getting on a plane. I’m headed to Captiva and Sanibel Island for a quick getaway with my fiance’ at the end of this month. Trying hard to limit myself to one suitcase!

  182. Susan, I love everything about your blog. You have shown me how to build my wardrobe to include clothes and accessories that are timeless, classic, and make me look good. I would love to win anything you choose to give way because I know I would love it.

  183. The bag and shoes would absolutely fit me perfectly! I love your style and try to remember it when I am making a new purchase or select an outfit from my closet. You are a positive inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  184. Thank you for your tips on packing. They are always helpful. You look so smart and put together, even when you don’t intend to wear your clothes the way you did.

  185. I love your blog! Your style is so classy and I’m always interested in the way you pair different items from your wardrobe.
    Your look is right -on and never over the top. I would love a chance at either the shoes or bag.
    My shoe size is an 8 and I would love to say I received them from you!

  186. I enjoy your tips. They really help. It’s not easy to look good and current at a certain age! I’m glad I found you!

  187. Would love a chance to win the bag (shoes are too small). I have been following you every day since I found you. Love your style…

  188. You always look so pulled together. We are planning a trip to North Carolina this spring. I will check out Yadkin Valley.

  189. I look forward to every email and all your tips. I have been gradually changing my wardrobe based on your ideas. However I still find the transition to a more functional wardrobe slow and challenging. My colors are muted warm and they seem so limited. I’ve recently moved from the California desert to Williamsburg VA where the climate is similar to yours I believe. I’ve decided to get rid of gray and most of the black in my wardrobe as They feel so drab. I need soft, medium warm colors for my mood and for what is flattering on me. Thank you for your advice .

  190. I LOVE your blog. You always look elegant and “put together”, which helps me with my choices. i always look forward to receiving these emails. The black capped shoes would fit perfectly with my wardrobe.

  191. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such lovely shoes or purse! I really enjoy your blog. Your comments and advice are always spot on!!

  192. The shoes are really cute. Looks like they would be comfortable also. I cannot wear heels any more and they are my size. I do enjoy reading your blogs. I also like your simplified but elegant style .

  193. Susan
    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for all the time you spend keeping us in the know on what to wear.
    I would love to win the bag and shoes. I wear a size 8 shoe.

    Theresa Harrison

  194. Lovely style! It’s great the way you mix things up to adapt to whatever weather situation you encounter!

  195. Susan,
    You are my fashion inspiration! As a woman of the same age and size, I find everything you post so helpful. You are like my very own stylist. And I enjoy your travel posts just as much as I do your fashion as you add to my bucket list of places to visit. Thank you for taking the time to keep posting and sharing the expertise you have gained from your experiences. I eagerly and excitedly check for new posts, and archive them all!

  196. As always, you look fabulous. Love your style and love that style of handbag. Thank you for all your tips and style ideas.

  197. I love the area that you travel in! I’ve just come from Florida and the Smoky Mountains are so scenic. But the best thing I did this trip was buy a new handbag and sandals to go with it. Now as I read further about handbags, i see I made the classic mistake of buying a large slouchy bag which makes you look large. Nuts! I wish I could win the smaller bag you have offered to see what size will fit me. Thanks for all your tips and hints – they have helped this Canadian girl look elegant, not like a LumberJane. My friends always say how put together I look, and I give all the credit to you. You are the first email I look forward to in the morning – keep up the great work!

  198. I so enjoy your posts and look forward to them. I’ve learned a great deal about capsule wardrobing and layering from you. I am a retired teacher and loved dressing for work; I still want to stay in style being 65+ on a retired income. You are a beautiful lady with fabulous taste! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  199. What a blessing and inspiration your blog and videos are! Thanks for inspiring us to be the best we can be! I love your beautiful and classic style! The shoes and black bag would both be a wonderful addition to a classic wardrobe! Blessings!

