Pearls For Easter

The jewelry pieces I wear most often include silver with pearls. The combination has become my favorite over the past couple of years. As you can see from the photos below, silver and pearls complement many different looks.

I’m happy to announce that Suzanne (the designer of Beauty in Stone Jewelry) and I are teaming up to give away a stunning pearl bracelet for Easter.

This look is from the post here.
The look above is from the post here.
The look above is from the post here.
The above look is from the post here.

The unique Beauty in Stone Jewelry is created by hand here in East Tennessee. The website is here. The beautiful pearl bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

I will randomly choose a comment from the section below and announce the winner on Friday morning. Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on my last post. You made my day brighter!

  1. Beautiful bracelet! Most of my pearls have gold, but I love silver. The second picture, with the feminine white blouse and red shoes, is one of my all-time favorites you’ve shown! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are an icon of style and class and , as usual, your jewelry perfectly reflects that fact. I love this piece and it’s versatility in your wardrobe. I appreciate your posts so much. Thanks for what you do.

  2. I love your posts Susan. I’ve been following you now for several years. My closet has shrunk but my selections are greater because I’m making smarter and better choices because of your ideas and advice. I bought one of the first Beauty In Stone bracelets that you ever featured and I still wear it every day. I love it so much!!!!

  3. Beautiful! Your experience in jewelry design is evident here. I’m cool-toned, so silver pieces are the only jewelry type I wear. I also love pearls. The combination is perfection. 🙂

  4. As usual, you look stunning. All of your tips and advice are greatly appreciated. Recently, I have lost about 30 pounds and have had to buy a lot of clothes. You have helped me so much in selecting clothes that go together with a focus on the basics. Thank You!

  5. I love pearls and silver. What a beautiful bracelet.
    I also really like that black v-neck sweater/shirt in the first photo.
    I hope you are having a lovely spring.

  6. Stunning. The navy and white ensemble with the long pearl necklaces, and the navy and white with the orange bag and beautiful scarf are my favourites, but all are elegant. Stay safe, and Happy Easter to you and Mr Mickey.

  7. I, too, have been gravitating to silver and love it with pearls. Many years ago I invested rather heavily in gold, which was popular but never really flattered my coloring and clothing. LOVE the bracelet!

  8. Love artisan crafted jewelry – especially the combination of sterling and freshwater pearls. Highlighting and supporting East Tennessee artists makes it even better, thanks for the opportunity Susan!

  9. I love your looks Susan and you have influenced me with some of your choices. I only wish that we had a Beauty in Stone in the UK as the shipping and tax costs makes purchases more expensive. I love the pearl and silver bracelet.

  10. I have the leather and pearl lariat from Beauty in Stone and love the versatility. I’ve had my eye on this bracelet so here’s to hoping for some luck. Love your blog and have found some great style tips.

  11. This is gorgeous! I have a few of her pieces and would love another. Suzanne’s work is exquisite!

  12. I don’t wear a lot of pearls but I do have two pairs of beautiful pearl earrings and a necklace. This bracelet is definitely one of the most unique pieces I have seen. It looks beautiful on you.

  13. Love your blog and as I am almost 63 your posts are very relevant to me!! The bracelet is very pretty, nothing speaks feminine to me more than pearl jewelry.

  14. Good Morning Susan the sun is shining, there’s no wind and it’s 63 perfect! I have a college graduation to attend in May. It has been rescheduled. She was suppose to graduate last year, but, with the pandemic it was cancelled! Would love to wear that beautiful bracelet to the graduation. That’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry! Hope your Easter is filled with laughter, health, beauty and joy! Thank you for all your sharing and helping tips love reading your blog! Hugs Jill

  15. Pearls are a favourite of mine too, although I think it is easy to look out of date if you don’t choose the right design. I really like the bracelet in today’s post and wish I could find something similar. Regards Linda Todd

    1. Thank you Linda. If you’re not the winner, this bracelet is available for purchase. Just click on Susan’s link and you can shop for it there. Good luck! -Suzanne from Beauty In Stone

  16. I love the look of pearls and silver together. Suzanne is such a talented designer. I love looking at their website and appreciate the fact you shared your discovery of them with all of us.

  17. The bracelet is beautiful. Pearls are my favorite. I enjoy your posts and you look great in all the photos.

  18. Beautiful bracelet. I wear mostly white gold and silver. It goes better with my fair skin and dark hair. The navy blue top and white pants make a stunning outfit. Thank you for your excellent posts on fashion.

  19. Happy Spring and wishing you a wonderful Easter, Susan. Your posts are so thoughtful and something to look forward to.

  20. All of these looks are stunning on you Susan! I am cool toned and wear mostly silver and love pearls. This bracelet would be a great addition to my jewelry collection. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Easter blessings to you and Mr Mickey.

  21. The bracelet is stunning! I have pearls from my Mom and Grandmother, but always feel they are too elegant to wear. This bracelet is modern and casual looking. I love it!

  22. I love pearls too! They are timeless! I’ve so enjoying discovering Susan after 60! You have such classy and great ideas!

  23. Love all the outfits. I am inspired to go to my closet and select outfits for the weekend. The red shoes really pop and look great. It is so nice to see the flowers in the background of one of your photos.

  24. I have a pearl ring in silver. This bracelet would compliment it nicely. Love the looks on you, Susan. Especially the navy.

  25. Susan, I have followed you for years snd your style and tips have influenced me. I am also conservative in style, with pale, no sun allowed skin! I’m still brunette, thanks to my dad.
    I wear silver jewelry almost exclusively, and this bracelet would be such a beautiful addition for me.
    Thank you!

  26. I sure like to outfits you’ve shown today. Spring has arrived earlier for you than for me here in Nebraska. You’re have much more greenery and flowers blooming already.

  27. I have purchased the bracelet after you posted several months ago. I was very pleased when it arrived and yes I will be wearing it for Easter. I have always believed pearls are timeless and seem to be a great combination with the silver. If I am selected I will gift the bracelet to my daughter that has admired mine.

  28. Thank you for your website. It’s helped me make it though this last year.
    Las Vegas

  29. Susan, I am the same age as you and I also love fashion. You make it look effortlessly chic! I absolutely love your whole style! Hair too❤️

  30. The bracelet is beautiful! I love the pearls you are wearing with the navy top and cardigan! Very classy!

  31. I love pearls, and I love this bracelet! I wear my pearls everywhere…to a fancy dinner or to the grocery store. They are beautiful and classy.

  32. I love pearls. I have my mothers pearl necklace . I wear it with most everything. Thank you for your blog. It certainly has made me more aware of my purchases.

  33. Very nice bracelet. Pearls are so nice to wear with any outfit. When spring is back we are so exiting what nature is bringing for us. A new outfit and why not a new accessory. Even after 60, we can not be invisible. So let’s show of with this lovely bracelet.

  34. What a beautiful, classic pearl bracelet! I’ve learned a lot through the years from your blog and it’s definitely helped me get through this last year. Happy Easter!

  35. I’ve always thought that bracelet is stunning. Silver and pearls are my very favorite combination. Thank you for this opportunity!

  36. Since following your style and fashion tips, I am getting compliments for the first time in my life. It is now fun to put together outfits with clothes that easily coordinate. Sometimes I start with a scarf and other times the jewelry dictates my choices. The bracelet would easily fit into many of my outfits. It is gorgeous. Thank you, Susan, for your sage advice.

