Style Keywords

When searching for something on Google or any shopping website, it is imperative to use keywords if we are ever going to locate our item. Similarly, using keywords to define our personal style helps us to feel authentic in the clothing and accessories we purchase.

As we consider similar items, it helps to remember our keywords in choosing the correct elements. For example, plain white shirts can be oversized, soft, slouchy, with dropped shoulders, or crisp with perfectly fitting shoulder seams and a slim body, or short and boxy with cropped silhouettes.

I’ll share my keywords as examples. When I shop for new items, my style priorities are structured, modern, and elevated. If something is too relaxed, casual, or loose-fitting, it always lands in the donation bag. I now buy fewer items but ones that suit my personality better so that they get used for years instead of once.

Neutral colors and jewel tones appeal to me and fit with my coloring. Wearing colors that flatter you in tone and intensity helps you look well-rested and healthy. For example, I look tired and unwell when I wear an ivory instead of a white shirt. Warm colors emphasize the bags and shadows under my eyes, making my skin look sallow. Warm colors have a golden tone, whereas cool colors have a blue undertone.

Always add personality with accessories and details. Classic, comfortable, and minimal need not be boring. The light linen shirt (here) would not be warm enough if the air conditioning were blasting in the restaurant. The wrap is a cotton swim pareo (similar here). The bag (similar here) repeats the same watermelon colors in the wrap and my lip color. The Vibrant: Blue Red lipstick is here. The sunglasses are here.

High-waist jeans with flare legs flatter my shape, but long tops have too much fabric to tuck in, and the proportions aren’t right. The soft, lightweight jeans are here. The shoes are by Vince Camuto a couple of years ago.

After the incisions from surgery heal, treatments for the breast cancer will begin in about four to six weeks. The removed lymph node did not contain cancer cells, which was a tremendous relief. Thank you again for your kind words.

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  1. Hi Susan, it’s good to hear wonderful news.
    Now that the summer is coming to a close in a few weeks, have you any suggestions for what to wear in the Autumn? Do you forecast any predictions with the fashion look for the coming weeks, and how to layer during changeable weather?
    Susan, you are an inspiration to us all and thank you for your positivity in life.
    Best wishes to you and Mr Mickey.

  2. Best news!!! I hope your treatment is minimal and quick. Can’t wait to see pics of a celebratory meal with you and Mr. Mickey. 

  3. You look wonderful Susan! Thankfully you are still on the mend and great to hear the lymph node was cancer free. Having had cancer, that news brings such relief. Thank you for continuing to let us know how you are. Continued best wishes.

  4. Great news about the lymph nodes and a big step towards healing. It’s good to see you “putting one foot in front of the other “ and moving back towards your favorite routines. Would you suggest the shorter cropped white shirt for those with an apple shape? When moving about does the shirt rise above the stomach? Will all of our scarves still be in style this fall? What style jewelry-larger statement necklaces or small pieces? I like the side by sides of current fashion trends with your photos of how to imitate the runway looks. Thank you for your research.!

  5. So glad to hear your good news!! Such a relief. I appreciate your comments about what words to use in searches that will get us the results we want. I always have trouble finding pure white tops – I also do not like ivory or ecru tops by my face. And I really love flare jeans!! I’m looking forward to Fall and wearing more colors. Thank you for your post and take care 🙂

  6. Susan, such good news regarding the lymph node biopsy. You most likely have made a huge difference in several ladies’ health by urging all of us to get our yearly mammograms.

    You have taught me to stick to what suits my body, even though I reinvent every few years as things shift to the south a little more. And don’t keep something because you paid good money for, for pete’s sake. I love the way you dress and use your outfits to figure out what will look best on my five foot frame. In this messed up world, you are a shining example of what we can do to make our lives better and possibly those of others.

    Give Mr. Mickey a big ole hug and let him know he has been in my prayers as well.

  7. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I am curious to know the length of the shorter blouses you have showcased recently. I have a pear shape and wondering if they would work for me.

  8. Glad that you are recovering quickly from your surgery. Reports sound good. I have come to the realization as you have that long, flowy tops are NOT for me. I followed the trends and bought too many tops that I have come to realize did NOT look good on me. Proportions DO make a difference!

