Orchid Growing Tips

I purchased this orchid from Food City, my local grocery store. It had only two leaves and one bloom shoot with about five blossoms. After its flowers faded and fell off, I carefully removed it from the plastic container.

I removed all of the old growing medium and trimmed off any portions of the root system that were brown and rotted. Using an orchid growing medium, I carefully worked the barklike medium between and around the roots and placed it into a new ceramic container that fully drains. Orchids do not like standing in water or want wet leaves or flowers. I pour about a half cup of room-temperature water onto the base of the plant each week but never mist it.

I’ve been caring for my orchid for about eight years and have repotted it a couple of times. They naturally tilt away from the center of the pot to hang over the side so that water drains away from the base of the leaves. It likes to have soft natural indirect light from as many angles as possible. For the past year, it has lived in the sunroom with three walls of natural light. I close the shades when the harsh afternoon sun arrives at those windows. Orchids will get sunburned and turn brown if you leave them outside in the sun.

The orchid mix I used to repot is here, and the plant food for orchids is here. I learned how to care for orchids by watching videos by MissOrchidGirl here.

The shirt is here, and similar shirts are here and here. The jeans are here. The bag is here. Similar shoes are here.

I wore this look to search for new bed pillows at the mall. This is the first time in a while that I’ve blown dry my hair and put on some makeup. It’s good to feel like myself again!

The first thing the young nurse asked me as I was coming around in the recovery room was, “What type of skincare do you use?” She was in her thirties. When I told her, “Beautycounter,” she said I’m getting on that routine right now.

The treatments have yet to begin. My postop exam is later this week, so I’ll know more then.

Thank you again for all your kind comments. Reading them lifted my spirits and made me want to get back to blogging as soon as possible.

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  1. I was delighted to see your most recent posts. You have been missed! I will be praying for your full return to good health.

  2. I’m with that young nurse. Your skin is impossibly beautiful, as is your attitude. I’ve enjoyed your blog for many years, Susan. Thank you for sharing your life and lessons learned. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey full recoveries and a return to good health.

  3. Hello Susan,
    What a delight to see your post this afternoon. That orchid is gorgeous after all the care you’ve given it. A picture of beauty and strength, just like you.
    Continued best wishes on yours and Mr. Mickey’s recovery. Have a great week! And thanks for keeping us inspired.

  4. Oh Susan, You look amazing. I’m so pleased to hear you are starting to feel like your old self again. Good on you! You give all us Cancer survivors hope. Thank you for your post

  5. Good to see you’re back, I’ve (we’ve all) missed you!
    Here’s to a speedy recovery for you and Mr. Mickey!
    You’ve got quite a green thumb… I’ve had several pretty orchids, but never had that many blooms!

  6. So happy to see your smiling face! I love your outfit, especially the shirt. It’s a bit different than what you usually wear. Very becoming on you. The orchid is gorgeous! I have several green house plants but your photo makes me want to venture into orchids. Please continue to take good care of yourself. There are a lot of people out here in cyberspace praying for you!

  7. That orchid is magnificent and inspires me to take mine to the next level. Thanks for the tips and the video link.

    So glad to see you looking so well. I know more is ahead, but wishing all the best to you and Mr. Mickey!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I have been following your blog on pinterest for a few years. You have never looked more beautiful.
    Praying for your recovery and for Mr Mickey also.

    Zoeanne S.

  9. So happy to see you up and about. I have been praying for both of you. I was delighted to see a new post when I checked in today. You look lovely, and so does the orchid! What are the long pale green squiggly things near the bottom of the orchid? Thanks!

  10. Like your orchid, with tender care and thoughtful handling you will emerge stronger and even more beautiful. Best wishes for a successful recovery.

  11. You look beautiful! I am like you in that if I don’t do my skin, hair, make up routine, I just don’t feel like me. Wishing you strength and resilience.

  12. Susan,

    So happy to hear that your surgery went well. Sending you good thoughts and wishes for your next step in your recovery. Also, sending healing thoughts to Mr. Mickey as well.

  13. So lovely to see you looking so well. I agree with the nurse your skin is glowing I just wish we could get Beauty Counter in the UK. Sending love to both you and Mr Mickey

  14. Dear Susan!
    It’s wonderful to have a new message and to see you being well!
    Sorry for my mistakes, this is a mail from Germany.
    All the best for you and your dear friend!