  37. The pearl bracelet has the look of stones that were rolled away on Easter morning! Stunning reminder & look!! ✝️

  38. You always look so put together and pearls will always be in fashion. Lovely bracelet, someone will be very lucky!

  39. Pearls are always so feminine. Love the bracelet❤️
    I’m enjoying going back to work recently and having a reason to wear shoes again!

  40. Pearls have always been an important and oft worn part of my jewelry collection. I recently had my mom’s pearl necklace re-knotted so that I am more comfortable wearing it. Suzanne’s bracelet would be lovely with the cherished necklace. Susan, I am glad that you have continued to bring posts to provide a bright spot and to remind us that we need to continue to do whatever we must to look and feel our best no matter what the latest headlines are.


  41. Susan,
    I absolutely love silver and pearl jewelry! Your styling of the navy on top and white on the bottom is so very lovely! You own the look!

  42. Pearls brighten my day! What a delightful way to celebrate Easter and the gradually re-opening of our culture. Thank you, Susan, for showing us these wonderful outfits!

  43. I love pearls with silver! I have some pearls that were my grandmother’s and I love to wear them with jeans. I love your outfit, I see a pair of red shoes in my future!

  44. I got a beautiful silver and pearl necklace for my silver wedding anniversary 15years ago and this bracelet would be perfect to wear with it.

  45. Pearls and silver are one of my favorite combinations and this bracelet is such a beautiful current style of that classic combo. Would love to own it. Have a blessed Easter with your family and loved ones.

  46. I love reading your posts and seeing all your outfits and hairstyles. Thank you for brightening my day. I hope you and yours have a very Happy Easter.

  47. The night before we were married my husband gave me pearl earrings. After forty two years they still are my favorite being worn more than any other earrings I own. I found your blog and you have inspired me to look at my health, change my eating habits, and lose weight. I’m down thirty pounds but have another thirty to lose. Each day I look for your blog, be it a new one or old. At 64 I didn’t think I could have such a reawakening and I thank you.

  48. I love the combination of pearl & metal in this bracelet & would love wearing it! Enjoy your fashion advice so much! Thank you.

  49. Thank you for your great blog! I love seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your thoughtful words. Your positive attitude is contagious! By the way, I also love the silver and pearls combination.

    Kim Jones

  50. Happy Easter week Susan….such a lovely pearl bracelet. Would look so pretty with my Easter dress, so versatile with many other outfits in my closet. Very simple for spring and summer.


  51. Your posts have helped me build a wardrobe of quality pieces that fit my lifestyle. Now, traveling is easy since everything is mix and match. Just grab pieces and go. Working on accessories now. The bracelet would be perfect!

  52. Lovely bracelet. Were I to win it, I would regift it to my future daughter-in-law for her birthday. It would be lovely with her wedding dress.

  53. It’s the highlight of my day to read your posts and to gain insight into health/fitness, fashion, skin care and a plethora of topics. You have inspired me to add a visit to Tennessee to the top of my bucket list as your photos of your lovely state are truly breathtaking! Your poise and positivity are a real inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us.

  54. Love all your outfit inspirations! I always get lots of ideas on how to look in our closets to wear our clothes differently without buying new. Thank you! Happy Easter from Canada!


  55. What a gorgeous bracelet! I love the combination of pearls and silver. I wear primarily silver jewelry to complement my silver hair and would enjoy adding that bracelet to my collection. Thanks to you and your friend for this giveaway!

  56. Susan, Stunning as always. I especially like the pearls with the last outfit that you wore for a recent date night. I so appreciate the time and effort that you devote to your blog, but I especially like the absence of “ads.” Some blogs are more like catalogs of clothing, accessories, etc. that the blogger is attempting to sell. Know that we all recognize the quality of your blog.

  57. And who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend! 😉 Love the last picture of you in navy and white. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.

  58. I apologize for submitting a second comment. I forgot to mention that if you haven’t read Allison Pataki, you may enjoy her historical novels. Thank you!

  59. You look beautiful on every post and you are very inspirational! I would love to win the bracelet as I do not own much jewelry.

  60. I am learning so much from your blog about how to dress purposefully and quality over quantity. Love the pearls with silver and would love to own it.

  61. Hi Susan. The pearl bracelet is beautiful. What a wonderful gift for anyone.
    Always look forward to your posts.
    Have a joyous Easter.

  62. Hi Susan…I love every single one of your outfits in today’s post. And you look beautiful. Thank you for sharing and Happy Easter!

  63. The bracelet is beautiful. I recently discovered the combination of pearls and silver and it’s become a favorite. I’ve enjoyed your posts for several years now. Love the combination of the strands of pearls with the navy tank and cardi, but all the looks are lovely.

  64. Love this bracelet! It is my style and definitely something I would wear often! And it’s my birthstone too! Love your navy and white outfit with all the pearls!

  65. Thank you for showing the many ways one can wear pearls! They’re so versatile and always lovely. And they just get more beautiful the more they’re worn–I can get behind that!

  66. I have a question about shape wear. I am a size 8/M, 34D bust. When I wear medium size shape wear it feels far too small. So tight, in fact, that I feel like a sausage bursting from its casing so I choose size XL.

    Are there any secrets or tips you have about crossing the right sizes or brands?

    Thank you.

    1. Shapewear should give you smooth lines under your clothing. They aren’t supposed to be so small that they feel uncomfortable or cause bulges in other areas. I think you are correct to go up in size.

  67. Whether I win or not, I continue to be grateful for the way you share all you have learned. You help us live a more beautiful life by your insights Thank you.

  68. The bracelet is beautiful, I purchased her pearl earrings and love them. I have considered buying one of her bracelets. She has a very unique style and I enjoy you featuring some of her works. Have a wonderful day Susan.

  69. I am with you on the Silver and Pearls together. It is my favorite. I too have been wearing pearls much more than ever before. I really like the navy and white. With pearls/silver it is stunning. Navy is a wonderful color for we who are aging gracefully and have silver hair and fair skin. Thank you for showing so many outfits in your post today. I do not have a pearls and silver bracelet. Lovely accessory!

  70. My husband and I got our second Covid shot yesterday. We are so excited to be able to attend Easter services. My husband has health issues and he has not felt safe enough before. It will be a special Easter.

  71. Beautiful bracelet! I like the pearl and silver combination, and it looks stunning with the white top and black pants.

  72. Susan-I love your posts and your suggestions. This past year has been tough on everyone but I have chosen to use this time to improve some aspects of my life and organize some other parts of it. Some topics of your posts feel “spot on” and seem written just for me. Lol of course, but your advice and insights have been so helpful to me. Please continue the great job that you are doing. Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey.

  73. Thank you Susan for all your hard work to put out great content on your blog. It’s a labor of love on your part. This bracelet is lovely and the silver/Pearl combination is exquisite. Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey.

  74. Pearls and silver are great accessories when you have a “silver crown”! It has taken me 63 years to earn this crown I have on my head/hair!

  75. Pearls have always been a favorite of mine. They are elegant, timeless and go with every skin tone. Thank you for highlighting this designer and her beautiful work. I would love to add this bracelet to my everyday look.

  76. Loved the above looks. My pearls, from my mother, are all set in yellow gold, but I agree that pearls set in silver look better with silver hair, so I aim to get some new pieces! Thanks for the opportunity to win the lovely bracelet. Happy Easter!

  77. Love the seersucker jacket with the the white jeans and top, you always look nice, even during these challenging times.