  9. Hi Susan, It’s good to see your smiling face and you look lovely! Wonderful news for you moving forward! I hope Mr Mickey is doing well. Please give our love and best wishes to him.

  10. I’m so happy to hear those words “no cancer”. What a blessing! You look like you are on your way recovering well. I always like jeans with a white blouse. Such a classic look. I’m going to have to accessorize more though.
    I just bought two cotton blouses at Banana Republic in store. There is one close to me and I like to try on if possible. Is there any way you can get credit if I buy instore?
    Thank you for continuing to write your blog. Wishing you and Mr.Mickey the best and a healing and peaceful week.

  11. I hope your treatments go well. I know they are not fun.
    I hope Mr.Mickey is doing ok too.
    Lots of prayers and love to you both.

  12. Good news with prayers answered. Hopefully Mr Mickey is receiving good news as well. Wishing you healing as you continue with your treatments. You are an inspiration. God bless

  13. Susan- I hope you see yourself the way we, your readers and followers do- years of healthy choices and self care showing up in your face and style. I know it takes enormous amounts of work over the years to show up looking this beautiful everyday- it does not happen over night- and paying an almost obsessive (in a good way) attention to diet and excersize and skin care DOES pay off in our later years. I am the same way- my day revolves around my self care in every way and it is wonderful to have a role model show us what this looks like when you present yourself to others. I am so pleased to hear you on the road to recovery -best wishes to Mr. Mickey too- also, those jeans are very slimming and flattering with a cropped top style. Best wishes and god bless. Maueen

  14. Great News!!!!
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers!
    I had the same surgery 15 years ago, actually 16 years this December!
    Radiation wasn’t bad for me, 37 treatments daily.
    My only side effect was very fatigue so my advice would be get plenty of rest, eat as healthy as you can and take it easy during this time!
    It will take some time before you get all you energy back but one step at at a time!
    Take care and best wishesLinda

  15. Susan, you are just continually checking off all of the boxes of your recovery! You’re sending each of us your consistent uplifted state of mind as you update us. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  16. I am so relieved you are doing well. You are a true inspiration. I’ve enjoyed following you these past years. I do hope Mr. Mickey has a good prognosis, too.

    Obviously, I do not know you, yet I have a sense you are a beautiful person inside as well as your exceptional beauty and exquisite taste.

    Sincere best wishes and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  17. This is very welcome and uplifting news Susan – may it continue with your forthcoming treatments. Thank you for keeping us updated – sending strength and positivity for you both.

  18. Praise God for your wonderful news about the lymph nodes!! Praying for a quick recovery for both you and Mr. Mickie!!!
    Your posts are always an inspiration and I look forward to each one. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, research, and life with your cyber-family! You are loved!!

  19. Susan, I’m delighted to hear the good news about your recent surgery. It’s so lovely to read your posts again. We all missed you but please remember your health comes first! Best wishes to Mr Mickey

  20. Thank you for sharing your latest and positive update with us. It brings a sigh and a smile to see you look so wonderful. If you feel up to it and you think it may be of interest to some of us, would you comment on the Pantone 2023 Fall/Winter colors? I’d love to know your thoughts. All the best to you and Mr. M.

  21. Thank you for suggesting key words. It Will help me so much in searching endlessly for an item I want. I’m so happy to see your post of good news. Thinking about you and Mr. MICKEY too. Continued prayers and hugs to both of you. you look beautiful!

  22. Dear Susan, I am very glad to know you have already have undergone the first step of your treatment; and, also, that your lymph node did not have cancer cells. This means you will undergo treatment knowing only one area was affected, and cure is on the way. Bless you!!!