    With best wishes for your recovering and kind regards,

  15. Oh Susan, it’s good to see you glowing! I love your orchid! Ditto on everyone’s comments about the resembling beauty of you and the orchid!

  16. I was hoping you would let us know your tips for growing orchids, yours is beautiful and so are you. Prayers for you and Mr. Mickey. I’ve followed you for years and your blog is my absolute favorite.

  17. You look so good! I agree, your skin looks amazing! I hope everything continues to go well. I hope Mr. Mickey is doing well also.

    Take care, I’m sending prayers.

  18. Hi Susan
    So happy to see you’re doing well. I had surgery last March and radiation and did well. I think if you’re an active person as you are you’ll not have any side effects too.
    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey speedy recoveries. Love the beautiful orchids! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Susan, this is a lovely post! The orchids are beautiful and you look wonderful. All the best with your treatments and recovery.
    Do you mind if I ask where you purchased the pot for your orchid? Was it on-line?
    It is beautiful. I am hoping to find something similar in the Atlanta area.
    Can’t wait to receive your next post!

  20. So good to see you! Beautiful as always. Susan you are one classy lady that doesnt let the bumps of life get you down. Best wishes as you go for postop.

  21. I just think you are tremendously talented and courageous. Writing a blog, presenting health and beauty issues and showing your personal photographs takes quite a bit of strength in today’s world. It encourages all of us to see the positive support you have received…and I think that is because we believe you care for us as we care for you!! You look gorgeous as ever…best thoughts for continuing strength and good health!!

  22. Good to hear from you. I’m praying for your strength as you start treatment as well as for your complete and swift recovery. You look great as always!

  23. Susan, you look wonderful! I’m so glad to see you back among us! What a good lesson on Orchids so thank you. I pray all goes well moving forward for your new health journey. How is Mr Mickey doing? All our love to you both!

  24. Susan, best of luck with the treatments. I’ve never seen pictures of someone looking as radiant as you do who is undergoing any type of cancer treatment. The orchids are pretty as well.

  25. So happy to see this post and see your smiling face!
    Prayers for you and Mr. Mickey on a speedy recovery!
    Thank you so much for the update!

  26. You certainly have a way with orchids! Thank you for the tips. It is good to see you up and around. Best of luck with your continued recovery.

  27. So lovely to see you Susan, you look radiant. Sending my very best wishes to you and Mr Mickey.
    Thank you for the orchid tips too – the YouTube channel is very informative.
    Take good care
    Alison x

  28. So glad to see you looking so well! Very glad to hear Mr. Mickey is doing ok too. I wish I had been using Beautycounter since my 30s too. I have only been using it about 6 months but my skin feels the best it has in years.

  29. Susan, you look terrific! The blouse is so cute! Also, I’ve always wanted to grow an orchid, but heard they were difficult. Yours is stunning. Maybe with your information I’ll be able to have a beautiful one too. You are bring such positive outlook to my day. Thank you so much for being your lovely and gracious self! You and Mr. Mickey are in my prayers.

  30. You look lovely, so glad you are feeling a little bit more like yourself. Just remember, you’ve got this. You will handle it like everything else in your life, with grace and strength. As a cancer survivor of 18 years, I can attest to this. None of us asked for it to happen but life handed us this challenge and we face it and deal with it and carry on. It’s what we do, after all, we are women!

  31. Susan, your post just made my heart happy! You’re feeling like yourself and your hints on the care and keeping of orchids are spot on! Mine thrived in Montana for years, then I gifted them to friends to carry on with them. I bet you were thrilled to again get that compliment- this time from your nurse. Prayers continue as you walk the days of your healing and treatment .

  32. I hope you continue to shine. May you and your best buddy dine together this fall in a beautiful mountain town while Mr. M wears his fun socks. Blessings to both of you.

  33. You look great and I have missed your blogs. Reading this makes me want to try growing an orchid. Praying you get a good postop report.

  34. That nurse was paying you such a high compliment asking what you use on your skin. Because of your beauty, she wants to use the same thing!

