Pale Blue Tweed

Our Friday lunch dates are always a special event. We rarely have an evening meal these days, so we get dressed for lunch and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Since the weather was mild and sunny, I wore white jeans with a white camisole. The blue jacket and bag with nude shoes pulled the look together. The shoes are by Sam Edelman but are a couple of years old. Similar shoes are here. My sunglasses are old by Marc Jacobs. These are similar.

The silver belt is old from Talbots. Here is a similar one. The white straight-leg jeans are here. The camisole is about three years old, but here is a similar one.

The tweed jacket is here. It runs small, so you may want to go up a size if you order one. I am wearing my usual size medium. However, I would order a size large if I bought this jacket in another color. The bust is a bit snug, and the sleeves are a little too short.

The blue bag is here. It is large enough to hold credit cards, my phone, lipstick, and keys.

I hope you have lots to celebrate this weekend! A summary of recent looks is here. In addition, shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. The jacket looks much nicer on you than on the models! I wouldn’t have looked at it twice on the website. You really suit the pale blue and white look.
    Have a. great weekend.

  2. You look beautiful in blue! One of my favorites on you, but lavender and red suit you too. So nice to enjoy a special lunch with perfect company!

  3. I love this outfit on you, especially the jacket. The silver belt and jewelry are beautiful finishing touches.

  4. Very, very pretty. I really like the light blue on you. You look very classy. I really like that little blue pocket book too!

  5. I love your jacket. I have always wanted one similar but fear my short slightly chubby busty self would not do it any favors. Your lunches always sounds fun!

    1. You are correct in your assessment of the jacket style. The straighter your figure the more flattering the jackets are. That’s why I always leave them open.

  6. Pale blue compliments you; so pretty! The outfit is fresh and cool looking. I’m sure you had an enjoyable day.

  7. You look fresh and delightful. The silver and pearls work very well with your look and the brighter lipstick. You have inspired me to try a smaller handbag and it is a lovely change.
    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on outfits,

  8. Several months ago I asked your advice for dresses for the mother of the bride at a reception at a museum. Yesterday was the big day and I wore the long navy dress with the satin lapels. Thank you for your suggestions. I got lots of compliments and felt absolutely regal! It was a beautiful day for a wonderful couple. I am very grateful for your help.

  9. I have a rather personal question I hope you don’t mind answering. I love the v- neck cami and it’s perfect for layering. But what kind of bra do you wear with it? I’m not a fan of strapless and my straps surely would show if I had to remove the jacket for some reason.

  10. I bought this same jacket in the early spring and can confirm it runs small. I love seeing different ways to style it. I wore it with a navy midi skirt and white top for Easter brunch. It is a lovely jacket for a reasonable price.

  11. HI, Susan,
    I loved this post, as I always do. Still learning from you how to put together an outfit.

    Please, would you tell me what colors and brands you chose for your lipstick and nail polish? It looks like you keep your finger nails in a clear or natural polish, or maybe no polish? I prefer this look too.

    Also, do you have pierced ears? I find I am only wearing studs (for pierced ears) these days – the dangly ones tend to pull my face down, so to speak. Do you ever wear studs?

    BTW, I like your long-ish hair style. It’s classy, feminine, and goes with any look. It is probably easy to style, and it suits your face and body shape. I have been wearing some version of a pixie cut for most of my adult life – again, this is what suits my face and body type, and I love that it is wash-and-wear, finger-styled.

    Keep these posts coming – I look forward to them!


    1. Thank you, Kate. I do keep natural nails on my hands and often use Dutch Tulips here for the pedicures. I have pierced ears, but I avoid heavy earrings with wires that pull the lobes down.

  12. Susan,
    You look lovely as always. I look forward to a post from you and sometimes read older posts to get your ideas when at a loss for “what to wear”. Your style is greatly appreciated.
    Blues are definitely your color.
    Thanks for the post!

  13. Hi Susan, that is a fantastic jacket and the blue colour looks lovely on you. Thanks for the link to Mango had never heard of them before, regards Gail (PS have you ever thought of doing an ebook of advice and looks we could buy and download online?)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Gail. Now that I am primarily a caregiver, an occasional entry here on my website is about everything I can manage for now.

  14. What a nice summer look. I really like the column of all white and the light blue jacket. Looks very nice.

  15. Hi Susan
    Another great post, as always.
    I just wanted to share this with you: I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and have gradually been moving my wardrobe more towards basic flexible items in plain neutral colours, resisting increasing my plethora of black clothes and restricting my purchases of patterned purchases mainly to scarves.
    I’m currently on holiday for a month with one (large) suitcase, in which I’ve had to fit clothes for exercising, warm cities, cool/cold/rainy mountains and an Alaskan cruise with two formal dining evenings. This would normally have sent me into a tail spin of agonising what to take. However, I’m finding that having packed a selection of flexible neutral separates, it’s a joy every day to pick and mix according to weather and activities. And I know that by the end I will have worn everything and never the same combo. It’s a miracle!
    Now I’m positively looking forward to the challenge later in the year of packing for a fortnight in Spain with only a cabin bag ….
    As always, thank you for all you do.
    Sarah from the UK.

  16. Hi, I have never commented on your posts before, but you looked so youthful and happy in the silvery blue jacket. I guess I mean you are so much more approachable versus the colors red, black and brown. The blue goes with your silver hair. I never quite understood why people want to wear dark colors and why companies want to keep pushing those colors. I just went to Talbots today and was so excited to see vibrant blues, greens, pinks and oranges. I enjoy your posts. I live in Farragut, TN, not to far from Johnson City. My husband and I are planning a road trip to visit some of the restaurants and places you have mentioned.

  17. I love the tweed jacket and it looks a whole lot better on you than it did on the model in the ad!

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