Boots, Blue Jeans, and Barbeque

Nearby, Bristol straddles the Virginia and Tennessee state line, thus the name of the town’s main street. State Street includes many fun restaurants, theaters, antique shops, galleries, and boutiques. Bristol is also home to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Bristol Motor Speedway, and the Hardrock Hotel and Casino.

Our comfortable casual attire was appropriate for the weather and the venue. I layered a gray cotton sweater over a white long-sleeved tee and flare-leg jeans. Tucking in the front of the sweater kept the proportions 1/3 top and 2/3 bottom.

Adding touches of silver accessories, a black bag, and boots made the combo feel more authentic to my personality.

Mr. Mickey also layered a checked shirt over a long-sleeved tee and a warm Mercedes Benz zip-up vest over soft, comfortable jeans and black sneakers. His walking stick is more than a hundred years old!

The Polo Ralph Lauren socks reflect his loyalty to the brand. The Polo store is his favorite place to shop.

Southern Craft is located within the Sessions Hotel complex. It is commendable that the old flour mill was restored rather than torn down to build a fancy new building.

A performance stage on the lawn between the buildings means there is likely lots of music in the air on warm summer evenings.

Repairs and additions to the complex of old buildings include cohesive additions that honor the heritage of the structures while making the space feel very modern and clean.

Southern Craft BBQ offers several locations in our area and serves award-winning Southern Smokehouse BBQ and comfort food.

You could also sip a handcrafted cocktail or craft brew in the unique bar featuring the historic working gears inside the Mill Building.

We ordered a few starters and a couple of desserts to share. The Cowboy cornbread included jalapeno, onions, mixed cheeses, and honey butter. So delicious!

Deviled eggs are a Southern tradition.

In a nod to the BBQ features, we ordered Burnt End Nachos. They were topped with chopped brisket, jalapeno queso, pico de qallo, sour cream, chives, and fresh jalapenos.

Who can resist warm peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel?

Another Southern tradition is banana pudding.

My warm, comfortable, casual look for the day included the below items.

SunglassesEarringsSweaterLong-Sleeve Tee or (similar Tee here)- BeltJeansBag(similar) BootsWatchBraceletRingStacked Rings and a similar necklace is here.

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  1. What a fun place to visit! Bravo to the folks who decided to renovate and actually use the building. Burnt end nachos! Costco sells packages of burnt ends…have to get some to make nachos. Every dish you showed us looks yummy. You and Mr. Mickey look marvelous. I am so glad you are both well.

  2. I’m glad to see you and Mr. Mickey are well and enjoying your outings. You both look wonderful! Thank you for continuing to post.

  3. Did I ever mention that Ralph Lauren is my mom’s cousin? I met him a few times, he is an extremely nice person. His dad who I knew better painted a mural in our apartment when I was about 9 years old. He was a talented artist and taught me that men could be gentle. You look exhilarating, the treatments must be working. You resemble the actress Gena Rowlands (when she was younger) without your glasses. You are prettier. Brad

  4. You and Mr. Mickey make the most of your life! And you both look incredibly good doing it! Your outfit today is exactly how I enjoy dressing, casual, but tweaked with special touches. Another wonderful outing too.

  5. Mr Mickey might enjoy knowing, my almost 21 years old grandson has been a Ralph Lauren Polo fan since his early teens..He would rather have fewer pieces in his favorite navy black grey because the line fits him well. He also shops a local outlet. Great to see you both out and looking quite well.

  6. You always visit such beautiful and charming places in your area. That food looks sooo delicious. You and Mr. Mickey look like you are doing well healthwise…and you always look fabulous in your outfits, casual or dressy. Of course, love Mr. Mickey’s socks. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. We expect our children and grandchildren to join us for Turkey Day…and to celebrate our birthdayS…yes, we have the same birthday…but I am younger…by one year!! ❤️ Barbara and (Tom) Ingram….in the Hill Country of Texas

  7. You both look great. Fantastic to see you both looking happy and out and about. I wish we could take food out of a photo to eat! Lol. Love those jeans.