  35. Susan you have my respect and admiration for your positive post surgery attitude , you look lovely and so fresh in blue and white. Pleased to hear Mr Mickey is doing fine as well. I have so tried to grow orchids but they are so finicky , I now have a beautiful one, shame on me as it’s artificial. Ssh don’t tell anyone lol. Seriously your orchid is a beauty and it’s shape looks like a heart the way it bows out each way.
    You and Mr Mickey stay strong and positive. Thank you for another inspirational post.
    Pamela from Wales UK xx

  36. You are glowing! Hard to believe you have had surgery. It is wonderful to see you up and able to get out, even for a little while. You have been missed.

  37. It was so good to see your post today. You look so pretty and, I must say, you know how to grow orchids❤️! I would give orchids a try, IF I had a the right place for one to be happy. Here in South Texas we have to keep window blinds closed to keep the house cool. This Summer has been brutal. My DIL was diagnosed with breast cancer about two years ago. She is now cancer free and is doing quite well. I wish the same for you….and Mr. Mickey as well. My prayers and thoughts are with both of you. Barbara Ingram

  38. Beautiful orchid, pretty outfit, lovely lady! Continued prayers as you go for your post-op appointment and treatments

  39. Dear Susan,

    Wishing you all the best with your recovery from surgery and with your follow-up treatments!


  40. Your orchid is amazing! I love having them and will check out the Miss Orchid Girl videos. Best wishes during the upcoming months as you undergo treatments. I go in 9/6 for a double mastectomy to eliminate my cancer. Prayers

  41. Wow, Susan! You look fabulous, as always, but after surgery? Again, wow! Thank you for the tips for how you’ve kept that gorgeous orchid thriving. Mine always die. Funny, but not, right? I’m so grateful for your advice, and I’m taking it! Can’t wait to start over with a new orchid. I buy mine at the grocery store, too. Thank you, thank you! Keeping you in my prayers, always. Big hugs your way! Oh, and by the way, the Beautycounter products are wonderful!

  42. I enjoyed seeing your blog again. Your orchid looks magnificent and you look wonderful as well. Prayers are with you and Mr. Mickey for God’s healing.

  43. I’m so happy to hear you and Mr. Mickey are on the road to recovery; you look terrific for being post-op. And thank you for the orchid tips. I adore them but have never really known how to keep them going – 30 blooms on one plant is phenomenal!! You’ve inspired me to try again.

  44. So very thankful you are feeling well enough to post and show your outstanding orchid. You look lovely and Hope Mr. Mickey is doing well. Continuing prayers for both of you.

  45. Oh my goodness ‼️. You look fabulous ‼️. So glad you have updated us on your recovery. We are all praying for you and Mr. Mickey.

  46. Thank you for the orchid tips. We were given one as a gift and hope to keep it going.
    You look marvelous, and I hope your treatments will go quickly!

  47. I hope your recovery continues to go well and love that orchid, they were my mothers favourite flower. may you be blessed with good health and back to your normal self soon hugs from Judi

  48. Even before I read your post I was smiling just seeing it in my email. Thanks for keeping us updated. So glad you’re up and about!!

  49. You look lovely as always Susan. It was so nice to hear from you. Keep up the good work on your road to recovery. Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey.

  50. You and Mr. Mickey are in my prayers. I’m so sorry for all you have been going through, but happy to hear you are getting back to some normal activities. Wishing you both a complete and happy recovery.

  51. Our sweet Susan looks so beautiful!!
    I’m happy to see that pretty smile in blue. Sending warm hugs to you and mr. Mickey for road to recovery. You are missed and thought of most sincerely.

  52. You look so wonderful! Best wishes, Susan. Onwards by all means. XXXX
    PS: I’ve been a striped shirt person forever, the crisper the better. Love the cropped option. Thanks for the link!

  53. You look lovely Susan! As lovely as your beautiful orchid! I’m a lover of orchids and have several, they do well in the rooms I have them in. Hoping Mr. Mickey is doing well. I always look forward to your blog!❤

  54. You look wonderful. So glad you’re feeling better.
    You are so knowledgeable about a number of things that I have an interest in and I have learned a lot from you.
    Best wishes on your journey to recovery. Prayers for you and Mr. Mickey.