  78. Beautiful post Susan! I love all your ideas and you look especially nice in the white top, black slacks and RED shoes! Happy Easter to you and thank you for the chance to win the bracelet.

  79. Love your words of wisdom on eating habits, fashion and accessories!! Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey!!

  80. Susan, I love this bracelet and would enjoy adding it to my pearl necklace and earrings gifted to me by my sweet husband. Thank you for all you do for us via your blog. I have enjoyed it and have learned so much from you over the years. I am 67 years young and striving to be my best…and you have helped me immensely. Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey!

  81. Thank you for always posting on nutrition as well as fashion. I have learned much from you and use it daily. I also love pearls and the bracelet is stunning.

  82. I have admired this bracelet for so long. I would absolutely love to be the one chosen. Thank you so much Susan and Beauty in Stone. Have a blessed and holy Easter. HE HAS RISEN!!! Halleluia!!

  83. I learn so much here about good solid basics and dressing for MY style and shape. The bracelet is such a fresh take on a classic! #LessIsTrulyMore

  84. When I was in high school & college yellow gold was king! I’ve gravitated to silver/white gold., especially with my silver hair now.
    This bracelet is timeless. That’s my goal in dressing now.
    Thank you for your guidance.

  85. Pearls and silver are a lovely combination and my personal favorite. This bracelet is exquisite!

  86. Thanks for introducing us to this beautiful jewelry! I’m impressed that their website even has a Susan After 60 tab so we can easily see your favorites

  87. I couldn’t agree with you more about the silver and pearl combination. It is certainly my go to. That is a beautiful bracelet.

  88. Happy ‘Easter, dear Susan! Springtime looks GREAT on you! I wish you many sunny days ahead. Thank you for your blog and tips. I always learn something new!

  89. You always look so elegant, Susan. The pearls are beautiful and the bracelet is absolutely stunning. Happy Easter!

  90. I love to wear pearls and watching and reading your blog has inspired me to wear them more and more. Your clothing combinations give me inspiration to try new things. I also have tried to put myself together so much more from watching what you put together. Gives me confidence to look better just to go to the grocery store. Thanks

  91. Good morning, I love seeing your posts on Tuesday morning. We are going to Tennessee after Easter, I have a farm in Tazewell, although I live in Ohio. The farm belonged to my parents and I just try to keep it up. I go down every month and and stay a week, except in the winter. So this will be my first time down this year. I love how you share your travels, and hope to visit some of your sites. I’m 73 now, and I sure love your style, So elegant, yet simple to follow. I’m going to Hawaii in May, wish you were here to help me pack. Thank you for your great advice. Hugs, Brenda Evans

  92. The bracelet is stunning. I have recently started wearing pearls with some of my silver. This bracelet would be a nice addition to my small jewelry collection. Since I live in Tennessee having something made in my state would be an added bonus.

  93. Silver and pearls…a beautiful combination and a favorite of mine. You wear it well, Susan!! Such beautiful jewelry.

  94. Pearls always look elegant and classy, no matter the age of the wearer.A wardrobe of pearls is instant assessorizing.

  95. Susan, your outfits and accessories are always cool, confident, and classic choices that complement you perfectly! Thank you for all the inspiration and tips you provide for your readers. I always look forward to every post, and I have been following you for years!

  96. What a beautiful statement piece this pearl bracelet makes. Thank you for the opportunity to win this piece.

  97. Silver and pearls add so much brightness to any outfit, and it really adds a lift to your overall look. Complements gray and silver hair as well! I stopped wearing gold-tone jewelry years ago, even though so many pieces are lovely, because the cool tones are much more flattering on me.

    Love, love, love reading your blog!

  98. Susan, you look stunning in the navy top & white pants. The pearls you’re wearing in this photo really stand out so beautifully.
    I look forward to each blog you write because I always learn something new.
    My trademark is wearing a bracelet every day, so I’m excited about having a chance to win this gorgeous pearl bracelet.
    Thank you for this very beautiful and generous prize offer.

  99. Your post today made me look through my “stash” of jewelry and I found a silver and pearl necklace that I had forgotten about! I am going to make a point to wear it (your photos made me see how pretty it can look). Thanks for all of your good advice-you always look lovely.

  100. Pearls are understated elegance, and are my absolute favorite! I was so excited that our granddaughter was born in June as pearls are one of the birthstones for that month, and I’ll have someone special to pass mine on to one day!

  101. You look so festive in your photos. I especially love the navy blue on top with white pants – and all the beautiful pearls! I have read your blog for about five years now and you have had quite an influence on how I now shop, dress, organize my closet and use color. I am even trying to lose 15 more pounds. I have a round face, wavy hair, but my problem area has been my apple, now pear shape! But at 72 I feel as if I always look put together and have enjoyed many complements!

    So thank you for your blog!



  102. I love all the pearls…especially the layering of them in the last picture. You can never go wrong with pearls….Happy Easter Susan.

  103. Love your fashion Advice; has helped me make good decisions on basic pieces to build that doundation wardrobe!
    Thank you

  104. Love your style and you always look so put together! Would love to copy your wardrobe but our climate is so hot and humid. I miss Tennessee!

  105. Pearls are my favorite also. I don’t own “real” pearls but some of my costume pearls suit me just fine. I love all your different looks with pearls. Stunning as usual. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  106. Your pearls are beautiful, Susan. I still have my Grandmother’s Mikimoto pearl necklace that she gave me for my sixteenth birthday 51 years ago!

  107. Thank you for continuing to help all of us who read your blog with your wonderful insights on all things good for us! I have been following your blog for 3 years!
    Happy Spring!
    Best Regards,
    Kathi McNew

  108. Thank you for all your beautiful posts. They truly reflect you and are an inspiration to me and countless other women!
    Happy Passover and Easter!
    Michele Ross

  109. I’m a silver and pearl girl, too. I especially like the way you’ve layered the necklaces! Thanks for the inspiration.

  110. Hi Susan,

    The pearl bracelet is beautiful! We hope to travel to your area in the near future and check out some of the places you feature in your blog.

  111. I love all these looks but I’m a little stunned at how chic and beautiful a simple black tee and white pants look on you! I’ve gone back to the picture to try to figure out why this works so well- clearly, great jewelry, great fitting clothes, polished accessories… and make-up! I’m going to work on this! The bracelet is lovely and would be perfect to bring some spring polish to outfits.

  112. I’m so thrilled that I found your site! I’ve been fighting off “the blues” after realizing how much I’ve neglected my skin care and fashion during the pandemic. As things begin opening up, I’ve felt anxious about presenting myself to the outside world again! Your site has provided a much needed shot of confidence and optimism, in addition to all of your great advice and inspiration. I feel a newfound ability to go into my closet and put together some chic, yet comfortable outfits, and I’m in love with the Beauty in Stone jewelry. I agree that silver and pearls are a winning combination with almost any outfit. Thank you so much for what you do…making 60+ year olds like me feel vital again! 🙂 Patti S.

  113. Susan, I so enjoy your posts.
    You are showing that a woman of any age can be classy and fashionable without ‘breaking the bank’.
    Happy Spring to you.


  114. I love the jewelry from Beauty in the stone! I have purchased earrings, bracelets and necklaces because I saw them on you… thanks! Happy Easter

  115. Susan, you always inspire me to try and up my game.
    Everything looks lovely on you. I am a pearl and silver
    fan and would really enjoy wearing this beautiful bracelet.
    Thank you.