  200. Great planning! Always enjoy your practical tips. I do love my Vaneli ballet flats – though your pumps would be too small. The bag looks wonderful so I’ll put my name in that hat for the drawing!

  201. The outfits today are really attractive. I often surprise myself and wear the items I bring on a vacation in entirely different combinations than I planned especially in the shoulder seasons when the weather can be unpredictable. Love the bag and shoes.

  202. I love your style, Susan, and you are an inspiration for us older gals.

    P.S. I get a size 8 shoe, too!


  203. You always look put-together and classily coordinated with a gentle elegance! I particularly appreciate your varied uses of scarves. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.

  204. Such gorgeous items – wow! You always look quite amazing. I’m particularly loving the ways you layered the sweater – all great looks.

  205. I would love to win that purse! Great style and looks more expensive! I am so enjoying your blog, Susan! I have learned so much from you about mixing and matching basic pieces. Thank you for your great fashion examples. Here’s hoping for NO MORE SNOW!!

  206. Love the classic look that you wear! Just because we are of a certain age, we don’t have to look frumpy. The best is yet to come!

  207. Hi Susan,
    What a beautiful bag! I love the large size. Thank you for your helpful and encouraging blog. I learn so much.
    Blessings, Erin Corbin

  208. It’s been interesting learning from you that I have plenty of clothes. I just didn’t know how to pair them. You’ve given such good advice that your subscribers should be buying shoes and a bag for you! Unfortunately, the shoes are too big for me, but the bag would be perfect. Besides, I’ve been down for 14 months from a trip and fall. It’s messed up my toes and I’m headed to my 4th surgery to try and get me walking without a walker. I had never been down like this before. Let me say, ladies, if you’re over 65, as I am, you can change your life in literally 5 seconds. But I’d love your prayers. Don’t get in a hurry. I’ve beat myself up so much but still trying to get answers. I love North Carolina, and am familiar with the spots you both enjoy. I love hearing of the ones still there. God bless you and your followers, including Mr. Mickey.

  209. Always enjoy your post! One of the first I read in the morning! The shoes won’t work for me but the bag is lovely.

  210. Love your choice of bags. Being 5’7″ allows me to use larger bags. Thanks for all your tips.I have taken them to heart.

  211. Thank you for sharing your adventures! Unfortunately, the shoes are not my size – but I would love to win the bag!

  212. Susan – thank you so much for your continued wisdom on fashion for the mature woman! I love the classic styles and your knack for mixing and matching to get the most out of classic and timeless pieces.

  213. Sure do love your blog posts. I have been reading them for quite a long time. Your healthy eating especially inspires me.
    As for the items… I love them both!

  214. You continue to inspire me. I’m traveling with you in spirit. It is pouring rain here in SoCal.

  215. What a fun trip, even with the strange weather. Have heard about Blowing Rock from friends who have been there
    and plan to put it on my bucket list. I loved every article of clothing you wore. You looked so good in each outfit and comfortable too. and yes I wear a size 8 shoe!
    Keep inspiring all us gals to look our best and get out and travel when we can.

  216. Thanks for all your tips to help keep us looking “smart” (as my mother would say) and feeling our best!!

  217. Oh my goodness, I would love to win the shoes! I have had some very similar on my wish list for awhile now. I wear a size 8 and the colors of the shoes would go with my whole wardrobe! Thank you for thinking of your blog followers 🙂

  218. Hi Susan,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my visit to the Biltmore estates . I’m hoping to visit again with my husband in November. I found the main shopping area with the Old Woolworth store and counter just delightful. The artists had done lovely stuff. I bought a candle that you light that turns into lotion. So unique and even the TDA guy at the airport though it smell great!

  219. I have really enjoyed following your blog and have learned new clothing techniques and approached as I have settled into enjoying retirement! Love the bag! Love the shoes as well, but I also wear an 8 so they might be too small for me as well. Meanwhile, the bag is just my color!