  23. Thank you Susan for sharing the good news about the lymph node non cancerous cells, I feel your relief as I am sure all your readers
    of your blog who sent all those wonderful messages are relieved too.
    My heart felt sincere wishes for the next phase of your treatment, it will all be well Susan.
    Back to the fashion bit , I only own two pair of light denim jeans and I took your advice a good few years back of ‘ pull on ‘ jeans.
    I remember you saying , no bulky zips, no fussy detail or belt loops which can all add to spoiling a smooth silhouette if wearing a Tee
    for example . I don’t feel comfy if I tuck tops in jeans , pants ( we call them trousers in U.K.) or even a skirt.
    I love the flat lines of pull ons , and my favourite top with denim is white , in many ways a white top and denim has become a timeless classic .
    I remember when I was about 16( now 69 ugh) My Mum bought me a light blue denim skirt a pretty white cotton top, but best of all we’re the denim sneakers with rope edging and bright orange laces ,! I though I was the bees knees. So after all these years denim and white probably in most wardrobes thought the world .
    Denim sneakers orange laces , I think the pop of burnt orange colour you are showing is a safer bet at my age .
    Must admit I had to look up what a Paleo was , your looks a pretty colour.
    Hope Mr Mickey is well and he would look a hoot in some sort of burnt orange socks but a
    no go for him either with orange laces on his immaculate polished shoes.
    Take great care of yourselves and let’s see you on maybe a little excursion in beautiful Tennessee x
    Pamela from Wales UK

  24. Wonderful news about you and Mr Mickey ! Thanks for sharing your journey with us . I love your outfit, but unfortunately for me cropped tops hit me at the widest part of my hips and always make me look larger than I am . That’s a problem I have consistently with LL Bean tops . Sigh … but I love the look !! Wish I could wear it .

  25. I find that white looks better against my skin than cream.
    It gives me a boost to look in the mirror and like the colors I”m wearing so I try to stick with colors that show me to me in a good light!

    That’s great that you’re node negative. My Mother had a similar situation in her 50s, and she’s recently celebrated her 90th birthday. My experience is that it takes twice as long as what the Surgeon tells you to recover.

  26. My style words are classy, casual, comfortable, confident, and authentic. If I can look in the mirror and say yes to each one of those, I know that a garment or an outfit works for me and I’ll enjoy wearing it. Colour is key too. Opposite to you, I look terrible in pure white, but so much better in an off-white or cream.

    The news that no cancer was found in your lymph nodes is wonderful! I don’t know what your treatment will entail, but from experience, I do have one tip that might help if you’ll be undergoing radiation. I was told in my pre-treatment session at the cancer clinic that eating a diet high in protein would help hasten healing of any burning from the radiation. I took that advice to heart and after 30 treatments even the doctors were surprised at how quickly and well I healed. I know that you are very diligent about your diet, so you might not have to tweak it very much to give yourself this added benefit.

  27. So glad to see you here again with your lovely fashion post. Also glad to hear the good health news. Wishing you strength and courage as you go forward.

  28. So awesome to read your post and to see how well you look. Great news about the lymph nodes! I will continue to pray for complete return to full health. Give my kind regards to Mr Mickey.

  29. I was in a similar situation just one year ago and am doing great … hoping the same is true for you. You look wonderful and your posts are always so helpful and interesting.

  30. Love this outfit on you! Definitely elevated enough to look classy, but still casual. Glad to hear your lymph node sample was clear. Will be praying & sending good thoughts for your upcoming treatments, and for Mr Mickey too! Take good care!

  31. That’s wonderful news! Speedy healing and praying your treatments go smoothly. You look rested and so pretty!

  32. Only one lymph node removed is a gift! Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving, but you will persevere I am sure. Just do those exercises religiously and don’t be afraid to stretch that fascia. Don’t baby it and you will be fine- I think you are that person who will do what you need to do.
    I am taking a aromotase inhibitor that causes really dry skin. Otherwise I have had no problems with it.

    I pray for the best for you and Mr. M. And I always enjoy your posts. I don’t wear heels or wedges anymore but hooray for you that you can.
    All the best to you!

  33. It is good to see a new post from you and good news about your recovery. I feel a great deal of comfort reading all the comments about prayers and recovery wishes for you and Mr Mickey. Although maybe a few knew you before you started the blog it shows all the goodness of complete strangers. Many days the news is full of violence and ugliest that bring people down but all the comments to you speak of so much compassion and concern. People appreciate your advice and suggestions. And it helps that when I read them that I see we have many good, caring people and have much to be thankful for. I will continue to pray for you and Mr Mickey.