  8. You look great! As does Mr. Mickey. Hoping treatment and recovery is going well for you both. Thank you for sharing such a fun and casual outing with us, everything looked fabulous.

  9. My kind of fun! My kind of food and my kind of clothes. Where we live in West Texas, things are pretty casual. Our favorite place to eat is Rejino’s Barbeque wearing jeans and boots! I like your style!

  10. Hi Susan! Thank you for this post! I have to say, I really like the first pic where your glasses are pulling your hair back like a headband. It looks so youthful! Love both of your outfits, and the food looks delicious! Keep posting, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing another fun escape! You always look beautiful, and Mr. Mickey’s socks are the best. Classy Ralph Lauren clothes…timeless! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I enjoy your adventures, it is interesting to see some of your towns, old buildings and read about it too. Thank you for this, and mr. Mickey too, love the socks!
    From Vancouver island, BC. Canada
    Ann lee s

  13. Full on interesting post, I love Jayne’s comment about taking food out of a picture to eat, thing is I wouldn’t eat for a week after that lot lol.
    Love those bootleg dark jeans very smart not to wide and flappy and sit nicely on your fab boots . Mr Mickeys walking stick a hundred years old , as old as
    Mr Mickey then , hey as you know just a little tease . I adore you two and as you know Susan I have taken strength from you.
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in U.K. just harvest festival and I think thats fading away. So happy Thanksgiving to you both and all
    American readers.
    Best wishes
    Pamela from Wales UK

  14. Thank you for sharing what you and Mr. Mickey wore for your date. Mr. Mickey’s shoes look so comfortable. I would like to get some for my husband. Can you ask Mr. Mickey if he would recommend them and if they are as comfortable as they look?

    Thank you again for all your fashion tips. I love to see what you and Mr. Mickey wear on your dates.

    Lisa P.

  15. I love reading about your travel adventures and the delicious Southern food in an area of the world not so well known to many of us Australians. You both look well dressed for a fun day. Your choice of wearing a silver belt with pale grey jumper front tucked really gives your outfit a lift. I’m inspired to buy a silver belt immediately!

  16. Enjoyed this post too. Thanks for the inspiration. The belt makes the outfit pop along with your other details!
    You both look great!

  17. You look absolutely wonderful, Susan, and Mr. Mickey looks great!

    Did anyone ever tell you that you two make a great looking couple?

    I am hungry after looking at all those delicious dishes, thanks for sharing this adventure.

  18. You look fabulous in this outfit! Young and vibrant . I always look forward to your posts. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey the best.

  19. Thank you for sharing your trip to Bristol. I’ve been there many times. Good to see it again. Glad you both are doing ok after your treatments. Take care.

  20. I believe you and I are a similar height and proportion, but I have a bulging belly even when I wear shapewear and good quality pull on jeans/jeggings. I’d like to tuck in my sweaters and wear a belt because it’s so much better for the proportion. It’s simple and is a slimming look. Would you still tuck in the front if you had my figure type? Joanne

  21. Great to see you are still rockin’ the flare jeans!
    Every dish looks so yummy, do you and Mr M sample every one?
    Enjoy the week.

  22. Great to see you both out and about! Thank you for including us in your adventures. Being from Texas it was fun to see boots, jeans and bbq. No matter the location or occasion you two are the couple that does it up right! ❤️

  23. Love your outfits and style. Very much my style. Was wondering if you’d be able to also list clothes that isn’t always so expensive. Thank you for your pictures and guidance in putting together outfits.

    1. I mostly share links to what I have purchased because I know the quality. Since most of my items are very basic and in neutral colors, you may be able to find something similar where you regularly shop. I have tried the Investments at Dillard’s here. Those items are usually good quality and they sometimes have sales, but the regular prices are also decent.

  24. Looking good Susan and Mr. Mickey. Always fun to see your adventures and that food looks to die for! Yum!
    Glad you are both doing well and getting out and about.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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