Fourteen Years!

We recently repeated our first date to celebrate our fourteenth anniversary. We enjoyed a delightful meal at our favorite restaurant in town, Gourmet and Company.

I wore a silver/gray cami similar here with black pants here. My Helmut Lang jacket is several years old. Similar here. The shoes are sold out now, similar shoes here. The bag is also several years old. Similar here. The scarf was a long-ago gift from Mr. Mickey. A similar scarf is here.

We celebrated fourteen years of happy times!

Mr. Mickey and I shared a glass of champagne and relaxed in the lounge before our delicious meal of deviled eggs as an appetizer and fresh halibut as our entree. (His ascot is here.) We finished the meal by sharing a dessert of warm carrot cake with homemade cream cheese ice cream.

That’s the tiniest frying pan you will ever see!

Earlier this week, my new eyeglasses arrived, so I responded to several requests for info about how I chose the frames. The video below shares the things I considered and a look back at some of my old frames.

My lip color is Poppy (Shimmering Pink Red) here. The skincare products I use twice a day, every day, are here.

The elements of my looks are rarely new, so I’ve shared highlighted links to similar current items. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. Wow! This is such a wonderful post! Happy Anniversary, to you both, Susan!

    I just love these pictures, and all the information you shared, Susan. Thirteen years of happiness is such an accomplishment in life! You and Mr. Mickey always look fabulous, and we’ll put together!

    I’m going to watch your eyeglass video soon.

    May you find happiness in each day!

  2. I don’t always leave a comment but I ‘visit’ you everyday Susan. Thank you for sharing so much good information and sharing your life with us.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. Best wishes always!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey! Can I just tell you how much I enjoy receiving your blog email each morning? In this day and age of getting inundated with all kinds of “stuff”, I appreciate your information on any variety of subjects. For instance, I am just now going through the eyeglass decision. Your tutorial was just perfect timing! I will certainly heed your advice when making my own selection. By the way, if I “grow up” to be as elegant and lovely of a person as you, I will feel incredibly blessed. You are an inspiration!

  4. Happy anniversary! It’s fortunate that your anniversary comes at this time of year so you could wear a nice snuggly scarf. You and Mr. Mickey always seem to coordinate your clothing when you go out. I noticed that you wore high heels this time, even though you have taken to wearing flats or much lower heels most of the time. Perhaps that was for this special occasion full of memories?

    1. I still enjoy wearing my collection of high heels on special dates when I won’t be more walking than getting out of the car and walking into the building. (I call them my limousine shoes.)

  5. Happy anniversary! Anytime together with someone you care about is worth celebrating! I also just purchased new frames. Went a little more bold than my norm. Was wondering if you might share eye makeup tips for those of us who must rely on glasses all the time. Sometimes I feel the effort is lost when I finish eyeshadow and mascara then put on my glasses.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Mickey! I daresay many of your readers have a secret crush on Mr Mickey. Charming, well-dressed, attentive…what’s not to like? You two are such a handsome couple together. Thank you for the eyeglass selection video. Love your new frames and the new hair cut. Having worn glasses since I was about ten, you’d think I would have a frame choice down pat. Enjoy your weekend. We actually have a bit of snow today…ugh…

  7. Hi Susan, and Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. You both are admired so much. In regards to glasses, do you wear dark classes with black frames, as more of a fashion statement if they are right for the face? Thank you and take care.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Mickey! Great information on choosing eyeglass frames. Have a great weekend.

  9. Happiness on your anniversary and always.
    What a great post! Thank you for explaining how to select new eye glasses.
    Great outfit and those shoes; wow!

  10. I think I’ve owned something similar to every pair of eyeglasses that you shared in your demonstration, including gold frames that did nothing for my cool complexion! I currently wear navy frames that get progressively lighter towards the bottom, as well as a black pair. Did you know that you can donate frames that are no longer worn to the Lion’s Club? They distribute these frames to those in need. There are several collection boxes in our rural area.

  11. Happy Anniversary. Thank you for your video on glasses. I always look forward to your posts and learn so much!

  12. Congratulations to a handsome couple. You guys are closing in on my record 🙂 my husband and I dated 17 years before we tied the knot. coming up on 28 years married this May. Wishing you many more happy years together.

  13. Why does Mr. Mickey wear a gold wedding band? Just curious… (NO JUDGMENT!) It’s not obvious in these photos but I have noticed it in many others.

  14. You are always superb with sharing great information! Thank you for the video.
    I would like to know what brand you bought and Will you wear them until your eye site changes?
    I never miss reading the days you are with us.
    Happy Anniversary! Aren’t y’all hey fun?!!

  15. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you two are making many wonderful memories together and I wish you many more. The glasses video on how to choose the right one is very helpful. I have been told that if you wear glasses, you should not have bangs. But you look great with bangs and glasses! Do you have any advice for how to wear bangs with glasses? Should they be side-swept, like you have?