  34. Absolutely wonderful news to hear that you have no lymph node engagement! Sending love and strength for your next phase of treatment. All my best xxoo

  35. Dear Susan,
    It’s wonderful to have news of your progressive recovery – you are certainly looking well. Do take time to rest as you are feeling better. I trust Mr. Mickey is also on the mend.
    I send very best wishes to you both,
    Thellie Ferris, Australia.

  36. glad to hear your news…. I am trusting that all will be well……. I think that it is absolutely amazing that you are working and posting with all that you have been going through……. You an absolute Briton and do hope that your best friend is also doing well

    Lots of love

  37. Such good news for you and I hope the forthcoming treatment goes well. How is Mr Mickey getting on – would he be agreeable to your giving us an update?
    Thank you for taking the time to think of us and make these posts when you have so much to contend with at the moment

  38. Is is so lovely to see your bright smile.
    Thank you for sharing inspiration again.
    Thank you for also showing us your resilience.
    I hold you in my prayers.

  39. Susan, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! Hang in there We have your back. Hope your Mr. Mickey is also doing GREAT Know we are thinking of each of you every day!!!

  40. Wonderful news!
    Make sure you get out of the house for some exercise during chemo , even if it is only a walk to the corner .
    Wishing you a speedy recovery

  41. Hooray for you Susan! Seeing your post this morning was a wonderful gift. You look wonderful. You are enlightening and educating all your readers. I wish you a smooth recovery and many wonderful years ahead.

  42. Loved the pareo as a wrap idea…I never thought of that!!…you look fabulous and will be pulling for u in the upcoming weeks…thank you for the fun emails….JoAnn from Delaware

  43. Susan,so glad that your news was good. You are a classy lady who has taught this 66 year old so much about how to live a gracious life.

  44. Susan you are looking great. I hope that you heal quickly so you can begin further treatments. I am almost done with my radiation treatments. I will pray for you and Mr. Mickey as I push the send button.
    Patty V

  45. Such good news! Thank you for keeping us updated. The use of keywords is important, but it is sometimes difficult to find the ones that give the desired result! Your suggestions are good. It is so uplifting to read all the encouraging comments.

  46. Prayers for your recovery and treatments. Prayers also for your companion for his cancer treatment. A good friend of mine is dealing with removal of his bladder (cancerous).

  47. Hello. Prayers continued for yours and Mr Micky’s recovery.
    May I ask a fashion question? Is it ok to wear a black dress to a wedding? Stockings? I’m unable , due to several foot surgeries, to wear heels higher than 1 1/2. Can you suggest a low heel pretty, sexy shoe? Black or neutral?
    Thank you so much.

    1. You can wear a black dress but bring in some color with accessories such as metallic shoes and a bag. Add a silk scarf or a wrap to add more color into the mix. Wear sheer stockings whenever you like. I do! Here is a timeless metallic pump that you might like.

  48. Susan, I am on the same journey as you. I am now 8 weeks out from my double mastectomy. I had Chemo first and will now continue with chemo and radiation. I had 15 lymph nodes removed, but two showed signs of cancer. I am in physical therapy and have regained almost full movement. I am sending positive thoughts to you and Mr. Mickey. As always, thank you for the valuable fashion advice.

  49. I’m so thankful both you and Mr. Mickey are doing well, will continue to pray for you both, I’d missed the updates but thank you for keeping us informed!

  50. Can proportion be 2/3 on the top and 1/3 on the bottom? For example, a boyfriend shirt with jeans.
    So happy to have you back with all of us!

  51. Such a great start to the week to see your post! Thank you for the informative, user friendly fashion/lifestyle advice as always. Most of all, so grateful to hear your good news concerning the lymph node and Mr. Mickey! Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers for strength and peace as you continue on your healing journey. I truly thank you for including us. I am one who is a little late getting my mammogram this year. You can bet I have my appointment now thanks to your good example and advice! Blessings!❤️

  52. Happy for your good report of no lymph node involvement. You will get through this.with positivity and good care. Thanks for posting. Fall us coming and we look forward to the change of season and clothing tips.

