The Birthday Dinner

Sunday was my birthday, but we celebrated on Saturday night, enabling us to visit Gourmet and Company, our favorite restaurant in Johnson City. (They are closed on Sunday.)

The white pants are more than four years old. Most of my white pants are denim, but these are such great fitting and high-quality pants that I have kept them. They are by Fabrizio Gianni (similar style here and here). The jacket and tank combo are also a couple of years old. I purchased the set here.

I clasped two of the same pearl necklaces together to make a strand long enough to wrap several times. Similar pearls are here. The bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

The Marc Fisher pumps are from earlier this year. Limited inventory is still available here.

You may find it frustrating that most of my items are from previous years, but hopefully, you can find current classic items using the examples. I always try to find links to similar things to share with you, and I may earn a small commission from those shopping links.

Mr. Mickey is also a fan of classic, high-quality items, which he enjoys for many years.

We avoid crowds and enclosed spaces, so we have not visited a restaurant since the beginning of June. For this significant evening, Mr. Mickey arranged for a table with an umbrella away from the building in a small parklike area.

Earlier in the day, he delivered a gift and red roses to the manager, to be brought to the table after we were seated. We toasted with champagne, enjoyed a delightful meal and excellent service.

Mr. Mickey was thrilled to again have his favorite deviled eggs with smoked trout.

We also ordered the fabulous truffle fries to share. The hand-cut fried potatoes get tossed in a delightful array of fresh herbs and spices just before serving. Delicious!

We were so excited to enjoy a meal I didn’t prepare; we almost forgot to take pictures. I had the house-made pasta with fresh vegetables, and Mr. Mickey enjoyed the heirloom tomato salad with seared scallops.

Glasses of twenty-year-old Tawny Port and a Bananas Foster were the shared birthday dessert.

Mr. Mickey knows that mosquitoes consider me an all you can eat buffet. Earlier in the day, when he dropped off the gifts, he sprayed the area where we would be seated with repellent. It worked! I didn’t get even one bite. He will always be my hero.

  1. Navy and white is such a classic combination and always look so modern and fresh. You both look wonderful and Mr Mickey is just so thoughtful. What a gem. And happy birthday for Sunday!

  2. Love your posts. Beautiful photos of you both and the scenery you post. Life is great after 60 and you show it with grace and charm much love from New Zealand xx

  3. Waking to find one of your new posts is like waking up to see sunny blue skies welcoming the day. Your birthday look is so beautifully chic and sophisticated. And how thoughtful of Mr Mickey to arrange your special dinner venue. Such a First-Class guy!

  4. Happy birthday, Susan!
    You look lovely, classic, and well put together!
    Mr. Mickey is extremely thoughtful, and he looks marvelous!
    How wonderful to be able to do something together, as you have always done, even in these less than normal times. It’s delightful to me, to see you enjoying your special day with your hero!

    Thank you for sharing your tips, links, and life! God bless you, Susan!

  5. You both look marvelous.
    I drooled all over my laptop as I looked at the food.
    Mr. M is a sweetie to think and follow through on all the details.
    You two are lovely people who take such good care of each other.
    May your spend many more healthy happy birthdays together in style.

  6. How lovely. You look elegant on your special day. Happy Birthday, and many more. Mr. Mickey is so considerate and thoughtful. Hard to find a gentleman like him!

  7. Belated birthday wishes. Loved your blog today about an extra special outing for a very special lady by a thoughtful special gentleman ❗️As always your outfits were spot on, thank you.

  8. I wanna be you! But, I know I can’t so thanks so much for sharing your life here. What a fabulous guy Mr Mickey is and how lucky is he to have found you!

  9. Happy birthday, Susan! My birthday was Saturday. My parents had three of us in September. Apparently we were celebration babies. I’ve been “dressing up” more in navy with white jeans due to your inspiration. Glad to see you both looking terrific and enjoying a fab meal. Stay well!

  10. Dear Susan
    Wishing you many happy returns for your birthday. I’m so glad that both you and Mr Mickey have both recovered well and are able to enjoy life again, even in the time of Covid!
    Wishing you all the best,
    Shirley Fisher
    Adelaide, South Australia

  11. A very happy belated birthday! Such fun to have an almost normal feeling celebration. So glad the weather cooperated so you could enjoy a meal at a beautiful outdoor venue. Mr. Mickey certainly was thinking ahead with all the details. My birthday was last week (65) and due to restrictions here, it was more or less another day with my husband doing a meal and a treat of caaramel stickey pudding. For all the celebrations we have not had we keep saying, next year. Fingers crossed. You look so elegant in your navy and white outfit, and love the jewellery. I hope your lingering symptoms are clearing up.