  116. What a beautiful bracelet! Pearls are one of my favorites…..they go with everything! I am thrilled to have an opportunity to win this timeless piece of jewelry!

  117. Wishing you a very blessed Easter. Susan, you are the epitome of elegance! Thank you for the beautiful giveaway opportunity.

  118. I know my necklace didn’t come from Beauty in Stone Jewelry, but this bracelet looks as if it were made to be worn with the necklace!

  119. Thank you for all you do, Susan. I’ve been following you for many years & am always inspired by you.

    I would be a most grateful recipient of the silver & pearl bracelet if I were to win. It’s something I would wear nearly every day!

    Thanks again–

    A grateful reader

  120. Love all your outfits especially the blue and white, lovely. The bracelet is beautiful. Always ready to read your PEARLS of wisdom, and often you have shown us that there will be a SILVER lining especially during the pandemic. You encouraged us to eat healthily and look after ourselves, even if we aren’t seeing many people, or going very far. Thank you for that and have a lovely Easter.

  121. I am learning to appreciate pearls. I inherited several strands from my mom. Now I realize how timeless they are. Thanks for the post! Brought back fond memories!

  122. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful fashion and lifestyle tips…I am always happy to see your posts pop up in my inbox! Happy Easter! Peggy in AZ

  123. Such a gorgeous bracelet! I’m also coveting the V-neck, 3/4-sleeve sweater in the top photos…you look wonderful!

  124. Thank you for the opportunity to win that beautiful piece! I’ve just started wearing pearls again, and they give my outfits a nice classic touch

  125. I look forward to reading your posts and have picked up many great ideas from you. That is a very beautiful bracelet! Happy Easter!

  126. Pearls are one of my favorite stones. I mix my real ones with my faux, and only I know it. Thank you for your posts. You are always beautiful and are an inspiration to me.

  127. Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to win this fine piece.
    Thank you. Best wishes for a happy Easter!

  128. Great photos of stunning outfits again. Thank you for the inspiration for me to try to look my best. Have a blessed holiday.

  129. Hi Susan, Oh how all of these beautiful outfits look great. The pearls really elevate the look. I’m a big fan of pearls myself, and a variety of colors. I’ve been blessed to travel to China quite a few times for my work and I like to buy some interesting/different pearls and pearl gifts. Thanks for sharing today. I really love navy blue and white combination above! Amy

  130. Okay…hands down the RED pop of color in your shoes wearing the B/W casual ensemble has convinced me to log onto ZAPPO’s and purchase of pair of red sling backs! B/W are my trademark colors and I have never thought of the pop of RED to anchor my outfits! Thank you!!

  131. Always enjoy your blog. You illustrate being lovely and stylish is achievable for us in maturity. Thanks for your advice and the photos.

  132. I have the deep purple jacket and shell you are wearing above and have comments on it each time I wear it.
    I have been following you for years and you have made quite a difference in my life. I admire you so much.

  133. Hello Susan and good afternoon!!
    This article is another confirmation as to why I am such a fan of yours. We agree on so much:
    First off, Thank you for your service to our country. Pleased, too, you served a lot of that time, and after, here in our area. Not to mention our names are similar. We agree on how we decorate our homes and choices of our wardrobe. We have similar coloring…and pearls!! Pearls and silver!! I wear pearl studs everyday. They are the last thing I take off at night and first thing I put on in the morning!!
    I would be thrilled to be chosen to receive the lovely pearl bracelet you ladies are gifting. If I was fortunate enough to receive, I would be able to, once again, tell everyone “your story” when I received compliments on it.
    Plus, my birthday is the 22 of April.. Lucky you, on this one….we are not the same age!! I will be 80. Honestly, though, I am very blessed. My mind does not know that!!!
    No matter what, Susan, thank you for all your informative and delightful posts…
    Have a blessed and lovely Easter with your loved ones…

  134. Susan, I look forward to each of your post. Your common sense approach to beauty and style are always welcome. Have a blessed Easter. Millie

  135. Hi Susan!! I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your outfits. I have been able to recreate some of them with items in my wardrobe. Thank you for your inspiration. Happy Easter!

  136. I love Suzanne’s beautiful jewelry in stone. You introduced me to her and I purchased the Three Graces necklace. The bracelet is lovely and would be nice to wear to Church or anytime!

  137. Hi Susan! I just have a question about the tote handbag you’re wearing in the first photo below the beautiful pearl bracelet. Is the tote from Portland Leather? It’s gorgeous!

    Thank you for another wonderful blog post and contest. Good luck, everybody!!!

  138. Susan, you look better and better and I’m sure that the way you care for yourself has a lot to do with this! I believe that what we eat, how we move, and how we think (even genetics) play a role in our well being. Thank you for all your tips through the years I have been following you. May and Mr. Mickey be blessed! By the way, I really do think that your new haircut is very becoming on you…

  139. Easter is a time of renewed hope, peace and love.May we remember these qualities and treat each other with love and
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  140. I thought of you today when I was in my doctor’s office and an 80 year old woman was sitting across from me. She was all dressed up with her lipstick, pearls and little heels. I commented how fashionable she looked. The sweet lady said I am in my eloquent 80’s. She said, I never want to look my age, do you? A sweet moment.

  141. Perfect pictures. You totally inspire me to better myself! To clean out my closet, to clean out my jewelry box, to clean out my shoes. I can’t buy all new so I have to be creative an you give me the inspiration to do that!!

  142. I don’t change my purses very often although I own quite a few. Seeing that smart looking orange purse over your shoulder encourages me to make the extra effort! As usual, you look great!

  143. I love pearls of any kind! The bracelet is so pretty!

    I’ve been following you for many years, you always look
    lovely. I turned 80 in 2020. I’m trying to find a new style
    of dressing to not look like I’m trying to dress young, but
    also not to look frumpy!


  144. The navy and white combination is a classic one and I love it. I always look forward to your blog as it gives me so many ideas – and inspires me to go through my closet and get rid of clothes that are outdated or simply now too young for me. I always take your tips to heart.

  145. I enjoyed all the different ways to wear pearls in your post today. I have my mother’s vintage pearl necklace and earrings. I love wearing them on special occasions. My everyday earrings often are a single pearl. Pearls do seem to go with everything. I admire the bracelet you showed. It is a unique and beautiful piece
    Thank you for giving your readers an opportunity to own it.
    You look lovely as usual! Blessings to you during this season of renewal.

  146. What a beautiful bracelet. Can’t miss with silver and pearls. I look forward to your posts because they always give me helpful style ideas.

  147. This bracelet is a beautiful piece. It would make a very nice gift this spring! I enjoy seeing how you put things together. It helps me very much!

  148. I too enjoy silver and pearls and find that it meets my taste as well. Thank you for all that I have learned and continue to absorb from your communications.

    As always, Rebecca

  149. Susan,
    I have had a love affair with pearls ever since my grandmother gifted me an heirloom set of hers in 1955.
    I wear them frequently, even with dressy jeans! Always receive a lovely compliment.

    I hope you and Mr. Mickey have the loveliest of Easters. There is so much to be joyful about this year.

    Blessings to you,

  150. Love the posts Susan. You always look amazing. I love pearls and silver myself, I have been wearing my pearls a lot lately and I love the bracelet. I hope you have a very Happy Easter.


  151. Love the pearl bracelet. I’ve started wearing pearls again and love them. Beautiful as always, Susan. You are truly a style icon!