  53. I too had breast surgery back in 2017. I had a lumpectomy and and lymph glands removed. All margins were clear, thankfully, so I did not have to have any post surgery treatments. I am a young at heart 80 year old who still likes to dress in timeless
    Style clothes. I love your postings and hope you can continue them. I love Talbots and J. MacLaughlin clothes. As I have extra narrow feet, I have trouble finding shoes that fit that I like

  54. You look great ! Please take us on your journey. Some have been this before or going thru it.
    Stay strong.

  55. I’ve been following your cancer journey and am thrilled that the removed lymph node contained no cancer cells. Please know I, like so many others, think and pray for you and hold you close.

  56. Nice to read your suggestions again. I do agree that our style words and colors are very important.
    Glad to see you back. I hope your further treatment is not too bad. I had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy about 13 years ago. I had nothing in my lymph nodes so didn’t need any further treatments. I am still cancer free. Again hope your goes well!!

  57. Good luck with your treatments, I had breast cancer at the age of 38. I’m 68 now. My lymph nodes were negative also. I did have 8 chemo treatments and also decided to have a mastectomy. I’m thankful to be healthy. Best of luck in your cancer journey. Many blessings to you.

  58. Susan, my guess is that next step will be radiation for a few weeks. Been there and believe it takes longer to get undressed and redressed than the treatment itself. Went to work every day and did fine. Listen to your body and when you feel tired take a nap. I was 65 and still not retired but had a business partner who took of the slack for me after the 5th week of treatment. Now about to have my 79th birthday in October.
    Praying for your healing. Stay close to your God and you got this girl!

  59. Such good news that your lymph nodes were clear Susan! Five years ago, I had 15 radiation treatments with no real side effects except some dry skin, I hope it goes well for you too. You look beautiful and slim in the flared jeans!

  60. So good to hear you are healing from the surgery. I’ve been there.
    Love the lipstick can you tell me the name of the shade I’m not sure the website is highlighting it correctly.
    Best wishes for the next phase of treatment.

  61. Great news about your lymph nodes. Thank you for the update and also the good news on Mr. Mickey. I’ll continue to pray for you both.

  62. Good news!! So happy you have a great prognosis and are healing well. You look great too.

    I have a question about your key words: does “elevated” mean more dressy than casual? Is it akin to business casual?
    I would love to wear those jeans but every pair I try on is too long-my legs are too short and I can’t wear heels. I usually opt for straight legs, ankle length. Any suggestions? Trying to follow your advice and figure out my key words.
    Love your style and simplicity!

    1. Elevated means you put some thought and effort into your outfits. For example, I may wear a simple tee and straight-leg jeans, but I will wear a belt, a seasonal bag, and shoes and add jewelry to complement the attire. I wouldn’t feel like the best version of myself wearing jeans, a tee, flip-flops with no makeup, and a slouchy shoulder bag.

  63. I too was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. Due to my age (74), stage (stage 1 with no lymph node involvement) and type ( non -aggressive and estrogen receptor positive) I had a lumpectomy and am currently on estrogen suppressants. Wishing you the best in your upcoming treatments as we both begin this journey.

  64. That top style looks terrific on you! If I had a flat stomach I’d be “on it!”
    I’ve been searching for my key words for years now. I’m so overwhelmed by the volume of clothes I own, it’s a slow process, but I’m getting there.
    How did you come to find your key words?
    Good news about the non-cancerous lymph nodes. Hope the healing is coming along nicely and that the ensuing treatments go well.
    Always wonderful to go to my inbox and see a post from you!

  65. Susan,
    Your jeans and top are a perfect casual yet “put-together look.” Love flared jeans and at 5’5 at least a small heel looks best for me. I order petite when I know the pants run longer depending on the store. Banana Republic is one that tends to be longer in length. Anything to avoid another alteration charge is a plus! May help some other readers too.
    Golden hues near my face are avoided for the same reasons you stated. Not the look I want for sure. Your use of scarves comes in handy for this. I learned so much from you!