  12. Class, elegance and kindness. Nothing more to be said except Happy Birthday Susan! Love your blog and all of your adventures and dinners with Mr. Mickey!

  13. What a wonderful birthday you had! Mr. Mickey is so thoughtful! You were blessed to have a restaurant that could accommodate you outside, and great weather! Happy Birthday!

  14. What a special birthday celebration!!! Mr. Mickey is certainly a thoughtful and generous man and how wonderful to finally get out to your favorite restaurant. Congratulations!!!

  15. Happy belated birthday. My birthday is Thursday but we will not be going out to celebrate for another week or so. I enjoyed seeing your meal. I appreciate the fact that you show how to use what you own and aren’t always buying new things. Having a well thought out wardrobe is a much more sustainable way to deal with clothing, both financially and for the planet. You offer great inspiration on how to do that with various accessories and clothing combinations.

  16. Happy birthday ! It is a wee bit cooler here in kalamazoo then Tennessee but I understand about mosquitoes. My husband, Mr Barry, (so named by my preschoolers) also had the Cvirus. We have not been anywhere out to eat. ‘U go girl’! Am glad Mr. Mickey looks out for you also. Be safe.

  17. Susan, what a lovely birthday celebration! Your Mr. Mickey is gifted in making your birthday and you an experience to remember. No wonder he’s your hero! Happy belated birthday.

  18. It looks like it couldn’t be more perfect of an evening and well deserved for both of you! Mr. Mickey is a hero! You look ravishing and I love those layered necklaces on you!

  19. I’m sure you deserve all good things that come your way. And my goodness, Mr. Mickey is so considerate. Belated Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy belated birthday! You sure have a wonderful partner in Mr. Mickey. I’ve told you before you make such a nice looking couple! Your day sounds like it was a perfect day.

  21. Mr. Mickey is such a thoughtful man, not unlike my own husband. We are lucky to have such sweet-hearted men in our lives! Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you get to celebrate many more…

  22. What a lovely post, Susan. Your outfit was classic navy and white and very flattering. The food looked wonderful, and Mr Mickey is so kind and thoughtful. Have a wonderful year!

  23. Many Happy Birthday wishes to you, Susan! What a splendid way to celebrate, and a safe way, too. You and Mr Mickey are so lucky to have each other.
    You look absolutely smashing in these colours. Maybe you are a winter or blue spring (just a guess because I look good in the colours you wear). Would you consider doing a blog post on colours? Other thoughts for future posts…proportions when layering, wearing white jeans in 4 seasons, how to find/determine your best lipstick colour. All the best & keep well, Susan.

  24. Thank you for your lovely photos. Happy late Birthday. You both looked great. Thank you for taking us on your adventures. Helen

  25. Hi Susan! You both look wonderful and happy.

    Could you tell me which collection you got the tee and the jacket from! I don’t know in which collection to look. Thank you!

  26. Happy birthday! It’s nice to see Mr. Mickey. I appreciate the fact that you show different ways to wear clothing that you have had for years instead of constantly posting new purchases. Please keep inspiring us!

  27. “You may find it frustrating that most of my items are from previous years, but hopefully, you can find current classic items using the examples. I always try to find links to similar things to share with you, and I may earn a small commission from those shopping links.”

    Susan – don’t apologize. We all know that really elegant women build a timeless wardrobe of permanent fashion. And they know their type and style (and never try to imitate their teenage daughters).


  28. It sounds as if you had a wonderful day to celebrate! You and my son share the same birthday! I’ve just recently stumbled across your site and have been thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you for sharing your styling ideas!

  29. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your day was filled with God’s blessings!

    Your dinner certainly looked delicious and Mr. Mickey is so thoughtful.

    You look amazing as always!

  30. Happy Birthday, Susan! Looks like you had a very special intimate celebration. I think Mr. Mickey is one of the most thoughtful men I’ve ever seen. His attention to detail is amazing. Your look for the evening was just perfect. Great colors on you. Thank you for always keeping it real.

  31. What a beautiful birthday dinner you had! It seems Mr. Mickey thought of everything! It is so good to see him looking so dapper and well again . What was your gift in the bag? As Usual you looked so lovely. I adore your beautiful shoes, however, they had were out of my size. Thank you again for all of your beautiful posts. I continue to enjoy seeing what you are up to and your always classy and up to date fashion.