  152. Happy resurrection Sunday to all. Recognizing our blessed hope in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s not about eggs, bunnies and new clothes. Those are ok for our little ones as long as the reason for the season is also taught. Your are a beautiful woman inside and out. I enjoy your blog so much.

  153. Happy Easter!
    I look forward to your post and love all your tips.
    Please add me to the pearl bracelet give away.
    Thank you,

  154. I love Suzanne’s work! I’d love to win the bracket. I’ve seen that you get a lot of wear out of it and I think I would also.

  155. Would love to add this bracelet to my pearl and silver collection, which includes necklace my parents gave me for 16th birthday in 1964, and earrings worn at wedding with my high school sweetheart! Love pearls and silver!

  156. You look lovely in each outfit. I love the navy top and white pants with the orange purse. You are so classy!

  157. Love your pearls and silver post. You always look awesome. I used to make jewelry and I really liked silver and pearls, then I would put in s splash of turquoise. Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey. Have a blessed day.

  158. I love reading your posts and have gotten very useful information from them. You always look lovely!

  159. What a lovely giveaway. Suzanne is obviously a very talented designer, for the bracelet is sumptuous.

  160. I am always impressed at how classic you can make simple clothing pieces stand out for professional and casual situations. In my opinion you missed your calling as the professional workforce needs your style sense. When I stumbled on your blog it was a great day to help me pull classic pieces together and ignore all the “trendy” items that are here today and gone tomorrow. Thank you!

  161. I also love pearls. I would love to win the pearl bracelet. It would go with other pieces that I have. I enjoy your blog. You keep it real and honest. Thank you.

  162. That’s a lovely bracelet, Susan. I love pearls myself; they are classic as well as versatile, as you have shown. Thanks for giving me some new ideas on accessorizing with my pearls.

  163. Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter! And I love your outfits with the pearls!

    Also could you tell me where you got the black v-neck top? I’m always looking for v-necks!


  164. Love the bracelet. Love your outfits. The pearls certainly add a nice touch. Will you be commenting more about the outfits.

  165. You always make me smile! Thank you for the wonderful blog, photos, styling tips, and honesty. Schools on the West Coast are transitioning, finally, to All In. I’m celebrating Holy Week with calm and so looking forward to our students arriving back in our hallways.

    HAPPY EASTER! The pearl bracelet is stunning.

  166. Hello Susan, Thank you for hosting another giveaway! I love the organic look of the pearl bracelet. I especially like how you have styled it with navy blue tops, and white pants! I will be emulating that look for our small casual Easter celebration. I hope you are doing well after your COVID vaccine. I just heard on NPR today that some people who suffer from what they called “long COVID” (people with lingering fatigue, and other symptoms) sometimes get relief after they get the vaccine. This sounds very promising!

  167. I just want to say that reading your emails is a boost to my week, especially how you notice and enjoy simple pleasures, nature, architecture, and the people you spend time with.

  168. love love love your blog AND we have the same multi-colored Karastan rug!
    mine is over 35 years years old and it is still going strong!
    I can’t believe i will be 70 this summer…hoping that everyone continues their blogs into their 80’s

  169. Even though I am well past 60 I enjoy your blogs. I am still able to use a lot of your tips and really like all of the
    clothes you model. Thankful you recovered well from Covid and are able to get out and travel. The places you go to
    and show the pictures are some of our favorite places to travel. Something about the mountains! Have a blessed Easter.
    Deanna Cartledge
    Yes. I love pearls. My birthday is in June and the birthstone is pearl.

  170. What a fun giveaway. Pearls and Easter just seem to go together. Thanks for the pearls of wisdom you are willing to share.
    God Bless

  171. Thank you for showing us how to wear pearls. Just what I need for Easter. Your navy top and jacket really showed off the beautiful pearls. Also enjoyed the casual looking but dressing the look with pearls. What great ideas you have. Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you again for sharing your great ideas.

  172. I look forward to reading every post- your simple elegance inspires me! Pearls and silver add a stunning touch to any outfit- even a pair of jeans and a white tee-shirt. A combination for any occasion.

  173. Thank you for being such a positive and exquisite example of style after 60. I depend on your website for my style choices.

  174. It is so refreshing to see someone in my age group dress so classy. You always give me ideas on outfits that I can put together from my closet. This bracelet would look great with so many of my outfits too!

  175. Hi Susan!
    Always look forward to your posts, what you and Mr. Mickey are up to and your always sage fashion advice.

  176. Lovely bracelet, both my husband and son have pearls as their birthstone. They’re my favorite, I would love to win this beautiful bracelet. It would be a heirloom for my precious granddaughter.

  177. How lovely, Susan! I enjoy your blog so much…it’s very inspiring for those of us over the ‘capped sleeves’ age! Recently, I purchased the lariat necklace from Suzanne, based on your photos and recommendations…and, I’m so very glad I did. It’s truly beautiful and contributes to a variety of different ‘looks’.
    Thank you for your style wisdom….(my fingers are crossed…I LOVE the bracelet!)

  178. I lived in Tennessee for 7 years back in the 90s. There is nothing more feminine or classy than a southern woman and no jewelry more feminine or classy than pearls! Thank you for featuring femininity and class in your posts!

  179. Thank you for all of your terrific ideas and inspiring women to become the best version of themselves. I have always believed that how you look on the outside is a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. Love the bracelet!

  180. I love that pearls are back, and pairing with silver makes them modern as well as beautiful. I would love to win this.

  181. Beautiful bracelet. I’ve learned so much from your site. We are the same age! I’m retiring this summer and looking forward to a more carefree life!

  182. The bracelet is lovely and pearls are my birthstone. I wear them quite often. Hope I win this one.

  183. I was so “egg-cited” when I saw the title of today’s post. My favorite outfit is the blue top and sweater with the white pants. That color combination is my favorite. I am also a silver and pearl lover too.

  184. I am in love with the outfit you are wearing in the last picture. In my humble opinion, navy and white are your best colors! I never thought to mix some of my silver jewelry pieces with pearls so thank you for inspiring me. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  185. Pearls are my very favorite especially since I was born in June.
    They are classy and elegant.
    Love the bracelet.
    Linda Schenk

  186. Pearls and silver are my favorite combination too. Beautiful bracelet! Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey.
    Thank you for your blog. I have learned so much from you.

  187. I feel the prettiest look from the choices in this blog is the look of pearls with navy, the last photo. The richness of navy seems to set off the cream and white, with silver for a beautiful combination. Thank you for your inspiration and help with choosing clothing when older, it is much appreciated. Ann Lee S

  188. Susan,
    In the jewelry items that came from my mother and grandmother are two “pearl” necklaces that have an antique or slight pink color. Also, I have a gold cameo with a gold claw that can be attached to the necklaces. The cameo has an antique ivory look also. What style and color earrings would you suggest to wear with the necklace with or without the cameo? Would white pearls work?

    1. The earrings should be so small and simple that you barely notice them when you wear a statement necklace. It always seems to look more balanced with not too much going on in the same place.

  189. LOVE the bracelet, this blog, AND the travel/fashion inspiration I get from it!! I too, have been wearing silver/pearls for YEARS . ALL I wear anymore. 1 piece of advice: if you/she can make any elasticized bracelets, I’m sure they’d be VERY popular as there has to be others who ( like me) have health issues & arthritis which make clasps hard to manage.

