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Are you ever unsure about which color of shoes or bag to include with your look? The shopping and styling tricks that never fail: choose the colors close to the ones on your body. Shoes in the color of your skin are the most flattering color for warmer months. Handbags or shoes closest to your natural hair color will be the ones you reach for most often.


The best colors for you are the ones you see when you look in the mirror right after a shower or when you return from a long walk. The pink in your cheeks is your perfect blush color, as well as the ideal silk blouse color for you. Your teeth are the best tone of white for you. The inside of your lip includes your best plum or red rose colors. Navy, black, gray, brown, tan, white, and cream are a few neutral colors that work well with any coloring.

Speaking of colors, I spent Thursday afternoon at a local city park hiking near a lake and through the woods to enjoy the fall colors. As shown in the first photo, my day started with errands and grocery shopping, so I added a warm sweater jacket (similar here) over a long sleeve tee and black jeans. I wore my short Marc Fisher boots (here) and carried a Kate Spade bag (similar here).


I switched to layered white tees and a very casual hooded jacket I picked up on my recent trip to Newport for the hike. Thin layers allow us to keep the warmth in without looking too bulky. The first layer is a Silk Interlock Scoopneck here. These pieces are part of my daily looks in winter. I am very cold-natured, so I start layering as soon as the temperatures drop below 70. Both the black and the white long sleeve tees are old. (Similar here.) The black straight jeans are here. My hiking boots are old. (Similar here.)

After the hike.

I visited Bays Mountain Park, located in Kingsport, Tennessee. It is a 3,500-acre nature preserve and the largest city-owned park in the state of Tennessee. You can read more about it here.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  1. What a beautiful park. I love the Portugese prayer of the woods, but I did find myself shouting ‘run little turkey run’ to the four in the picture as I believe your Thanksgiving celebration is not too far away!

  2. Very helpful color advice! When your hair was blonde, what color jackets did you use instead of the silver, off white and grey? When my jackets are close to my hair color I feel washed out!
    I channeled you this morning wearing a column of black with a rich tan Moto jacket from Chicos a year or two old, and my confidence is good today! This tan is an unusual choice for me as I often choose the blue of my eyes or something with more contrast.

    1. My hair was an ashy brown when I was younger. I’ve never been able to achieve blonde because my hair tends to get brassy. Contrast is okay as long as it is a color that is from your palette. Blue or another color that looks good with gray is always an attractive choice for those of us with silver strands.

    1. The wolf was very secure behind several fences. All of the animals at the park have previous injuries or some other problem that prevents them from being able to survive in the wild.

  3. How do you decide on the size for the silk layer? Do you want it to fit tight so it doesn’t bunch up?
    Love this post!

    1. You are correct; the first layer should always be thin and close-fitting. It looks better, but it also helps hold in your body heat. I would never wear any of my first layer “undershirts” by themselves.

  4. Susan you just get prettier and better looking all the time! Thanks again for great inspiration and instruction.

  5. Love your post Susan. You always look amazing and I appreciate your clothing ideas. The photos of your walk are beautiful.

  6. You always look terrific, for whatever occasion or setting.
    Love the nature & wolf photos. We live in the mountains, in an area where we see wolves & bears (cougars, too) regularly, without any fences! It’s great to live so close and, in harmony, with nature.

  7. Thank you, Susan, for sharing the beautiful Portuguese Prayer! I love to hike as well! I often hike by myself, whenever I get the desire! If you go by yourself, what measures do you take to protect yourself? I reside in Cookeville, & we’ve had a woman accosted on one of our trails about a yr ago, which really frightened us! BTW, I love your new hairstyle!

    1. I walk alone, only when there are many other people or houses in the area and always turn back when I lose sight of people. When I take longer hikes, I join a group of friends on well-traveled trails.

  8. Thank you for all the thought and work you put into your blog. The pictures are beautiful and I carefully read your text for inspiration and education, I have capped toed shoes similar to yours (with a closed heel) and wonder if you would wear them now that it is colder or would you set them aside until Spring. Thanks for all you do,

  9. The scenery and colours in your photos are beautiful. We’ll be fairly close to this area when we drive down to Florida next week. As always, you look so good in casual as well as dressy outfits. It’s your smile that lights up each photo!
    You asked for questions from your readers. I’ve noticed that your tops always seem to be the perfect length to make your legs look longer. I’m 5’4″ with a longer back, shorter legs & a slim rectangular body shape. Any advice as to where a top should end, the best jacket lengths, the best pant lengths? Thanks for your advice, Susan. I look forward to each post.

    1. The best top or jacket length is mid-bottom or the very top of your legs at the hip joint. I still wear longer tops, vests, or jackets occasionally but I pair them with slim leg pants and a higher block heel bootie or shoe. It’s also smart to break up the length of a top that is too long by wearing a shorter jacket over it.

  10. Beautiful pictures! We are so blessed to live in such a picturesque country! Happy to see you enjoy your neck of the woods!

  11. I have been looking at the Lands End silk underwear for travel layers. What size are you wearing? I am guessing it should fit snugly to provide insulation. I am 5′ 7″ and 145#. I read that the sleeves run long and am wondering M or L.

    Spectacular park photos, BTW? Is that a coyote?

    1. It is a gray wolf. They are protected and cared for within enclosures that mimic nature. The silk underwear should fit snug so that it provides insulation without adding bulk. I am wearing a size small.

  12. Love fall and love your photos! What are your thoughts about wearing colors according to a season. I think I’m a soft or toned autumn so I look for those colors when I shop. But I usually try on the same item in different colors and puck the one that jumps out anyway.

    1. I always try to wear the colors that look best on me near my face. Fall colors in brown, cream, mustard, cognac, and gold are not my best colors, so I add shoes and bags in those tones.

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