  32. Thank you for sharing your special day/meal with all of us. As a Canadian I miss travelling in your beautiful country and enjoying all your treats, so these pictures were especially appreciated. I love how Mr. Mickey appreciates you too as you are a feast for his eyes. I am trying to live up to all that you have taught us because your excellent personal example is easy to emulate. I wish you both many more happy years together and keep up the great inspirations! Cheers and beers from London!

  33. Belated Happy Birthday, Susan. You looked beautiful and very elegant as usual. So pleased that you managed to eat out and celebrate in a safe way. How thoughtful of Mr Mickey to spray the area in advance. You both looked well and happy.

  34. Happy Birthday, fellow Virgo. We celebrated my birthday on Saturday, at a lunch I didn’t have to prepare either. We ‘dined’ on the patio of a New Mexican restaurant under a huge old tree. We drove through the Santa Fe National Forest and had a beautiful day.

    It’s amazing how much we have learned to appreciate a simple day out. Something we just took for granted prior to this pandemic.

    I wish you a beautiful year! Thanks for sharing you wisdom and ideas.

  35. What jewelry gift did u receive? This is really a long term relationship. So glad you have him in your life.
    Love your posts

  36. Happy belated birthday, Susan. May you be blessed with many more. Nice Mr. Mickey helped to make your day special. You were beautiful.

  37. The last photo of you and Mr. Mickey captures the two of you so well! I’m glad you were able to have a wonderful outing for your birthday celebration. Happy Birthday!

  38. Happy Birthday. Looked like a wonderful Private
    Party. Just you and your handsome man, and you look beautiful as always.

  39. Mr. Mickey is a thoughtful person. So kind of him to make you feel extra special on your birthday. He is a treasure as you are as well!

  40. Ahhh, love this so much!! ….. Mr. Mickey’s attention to detail plus Gourmet’s co-operation and support of such!! I know you feel so loved and special!! Happy birthday!!

  41. What a special birthday Mr. Mickey designed for you. You both look gorgeous and so happy. Plus he sprayed for mosquitoes!!!! Love that so much.

  42. Happy Birthday, Susan! Would love to see your fine jewelry from the gift bag! Mr. Mickey is an amazing role model for everything a gentleman should be. I’m so glad you two met.

  43. You always look fantastic!
    I would love to see you give some guidance on footwear and handbags. How to decide what works together.

  44. We too have not eaten indoors, nor will we until a trusted vaccine is available. I only hope that restaurants are able to adapt to the winter months with outdoor heaters.
    I appreciate that your clothing is your own and that you do not take clothing in exchange for reviews. I do not find it frustrating in the least. I get great ideas without the feeling that you are pitching the item to profit from me. Your blog is authentic, and your style of dress works for me.

  45. Hello Susan,

    Another September birthday girl here! What length are the pearl strands that you clasped together and how did you do that? I know you have jewelry making skills and tools but can this be done by a non- jewelry maker? I love the multi strand look! Thank you?

    PS….. will there be another closet tour coming soon?


    1. Take two necklaces that are the same length. (Mine are 42 inches long.) Unclasp them both put the female end into the male end of the other necklace, go to the other ends, and repeat. You are hooking them to each other instead of to their own ends.

      I will do another closet tour soon.

  46. Such a nice birthday celebration for you! I couldn’t find your normal Monday post and was concerned that you might not be feeling well. So glad you to see your post today. Happy belated birthday and many more. You look outstanding as always and Mr. Mikey looks quite handsome. I like to think that birthdays are just a date on the calendar and that age is a state of mind. You are still look “forty” something.

  47. Happy Birthday and blessings to you Susan!
    You look beautiful in the royal blue/white outfit and, as always, the finishing touches are perfect.
    I had happy tears in my eyes after reading about the lovely outing Mr. Mickey planned for you. What a thoughtful, romantic(!) man! Perhaps he could consider giving some gentle lessons on how to be a gentleman. It is a rare quality in today’s world I’m afraid.
    A wise choice to stay outdoors. We all need to continue to be diligent don’t we?

  48. What a delightful celebration for you! It sounds like Mr. Mickey thought of everything. It’s good to see him looking so dapper. Happy Birthday!

  49. You look lovely, Susan, & Mr. Mickey is so thoughtful! Many happy wishes for a great year ahead for both of you.

  50. Birthday Blessings to you, Sweetness!! How nice to get out of the house during these difficult days!! And Mr. Thoughtful made it extra special!!