    Glad to hear you healing and Mr. Mickey is in the clear.

  66. As always you look beautiful and I love your positivity. I appreciate seeing your updates and am continuing to pray for comfort and healing for both you and Mr. Mickey.

  67. That’s wonderful news, Susan. I’m so happy to hear it. Continued prayers for your next steps and complete recovery. God bless, Marilyn M.

  68. I’m new to your site and find myself looking forward to reading it. Happy to hear that your surgery went well. Wish you the best!

  69. You look fantastic! I love the blouse, but the GAP white size small is sold out. Do you know of alternatives?

  70. Susan, you look great. Thank you for sharing your “style words” as they will be very helpful. Very glad to hear the good news. Stay strong and positive in what’s ahead. You’ve got this. 🙂

  71. So very happy your lymph node was not cancerous and this was caught early. That is so huge! Thinking of Mr. Mickey and hope he is doing well. I love your simplicity. I love ivory and have so many ivory tops. I also love that you always wear heals! High heels! I believe I’m about the same height and age as you. I’m 5’7” and 65 yrs old. I’ve spent my life never buying heels over 2”. I could go to 3” since my husband is 5’11” but then I feel I tower over everyone. In this season of life I’m going to wear the heels!

  72. Dear Susan,

    What a tremendous relief it must have been to hear “no cancer in the lymph node.” My thoughts turn to successful healing. You and Mr. Micke remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  73. Such good health news about you, Susan!
    Really enjoyed your key words blog today & I just applied those principles to a shopping trip last Friday. Luckily the friend I shop with has a very critical eye and a professional fashion/art background.

  74. Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Plus de peur que de mal ,heureusement .
    Votre joie de vivre est communicative.
    Ma carnation demande davantage de couleurs chaudes et je porte davantage de vêtement couleur ivoire que du blanc pur qui me donne l’air malade . Votre chemisier est très élégant . J’essaie d’acheter des produits sur les sites que vous conseillez ,mais c’est presque toujours impossible en France .
    Nous sommes tous différents et il faut mettre en valeur notre singularité .
    Merci pour vos conseils

  75. Un petit oubli lors de mon message précédent : comment se porte votre prince charmant ,M Mickey ?
    J’espère que son rétablissement se passe bien . Avec mon amitié

  76. Lovely outfit love the purse. Great to hear that things are in the upswing. Now you’re such an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do and help with our fashion, Mimi O’Dell,

  77. Susan, I am happy for you and I can see how relaxed you look. You look beautiful. I think you’ve lost some weigh and it makes you look so much younger, wow!


  79. Great news!!! You always look elegant – even in jeans!!! Thank you for all of your tips and words of wisdom! Best wishes to you and Mr Mickey!!!

  80. I have been a follower for forever and your site has been encouraging and uplifting. I am cheering you on in your health issues. But I could use some clarification….

    You initially said you had “invasive ductal carcinoma, the most common type of breast cancer.” But you said no cancer cells were found when you had surgery. If there are no cancer cells,are they are still treating you for cancer? I am sure I am missing something that you could clarify for me.

    Be assured of my prayers for this particular journey,
    Belinda Stevens

    1. Any lymph nodes that might have been “fed” by the cancer in my breast were also removed. I have two long incisions, one to remove the lump in my breast and one under my arm to remove the lymph node. Lab tests showed that the node was cancer-free, which means it has not spread further than my breast.

  81. That’s wonderful news about your health! Hope Mr M is also doing well. Prayers and well wishes to you both.

  82. Wonderful to hear you are doing well. And hope Mr. Mickey is also in good spirits. Thank you for the continued updates!
    I do have a question for you. Did you find that your makeup colors changed a bit when you let your hair grow out to the silvery color it is now?

    Reason I ask is my skin tone is warm and my hair (in a bottle) was always a warm color. I felt as if warm peaches and corals were my best colors as far as blush and lipstick. But I am letting my hair grow out, it’s about 2/3 grown out and find these colors are no longer working for me.

