One Dress Four Ways

From the boardwalk to the boardroom, a simple, elegant, tank dress can take you there. Look for examples that are of excellent quality in both crafting and the fabric. Choose solid neutral colors and classic styling for the most flexibility. You will wear the dress in countless ways and for several seasons, if not years.

The Bistro

I can wear my basic navy tank dress with a white jean jacket and modern, edgy accessories to meet my friends for lunch at a bistro. JacketShoesBagLariat (necklace) (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) A similar dress is here.

The Boardwalk

The dress will be perfect for walking on the beach or the boardwalk with a three-quarter sleeve cotton cardigan and cork heel sandals.

CardiganToteScarfSandalsInfinity Watch

The Boardroom

Pair it with business accessories, add a tailored denim jacket, and I’m ready for the next board meeting.

JacketBagDesk PlannerShoesBracelet

The Ballroom

When we attend another function in the ballroom at The Carnegie, I have the perfect thing to wear.

The ruanas are handmade and one of a kind. The designer’s email is or find her on Instagram here. Contact her to order the color you want. She also creates a shorter version.

I hope that my mini style shows give you ideas on how to use what you already have in new ways or perhaps make an excellent purchase when the time comes.

Congratulations, Anna Thompson!

You are the winner of the beautiful bracelet (here) from Beauty in Stone Jewelry. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item.)

The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. Oh my. I’m so excited. I never dreamed I could ever win anything because you have so many admirers.

    How do I get it?

    Thanks so much Susan.

  2. Susan, love all the looks but my favorite is the turquoise ruana and the three necklaces! Gorgeous! You look wonderful in all the clothes styled and the new hair style. Thanks for all you do. Congrats to Anne.

  3. Looking forward to your posts more now than ever before. We all need something to look forward too and I am making a list of items to look for when we can all get out and support our favorite stores.

    Keep up the good work. And thank you for helping us all to maintain a positive outlook.

  4. Such a difference a few changes can make to the same dress. I am in love with the Felicia blush booties, but sad to find my size not available. I will continue to check. I have a lot of blush styles and find that colour works much better than a regular nude style. Not that I am going anywhere to enjoy them, but think that style would work for years for me. Congrats to Anna on the bracelet.Something fun when needed most.

  5. Loved the boardwalk and business pictures. I would use them for myself.
    As always, you give us something to mull over on what we have in our closets to re-use perhaps in a different way.
    Thank you,
    Clara from Iowa

  6. You look fabulous in every look! I love your fashion finds and enjoy all of your blog posts. Have a good day.

  7. So very lovely, Susan. I took your advice several months ago and purchased the dress early in the season. I will be wearing the white jean jacket and also dressing it up with one of your gorgeous 51” square scarves.

  8. I love those layers of pearls!! I love the sneakers worn with your dress. I just love all these looks! Your blog means a lot to us during these times. Thank you so much for continuing to share with us.

  9. Your hair always looks lovely, but your most recent cut and style suits you wonderfully!
    I certainly appreciate the styling you do to stretch my wardrobe. Packing is so much easier when I see what you manage to do with one basic dress. Thank you for continuing to bring us your lifestyle expertise.

  10. Love all your looks! Could you please direct me to the site for the jacket you are wearing in the boardroom look? The one it sent me to is not the one you are wearing. Thanks, Susan and keep up the good work!

  11. There are no words for how great you look in all 4 stylings! I have learned so much from you, a sincere thank you!

  12. I love when you do the “wear 4 ways” blog posts! Many ideas spring forth using what’s in my closet. Wondering if sometime you can do a “wear 4 ways” blog using a midi dress that is patterned (i.e., small floral, striped, polka dot)? Many Thanks!

  13. Thank you Susan for showing the different ways to wear a LBD. I just bought one, want to make it my go to dress for my retirement instead of having a closet full of dresses. These looks are perfect for me!

  14. I love all your ideas. I wish I would have ordered a couple of your tank dresses when I had the chance. Thanks for your blog. Stay well stay health to you and Mr. Mickey.

  15. Susan, I’m glad to see you wearing more dresses as you accessorize them beautifully, and they look good on you. I personally think that they are more comfortable as the weather gets warmer. By the way, the dress is sold out! I actually like the black dress you purchased at Nordstrom’s with 3 quarter length sleeves. Thanks for your tips, Happy Easter and stay safe!

  16. Susan, I think you could put on a black, plastic trash bag with holes cut out for neck and arms, and somehow, you would manage to make it look smashing! I can see the comments now…

    “Susan, could you please tell me what size bag you are wearing?”
    “I followed the link you provided but they only had white ones left.”
    “The first thing I noticed was your lovely haircut.”
    “I would have chosen black shoes, but you showed how red brings out the drawstring color.”
    “I thought you said you didn’t wear stilettos anymore.”
    “Could I wear that to a 4th of July BBQ or would a more casual look be better?”

    Seriously, I enjoy your posts immensely. The picture with all 4 looks side-by-side speaks volumes about having “the basics.” Thank you for constantly reminding me and providing inspiration.

  17. Showed this to my husband about 5:30 this morning ( I had been awake since 1:30) because my granddaughter is expecting our first great grand in May and she had been told by the hospital they were considering no allowing ANY support ppl with the laboring mom’s. So she said she was considering a home birth with just a Doula. All I could think about all night were all the things that might go wrong with that. No matter how much I willed myself, I could not go to sleep.

    Then when I showed your post to my husband, he said it was a scam which just really bursted my bubble. I even showed the Beauty in Stone website but he wouldn’t believe it was real. He didn’t want me to give my address to anyone. Well, that didn’t stop me. I knew he was just being his pessimistic self as usual.