  51. What a wonderful celebration! And how fortunate to have a partner who remembers all to important touches that make an event extra special. Happy birthday and many thanks for your blog.

  52. Happy Birthday – fellow September! Just FYI Creamy Baby Oil – any brand helps to ward off mosquitoes. Much nicer on your skin, although the fragrance could conflict with your perfume.

    Susan B.

    1. I also don’t like spraying those repellents on my skin, and he knows that. Which was another reason he sprayed the bushes and the seating area a few hours before we arrived.

  53. Susan,

    Happy Birthday!! Glad you were able to celebrate and not have to cook!! The idea of clasping the necklaces together is brilliant! Thanks for the explanation.

  54. Happy belated birthday, Susan! Glad to see the pictures of your celebration. You look lovely, as always. That Mr. Mickey is a gem!

  55. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday and may you have a healthy and happy year ahead with all good wishes. You are very lucky to have an extremely thoughtful and caring man in Mr. Mickey!!

  56. Congratulations on your annual promotion! What an utterly delightful post. . .so glad to hear you had a lovely celebration for your birthday. . Very happy for you and enjoy seeing such a sweet bit of news these days. Aloha, Kathleen Loy

  57. Wow, you look absolutely divine. So well coordinated and a real stand out version of quite a lady!

    Both you and Mr. Mickey looked fabulous for your special day. Happy belated birthday to you and I hope your day was as special to you as you are to your family, friends and blog followers.

    Clara from Iowa

  58. Happy birthday! You both look wonderful and are an example to all of us to remain positive during this difficult time.

  59. I’m glad you two had a wonderful dinner. Mr Mickey is so thoughtful, not many would have thought of the bug spray!!❤️ You both are looking well. So glad for that.

  60. What an elegant and nice woman you seem! This is the first time I’ve read your post and it was delightful. Happy Birthday to you – the food looked delicious and your Mr Mickey attentive and wonderful.

  61. Susan, no doubt, you had a wonderful birthday celebration. I’m wishing you, an amazing year ahead. Gotta love a gentleman like Mr. Mickey. You two keep each other young. God bless you both!

  62. Happy birthday! It looks like your special day was amazing! That Mr. Mickey – he is quite a guy! You make such a beautiful couple.

  63. Happy belated Birthday! You both looked fabulous & kudos to Mr.Mickey for being so thoughtful! I love the fact that you aren’t always showing new clothes, it lets us know we can still look good without having to buy new items all the time. I use your outfits to help me shop my closet! And as you say, if you buy quality timeless pieces we will save money! Thank you

  64. Happy birthday! Mr. Mickey is a wonderfully considerate man, but you already know that. As far as showing older items, I think that is a great way to help us see how we can buy quality and keep our clothes for several years while still being fashion forward.

  65. Happy belated birthday from Canada! You look fabulous and I am glad you have recovered from your terrible illness.

  66. I always enjoy seeing what you and Mr. Mickey are doing! You are an inspiration to me when it comes to fashion and how to be strong during these difficult times. Thank you……

  67. What a beautiful couple enjoying a beautiful Birthday Celebration!!!!!

    Bless your hearts…two sweethearts enjoying life…what gifts you surely are to each other!

    Loving you from Texas!+

  68. Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed reading you for several years and glad you are both well and enjoying some of your favorite pastimes.


  69. Happy Birthday Susan! I am a September baby also. No longer a baby at 71, 72 next week. I so enjoy seeing your outfits and reading about the two of you and your excursions. Glad to see you both continue to be well after your earlier ailments. May you have many more healthy years.

  70. You look absolutely gorgeous and elegant! Happy birthday to a very special lady and so glad you have this wonderful companion to celebrate with. Enjoyed this post so much!

  71. Happy Birthday Susan!!! You and Mr. Mickey look fantastic as usually. He is so thoughtful and your dinner, dessert, roses and earrings look beautiful!!!’

  72. Happy Birthday, Susan. I am so happy for you. To have such a wonderful loving man to celebrate you is the icing on the cake.

  73. Happy Birthday! So happy you were able to get out and enjoy the day. Great Pictures of you both. Mr. Mickey is a keeper!

  74. Happy birthday to you! Everything looks so pretty with much thought from Mr. Marvelous Mickey. He’s a keeper and your hero.

  75. Happy (belated) Birthday! You looked just stunning in the sapphire and white, and the pearls- beautiful! What a great idea to link them. I am a year behind you in November and hope to use your tips and inspiration to get myself polished up and feeling more refined in my more mature years! Love your posts, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  76. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing the lovely relationship you have with Mr Mickey. He seems like a lovely man who adores you so much. Hope you had a very happy birthday.