    Do you think it looks ok for warm skin ladies with silver.grey hair to wear pinks? I never knew how much hair color played such an important part of our color choices.

    Thank you kindly for your time. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey continued good health!

    1. I didn’t wear red for many years because it clashed with the brassy tones my colored hair always grabbed. No matter what the stylist did, the brassiness would return. That’s another reason I stopped getting color applied at fifty. You are correct that hair color plays a large part in our color scheme. With my natural silver/gray hair, I can wear red, pink, or rose tones on my lips.

  83. I’m very thankful to hear there is no cancer in the lymph nodes!! I understand what a relief that is. I’m a 2 time melanoma cancer survivor. Praying for you.

  84. Giving you prayers and encouragement. I’m on the journey with you, as I’m sure a lot of women are, but we are strong, I still have 66 weeks of clinical trial left but I’m going to warrior on. As I always say say to my children, Armor on, Sword drawn, Shield up!

  85. Praise God, Susan! This is good news indeed! I wish you the best in your upcoming treatments. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  86. Thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through treatment and recovery. Keep positive, enjoy your hobbies and fashion and most importantly we wish you and Mr. Mickey many, many more trips out and about. Kind regards. Aileen Goodwin

  87. Susan good news the lymph node were negative. Susan I will be praying as you begin treatment. God is good.

  88. Great news!! And you look fabulous! Thanks again for your useful information, I always appreciate your sharing.

  89. Thank you, Susan, for the update on your journey. You are in my prayers. I also hope that Mr. Mickey is doing well. I heard a news article and thought of him. It was about a man who received a man-made bladder due to his bladder cancer. I believe he received it during his treatment from Fox Chase Cancer Center, in Elkins Park, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. I live in the area and know that Fox Chase Cancer Center is a wonderful cancer resource. I wish you both a speedy recovery.

    I also thank you for continuing our lifestyle updates.

    Sending prayers and best wishes,

  90. Wish you well on your recovery. I was diagnosed with triple-negative ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) 10 years ago a few months after my wedding. While the surgery and radiation treatments were not fun, particularly since I was still working 10-hour days with a two-hour commute, it was doable. A decade later there has been no recurrence and I have only a barely visible scar. I urge everyone to be vigilant about annual mammograms. They are life-savers! Had I waited even a few months, I would have been looking at a very different diagnosis and treatment plan.

  91. Hi Susan,
    I have never commented on a blog post before but have followed you for years. I have learned so much from you about clothing and style, especially fit, proportions, and finding one’s personal style.
    After you mentioned going for your yearly check up and what was found on a routine checkup I took your advice and booked a mammogram and bone density test. It had been 6 years ago for both of these tests…..I know better but kept putting it off.
    Blessings on your treatments and thank you for sharing your journey honestly.
    Diane W

  92. Susan, you look as beautiful as ever!
    Your comments about tops are RIGHT ON! I’m shorter than you, so those long tops tucked in make me look like a balloon!! Also, most often my usual size is tight across my busy, but the next size up looks like a bathing suit wrap!
    Also, I love the cute sleeveless, scalloped top from Chicos. I searched for it but never could locate it.
    Am thankful for your recovery news !!! Also thankful you shared this with us… because you did this, I changed my mind and decided I should continue this test… I am almost 82 and felt like I could stop…. You probably saved many of us by sharing as you so lovingly do
    Mr.Mickey stays on my prayer list, also

  93. It was such a relief to hear that the breast cancer hadn’t spread to your lymph nodes. All the best to you as you prepare to begin your treatments.
    You didn’t mention Mr. Mickey this time, but I hope that he, too, is starting/has started treatment.

  94. Sorry to read about your breast cancer. Best wishes for treatment, pls keep us posted on your progress. I am a 5 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer. It’s a scary journey. Keep the faith.

  95. Dear Susan,
    I am so glad you are doing well. I visit your blog very often and feel as though you are a close friend. I admire your expertise re: fashion but also your philosophy about living and self-acceptance.
    I also enjoy the trips and food adventures you and Mr. Mickey embrace. Good health to both of you!
    Sending you thoughts and prayers and best wishes!

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