Part 2 – A Lunch Date

This post is a continuing deep dive into various outfits using the same base of classic basics combined with items we may already have in our wardrobes. I’m showing you looks I wear to events we may have in common at this time in our lives. Part 1 of this series is here.

Today’s look is one I wore for a morning visit to my oncologist and a lunch date with friends later in the day. Black, white, and denim with a pop of red have long been a favorite combination of colors. I own several styles of denim jackets, and they always add a relaxed element to any look.

I first showed you the collarless denim jacket here. It is here but is almost sold out, so a similar jacket is here. The short boots are about three years old, so here is a similar pair. As is often the case, some of my items are no longer available, so I try to link to something similar.

When I put together any look, I first consider the weather report for the day. I want to be warm and dry. Next, I consider whether the look is appropriate for where I am going. The accessories pull together the elements and reflect my personality. I always want to feel comfortable and confident.

The Sam Edelman Circus bag is from last year, but I found a similar one here. The watch is here. The bold silver dome ring is here. The silver hoop earrings are here.

The pearl and silver bracelet is here. A similar pendant necklace is here. Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.

In addition to wearing garments that flatter one’s shape, styling helps to make them more lived-in and personal. Popping a collar, layering, turning up the sleeves, and tucking in a shirt are some styling tips that add personality to every look. Adding accessories is always my favorite part of getting dressed.

The summary of looks thus far includes the tee and the pants. With this project, I want to show you how to style a few basic garments differently for different occasions. One of the questions I get most often is, “What do I wear for _________ (fill in the blank with any special occasion)? Ideally, A well-planned wardrobe should contain the elements you need to create a great-looking outfit appropriate for most events in your life.

I usually include shopping links for the same or similar items. However, I hope my examples inspire you to use what you already have differently. Recent posts are summarized here. I purchased all the products I show since I no longer accept gifts or products to review. Referral links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Can you explain? I received your newsletter regularly for years, but since the time around your diagnosis I’ve had to sign up again–well, today makes 3 times. Miss reading them. (Thank you for helping us ladies look our best.)

    1. Your registration data shows that your emails have been delivered, but not opened since September 19. Please check your spam notices to see if the emails are landing there. You can always set a bookmark or shortcut for my site and check it whenever you like. is the website address.

  2. Liebe Susan, sie sehen immer toll aus, egal ob sportlich oder elegant.
    Können Sie mir einen tipp geben, was man zum Besuch beim Bundeskanzler trägt. Ich bin mit meinen Sternsingern dorthin eingeladen.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  3. Thank you so much for doing this exercise! You are creating easily replicated and practical outfits. After you posted the first outfit, I wore a similar version that very day. This outfit with the denim jacket is something I might wear in the next week. It is also so helpful to see the white shirt untucked and then tucked. I always tuck my shirts, but every once in a while I try it untucked and it never feels right. I guess you should always go with your gut instincts, but it certainly helped to see your comparison! Wishing you and Mickey a wonderful fall weekend.

  4. What lipstick do you wear? It looks great on you and I need a color that isn’t too bright but yours looks nice. Thank you

    1. I usually wear a combination of colors, rather than just one. I line my lips and fill them in with a Lancôme lip pencil here. The color is 132 Caprice. Blot the edges and color and then add Lip Balm in Bitten: Warm Berry here.

  5. Hi Susan, Thank you! just letting you know that the silver is available in the bracelet. It is the flower toggle that is not so I replaced that with the rope toggle.

  6. Susan:

    Good to see you looking great even while battling the evil C word!

    My hair looks similar to yours; I would appreciate you writing about products and how you style yours.

    Thank you!

  7. I love Jean jackets and also have a few styles. You always make a polished appearance in every type of fashion. Thank you very much!

  8. Hi Susan. I always love your posts on how to build an outfit. A few questions. Do you ever French tuck a top? I don’t recall ever seeing you do that. It helps me as I am short-waisted so it creates a better proportion for me. It also creates a more attractive “rear view” as the back of the shirt flatters me more when it conceals part of my behind as opposed to being tucked in. Do you have any opinion on French tucks? Also, do you ever wear striped or printed tops? Or do you feel they are not as versatile or not flattering. Thanks!

    1. I employ the front or French tuck when the top is too long. Most recently I used that style technique here. I have a couple of striped tops, but I wear them draped over my shoulders rather than on my body. I am not a fan of printed tops because they are so memorable. I tire of them very quickly, and you are correct; they are less versatile.

  9. This series of posts is FANTASTIC! I struggle with putting outfits together and getting a few ideas for two pieces I always have in my closet, as a base, is really helping. Thank you for this early Christmas gift! Julie

  10. Your outfits are lovely and I have bought a number of pieces on your recommendation. You very often wear a jacket. But what do you wear with family or very casual entertainment in your own home, where to me, a jacket seems inappropriate, especially if you’re busy serving refreshments. Thanks

    1. When I’m relaxing, or it’s a very casual time, I wear long-sleeved tees, quarter-zip or V-neck sweatshirts, cotton shirts or sweaters, or a tank and a cardigan, all mostly with the sleeves pushed up.

  11. I am interested in the Lancome lip pencil (referred to in response to a question above). Several reviewers note a problem when sharpening the pencil. Which sharpener do you use? Thank you.

  12. Hi Susan, these reminders of the basics are so helpful! I also want to thank you for sharing your cancer journey with us. I was just diagnosed on Friday – because of a routine mammogram – and seeing you “back to normal” is so encouraging to me. Thank you!

  13. Your pictures speak volumes. I have been guilty of wearing a long tee untucked…not a good look. Your classics will withstand all the trends.

  14. Thanks for this series. A great assist on my packing for our monthly trips to Asheville, where we sometimes visit the same places you and Mr. Mickey visit1

  15. Thank you for taking the time to help us all put our best foot forward for all the upcoming holiday gatherings! It can get so hectic that I just start grabbing anything out of the closet, or wearing the same outfit on repeat. This is a wonderful template. It will help to simplify a busy time, so we may feel confident and present our best selves for our friends and loved ones. Many we may only see once a year. Hope your holidays are grand!❤️

  16. I love these reminders of how many looks the basics in my closet can have. Thank you. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Cute look and I love the pop of red bag! On your silver jewelry, you may have addressed this before, but how do you polish them? I have silver polish for silver flatware is that ok? And how often do you polish them if you do?

  18. Hi Susan thank you for a great blog Enjoy your style and travel Shapeez has the bras I am purchasing the one you suggested for winter spring and fall I do live in Las Vegas and need a bra that does is not too hot Could you offer suggestions So glad you are feeling better

  19. Love your posts Susan – you give us great information on how to dress and style an outfit – much appreciated. I love your outfits you put together for yourself- beautiful.

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