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Our temperatures reached the fifties, and it was an overcast, rainy day on Tuesday. The bright colors in the scarf lifted my spirits and helped me pull together a quick casual look.

That’s the same navy Tahari blazer I’ve been wearing for years. The bag and the boots are from Ralph Lauren a couple of years ago. My long sleeve tee is about four years old. I found the Tommy Hilfiger jeans on sale at Dillard’s last year.

For all those who recently asked, you can read about my skincare routine here. I am wearing the lip color called Currant here.

Welcome to all the new readers of the blog. There are almost 16,000 subscribers now! I’m planning a significant giveaway to celebrate.

My eyeglasses frames are by Elle. The style number is EL13442 GR 140mm. I purchased them from the Johnson City Eye Clinic’s Optometrist.

While I was out and about in the neighborhood, I snapped some spring flower photos for you.

I wore this very casual look to run errands, visit my parents and go to the grocery store. Current similar items are linked below. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

BlazerEarringsTeeJeansBootsScarfBag or Bag

  1. I would definitely love to see the scarves. I have purchased several from you, either for gifts or for myself. They are one of my favorite cooler weather accessories.

  2. Congratulations! I’m not surprised at the number of ladies who read your blog. You have excellent classic taste as well as sound health and well-being advice.

  3. Susan, it always brightens my day to see your face and hear what you are up to. Congratulations on the number of subscribers!

  4. I love this look on you. The scarf just does it for you as it softens the look a lot. Everything blends so well and makes a perky look so inviting for spring.
    Thanks for all your tips and most importantly, all those wonderful pictures both of yourself as well as wherever you happen to be.
    Clara Bulens from Iowa

    1. Hi Andrea. I use the Color Outline Eye Pencil here. It has a sponge tip, and it blends beautifully. I apply the color in light-handed strokes into the base of, and slightly above and on the waterline of my upper lashes.

  5. Susan:

    I am interested in seeing what scarves you have still for sale. I’m enjoying those I have bought from you in the past. I especially like the larger scarves.

  6. Hello Susan
    Very interested in your scarves and would welcome details. New to your site, and I’m over in the UK. Love your advice on fashion and food.
    Thanks, Linda

  7. Hello Susan

    I am very interested to see what scarves you still have for sale. I enjoy your blog so much!
    I live in Scotland!


  8. I love your posts. Do you think you will ever offer clothes again? Just wondering as your taste is impeccable.

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I would love to find a clothing line that offers the quality and style of basics I enjoy wearing. In the meantime, I can only share the links to the best options available to us.

  9. Congrats on your readers! I’m not surprised. Yours is the only blog I follow. It’s smart, savvy, you have impeccable taste, and your suggestions have given me the confidence to identify and then put together what fits my body type, age and life style after 70. Thank you. As much as I love navy blazers, living in Phoenix, AZ means it may not be my best investment. It’s already in the 70’s here. What piece or pieces would be a good warm weather alternative? My coloring is the same as yours, including hair color. Thanks again for all you do for so many of us.

  10. You are looking outstanding with your casual outfit today. So refreshed!
    I would like to look at your scarfs. Thank you so much for all the time you send helping us gals!

  11. Hi Susan
    I just recently started following you – binged watch a ton of your videos- you’re taste is so much to my liking – traditional and classy! I’ve been searching all the various links you post and have actually bought a few things –
    I would love to see the scarves you have from your former shopping site (sad that’s no longer available!) I have been looking everywhere for scarves if similar color you’ve used.
    Thank you so much for all you do to make it easier for those of us who aren’t sure where to shop anymore!

  12. I love your hair style,glasses, and your classy look! You always look fabulous and happy ! I wish our flowers were popping up, but too cool in the upper Midwest right now. It’s coming though! Thanks for the encouraging pictures!

  13. Yes Susan! You have so turned me on to beautiful scarves and how they take an outfit over the top! I would love to see what scarves you have still. Thank you!

  14. Congratulations on 16,000 followers. I love the new hair with the glasses. Also thanks for bringing spring into our lives at a time of the year when a lot of us have not seen a bloom or even bare ground yet.

  15. I absolutely love your casual style! You are so genuine that I feel that I could emulate every look and still look stylish, comfortable and individualistic!! Thank you for bringing “real” back to women’s fashion without looking old and fuddy duddy!

    Donna Rulien

  16. I have been following your posts for a couple of years and look forward to seeing and reading them. Your life and style is at the same stage as mine and although I live in the UK it is similar in many ways. I do not use Facebook or Instagram and therefore enjoy being able to follow you by email. Keep them coming.

  17. Congratulations on all of your subscribers! I’m so glad I found your blog; I look forward to each post. I would like to see the scarves you have available.