  55. So good to hear from you. I’m sure I speak for all of us in wishing you a speedy and total recovery.

  56. Good to hear from you! You continue to inspire me with your positive outlook. Prayers for you and Mr. Mickey.

  57. Thinking of you and Mr. Mickey and sending prayers for good news, ease in treatments and continued healing!
    Leslie Koschmann

  58. So glad to see another post from you! You look wonderful! That young nurse was smart to ask about your skincare routine, your skin is so nice. Prayers & best wishes, Susan with your upcoming treatments!! Best to Mr Mickey as well.

  59. So glad to have seen your post today & know that you’re feeling better!
    I inherited some orchid plants in bad shape; will take your advice & see if I can nurse them back to health & beauty.

  60. Susan, you look fantastic after what you’ve been through! God bless you. Thank you for sharing the photos. And you are absolutely right about getting dressed and doing your hair and makeup. I had my first outing today by myself and dressed for it. I felt like a million bucks. It was a simple outfit. . . black jeans, pink tee embellished with 3/4 puffed sleeves, and very low wedge espadrilles. Haven’t worn anything but flats since coming home from the hospital in mid June. It was a nice day. You are an inspiration to me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and I will get to where I need to, even if they’re baby steps. Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.

  61. Thank you so much for your orchid growing tips and the link to MissOrchidGirl- I will be seeking them out.
    I’m not surprised the nurse asked about your skin care – you’re looking great and it’s uplifting to learn you are feeling up to styling your hair and putting on makeup

    All the very best with your next appointment and steps

  62. How nice to be read your post. You were missed. I wish you and Mr Mickey well on the road to full recovery.

  63. Lovely Susan
    You lift and inspire!
    Go about your day smiling knowing you are loved and cared about.
    Through your treatments remember we need you.
    You are in my prayers,
    PS you look beautiful and it is skincare and a whole lot of attitude!!

  64. You are still looking fabulous! Take good care Susan and I hope all goes well in the coming days !
    Best wishes Elaine from Scotland. x

  65. I’m so glad to see you looking and sounding so good. Pleased to hear Mr Mickey is doing well too. Your orchid is beautiful so I am planning to use your tips to see if I can get the one I inherited from my DIL when they moved, as it is looking a bit sad. I’m fine with Cymbidium orchids as they live outside here and seem to survive anything I do to them – forgetting them mostly!

  66. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for keeping us posted. You look fantastic. How is Mr. Mikey doing?
    Thank you for the info on the orchid s. I have one I’m trying to keep alive.
    Big hugs and prayers coming from New Jersey for you and Mr. Mikey

  67. Susan, you and the orchid look gorgeous. Your positive attitude will make you thrive and renew your self- being. I loved seeing your blog,you will emerge from all of this stronger and more determined than ever. You are an inspiration for so many…God bless.

  68. Susan, you look beautiful! Best of luck as you go through your treatments. Hope Mr. Mickey is also doing well.

  69. I am so glad you came through surgery well. You look great, as always, but so healthy! I hope the treatments go as well.

    Your post was timely me. I just bought my third phalaenopsis, after receiving one as a gift from a friend. I have been watching MissOrchidGirl too! Isn’t she great? My new orchids are hand me downs from an office decoration company, so they don’t look nearly as nice as yours do yet. But I’m determined to get there! Hopefully your health will be as good as your orchids!

  70. Great article & outfit, Susan!! Thanks very much for your explanation & photos regarding your beautiful orchid!! I love the outfit you are modeling & featuring today, too!! You surely do look wonderful, & very unlike a post-surgery patient! I’m sure your treatments may be less than comfortable, & I sincerely hope all goes well for you throughout your treatment process & eventual outcome as well!

    You are in my thoughts & prayers!!

    Thank you,
    ~ Anne

  71. Susan, you look refreshed. It is important to do your hair and put on nice clothes, it just lifts your mood. Your state of good health at the time your diagnosis will make your recovery much easier. When someone has to undergo medical treatments and is starting at a place of poor health with issues such as being sedentary, an unhealthy diet, high blood pressure, diabetes, struggling with weight issues, it makes recovery more difficult and often complicates matters. If you are able, be sure to take advantage of classes such as group therapy, meditation, yoga, etc offered for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis; oftentimes these are offered online.

    So happy to see your post today and know that many are praying for you and Mr. Mickey during this difficult season.