  16. Thank you so very much! Today’s blog video was much needed! I have always struggled with choosing frames. The women who have helped had their own opinions & my partner had his but I have never been really pleased with my choices. And to me that’s sad because I wear them every day! All day! I can’t go without like I notice you do at times. I also can never find frames with larger area for the lenses. Yours appear to be fairly big. Can you tell me the company name? Thank you, again.

  17. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love seeing an adult couple enjoying life together without marriage. I’m a widow and have a friend and we travel together as well as dates and dinners out.

  18. Congratulations to you and Mr. Mickey. You make such a handsome couple. May you be blessed with many more happy days together.

  19. Congratulations to you and Mr. Mickey! Such fun to run through your eyeglasses over the years. I love the way your recent ones show off your beautiful blue eyes. Great advice about what to look for in eyewear. Your blogs always give me a lift! Thank you!

  20. I love the way you take basics and elevate them with a sparkly camisole, a scarf, animal print shoes. You really have a talent!

  21. Thank you Susan for your very informative tutorial on choosing the best frames for one’s face. So helpful. I have a request. In the past it seems you shared with us how you keep your accessories in your handbags well organized and how easy it is to transfer them from one purse to another. I wish I had paid closer attention. I am coming to appreciate how smart this is. Would you consider a review for us on one of your blogs? It is apparent that you truly excel in organizational skills and many of us benefit from your knowledge. Thank you again for the joy of your visits via my mailbox! Leslee

  22. Great outfit and the glasses tips was very ,very handy. congratulations on your time together. such a lovely couple

  23. Thanks Susan! I just went by looks when choosing glasses but ever really thought about “lines” . I’m about to choose new glasses and will carefully consider your excellent tips!

  24. Talk about timing!
    I have a new prescription and have been avoiding getting it filled. I need new frames but have been dreading the selection process. Thank you for the timely suggestions. With your tips, I will shop with more confidence!

  25. Thank you for the excellent tips. I’m due for new glasses this month and never considered the nuances that make them work for ones face. And the grey polka dot blouse in your video is lovely. Is it a new find? It looks elegant and of high quality.

  26. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey! I enjoy receiving your blog email each morning. Thank you for the video tip on eyeglass frames. Now I will have a better idea how to choose glasses that will fit probably on my face.

  27. Only the best to you and many many more. That will be my 51 anniversary and sadly I lost my husband 2 years ago. Cherish each other time goes to fast and being alone is very sad.

  28. Thanks for your eye glass video. Very informative. I’ll remember this when I next purchase new glasses. <3 Congratulations BTW on your 14-year anniversary with Mr. Mickey. Love your blog and always look forward to your emails. You inspire me.

    Pat Perkins

  29. Thank you, so much, for this extremely informative video on glasses frames. I’ve worn glasses since I was a kid. Being a year younger than you, I understand how we can have “jowly” days (even with slimmer figures) and, my face is square. Now I chose frames that lift up the face, like you said in your video. Since I must wear progressive bifocals all the time, I up-date my frames every 2 years, but use the previous frames for prescription sunglasses.
    You and Mr Mickey make a very classy couple!

  30. I overheard someone saying how she no longer had a close friend just acquaintances. I think as we get older how important our old friends are to us. Having that history together is wonderful. New friends are silver but old friends are gold. You both look wonderful. Congratulations!

  31. Your shoes are what really makes the outfit pop. Alas, I have given up all heels, but still look out for killer flats that add that uniqueness to an outfit! Congratulations on 14 years. You look like you share many happy outings together!

  32. I raise my glass to the beautiful Susan and the handsome Mr Mickey on their fourteenth anniversary.Every good wish to you both.

    1. I have gained and lost weight too many times in my life. When Mr. M and I met, I weighed what I do now. He wanted to take me out to dinner every night and to every social event in town. Eating more food than we needed, soon caused substantial weight gain for us both.

  33. Hi SUSAN. My mouth watered looking at this meal. Congrats on your anniversary. Regarding the pans, I have two. One was my grandmother’s and the other was my mother’s. Both used exclusively for cornbread. Makes enough for two meals. It’s been a little nippy in Daytona so my husband plans to make his own recipe for chili along with cornbread. It’s bike week here, so we’ll be eating home for most of our meals. We don’t mind them. Although always concerned that the accidents and fatalities are rarely reported on.

  34. Susanafter60 I love the black bag. Would you do a tutorial on proper bag size for our body? Your glasses tutorial was so good. I will be using some of your suggestions when I get glasses.


  36. I have worn glasses since I was five years old. I had a change of glasses for my computer and reading books etc. I have pink frames and they suit me. I am disappointed in the bifocals I got 3 years ago. I donate my old glasses every time I go back to have my eyes tested. I have just got my last pair of glasses. I love your style of dressing. I am one who knits short sleeve jumpers with lace patterns. I also have knitted cardigans and not jackets. I am knitting double crochet cotton for a short sleeve jumper. I find wool cheaper than buying jackets. I also find knitting calming.

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