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I’ve been trying to style my rarely-worn garments and shoes lately. It seems a shame to leave things unused, so I’ve decided to figure out how to style the garments or, if they need to be altered, do so. Of course, if it was a mistake, like this polyester shirt, it will go in the donate bag.

I now avoid buying polyester shirts and blouses since they rarely hang well or look elegant. Too often, they cling and may also be too sheer. I’ve had this one for a few years but have never worn it.

After seeing these pictures, letting it go is an easy decision. The pockets cling to the shirt’s body, and the fabric is indeed too sheer.

I promised to show you my new glasses when they arrived. The new frames are by Tom Ford. I met with the company representative at a local trunk show to get fitted for the ones with the right shape and color.

The shades of gray and black tortoiseshell cat-eye frames are squared on the bottom of the lens. They give my face a visual lift without being too large, and the colors harmonize with my hair color. The tips I’ve always followed when buying new glasses include not buying anything too trendy and avoiding frames that are too big and cover too much of the lower face.

It isn’t as round as it used to be, but I avoided round frames since they made my face look even rounder. I’ve been using Beautycounter skincare since 2017. Read more about my routine here.

Here is a vision website that shares tips about how your glasses should fit and choosing the right frames for your face.

None of my items were purchased in the past year. The shirt is by NYDJ. Similar jeans are here. The bag is from T.J.Maxx here are some similar ones. The shoes are by Stuart Weitzman. Here are similar shoes.

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  1. Dear Susanne!
    I would be happy if you could help me rethink clothes that have not been used for several years. In other words, how could I make it more useful, what transformations would be good. I’ve tried altering, cutting and sewing, but then it didn’t look good on the new style and I threw it away. When and in what kind of conversion should you invest. Can you give me some examples?
    Thanks. Hi. Eve

    1. If the fit is off at the shoulders, altering the garment is rarely worth the expense and effort. If the fabric is cheap and manufactured versus natural, it will likely never look good, no matter the alteration. If the cut and style of the garment are not flattering for your shape, remaking it may be necessary, but it will never look great if the color isn’t right for you. However, if a minor tweak, such as darts or hemming, can make the garment more flattering, it might be worth the effort and expense.

  2. Hi, Susan. Thanks you for the great tips. What color Beauty Counter lipstick are you wearing in this post? Thank you, Debbie

  3. Susan, I love your new glasses! If you had otherwise liked the black blouse, would a black camisole have solved the sheerness issue?

  4. Your handbag is cute. I like the small bags but you can get so little into them especially with reading glasses. What items do you par down to to fit the small bags?

    1. I only need lipstick, keys, cards, a phone, and cash when running a quick errand or enjoying a lunch date. If I go out for the day, I’ll carry a larger bag or a tote bag with a smaller one inside. Since I drive everywhere, I can leave the tote bag in the car. However, a small bag will not provide enough room for everything if you ride the subway or other public transport.

  5. Love your new glasses! What you said about the polyester shirt is so true. Polyester is very warm when the temperature is higher and very cold when temps fall. It looks nice on you but if it doesn’t feel right why wear it.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Next week we are heading to Abingdon and might check out some of the places there you have been to.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Susan,
    Love your new glasses. Hope you can help with a couple of things for very hot weather. If you were going kayaking you would need a sun shirt long sleeve with spf. I have a hard time getting them to fit, Don’t want it too short or it will ride up. Also some are very think and show unflattering parts of stomach. Next, hiking shoes.

    Keens have changed and now toe box is too narrow while rest of shoe is wide(b width). They look more like the box. Can you suggest a good brand waterproof with wide toe box?

    Also serious polarizing sunglasses for driving or kayaking. Someone suggested Maui Jim. Would have a discount code for them, as they are so expensive.

    Thank you, I know these are not what you usually show but if you come to Florida…
    Thanks, Judy

  7. Isn’t it often the case that we evolve in what we wear and how it makes us feel. Many a time I have pulled something out to wear and said, “What was I thinking?”

    Your glasses are lovely.

  8. Love the glasses on you! Very chic and flattering. I have been getting rid of polyster in my wardrobe and am no longer purchasing it in tops. For tops, blouses, and shirts, I stick to cotton, linen, and silk or a blend. I have few polyster tops left, but I have gotten rid of the ones that are clingy as I feel very uncomfortable wearing them. Curating a wardrobe regularly is a good thing, but it takes discipline. I find your blog posts help me to outline the criteria in a very organized manner. Thanks!

  9. Susan, I love reading all of your great advice. You are so more beautiful today than when you were in your 50″s.
    Can you tell be the name of these frames, I would like a pair,,,

  10. Very classy new frames! Great choice. I agree it feels so good to choose a garment to donate if we no longer enjoy it! Again, enjoy your posts! ❤

  11. Love the glasses!
    I have a request regarding Biltmore reservations for Christmas. It’s a bucket list item. Can you recommend a few must-see’s while there?
    Thank you,
    Grace in Alabama

    1. It has been a couple of years since I have been there. Still, my favorites have always included browsing in the garden shop after wandering around the grounds, the house, and whatever beautiful exhibits they have; Antler Hill Village is great for shopping, restaurants, the winery, and the museum. In addition, I always enjoyed the petting zoo/farm animals just beyond the village.

  12. Just wanted to comment on how you seem to be aging in reverse. I so respect how well you take care of yourself, always look so put together, classy, and without constantly spending money on new, trendy items. You are truly my favorite “blogger”.

  13. Your frame shape is good, but the frame is too wide.(Can see back of your hair in the upper corners) Also, the frame is too wide vertically. Frame sits too low and too much cheek and under eye is seen through glass.