  72. It was so good to see your recent posts and know you are quickly returning to your wonderful life which includes blogging! I agree with the young nurse— your skin is beautiful. Do you still use the same routine with BeautyCounter, i.e., the same specific products in the am & pm?

    1. Yes, I still use the Countertime products, but tweak them according to the seasons. For example in the summer my skin will break out if I use the heavy moisturizers or oils that I use so often in the dry winter months.

  73. Susan, it’s wonderful to see you looking great and smiling. I’ve been on your journey, and am five years out now I really think attitude has a lot to do with how you deal with treatments and your outcome, along with the best medical care, which I had. And you have a great attitude!
    I am learning to grow orchids also, and mine bloomed for the first time this spring! Thanks for your tips; I will try this fertilizer.
    I enjoy your blog so much, and it’s good to have you back. Take care of yourself and Mr. Mickey, and may God bless you.

  74. Thank you for the update, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing, so nice to see your picture in my email this morning. Im glad you’re feeling well and continue to send prayers and healing strength for the journey ahead of you. My best to Mr. Mickey as well.

  75. Hi Susan, Your spirit is strong and will lead you to total health before you know it. Prayers and blessings!!! Hugs

  76. Dear Susan ,You are looking beautiful, it’s hard to believe you are undergoing treatment. Very good luck with it all , and good wishes for a speedy recovery. All the best from Judy Sparks Brighton u k

  77. You look wonderful. So happy that you have the surgery behind you and soon will have the treatments behind you. I am now six years out, life is good!

  78. Dear Susan, With the meticulous care you give to your life, (and the orchid), you will both thrive for a long time! You are such an inspiration! All my love to both you and Mr. Mickey!

  79. It is lovely to see you up and about again. Praying that your follow up visit is good news.
    With love Colleen

  80. So happy for you that you are feeling like yourself again!
    Caring for your orchids is like tending to life and beauty—something you do well!! Best wishes for your recovery!

  81. Continued prayers and best wishes as you start the next phase of your recovery. Your positive attitude is inspiring.

  82. Ah, orchids. I have never been able to successfully grow them and this post gives me some practical tips and inspiration! Thank you for that. Beautycounter for the win when you were least expecting that compliment – how fun was that? Nice to hear that you are moving forward with your health journey.

  83. So glad to see you on the blog this morning. I had one orchid but after it bloomed, I killed it somehow. Yours is beautiful. You look wonderful.

  84. Your grace , beauty and thoughtfulness have added many new thoughts to my daily life . I have deep gratitude that I was introduced to your site .
    Please know I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through your journey , as well as Mr. Mickey .
    Your positive view of life and healthy lifestyle will take you far.

  85. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your orchid. I send both of you healing thoughts & prayers. You look fabulous in that outfit!

  86. Thank you so much for posting about the care of your orchid. It is so beautiful! Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you & Mr. Mickey.

  87. You, Susan, and your orchid look stunning. Both of you are blooming in spite of adversity and life adjustments. So good to see you prevailing and of course so upbeat to boot which is what we all expect from you because that is…you!
    Though you face some major trials coming up, know many hearts are thinking and praying for both you and Mr. M.
    What an inspiration you are to all of us. Thank you for continuing your blog, even if you aren’t up to a lot yet, know we do appreciate hearing from you.
    Take care and God bless you both.
    Clara from Iowa

  88. I’m so glad you feel more like yourself and want to continue blogging. The comment about blow drying and makeup, reminds me of the transformation I made after finding your blog initially. You are an inspiration to many and what you do is important.
    I’m sharing this piece with a friend who was just wondering what to do with her non-blooming orchid—timely information.

  89. Thanks for the info on your gorgeous orchid!!! I always enjoy your posts and love seeing you and Mr. Mickey all dressed up and all your adventures. Prayers for you both on your health journey.

  90. Eight years! You are the “orchid whisperer”! I have never had one rebloom, but this post has really inspired me to give it a try. I am off to the local green house for some of that potting material. As it is, I have an orchid that just dropped its last bloom. The timing could not be more perfect.
    I think of you often and “Mr”, sending healing thoughts your way.

  91. I’m always delighted when I see your blog come up Susan, I have been following you for many years. I love reading about you and Mr Mickeys adventures and of course all the tips about fashion/beauty for us ladies over sixty.
    I wish you and Mr Mickey a speedy recovery and will keep you both in my prayers.

