Summer Routine

We’ve decided to celebrate Mr. Mickey’s birthday all month long. On Sunday, we drove over to Weaverville, NC, to enjoy a lovely brunch at Stoney Knob Cafe. It is only about ten minutes outside of Asheville.

None of my items are new, so I’ll try to find similar current pieces to share. The cool and comfortable sweater and the wide-leg pants were from Ann Taylor last year. PantsSweaterShoesBag

Both of us ordered the crab cakes benedict with potatoes. We shared desserts, including a coconut cream pie and an ice cream pie with pistachios in the crust.


After the delightful brunch, we took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the Craggy Gardens.

Now that I am enjoying spending a lot more time outside, I’ve made some skincare changes. Every couple of hours, I add sunscreen while I am outdoors.

Sun protection helps to lock in moisture and seal out pollution. I have a few dark spots already, so I would like to avoid getting more of them. I use these products daily over moisturizer applied fifteen minutes before sun exposure. Countersun for your face is here. Countersun Mineral Sunscreen for your body is here.

Dew Skin here in color #2 is also part of my summer routine. The color is very subdued, but it gives my skin a soft, even glow, and it adds even more sun protection.

Congratulations, Susan Kennedy! You are the winner of the pearl lariat necklace here from Beauty in Stone Jewelry.

  1. I love your look! I never thought to wear my Ann Taylor sweater as you have. I’m always trying to find a tee or blouse to coordinate with it. Love how it looks just buttoned.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Susan Kennedy!

    Susan and Mickey, your food choices always looks super yummy!

  3. You look wonderful and so does Mr Mickey! Have a great weekend.
    Congrats to Susan on winning the beautiful lariat necklace!

  4. In the first picture, your wide leg pants look like a skirt. Would you wear a long skirt instead of pants in hot weather?

  5. With many of us considering road trips this year, would you do a travel post on your favorite towns and inns in the Blue Ridge region? You always find such a delightful collection of interesting shops, beautiful scenery, and delicious restaurants. And. Thanks to you, I already know how to pack!

    1. I live near the Asheville area, so most of the places we visit are fairly close by. Here is a site that shares lots of information about all the little towns, Inns and restaurants near the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Here is also an excellent website to help you plan your trip to Asheville.

  6. I love your attitude! Why not celebrate a birthday the whole month! I find it exciting to change things up too. I have always thought coral was a beautiful color. It enhances your coloring perfectly.

  7. You look very lovely, Susan. Oh My! The mountains and colorful flowers are magnificent. Have fun celebrating Mr. Mickey’s birthday all month! That’s a wonderful idea since the stay inside orders has been lifted.

  8. Oooh! You’re wearing wide-leg pants! I just purchased a pair from Chico’s and awaiting delivery. I think they are a great choice for summer. Good to see what style of top you chose to wear with them. Looks like a shorter top is most attractive with the wide leg bottoms. And may I say …. those pies!!!! … look so scrumptious.

    1. The wide-leg pants are so much cooler than trousers or jeans! You are correct; a shorter, more fitted top balances out the fullness of the pant silhouette.

  9. Lovely outfit and photos, thank you. You mentioned dark spots on your skin. Do you know of anything that will remove or fade them other than having them taken off by a dermatologist?

  10. You go, Mr. Mickey! My birthday was yesterday, and I have for several years celebrated the entire month. Every year we are given is a blessing, and after losing my father in January this year (my mother passed 16 years ago), I intend to live every day feeling and living blessed. Thank you, Susan, for sharing.

  11. The Peninsula Restaurant in Charleston SC has the most unbelievable coconut cake EVER! Happy Birthday month!

  12. Lovely brunch, Susan! I love celebrating birthdays! The longer the better! What a beautiful day!

  13. Beautiful summer outfit! I had a navy blue sweater that I wore just buttoned like that. I have to try the new wide leg in white.
    I’m on a diet and those pies just look so good! I’ve learned from you to just eat a small amount and share the other half with my husband. Surprisingly it works.

  14. You are beautiful, Susan! And, it’s so good seeing Mr Mickey looking very healthy and happy, again. Happy Birthday month to him!

  15. Why do you choose a factor 25 sunscreen over a factor 50? I live in th UK where we don’t get the wonderful amount of hot sunny days that you have in the Southern States. I don’t like the white chalky effect of the stronger sunscreens or the chemical smell. They make me look like a ghost! Is this why you go for a factor 25? I loved Chico’s, by the way. We came over to your area last year and loved it and my secret mission ( hidden from my husband!) was to find Chico’s where I had a spree. I told anyone who’d listen that you had inspired me.

    1. I use the Beautycounter brand because I want to avoid the chemicals found in lots of sunscreens. I also try to stay out of the sun most of the time.
      I’m so glad you were able to visit a Chico’s location!

  16. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for everything you do. I am still learning. Could you do a post about undergarments in the summer? Thank you.

  17. When I turned 60 I decided I was entitled to Happy BirthMonth instead of Happy BirthDay. The rules are that people can give you presents and you can also gift yourself presents anytime during the month. I shared this with many of my patients who were in the same age group and they all thought it was a wonderful idea. Lol.

  18. A month of birthday celebration For Mr. Mickey. What a lovely idea! Looking forward to pictures of your next adventure. Thanks for your upbeat approach that reminds us our world still beautiful.

  19. After staying home most of the spring, a month long birthday celebration is a must. I wish I had known about Stoney Knob Cafe when we were visiting Asheville in November. As always, I am inspired by your posts.

  20. Hi Susan,

    I love that you and Mr. Mickey are celebrating his birthday all month long. Don’t you wish you could have
    thanked his parents for bringing him into this world? I never had the chance to thank my husbands mother for this. I had wanted to write Nana Irene a card as well as tell her in person and I just never did. One of my regrets. My husband is a Prince, like your adventure partner Mr. Mickey. Aren’t we all so very blessed?

    Love the scenery, and your ongoing celebrations over food.

    Happy, Healthy, Everything.

  21. Love the idea of a whole month of celebration for Mr. Mickey! He seems like a very dear soul.

  22. I was under the impression that you ate a plant-based diet. Just curious what made you change. I have gone back and forth with it for years. Just wanted to know if you feel like sharing.

    You look lovely.

  23. I sweat so much in summer. And I noticed with my althena sunscreen my face burns if I sweat. It’s a 60 spf. So I quit using. My neutrogena moisturizer is a 14 spf. Any thoughts? I’ve had 2 Mohls surgery on my face. Not a hat person either.

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