    Winning this bracelet put some much needed light in my dark world at home with him.

    Again, I can never thank you enough for picking me to win something I have admired on you for a long time.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Keep on blogging. They make my day and I learn so much. I’m 75 and you have given me some good advice.

    Anna Thompson

    1. Thank you for sharing Anna. I can’t wait to hear about your husband’s reaction when your bracelet arrives. That’s so exciting about the great grand! I hope you get some much-needed rest tonight.

  18. I love all the outfits! To get over my disappointment at not winning the bracelet, I ordered the pearl bracelet and used the SAS10 discount. 🙂 I’m planning to wear it at my Son’s wedding! Have a good weekend!

  19. Karen’s comment was right on target! Lol I think I’m happier for Anna than if I had won! Sometimes things happen for the right reason. Thanks Susan for keeping me entertained & fashionably updated. Stay safe to everyone ❤️

  20. You are a sight for sore eyes! It’s nice to see you in a dress again. I think you heard a lot of us saying that you should wear a dress. Thanks for showing how many different ways you styled one dress. I love the shoes in the first picture. They look comfortable and you can wear them with jeans or dress slacks too I think.

    Happy Easter to you and your family and Mr. Mickey.

  21. Thank-you for that look at a world beyond the doors of my house and the recycling of ‘house’ jean outfits. There will be a life after covid19 and looking at grooming helps reset that focus.

  22. You brighten my inbox! The pearl outfit is gorgeous on you. All outfits are inspirational for me. You have helped me so much to look more pulled together. Thank you.

    Congratulations to Anna! I’m happy for her.

  23. Just an observation:
    I like very much how you take an outfit and show it multiple ways.
    I was particularly pleased today how at the end of the blog you showed each outfit side by side.
    Although I pan back & forth to compare footwear & accessories, it was nice you showed them
    all side by side at the end of the article.
    This was VERY noteworthy! Thank you.

  24. Susan,
    I’m not sure how long I’ve been following you, but I do enjoy your posts. You give me excellent ideas for my own wardrobe even though I’m trying to reduce it into more of a capsule.
    I wanted to tell you how flattering your shorter haircut is; it makes you look younger & up-to-date!

  25. I appreciate how you model ways to use basics for very different occasions and don’t show new things all the time. I know I have a tendency to shop to relieve anxiety and appreciate the reminder to be content with what I have. Stay well!

  26. Susan, I’ve followed you for several years and love your posts.

    Question – hair salons are closed in most places and even when they are open, I won’t be comfortable going into one for a long time. My hair is similar to yours in style and type and I know you get frequent cuts. I wonder what you plan to do with your hair when it needs cutting? Thanks.

  27. I can’t wait to see what elegant Easter outfit you decide on.
    I’m hoping there are several versions. i always enjoy your posts tremendously! May God bless you and all you hold dear to your heart.

  28. Congratulations Anna!
    Susan, all of these outfits are spot on. I second the reader who likes it when you end your post with the outfit photos side by side.
    A video about cutting hair? Hmm, that’s just what I could use right now. If my husband saw me approaching him with scissors, he’d break the record for the fastest run mile. On the other hand, I really need a cut but haven’t the faintest idea where to start on my long bob. Thanks and keep well!

  29. Susan, you are absolutely adorable. I love your blog and try to emulate your style! Thank you.

  30. Thank you for posting during the stay at home orders. It can’t be easy, and I’m sure I’m not the only one appreciating your posts.

  31. Because of age, back, and bunion surgery I can only wear flats or a very small wedge. Dresses seem frumpy with the shoes I can wear plus I’m overweight. Of course I never wear above the knee dresses. Any suggestions?

  32. You always look so wonderful in pictures and in videos. These days we’re doing more communicating via FaceTime, Zoom, etc. I was wondering if you could offer some make-up, lighting, clothing, etc. tips so we can present ourselves looking as good as possible. Many thanks. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a Blessed Easter. Sunny

  33. Happy Easter to you, Mr. Mickey and all your friends!
    I like all the four outfits with the blue dress, most of all I like simple with the cotton cardigan.

  34. Susan, I received my Chunky Chain bracelet from Suzanne yesterday and I love it. Thank you so much for picking my entry. I so look forward to your blog. Keep them coming.

    Thanks again.

    Anna Thompson

  35. I look forward to the end of ice, snow, blustery winds and cold. The main reason I belong to a gym is for the walking track that makes walks possible in inclement weather. It is closed, however, like everything else, so walks will have to wait. I forgot mud. The ground is starting to thaw, so now there’s slippery mud everywhere, along with snow and ice. Where are you spring? Winter is five months away…

  36. Where are you Susan, it’s been two weeks and no word from you. l hope it’s the new house that’s taking your time, oh I hope it is and please God you and Mr Mickey are still well.xx

  37. Awesome outfits. I knew you would look lovely in a dress and I especially love long dresses. Sorry to hear about your illness and hope you are feeling much better now. Greetings from Canada

  38. Sooooo helpful. I purchased the dress when you showed it months ago. Now I know how to style it.
    You look so pretty. Hope you are feeling great again.

  39. I’ve been looking for a tank dress to be a versatile addition. I don’t care for the slit on this one though. I see a few more at Soft Surrounings, and Talbot. I also see a wool one that is summer and winter wearable on the 100 day dress challenge. Any thoughts on any of these?

  40. I love seeing how to wear one dress 4 ways. I’ve been wanting to see more ways to mix and match tops, skirts, pants, etc Also, what accessories to wear with these sane outfits.

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