The No-Iron Shirt

If you detest ironing, you may enjoy the no-iron shirts from Chico’s. I have purchased a few over the years, and I always feel neater when I wear them with jeans. They crease a little but still look crisp and fresh even after riding in the car for a few hours.

I bought a couple of pairs of jeans in the tall length so that I could wear platform shoes now that they are stylish again. Platform shoes have been my favorite since my twenties. I find them very comfortable and easy to walk in.

The bag is old, but I found a similar orange bag here. The Marc Jacobs sunglasses are also old, but here is a similar pair. The flare-sleeve shirt is now on sale here, the jeans are here, and the shoes are also on sale here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Shopping links on this website may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Susan, I, too, love the Chicos no-iron shirts. They are also great for travel. Roll and pack. Remove from your suitcase, shake out and hang. Wrinkles fall right out. You look crisp and cool. Easy peasy. For those on a reduced budget, the Chicos outlet, Chicos Off the Rack, also carries several styles and colors of no-iron blouses.

  2. I worked for Chico’s until recently. The one caveat with the no iron shirts is that you should never use fabric softener with them. It will cause them to loose the no iron “coating “ ( for lack of better word). Just FYI.

  3. You may choose not to post this reply.
    Health issue alert!

    No-iron clothing is made by saturating the fabric with a formaldehyde-based solution to achieve its wrinkle-free surface. The clothes/fabrics are then baked to “fix” the chemical solution into the material. Unfortunately, these chemicals are not permanent and DO leach out, to the wearer’s skin.

    Chicos prides itself on “ethical supply practices.” However, their clothing is primarily made in China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. These countries are not exactly 100% transparent regarding the vast amounts of chemicals use in manufacturing of all types.

    Sadly, the same can be said for too many clothing manufacturers.

    Embrace the wrinkles. : )

    1. Thanks for your comments, Leslie. Most modern purchases should come with a buyer beware label. It makes me sad that it is now so difficult to find reasonably priced, well-made items that aren’t toxic to us and or the environment.

  4. Long and lean legs! You look fantastic in those jeans! The dark wash longer length jeans certainly are an asset for everyone’s appearance. I hope that is a style that sticks.
    After nearly six months of house hunting and then remodeling, we are almost ready to move into our new home. I’m just hoping I downsized our belongings enough for the down sized house. The best to you as you navigate your week!

  5. You look a breeze in that simple classic out fit, I love dark wash jeans and the sleeves are so pretty . I think
    the bag lifts the whole outfit. You look very happy Susan in these photos .
    Pamela Wales UK

  6. I also have a few. Of Chicos no iron shirts, love them.
    The flair sleeve is nice, but I am 5’1” and busty. Your thoughts on this style for someone of my stature??

  7. I’m so glad to see you are wearing flare jeans. I really like how they make my legs look longer and they are such a nice style. And I get quite a few clothes from Chicos too. They have such a good selection for women over 60 who like to look stylish.

  8. I own several no-iron shirts from Coldwater Creek and Liz Claiborne (at Penney’s.) I do love the no-iron convenience, but I find the fabric a little stiff and uncomfortable. I’ll check out Chico’s to see if theirs are any softer.

    I’m 73, and I’ve been following you for about 5 years. I love your newsletters. They’ve provided me with some practical fashion guidelines that have made me more confident in my wardrobe choices.

  9. Thank you Susan, you look lovely and your thoughts are always appreciated. I’ve started a computer folder of clothing ideas that work for me. It always starts with your excellent outfit combinations. For a long time I would keep buying the less expensive parts of an outfit like the t-shirt. Yes, I had many t-shirts, but never got the shoes that were needed or the confidence to buy more than one handbag. No wonder I was feeling frustrated – a t-shirt can only take you so far in life!
    ever grateful,

  10. I so enjoy your column. I find all your ideas and advice to be unpretentious and spot on. Thank you!

  11. If I may suggest, the shirt is fabulous, but when I saw the first photo my first thought was that you were wearing the wrong size. Then I remembered you are larger on top, slimmer on the bottom—a no brainer explanation. The shirt appears so full and boxy in most of the photos. I suggest you have it tailored by adding front darts to take in the waist a bit and have it fit slightly closer to the body in front. I haven’t seen this much fullness in your other tops, ergo my suggestion. Thanks for helping us girls with our fashion.

    PS: I hesitated at first, but eventually bought two colors of the Beauty Counter lipsticks you promote. Worth every single penny!

  12. I so agree with Janice and she wrote it perfectly! Unpretentious and spot on. You are a breath of fresh air, come across so genuine and are simply beautiful as much inside it seems, as outside! Thank you! I always enjoy reading your posts. You are always upbeat, positive and kind. Kindness makes one beautiful!

  13. Nothing beats the combination of dark denims and a clean white shirt, and the contrasting orange bag is a stroke of sheer genius! I do envy you the platform shoes. Unfortunately, I am no longer steady enough on my feet to take the risk. I tried on a pair recently, but realised they would not be a good idea. It was not so much the height, as the lack of flexibility. Ah well, I will just have to make do with lower heels.

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