  220. Susan, I would love to win your generous giveaway! I have taken your advice and have changed some things in my wardrobe to reflect what I learned from you. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your videos.

  221. I am tall enough that this bag would work for me. The shoes look very “Spring” like and would be great with anything

  222. Love how you layered your pieces! I would love to win the bag or the shoes. Both would help elevate my style!!

  223. Susan, We have visited the Yadkin Valley area and highly recommend it! I would love winning either prize if chosen. Thanks for all your advice!!

  224. Happy Spring Susan! We’re having some much needed rainfall as we’ve not even gotten close to our average annual total.
    I’d love to win the purse! Shoes are darling but I wear a size 10! As always, love your blog.

  225. I have recently come across your blog and am absolutely enamored with your chic sophisticated look! I am 74 years old, and enjoy going into the office everyday at our family owned business. I love to have something to dress for instead of sitting around in sweats and watching TV all day.
    Your look is exactly what I’m striving for. Please keep your wonderful ideas coming to inspire me! I’d love to win your giveaway bag… it would be a fabulous way to begin my journey with you!!

  226. Hello Susan,

    Love the bag and shoes, however, I am only 160 cm tall and feel the bag would be too large for my frame. The shoes, on the other hand, I adore and have been looking out for something similar in Australia for some time but so far have not been lucky. I have ordered items from US sites you mention (jeans and a Motto jacket) but, with the falling Australian dollar and postage costs, it is a bit of a disincentive at present.

    Thank you for your giveaways, it is much appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Halina Hassard

  227. Hi Susan.
    I came across your site when looking on Pinterest for some fashion ideas. I have been retired now for two years. You have given me some great ideas on incorporating some of my nicer work clothes with my casual clothing. You also have inspired me kick it up a notch on my every day wear.
    I look forward to seeing your email in my inbox every week.
    I really like the handbag and shoes which just happen to be my size.
    Thank you for your style advise.
    Karen Stofka

  228. I absolutely love your style and admire you! I would love the chance to win the bag above. I love the shoes but wear a size 9 so they wouldn’t fit me either. I’m 72 and feel you are a great roll model for us older ladies! thank you Susan!

  229. I have a broken ankle facing surgery and would certainly appreciate a pleasant surprise!
    God bless! ❤️

  230. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog since you were “before 60”! Staying well presented is not the hassle it used to be since I’ve learned so much from you about building my wardrobe with timeless pieces and colors. And we certainly share a love of scarves, although in this summer Savannah heat I often have to forgo in lieu of a long simple chain. Thanks for explaining that style can be obtained without trying to look like a teenager. Much love.

  231. Congratulations of 14 years of service to your readers! Thank you so much for your dedication. We all love reading your posts Susan.

    Sending a warm hug to you,

    Sue Cervantez

  232. Susan, every time I open my email, I hope there’s a post from you. Your information is so practical and your pictures are very helpful. I’m over 60 and basically know this stuff, but you reinforce it with every message and you are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for all you do.
    Alexandra Mills

  233. Not sure if I missed the give-away or not, but I’m trying anyway! Love the bag. I’d have to share the shoes with my cousin, but I know she’d love them.

  234. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for the time you take to educate us on the finer points of dressing well at a mature age. I struggle with what to wear on a regular basis and your blogs and videos have been so helpful. I would love to win the gorgeous hand bag. The shoes are so pretty but would not fit my big feet!

  235. Hi Susan. The last thing I need is another bag,beautiful though it is and good luck to whoever wins it,and the shoes love them but too big for me .What I wanted to ask you Susan was about the ring. Please delete if I’m over stepping the mark but it’s on your engagement finger and it looks rather beautiful. I can’t be the only one that’s wondered ,but are you engaged..

  236. The shoes are pretty and my size, I would love to wear them. The purse is nice but probably too large for my 5’1” height.