  190. Beautiful jewelry! Suzanne is a friend of one of my oldest friends from Florida. I heard about her jewelry from her.

    Love all the pieces and outfits! Happy Easter Susan!

  191. Love the navy with pearls. I, too, am wearing more pearls. LOVE that long pearls with silver necklace!

  192. The bracelet is gorgeous! The designer is incredibly talented! And Susan, your posts were a bright spot during this past extremely difficult year. Thank you!

  193. I love each of your looks!!! I so look forward to each of your posts. Your timeless elegance is inspiring. I love the pearl bracelet. 🙂

  194. I love your style and have incorporated a lot of it into my own wardrobe! Your looks are always so classy!

  195. Enjoy these posts where you take a basic piece like the white pants and show many different looks. As to pearls, I have making it a point to wear them more often and not just keep them “for good”.

  196. I used to wear nothing but gold, until my (now)husband gave me an engagement ring in white gold. Now I wear nothing but white metals. Silver & pearls are classic! Would love to win the bracelet.

  197. Pearls and silver are my favorite too!! I just happen to have a necklace that would look beautiful with that bracelet!!

  198. Susan, your posted looks are all so fresh and classic!! Quite timeless!! I look forward to seeing all of your ideas and how you use your basic pieces to mix and match to create countless looks! The silver and pearls are stunning!

  199. I showed my husband the Beauty in Stone website following your post on your birthday. I now have 5 gorgeous necklaces that I can mix and match thanks to your inspiration!

  200. I would love a pearl bracelet. You have marvelous taste in jewelry. I love following your blog. I get so many ideas from you whether it is color combinations or the rule of 3, or long over lean.

  201. Susan, thank you so much for your positive insights on life and fashion. I’m so thankful for you!

  202. The pearls are beautiful and my favorite. Your blog has really made a difference in the way I dress and think of my new purchases. Thank you and Happy Easter, Jane

  203. Beautiful bracelet! Pearl is my birthstone and I love silver. Thanks for a chance to win this bracelet! Happy Easter!

  204. I wear mainly silver jewelry. Love the look of pearls. So of course I love, love this combination!! I so enjoy your posts each week. Seems like I get something each time you post.

  205. They say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but Pearls are the living end! I am thrilled you offering the pearl bracelet! Gee, I hope I win it! Happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey.

  206. So pretty! Now that my hair is silvery, silver looks so much better on me than the yellow gold I used to wear.

  207. Beautiful bracelet. Pearls are such a classic piece of jewelry. Thank you for offering this piece as a give away. Happy Easter Susan!

  208. You look lovely in pearls Susan! I love combining pearls with silver, it is a very elegant look.

  209. That lovely bracelet would brighten up any woman’s Easter, especially this year when many of us are confined to home and not able to celebrate with family due to Covid restrictions!

  210. All beautiful outfits but I especially love the seersucker jacket with the red purse. Happy Easter to you!

  211. That lovely pearl and silver bracelet would enhance any outfit! It is a perfect simple accessory that adds polish!

  212. Thank you, Susan, for always being there, reminding me to use the clothes that fit well and are solid colored, with accessories to add color and pattern in small measure. You are a lovely person, and we all treasure you and Mr. Mickey.

  213. This jewelry is absolutely beautiful! I love this bracelet! I also like pearls and silver, and it looks so good when you pair these two with your outfits. I enjoy reading your blog so much.

  214. I love wearing pearls and silver! Dressed up or dressed down, they always seem to add that touch of class!

  215. I’ve learned so much from reading your posts. No more buying because it’s on sale, or because I might need it someday. My clothing and accessories purchases are planned now. And speaking of planned purchases, this bracelet has been on my wish list for awhile now.

  216. For me, as a native of Memphis, TN., I’m always SO pleased when we have a wonderful, warm Easter here in Southwest Michigan, which our weather people predict for this coming Sunday. Since I really enjoy wearing skirts in warm weather, my outfit for this Easter will be a skirt of black crepe with small white polka dots, midi-length, which I will wear with a white cami under a white linen shirt. I will tie the shirt discreetly at the midriff . . . and a simple pair of open-work, low-heeled pumps. And pearls?? Yes: a white baroque-pearl drop and pearl earrings. I have played the piano since I was five years old, and I will serve as musician at one of our local churches. Happy Easter!

  217. Susan, I love the unexpected way you wear your pearls. You look so elegant. I need to start wearing mine again ( if I have anyplace to go,, Lol!) Have a very Happy Easter.

  218. I think the pearl bracelet is beautiful. Combination with silver looks the best to me. I would love to win.

  219. I missed your post from last May on Date Night at Home. The pearl embellished blouse was beautiful! The red suede pumps were perfect. The layered necklaces in the pic are calling my name. Pearls are one of my favorites to wear and happen to be my birthstone. Love reading your blog.

  220. I have a friend who wears her moms pearls with a denim jacket AND pulls it off gloriously. I want to be like her when I grow up!

  221. I’m a pearl and silver wearer, too. They compliment my silver hair, like yours! Would love to win that beautiful bracelet.

  222. I always enjoy your posts. The bracelet is lovely and it would be wonderful to have an opportunity to wear it.

  223. I love your classic style and helpful tips. Could you help with summer tops appropriate for a fuller bustling? Thank you.

  224. Thank you for all your helpful and inspiring posts. They’ve simplified my life in retirement and make me feel good about my sixties! Happy Easter!

  225. I think pearls go with anything. I’ve loved them since I realized what “jewelry” was. 🙂 Mary Lou

  226. Love all of the classic looks! The red shoes make all the difference don’t they. I would love to win the beautiful pearl and silver bracelet. Thank you from the gulf coast of Alabama.

  227. I received my first string of pearls for my 13th birthday and a pearl ring that Christmas. For some reason my mother did not like gold so I had few jewelry pieces in the 1960s. Then the Santa Fe look became popular and silver was everywhere. Today it is a look that can be casual or dressy – I love it! And I would love to win the beautiful bracelet (and if I don’t I think I will treat myself for after Easter!).

  228. When not too much has been fun during this last year, your posts have been. I enjoy your adventures and your choices.

  229. Your outfits are always so understatedly chic. With just a change in accessories you demonstrate how to go from casual to dressy. Your suggestions have helped me get rid of things without feeling guilty and build readily wearables outfits appropriate for any occasion. It has actually been fun this long winter trying on and editing all my pants and tops , making exchangeable combinations and preparing a shopping list for a few new basics. (And actually getting rid of things that no longer fit my lifestyle or shape, rather than keeping them in the closet just in case which never really comes!) I wish I had known these tips when I was a busy mom of three with a full time job! Thanks, Susan, for such great ideas on how to embrace and find joy in simplicity in our dress and daily activities.

  230. Susan, I love reading your posts and looking at the wonderful scenery where you live. I live in the UK, so I am not expecting to win the bracelet, but along with your clothing style it will certainly be a look I try to emulate. Thank you for all the advice.

  231. I love silver and this bracelet is stunning. Love all about your styles. Have a blessed Easter.

  232. You look stunning. I know you share your health & beauty tips but you appear to be aging in revers.
    I have a beautiful silver & pearl necklace that I am now motivated to get out of the safe and start wearing again.
    P.S. Would look perfect with the pretty bracelet designed by friend.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Easter to you, your family & Mr. Mickey

  233. I think of all your accessories I love the bracelets most. Have made enquiries about getting something shipped to uk…just never bitten the bullet. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a coming out of lockdown treat regards mamaburns margaret

  234. Oh my. I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful jewelry. This bracelet is a stunning piece to wear in so many ways. Thank you for the opportunity to enter for the giveaway.