  92. So glad your surgery is over. You look, as always lovely. Please take care. We all look to you for your positive attitude and beautiful style. Sending you strength and good wishes.

  93. I hope all goes well at postop. Thanks for keeping your readers informed; we care about you and wish you a total recovery.

  94. So glad to hear recovery is progressing well and you are up and around. Looking good and caring for orchids are big steps. Yay you!

  95. I thought of you recently and then here you are in my in box looking as beautiful as ever! So glad to see how well you are doing, and will pray your treatment goes smoothly. And your orchid is amazing!

  96. So nice to see a post from you today Susan. You look great! I’m in awe of that orchid. Like others have said, I’m sure your positive attitude will help you tremendously with this new challenge. I hope Mr. Mickey is doing ok as well.

  97. So good to see your blog again. The orchard is so beautiful. Besides the skin care the important thing is too watch how much sun you get and use sunscreen. Also smoking is not good for the skin. I do not smoke or drink a lot of alcohol and I think along with good skin care your skin stays healthy. Smoking is so bad for the face. You are so beautiful.

  98. Susan, when you repoted your orchid, did you cut back any of the stems. I never seem to know where to cut them.

    1. I don’t cut the gray/green feeders because they provide oxygen to the plant. I only cut away the rotted mushy brown parts of the root system. When the last bloom fades and falls from the bloom shoot, you can use a sterile trimmer to remove it about an inch from the plant. Always clean your tools and stored pots thoroughly before putting them away so that you don’t pass “problems” on to the next plant you use them on.

  99. Susan–So nice to hear from you!! And you look amazing!!! Continued Prayers and best wishes for you and Mr. Mickey!!!

  100. I wish you and Mr. Mickey a speedy recovery. I love going along on your adventures and your style and beauty tips. Stay well.

  101. Good to hear from you! Hang in there. Breast cancer is a bit of a rollercoaster, but you will be alright. I’m a survivor too, 14 years now. I had to have an ultrasound and biopsy just this week after spot lit up on a routine MRI. However, it was all fine, but they’ll check it again in 6 mos to make sure it’s all the same. I tell you this only to help normalize it, or help you feel that you’re not alone going through this. It’s not fun, but you also meet wonderful nurses, doctors, and fellow survivors along the way whom you never forget. I’m thinking of you. Hang in there, friend! You can do this. Hugs from afar.

  102. Congrats on being an excellent orchid mama :-). You look lovely as usual. I love following you and send you bright healing light and prayers for a full recovery. I believe you will completely heal from this cancer and it will just be a chapter in the book of your life. Blessings to you!

  103. I’m happy to know you are doing as well as possible. As always, you look beautiful, vibrant and relaxed. Thanks for the info on orchids. Be well and stay positive.

  104. Happy to hear you are doing well. Thank you for how to care for orchids. I will pick one up and see if I can be successful with it’s care.

  105. You look wonderful. Praying for continued healing. We are headed for Asheville, Charleston and Hilton Head the first of September. Have always enjoyed this trip, and enjoy your reporting on things when you are there.

  106. Susan you still are radiant! I also loved your orchid tips.
    BTW I am glad you tried the new cropped shirt , I might just give it a try.
    Continued wishes for your recovery and Mr Mickey too!

  107. You always look so distinguished. I love reading your posts.
    It’s nice to also know you’re feeling good enough to go out a little. Take care of yourself. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  108. Susan, your phalenopsis orchid is beautiful! I attempted to grow orchids several years ago and this post is encouraging me to try it again. Thank you!

  109. You look wonderful. Your positive attitude shows. Prayers for you and Mr. Mickey to continue on the road to full recovery.

  110. So glad to see that you are looking well, and I do hope that your treatment regimen is not too invasive. I enjoy seeing your updates and learning more about how you have embraced a classic, best-for-you care and fashion routine. Prayers for you and for Mr. Mickey as well.

  111. Susan, so thankful you are recovering & feeling more like yourself. I love orchids & have 10 of them, but none look as beautiful as yours. I have only repotted one, but I need to give it a better pot. You have inspired me in so many ways & here is another one! Thank you, I will watch the video & repot & trim the old roots . Orchids are soo beautiful & fun to grow. Give Mr. Mickey a hug for us. We are so sorry that you both are going through such hard health issues at this time.