  18. Hi Susan…..love your scarf and the way you tied it! Love the way you styled your outfit, upgraded the look of your jeans. Beautiful flowers coming up finally here to in eastern NC

  19. Susan,
    I love your site. I have changed the way I dress because of you. My hair that has been colored for 38 years, I’m 68 is 1
    Month into no dye on it. I am completely gray after looking at 1/2 inch of no color on it. It has been 5 weeks. Not exactly sure how to go through with this but if you have any suggestions please let me know. Also, could you send me
    Some pictures of your scarves.

    Thanks so much,

    Kathy Darr

    1. Now that so many of us are no longer coloring our hair, colorists are becoming very creative at hiding the transition. High lights, low lights, temporary color, and glazes are some of the techniques to camouflage the demarcation line. I kept my hair short during the transition time.

  20. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. I was on vacation in FLA and didn’t wish it to you then. Love the casual look for today. Thanks for all the tips and I followed your advice for packing for my short trip. Didn’t wear a few things because we didn’t go out for dinner except one night. But the tips helped for the rest of the trip.

  21. Love your scarves, Sorry that I found your site after you closed your store. Would love to see it reopen,

  22. Hello Susan, you look so nice. Love your scarf and the way you tied it. I would like to know how you did it. Always a pleasure to read your posts.You have such class!

  23. Very Nice Blog today, as always!!

    Gorgeous scarf! May I see the scarf collection you still have?

    Thank you!
    ~ Anne

  24. Yes! I would love to see the scarves you have-you have piqued my interest in wearing scarves again. We have blooms in west TN also. Love your content!

  25. Good morning, Susan, I am enjoying your posts as always. I have previously purchased several of your scarves. Today’s post shows a beautiful blue border, which are hard for me to find. If this is still available, I would like to purchase. Many thanks for your tasteful and elegant way of living. .Ellen in Charlotte

  26. Susan,
    Yours is my go to blog for keeping my style in check, as far as achieving my best look. As I continue to clear out my closet of pieces I don’t LOVE, or that don’t flatter me, I am feeling the breath of fresh air that it brings to my life. Your choice in scarves would be mine also and I would love to see what you have available. Thanks so much for being there for us

  27. Hi Susan, loved your post re glasses choices. Thanks much! Would love the details/ pictures of scarves left.

  28. Hello again. I am enjoying the beautiful scarf and tank dress that I bought. I would love to see what you still have available, please

  29. Congratulations on your blog subscribers! I count myself lucky to have found your site. I love the classic look you have. Living in FL, I do not wear blazers at all. I occasionally wear a light jean jacket or a similar jacket in white. My collection of scarves are on the small side, the largest is maybe 36” square. any suggestions on using them?

    1. I often tie a small scarf to my handbag instead of wearing them around my neck. It still adds a pop of color and pattern interest to the outfit without making me too hot on a summer day.

  30. You taught me to base a look around the colors in a scarf. I love the way the orange Brown in the scarf here is picked up by the boots and bag. I love your blog and look forward to it every day. The flowers are coming up here and it does appear that our Spring is over and we heading right into Summer. im looking forward to your spring fashion ideas.

  31. Hi Susan, Do you ever just hang around in your jammies when you are home!!! I bet even then you still look polished and beautiful!! You are stunning! Congrats on your number of subscribers. Love the spring flowers – here in Arizona my calla lillies are just starting to sprout. I am a New England girl and miss all those pretty “first blooms” which just don ‘t appear out here. Thank you for all the work you do for this blog. I especially love that you send us to other sights to find the look you are wearing. Classy all the way!

  32. You wear such lovely scarfs. They are great accessories. Would you please be so kind and show a tutorial on how you tye the different type of scarfs you own. Thank you. So enjoy your posts!

  33. Congratulations on that many subscribers! I started following you when I moved to another state and discovered your blog at the same time in 2013. You spoke so many good things that helped me and I have continued as you have good advice for dressing classy. Thank you Susan.

  34. Please let me know how to get the socks for tennis shoes. I tried the web site from your blog and couldn’t get a response.

  35. Susan,
    I’m a recent follower, in my late 60’s, and want to tell you how much I enjoy your approach to fashion and willingness to share your style. I have a closet full of mistakes and appreciate your tips! I wish I would have found you sooner! I’m interested in your scarves or where I can find similar. Thank you for your inspiration

  36. Good morning Susan, though not your morning yet. I love your look and try to keep in touch with it. I am 84 but still try to keep reasonably current. Sad to say I am unable to find jeans that suit me.

    Have just looked on Pinterest and found articles about old women who, dare I say it, though well done up, look like elderly prostitutes. I prefer your more understated look. I live in Cambridge, UK, and do not understand why women turn up at concerts, etc looking as if they had not attempted to smarten up for the evening. perhaps they are too busy.

    I do hope you will continue with your articles about fashion and ,of course, Mr Mickey.

    Congratulations on your new President.

    Best wishes,
    Audrey Campbell

  37. Just met u today. You r just adorable! I really appreciated the way to organize hand bag. I have many and don’t change as often as I would like. Now I see how to clump the junk so to speak. Thx❤️

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