  77. So happy for the two of you that life is returning to normal a little at a time. It looks like a great tasting dinner and you and Mr Mickey looked wonderful. We still don’t go out to eat but we are back to appointments and buying groceries from the store instead of by mobile. I love navy and white classics but what caught my eye was the styling with pearls. It immediately brought a dressy feel to the outfit. Stay safe. Keep smiling.

  78. Happy Birthday, Susan! You look lovely and Mr. Mickey looks so handsome. It is so nice to see you both celebrating!

  79. Happy Birthday! What a lovely celebration you had. It was wonderful to see Mr. Mickey looking so dapper and all healed from his broken leg.

  80. Happy Birthday! It is wonderful to look so beautiful (both of you, or handsome) and enjoy each other’s company during an anniversary of your birth. I, too, celebrate my birth in September, only a week earlier. Thank you for sharing your lives, your meals, your fashion sense and your beautiful smile. Again, Happy Birthday!

  81. Your Mr Mickey is such a considerate gentleman! A few years back, my husband took a beautiful bouquet to the restaurant we were to have my birthday dinner and asked for a special table with an ocean view. The staff were so impressed with his gesture to be sure there were flowers waiting on the table, they nearly swooned. I’m not sure he would have gone so far as sprayed for mosquitos! That’s icing on the cake. You are a fortunate woman.

  82. Dear Susan, Many happy returns of your birthday and many of em! As always you look truly amazing and Mr Mickey is looking pretty good too.

  83. Happy Birthday, Susan! You are an inspiration to so many! My best wishes for a healthy year. Mr Micky is a true romantic gentleman. I love how he planned such a special celebration for you, down to a seemingly minor detail (but definitely not minor for you), by spraying a mosquito repellant earlier in the day so you wouldn’t have your evening ruined by those nasty creatures.

  84. Happy Belated birthday. Your special birthday dinner reminded me of a lesson I have learned from the Pandemic (well many but this one applies to your dinner!). I have realized how much more I appreciate things I used to take for granted, or at least didn’t appreciate as much as I should have in the past. Many more special dinners to you and Mr. Mickey!

  85. Your Mr Mickey is such a gentle man and so thoughtful, he must make you feel like a princess. You look no older and so pretty as always. You pair are such a wonderful couple. Love and best wishes to you both and HappyBirthday. Best regards Aussie Bev

  86. Happy birthday, Susan. Mr. Mickey made your special day extra special, didn’t he? Spraying your seating area to get rid of those pesky mosquitos is so thoughtful. Thank you for sharing your special date.

  87. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susan, and many best wishes for the coming year! I so enjoy traveling vicariously with you and Mr. Mickey; who knew there are so many lovely places to sight-see and eat in your area. I also enjoy your “blog” so much.
    I have more confidence in my wardrobe choices thanks to you and better appreciate my clothes are also “oldies but goodies”! 😀 Warm regards to both you and Mr. Mickey!

  88. Happy birthday! Beautiful as always. You are so good about sharing where to find your clothing, jewelry, and shoes. I would like to know where to find a Mr. Mickey. I do not think they are available in my area. 🙂

    1. Loved the comment about where to ‘shop for’ a clone of Mr. Mickey!.. I think his brand is quite rare, very difficult to find…However, perhaps Mr.Mickey would share the name of the clothing line that produced his jacket. I have a dear brother with an important birthday coming up, and I would love to purchase just such a jacket as that of Mr.Mickey for my brother. You both look marvelous

  89. Belated Happy Birthday Susan. You are looking well and I hope you are now feeling “well and normal” after your illness. Happy for you and Mr. Mickey. Have a wonderful day and the coming year.

  90. Happy belated birthday, fellow Virgo! Your big smile says it all. I’m so glad you and Mr. Mickey were able to celebrate in your usual elegant style.

  91. One of the many moments to be cherished and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Susan. (So glad you are feeling better as well.) -Brenda-

  92. Hi Susan,

    What an amazing birthday celebration you had. I think highly of Mr. Mickey and his style, such a thoughtful, generous, and kind soul, even down to spraying ahead with mosquito repellent. You both looked so happy and content. The main thing is you have one another and your health.

    Sending Smiles,
    Katherine in Arizona

  93. What a lovely celebration! Mr. Mickey is so sweet and considerate. What a true gentleman. Wishing you both best wishes.

  94. What a thoughtful man! And happy belated birthday! Scallops!!!! I love them, but I have to say that everything looks delicious!