  112. Hi Susan,

    Greetings from Massachusetts!!! You look fabulous! So glad you’re feeling better. Hope all continues to go well!
    Thank you for the Orchid advice. Thanks to you, I am now on a mission to save my orchid. Wish me luck!!!

    All the Best,
    Julie Johnston

  113. Dear Susan,

    Thank you for the update and it is good to know that you are feeling better. I do hope Mr. Mickey is doing well also. May God Bless the two of you as you continue on your journey to wellness.

  114. Susan,
    We are praying for you and Mr. Mickey to have full recoveries from this devastating disease. Our family has had several members who have battled cancer and survived, and you both will, too! I don’t think you know the impact your blog has had on so many thousands of women. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to teach, uplift and encourage all of us who read your blog. May God bless you both richly,
    Debbie in Crossville, TN

  115. Hi Susan. It’s good to hear that you are doing well and looking fabulous. Best wishes in your upcoming treatments. You’ve got this girl!
    I’ve looked at your Beauty Counter products several times. I have very dry skin and am tempted to try them. Since you are a consultant, I’ll ask if the amount contained in the Countertime Carry-On Set would be enough to get a sense of how the products might work for me? I would rather do a trial instead of spending hundreds of dollars for the whole set and the decide it’s not for me. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Hello to Mr Mickey. I wish we were neighbors!
    Another Susan

  116. Continuing to send wishes for health and comfort for both you and Mr. Mickey. I look forward to all of your posts, but especially to a future post with good health news.

  117. I was so excited to see you are blogging again! Glad to see you on the mend. Sending positive thoughts. Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey.
    Fondly, Katy

  118. That truly is a credit to your beautiful skin that you received a comment in recovery! I hope the treatment phase goes well too. It is very nice to see you back.

  119. Glad you are coming along and next are treatments. It was so good to see you on this blog. You look great. Hope Mr Mickey is doing well.

  120. Susan –

    Thank you for sharing your tips on caring for orchids! I’ve successfully killed every one I’ve ever bought/received as a gift. I’ll give it another go after reading this.

    No surprise that nurse asked about your skincare! You continue to look amazing as you’ve prioritized a healthy diet & habits, as well as good skincare. It’s all too common to see ladies our age who look far older due to bad habits/poor diets. Kudos to you for continuing to champion the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise & self-care. AND those regular check ups!

    You & Mr. Mickey continue to be in my thoughts/prayers. Hoping you both make smooth, full recoveries!

  121. Hi Susan.
    The orchid and you look beautiful. I hope you feel as good as you look.
    Take TLC of your self. Glad Mr. Mickey is coming along as well.

  122. So glad to hear from you. I know it will be sporadic but it’s always good to hear that you are having a good day.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  123. Susan,
    Happy to hear you’re out and about and looking great!
    Thanks for the orchid tips on re-potting and care. Your plant is the nicest I’ve ever seen..so many blooms.
    Your posts are always a highlight of my day. Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey.

  124. Hi Susan. I was so happy to read your blog today! I am praying that your next appointment and further treatments go well for you. God bless. Marilyn M.

  125. Good Afternoon Susan,
    Your orchid is beautiful. I appreciate your tips on growing orchids and plan to try it myself.
    Prayers for the next step in your treatment and beyond. God’s blessings to you and Mr. Mickey.
    Judy Rains
    Mooresville, NC

  126. It was like hitting the Texas lotto to wake up this morning and see your email waiting! I don’t think you’ve ever looked more beautiful. Thank you for taking time to share with us. Your eclectic variety of knowledge always amazes me! You are very generous to share so much of yourself with so many. My thoughts, prayers and good wishes continue for you and the delightful Mr. Mickey !❤️

  127. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    Sending you and your Mr Mickey best love and prayers. ❤️

  128. Hi Susan, Lovely to hear from you, and to know you are doing well. Thank you for the orchid tips. I had not realised they dislike water on them! I must say I always enjoy the glimpses of your home in the background of photos. You have been blessed with excellent taste. Warm wishes to you and Mr Mickey. Helen

  129. Susan, you are looking well. Love the orchid, and the shirt, sorry it’s sold out. I may have missed it if you told us, if you will need further treatment? I hope not, and you and Mr. Mickey will soon be out and about again soon. Take care! xo

  130. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. I have an orchid my husband bought me last year around Valentine’s Day. It had pink flowers. Now it’s bloomed again and they are white. I keep it on the dresser in my bedroom. It’s right next to the window. I put five ice cubes in it every week. And it’s survived really well. I had one before that and it didn’t make it. But this one is doing great.