  235. Magnifique bracelet. J’adore. Je ne porte jamais de boucles d’oreilles car je ne les supporte pas, mes oreilles deviennent rouge au bout d’une heure et le reste pendant plusieurs jours même après avoir retiré les boucles d’oreilles. Alors je me rattrape en portant des colliers et des bracelets. Merci Suzan pour votre blog qui m’aide à améliorer ma garde robe.

  236. I love your style and really look forward to all your posts. I have learned a lot from you . Thank you for all you do. Really like the bracelet too!

  237. Pearls are also my favorite! A friend, who is a beader, has made several pearl and gemstone necklaces for me. Love them all!

  238. Love the “looks” you post. I am a recent follower and look forward to your posts. The stonewear jewelry is exquisite.

  239. I’m glad I’m not the only woman who still wears pearls. Its not often you find silver with pearls, so I really enjoy these pieces. Thanks again for being a fashion inspiration for the “After 60 ” crowd. I will be wearing pearls, a hat and gloves to church on Sunday!

  240. Susan, I love that you feature age appropriate, fashionable looks from items that you already have in your closet. It’s a great endorsement for sustainability and encourages me to think creatively when styling my own outfits.

    Thank you!

  241. Silver has always been my favorite metal. I don’t wear my pearls enough, I’ll have to start doing that!

  242. I so look forward to your lovely posts! You’ve helped me to identify my personal fashion and lifestyle- thank you!
    Reading your blog , I have developed a new self confidence at the young age of 70 and am loving my journey thru life.
    Love, love, love this gorgeous pearl bracelet- the essence of the pearl has its own amazing journey of creation and I’d be honored to share its beauty on my wrist. It’s a bracelet that I’d wear with my Jean jacket or my black dressy jacket- thinking it would become my signature piece.

  243. Your posts always brighten my day. It’s nice to reassure myself I can look stylish at any age. I love the silver/pearl combination. It looks stunning on you.

  244. I love your posts and look forward to them. You are a beautiful and classy woman and I strive to be like you.
    Thank you for your blog!

    Please enter me in the lovely bracelet drawing.

  245. Hi Susan,

    Once again you lovely so pretty and feminine. The bracelet reminds me of the one my daughter gave to another woman who happened to come into her wo work place at a retail store. The woman did not have enough money to make the purchase limit that was needed to qualify for a discount coupon. My doctor ended up slipping off her bracelet and placing it in the bag of the items that the woman was able to purchase.

    My daughter is so caring and giving to others even though she herself struggles at times in her life. The bracelet would be a lovely gift for a beautiful daughter.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire so many women.

  246. You always look elegant. I love all the looks but for me, no white slacks. I wear lots of of capris. I have lots of blazers going through them now. Really love wearable art blouses. I’m an aquarius so not afraid to try anything lol.

  247. Pearls are my all time favorite I have worn a simple pearl ring since I was a freshman in high school. This year I gifted my 13 year old granddaughter a similar ring. Everything pearl is just plain classy.

  248. Pearls are my all time favorite. I have worn a pearl ring since I was a freshman in high school. This year I was able to gift my 13 year old granddaughter a simple pearl ring. Pearls are just plain classy!

  249. What a lovely combo of pearls with silver. I’m not sure why but I tend to make it and either or. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  250. You are so chick! Thank you for being an inspiration and living testament that beauty, elegance and style is ageless.

  251. I’m not sure why but while I do wear both silver and pearls it’s an either or for me. I’m going to look through my jewelry and wear them together. Thanks for helping to improve my wardrobe!!

  252. I love pearls as well and so enjoyed seeing how you wore them. Living in Kentucky I wear my pearls and lipstick
    Hope you have a very blessed Easter!!!

  253. Susan you look fabulous in navy and white. I’m going to wear that color combo for Easter ! Happy Easter to you and Mr Mickey.

  254. I really enjoy reading your posts and have learned some great tips for both work and casual wardrobe. I lost 60 pounds about 3 years ago to avoid the need for prescription medicines and have replaced my wardrobe twice as well as resizing some things on my own. Your tips have been really beneficial in trying to maintain a classic wardrobe.

  255. I’ve always loved pearls and have several necklaces and earrings. This bracelet is lovely. I hope I win! Thank you for this giveaway.

  256. Hello Susan,
    I enjoy reading your blog every week. Pearls are my go to when I’m dressing up.
    Have a very happy Easter to you and Mr. Mickey.

    Greetings from Stillwater Minnesota.

  257. I love pearls and have been wearing a pearl ring since I was a freshman in high school. This year I was able to gift my 13 year old granddaughter with a simple pearl ring. Pearls are just plain classy!

  258. That bracelet is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your blog. I have been following you for years. I have learned many things but one of my still favorite tips is to hang sweaters inside out on hangars so that the “stretch” will be on the inside. Why didn’t I ever think of that???

  259. Susan,
    in a world gone mad with the “consume or die” mentality, you present a solidly sensible reflection on style and lifestyle.
    I’ve re-learned from you to: Choose wisely, cherish what you have, value constancy, and respect the moment you are in.
    And with all that, we have the added Bonus of healthy recipes & slimmer waistlines, better wardrobes, and a growing love of Tennessee.
    You are a gracious and giving centre in our busy pandemic days
    …thank you. Be safe and well
    Cheers, Brant

  260. You always brighten my day with your polished, sensible looks. I look forward to reading about your and Mr. Mickey’s adventures.

  261. Love all your pearls. I love pearls too, as they are my birthstone. In a past post you mentioned going to the beach and we have a beautiful beach here in Beaufort, SC.
    It’s Hunting Island State Park. The ride in is breathtaking and it’s not crowded. Your posts have made me want to visit your area of Tennessee. Love the photos of your weekend rides.

  262. You look lovely, as always. Terrific to see the looks from previous posts all together. Shows the versatility of pearls. I have a string of pearls, but don’t have a pearl bracelet. It would be lovely to win this very beautiful one.

  263. Susan,
    Thank you for your on going tips and recommendations, especially those for diet and style. I have incorporated so many of your ideas and begun creating a base wardrobe and adding pieces to make it pop. I have the lariat necklace from Beauty in Stone and I love it!

    Many Blessings,
    Cathy Coffman

  264. Love your style and try to take bits and pieces of it and incorporate it into my own style. I love that you’ve started wearing more wedge sandals which I also did when I gave up my stilettos and my feet are much happier. I too am a fan of pearls and in recent years I’ve started wearing pearls with my silver to give them a lighter and fresher look. I adore your bracelet and it would be lovely to win one to honor my Tennessee ancestors on one of my 2 favorite holidays. Happy Easter lovely lady and thank you for all the beautiful posts. I’ve never been to Tennessee but you’re photos help me connect with my heritage.

  265. Love the pearls with silver look!!’ You have given me inspiration to wear white pants BEFORE Memorial Day

  266. I love pearls, too! Thanks for reminding us of all the different ways to wear them. I’m always timid about wearing more than one piece of jewelry and I think I’ve been missing out — time to expand my comfort zone. Love that bracelet!