  95. You two make a lovely couple….and both so stylish. Thank you for sharing your adventures. As a health care worker, I truly appreciate your attention to Covid protocols….showing that one can be sensible and safe while venturing out.
    Mr Mickey gets applause for his proactive use of spray to keep those pesky mosquitos at bay. So thoughtful!
    Belated but sincere Happy Birthday Wishes!!

  96. Although I feel like I’m under a waterfall right now here in the FL Panhandle. (Hurricane Sally) I wanted to say that you and Mr. Mickey (a dream come true, personification of a true gentleman) are really looking wonderful. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday and the food looks scrumptious.
    I have just started on the Eat to Live program and so far am finding it satisfying. I thank you so much for drawing my attention to it.


  98. Happy Birthday ! I sooo look forward to your blog.
    My wardrobe and Style Outlook has been given a New Life thanks to you, and I continue to shed needed pounds.
    I also love shopping My Fair Lady … have received some fabulous pieces and thus donated some items I used to love but now can part with.
    My new walk-in closet is almost fully built – so exciting !
    Thank you for your Inspiration !

  99. Sounds like a delightful evening. I enjoy your posts immensely — love your classic style. For some reason I have not received the usual post with link on Facebook.

  100. Oh my goodness, happy birthday. You both look fabulous. Your evening looks perfect. What a thoughtful husband you have. Have a wonderful year, it must get better from here on.

  101. Beautiful! Mr. Micky and you look fanstastic as usual. I’m so glad you had such a lovely birthday celebration.

  102. Happy Birthday Susan! I’m so happy you and Mr Mickey are able to go out again! You look beautiful and he was the sweetest thing ever to lay all those plans out and have a lovely dinner. We don’t care if your clothes are for sale (at least I don’t!) we just want to hear from you!

  103. Susan,
    You look great as does your beau !
    He sounds like a good egg !! So gentlemanly, considerate and thoughtful and they are few and Far between these days.
    Happy Birthday…

  104. So glad you were able to have a special meal together at your favorite restaurant, yet outside, keeping your distance from others. Your make a striking couple. May this be your best year yet!

  105. Greetings from Massachusetts –

    Happy Birthday, Susan! Best wishes for a healthy and happy year!

    . . . Julie Johnston

  106. Happy Belated Birthday Susan! You look so happy! In fact you both do! You have such a thoughtful life partner Mr. Mickey. All the details he put into your amazing day were incredible!

  107. So glad to see you looking well. I hope you are recovering fully and not bothered by lingering affects. I look forward to every post. You inspire me to try.

  108. Happy birthday to you and kudos to Mr. Mickey! This has to be the sweetest, most thoughtful birthday outing I have ever seen. So many people think you have to make the extravagant, grand gesture (which they usually cannot afford) in order to impress their significant other. Not true! You just have to show that you were thinking about that person and how to make the evening special. Who remembers to spray Cutter at a restaurant before dining outdoors?! Who? That nearly made me faint. And you’re both so comfortably, casually, elegant it’s a shame. My husband might not like it, but, Mr. Mickey just raised the bar!

  109. You are so lucky to have such a thoughtful beau. *Sigh.* I have those placemats. They are by Chilewich. They look great and last forever.

  110. Hi Susan, you looked lovely as always. I could connect to all the links EXCEPT to the one with the first ring. I was able to connect to the second one. I wonder if that means the site is out of that item.

  111. Happy belated birthday Susan you and Mr Mickey make a wonderful couple and I’m sure he spoilt you with his gift to you, glad you enjoyed your day.

    Kind regards


  112. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me!! I so enjoy your blog.
    Belated birthday wishes to you and it’s great to see Mr Mickey looking fabulous as usual!

  113. Happy Belated Birthday…it looks like you had a beautiful evening and a memorable birthday celebration.

    Kathy Briscoe

  114. Happy Birthday, Susan! How wonderful you and Mr. Mickey were able to enjoy a delicious meal outside for your celebration! Thank you for all the advice and help you have given your readers this past year! You have definitely change my shopping and wardrobe choices for the better, and I am indebted to you! I hope this coming year brings you health and happiness!

  115. How sweet to think of the bug spray!! I’ll have to remember that one. My daughter is a magnet for those creatures!!

  116. He is a real keeper. What a generous kind man, I don’t think there are many around like that anymore. A different generation. Do I sound old, or just observant, ha.

  117. Love your style Susan. And thank you for always sharing your recommendations to find great pieces.


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