  131. You look wonderful and exhibiting such a positive frame of mind. Sure your recovery journey is bound to be successful. Good thoughts are with you.

  132. While I rarely comment, I wanted to let you know that I SO admire your attitude toward life, ever gracious, practical and ladylike. Your fashion and style advice has been welcome to this 73 yr old retiree and grandmother. Prayers from BAton Rouge for your recovery and continued happy life with Mr. Mickey.


  133. Susan, you look fabulous! So happy to see your smiling face. I continue to pray for your complete healing. I pray that Mr. Mickey’s health remains stable. The orchid is gorgeous. Wow, if I thought I could keep it alive, I would buy one at the store.

  134. Susan, you are so radiant and beautiful! What an inspiring person you are! Thank you for all you do, ❤️

  135. You look great! I’m so glad your feeling better. Prayers for full recovery. I love your orchid and thank you for the tips. I just get rid of them when they shed their blooms but I’ll try to save them now.

  136. Oh, Susan – You look beautiful! So good to see your post. Praying to our good God for your continued health and healing. And the orchids are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing

  137. Que alegría ver que estás otra vez aquí. Te escribo desde Barcelona, España. Os deseo la total recuperación para ti y tu pareja. Espero veros a los dos en muchos vídeos. Un abrazo a los dos.

  138. It’s wonderful to see you looking so great. Prayers continue for your journey ahead and with God’s help I’m sure you’ll have a full recovery.
    Terry Spencer

  139. Thank you for sharing your orchid growing tips. So happy to see you blogging again! Hoping your recovery continues going well and you thrive just like that orchid!

  140. Hi Susan, so happy to see an update and also happy to hear that you are getting back to your self again. Best wishes on your post-op exam and future treatment. You are the only one that will know what is right for you and that you do have choices.

    I also want to thank you for the Orchid growing tips. I have a beautiful bright fuschia colored orchid. I was elated that it finally bloomed after 3 years of keeping it (only blooming first year). I think it likes where it’s at now.

  141. So glad you are back blogging again and you and Mr. Mickey are doing well. The orchid growing tips were greatly appreciated. Would you please offer advice on what to wear to a 50th high school reunion that is in the evening at a hotel venue, preferably with pants and tops, not dresses. Thank you.

    1. I would wear something appropriate for a cocktail party. An elegant top in a color that flatters your complexion and black or navy crepe pants with black or metallic shoes might be a good choice. Here are some dressy pant set options.

  142. Thank you for giving us an update, I’ve been praying for you and your recovery. You are such a Light in the this world and I look forward to all your posts. Love to you and Mr Mickey!

  143. So wonderful to hear from you Susan. You’re looking terrific as always. So glad you’re ups and about.
    Hope Mr. Mickey is doing well too!
    Happy weekend and good luck with your treatments!

  144. You look amazing and sound very positive, I’m sure your attitude will get you through. And what a stunning plant, I shall be off to the garden centre tomorrow to search one out. Hope Mr Mickey is well also. Best wishes and positive vibes from the UK

  145. Wishing you continued healing and sending positive energy to sustain you and and Mr. Mickey through your treatments.

  146. Susan, thank you so much for these growing tips! I’m happy to hear that you have recovered from your surgery (although you look fantastic and no worse for the wear! I so appreciate you and your posts, they have given me some of my favorite products and places to shop. Thank you for using your time to help your faithful followers. Now rest, take good care, and I will keep you in my prayers! Ellen

  147. Hi Susan!
    Your orchard is beautiful! Wishing you all the best with your treatments…(been there too). And will keep you in my prayers. ❤️

  148. Sending love and best wishes for good health to you and Mr Mickey. May the treatment be easy and successful! We miss your lovely gentle blogs.

  149. I just had a mammogram as well. You are an inspiration to all of us. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Much love from Grass Valley California.
    Trude White

  150. you look wonderful in this post op edition. i’m praying for your continuing recovery and also for mr. mickey.

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