  267. My grandmother always said that pearls make the lady and always completes what you are wearing. The more you wear them the better they look. I think she would have worn them washing clothes!
    I have them now and wear them with jeans along with the “good stuff”. I see that you do the same!
    Enjoy your .Easter

  268. What a beautiful bracelet. And a beautiful you! I love getting your emails every morning and seeing what you are wearing. You have such a wonderful sense of style and always look so pulled together.

  269. Pearls and silver I wear often, looks good with gray hair. I get inspiration from the classy outfits you wear.

    Best wishes.

  270. Susan, how stunning you are in each photo. Thank you for always providing us with such inspiration and encouragement.
    I would love to be chosen for the bracelet. Have a beautiful Easter weekend. He is Risen!
    Mary Ray
    Birmingham Alabama

  271. What a lovely bracelet! Pearls make such a classic statement. Thank you for all of your invaluable advice about choosing pieces for my wardrobe.
    Have a blessed Easter,

  272. Let me start by saying how much I enjoy your site. I have learned so, so,( not a typo) much from you…..about fashion, how to correctly combine colors and clothes, plus advice on what would compliment my body shape.

    Thank you so much!

  273. I really enjoy your blog and think you have beautiful taste in clothes. I live vicariously through your trips in the country since I’ve been isolated in a city apartment during the pandemic. Thank you!

  274. Pearls are a favorite of mine also. I’m a silver person-not gold, so the pairing of pearls and silver are better for me. I’m 67 and still going into work each day, trying to look my best and not be stuck in the “no one sees me anyway” rut, so the bracelet would be a wonderful addition. Thank you, Susan! Always an elegant lady!

  275. Thank you for sharing all these looks again. I can’t decide which is my favorite!
    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a very blessed Easter. Hope you are able to spend it
    with those you love the most.

  276. Hi Susan,
    Easter blessings to you and your loved ones.

    Pearls are so unique. They soften and elevate a look, and always look chic. Wearing pearls enhances a casual outfit with jeans, yet added to a pretty blouse, or a black dress, there is quite a wow factor.

    Thank you for reminding us again how adding one item , like pearls, can make all the difference. You are very appreciated!

  277. Hello Susan. I just need to say that I often hear your voice in my head while out shopping and see something that might be trendy, etc. but would not be a productive purchase for me. For that, I and my wardrobe (and my wallet) thank you. Your style is inspirational, classic and practical. Thank you for what you do and I appreciate your advice and tips. Enjoy your day!

  278. Good morning Susan! Great combination , silver and pearls! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces!

  279. Susan, always love your classy and classic style. It mirrors my style and has encouraged me to work to streamline what I have to only keep what I love and meets my style image.

  280. Susan, you look so striking when you wear contrasting colors, such as black and white, navy and white, red and white. I have gotten so many great tips from you, and saved money because of your posts. Many clothes I would have purchased were rethought and not bought after reading your tips. Now my money is spent more wisely. Love your food tips as well. At 65, it is so hard to keep the weight off.

  281. Pearls are classic, timeless and so elegant! I prefer silver on my skin tone so that is how I wear them also. I love pearls and wear the ones my Grandmother got on her wedding day quite often! I also love the uniqueness of baroque and fresh water pearls. If I had to choose only 1 set of jewelry for all time – it would be pearls!

    As always, your classic style is always “on trend” especially when mixing pearls with beautiful creations by Suzanne:)

    Thanks for sharing and smiling through it all!

  282. I always enjoy seeing what you wear as I am same body type. I have an orange purse that I wasn’t sure what to wear it with but going to try the white pants, black top outfit…thanks for the idea!

  283. You have become my inspiration! I get so excited when I see your name in my email…I always know I will find something special. Thank you!

  284. Love your style……there is beauty in simplicity. I have stopped purchasing trendy styles and am now “Susan-trained” to reach for classic style clothing. Thanks for all your insights! Happy Spring!’

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  289. Thank you for being a constant inspiration for me and my wardrobe. I continue to make healthy eating choices and l am now walking 3 miles a day. I have dropped 2 sizes so far! My goal is a size 8. I feel better and have more energy than I have in years. Whatever you are doing, you seem to look younger with each post. I hope you know what a difference you make in so many people’s lives. You give us all something positive to look forward to in this crazy world! Thank you!

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    Keep up the great work, you’re helping us all in some way.
    God Bless and Happy Easter!

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    I look forward to your posts – you always look so lovely!
    Your home looks so beautiful & the scenery photos that you send are amazing.
    Mr Mickey looks pretty sharp in his outfits too!
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Warmest regards,

  300. I first noticed pearls on Jacklyn Kennedy when I was in the 7th grade. Using her as my role model, I began to collect and wear pearl necklaces. Of course, they were all costume jewelry. My favorite necklace was caught at a Mardi Gras parade. I received a string of pearls when I graduated from college. They are my favorite . The bracelet would complement my pearl necklace.

  301. Pearls and silver: Pearls of any color have been favorites since reading Stienbeck’s The Pearl, and later Theodore Taylor’s The Black Pearl. Combining them with silver has become a ‘go to staple, especially eclipse pieces that use white or grey with black pearl. I like the pieces even more as my hair gets greyer.

    Glad to see flooding does not seem to have had an affect in your area.

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    Always, Joan

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    Thank you for your delightful and inspiring blog. I have been enjoying it and using many of your suggestions.
    Susan Morrissey

  321. Your new cut looks fabulous! I also have been cutting my hair ( short, pixie cut…the front worked but no way could I do the back!) and it felt good to get to a salon last week. Went to a new place as I felt my old stylist was not “very concerned” about Covid. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bracelet – and always love pearls. I try to wear my pearl earrings from my wedding ( 44 years ago) as much as possible. Pearls are classy and timeless. Thank you for the chance to win and all your great posts ! Happy Easter !

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    Your beige flats (in the first picture with black top) have been calling to me and I found a pair on sale. Not the exact same pair but very close. I think you wore them in a previous post where I admired them. Can’t wait to wear them.
    Your bracelet is such a nice balance between casual and dressy. Love it !

  323. I agree that pearls and silver are timeless and classic. The older I get, the more I appreciate jewelry and clothing that have stood the test of time. I’m a huge fan of pearls and always channel Audrey, Grace, Diana, Jackie when I wear them. Those ladies are still stylish in my book!

  324. I agree that pearls are pretty with any look, even casual. I especially love the look of your flowing white top with the black slacks and the pop of crimson with your shoes, so classy and timeless! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones and all the readers here! Spring brings so much beauty and hope and we all need that!

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    I look forward to your emails and your sharing regarding: clothing, jewelry, travel, diet and exercise, recipes, etc. I find the information and tips on these topics quite helpful. You are an inspiration!
    Thank you.

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  340. Really enjoyed your last 2 postings, and the great outfit ideas. It remains a life mystery to me that I do have clothes but still can never figure out any but one way to wear them. It’s so great to have a beacon of wisdom to unravel things back to simplicity in your posts for us. I love the red shoes in your picture today.
    Also love the bracelet as I haven’t thought of wearing pearls for the longest time. Hope you and Mr. MICKEY have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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    Grace Ann
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  355. Susan,
    Thank you so much for your posts. They are eagerly awaited each week and are so informative and enjoyable. They have answered many questions of what to wear appropriately at this age. Thank you for the jewelry giveaway. It is a lovely piece.

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    This bracelet is so fun! Pearls are my all time favorite stone. Pearls are always elegant in my opinion and can also be fun like the bracelet.

    Have a great rest of the week.


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