  237. I check out your site each time I pack!
    I started following you last year and I am slowly adding the pieces you recommend.
    Thank you for so many wonderful tips!

  238. I love your style! Your suggestions are very helpful to me and this year especially so. My son will be getting married in early October and there will be a few events to prepare for.
    Your hair looks lovely. I went to my hairdresser today to go a little shorter and it looks very similar to yours. My hair has a natural wave/curl to it so something new can be scary!

  239. Love your versatility with your outfits! The shoes are the perfect size for me and I love the bag!

  240. Thank you for the opportunity to win 1 of 2 great gifts. It is always a pleasure to read your articles; I learn so much from them.

    Have a great day Susan!

  241. Hello Susan
    As a newcomer to reading your site, and being in the UK, I have to say I’m very impressed. Your fashion advice makes so much sense, and you always look so well groomed. I must try harder! Also your healthy eating plan is so interesting. I have already changed my breakfasts, and I’m moving on to lunches. Wish me luck. I also think your date nights with Mr Mickey are great, he’s a great guy. I shall keep following, Linda

  242. Hi. I am 61 and decided in November that I have got to lose some weight, after having porked up the last couple of years. 🙂 I have lost 27 pounds so far (and my fiance who is also following the new eating style has lost 45 as of two weeks ago. Probably 50 by now) and I am purchasing new clothing and accessories as I am able to afford them. The bag would be a great addition!

    I came across you a few weeks ago and am getting some great ideas for my wardrobe. Thanks very much!

  243. I stumbled into your blog last month as I was getting ready to travel for the first time in awhile. Your tips were SO helpful and completely changed my packing strategy. Love love love your site and check back every few days now!

  244. I have learned so much from you. Ever since I started following your blog, my outfits have become creative while classy. There are fewer items in my closet and many more compliments. Thank you.

  245. Classic. Comfortable. Chic. Every post in your blog is so helpful snd informative–and the links you supply are so handy. Thank you!

  246. I love your style! I love to travel as well. I am challenged as to what to pack often and appreciate your sense of style, practical pieces without breaking the bank.

  247. So sad the shoes are too small for you…and just as sad that they are also too small for me!
    But the purse should be just about right.
    I love the layering. Especially like the blush moto jacket. Very good look for you–both cut and color.
    Please keep up the good work. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your videos and posts. So many good ideas for us in the 70+ year-old group. Great pictures help me plan outfits and wardrobe additions. Thanks for all your help.

  248. I enjoy seeing the classic look. Always a great look without following whatever the current trend is. I like the style fit and coverage. The bag is lovely! Love to win it.

  249. Great blog! Just found you,
    You mentioned the purse is to big for you frame , how do you figure out the size of purse is for your frame?

    1. If you hold a bag in front of your pelvis area and it is larger, you may find that it feels overwhelming for your frame. Some ladies like an oversize bag, I don’t need that much space.

  250. Susan, I love your blog and the great tips you provide. It encourages me to look and feel better! Thank you! I love the handbag.

  251. Love your blogs. Is there a way to get notices for them rather than come across on Pinterest? ( I would have loved to win those shoes lol)

    1. I have entered your email address as a subscriber. You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. You’ll receive a confirmation email in a few minutes. Please follow the link in it to confirm your subscription. If the email takes more than 15 minutes to appear in your mailbox, please check your spam folder. Thank you!

  252. Susan, I think you are great. Your style is great for me. Love this grey with the white. I would love the bag, but the shoes are too large. I am a 6 1/2.

  253. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have been using your blog to improve my fashion choices after 60. You are an inspiration, Thank you.

  254. I love your style ! Ive always tried to dress stylish and youthful, but now I’m 68 (slender) and have been struggling with finding clothing that is stylish, comfortable and age appropriate especially now that I’m retired and on a budget. I never quite feel comfortable in my outfits. Much of what I see is for younger women or is dowdy.
    You inspire me! Thanks so much for your posts!

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