    1. I took that photo with my cell phone, and no matter how many times I tried, the image always exaggerated the glasses. They don’t look that large in person. I wish I were a better photographer, but I keep learning.

  14. I love the glasses! They are perfect for you. I’ve decided to not wear contacts anymore and have been hunting for attractive glasses but I see I need to consult with an expert. Thanks for the post.

  15. Susan, I want to thank you for all the help and inspiration you have provided in choosing clothing and making lifestyle choices. I am retired from teaching elementary school and have always focused on helping the children and my family. I really had no clue on how to put items together for a nice, classic looking outfit. I’m still learning but feel more confident than ever. Thank you!!

    I really like the pink lip color you are wearing in this post. Would you mind sharing what it is?

  16. I was told years ago “ Round adds Pounds”.
    I remembered that when you mentioned Round Glasses.
    I think it applies to lots of area of our Clothes!!!

  17. Susan –

    Which fabrics do you like best for blouses and sweaters? I agree that polyester is a big no. It launders great – no wrinkles but it can be uncomfortable in warmer weather. Cotton? Rayon in blouses? How do you feel about linen in summer? There is so much of it for sale but I find it itchy and wrinkles easily, doesn’t lay well. Thanks for any thoughts.
    PS – Glasses look great.

  18. Love the new eyeglasses.

    You are always dressed beautifully. A class act! I think the shirt looks fantastic but you are the expert!!!

  19. WOW! I love the shape and color of your new glasses, Susan. They are just perfect for you in so many way. Again, you look stunning!!

    I found your comments interesting about the polyester blouse you were wearing. I’ve had similar issues with polyester blouses through the years, but wasn’t successful at deciding “why” they didn’t look that great. Now I know to really look at the fabric thickness, drape, pockets, and fabric. I think you’re on to something! Polyester isn’t the best out there anymore. And, in a time when clothing prices are soaring, a long with everything else, I’m trying my best to stay away from polyester in order to have a longer lasting, chic and elevated wardrobe for my 68 year young self.

  20. You look great even in the clingy top….However, it seems like you look much thinner in the last few blogs. Hopefully you are not experiencing some health issues.
    Take care and may you continue to shine that great smile for a long time.
    Clara from Iowa

  21. I say “no” to those glasses. Here is what you said

    “The tips I’ve always followed when buying new glasses include not buying anything too trendy and avoiding frames that are too big and cover too much of the lower face.”

    Those glasses do exactly that–too trendy, too big, and cover too much of a beautiful face. Sorry.

  22. The glasses are very good looking & look nice on your pretty face. Your hair looks great!
    You have great style Susan! Never ever boring!

  23. I agree with Gail and Nancy about the size of your new glasses. My first impression when your picture appeared was, “oh, no.” Here’s to hoping the camera truly exaggerates them.

    Thanks for all your wonderful tips and advice.

  24. Reply to Judy re: sun protective clothing
    Take a look at the Coolibar website for sun protective tops and clothes. They have a wide variety of styles. I have the Mylitta Travel Shirt and find it flattering and comfortable.

    There is also a Coolibar page on Amazon.

  25. Susan….I respectfully disagree….I, think the top is not only flattering, it’s also slimming. I, think it looks great on you!!!

  26. Susan, your glasses make you look modern and stylish, with the cats eye effect at the top frames providing a real lift to your face. As to polyester, another reason to avoid wearing it is that it it is bad for the environment. It is a non-biodegradable fabric made from petroleum,. It can last decades in landfill or shed fibres which may end up in waterways and oceans to be ingested by fish. I recognise that it can sometimes be costly and difficult to wear a totally sustainable wardrobe, but it is inspiring to see that a lot of your beautiful fashion choices these days involve natural fibres like wool, cotton, silk and linen.

  27. I have been following you for years…and I swear, you get more youthful by the year. Where is your portrait hanging! Ha! And your skin…I am going to try your products starting in the fall…love your your glasses. I am in the market for new ones as I just had cataracts removed..l( I am older than you, Susan. So I think I need just readers, but my husband thinks I need progressives with no correction at the top. The removal was great and I can see distance perfectly now. I can’t read , but oh well. Cheaters work.
    You are inspiring me. …thanks for your encouragement. I had shortness of breath last summer climbing hills…and after all the tests…turns out I’m out of shape…embarrassing, eh? Wish me luck…

  28. I’m not anti-polyester, but I think your experience is not unusual. It a colder month fabric for me as it’s too warm for Summer.

    Your glasses are great. They fit with your face well, and have a nice shape that’s subtley enhancing. As a woman over the age of 40 I assume that you have progressive lenses, for both distance and upclose correction. It’s been my experience that I am more likely to be able to read comfrotably in progressives with bigger lenses. If the frames are too small the reading part requires a lot of head tilting to focus and I’d rather just take the glasses off and switch to my readers.
    My take away is that you’ve not only found a pair of specs that are distinct and stylish, they’re also highly functional and you will not look like an old lady digging around in your satchel trying to find your readers so see the menu, or asking other people to tell you what’s in the small print.
    None of us can control changes in eyesight or hearing, but we can make sure that we make use of what’s available to us to compensate.

  29. Thanks for the tip about how I should take some pictures first when planning to buy new eyewear. I’d like to get new glasses soon because I want to have a more neutral design for the frame. On top of that, I think my prescription has already changed.

  30. I commend you on your website. I only today subscribed to you am very excited to hear more from you, as you inspire me Susan. Keep up the good work

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