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“How can I look polished and put together even though my retired lifestyle is very casual?” Some version of that question has been put to me many times recently.

I usually avoid trends, but styling tricks using classic basics can make your look current and polished. Styling a look includes rolling or pushing up your sleeves, popping your collar up, and layering or tucking a shirt in a more flattering way. Wearing a short jacket over a long top creates the illusion of a taller, better shape than I have.

A crossbody bag, slip-on sneakers, ankle pants, and a white jean jacket are classic elements that I can wear in many ways, but they have a casual vibe. I put them together with an aqua top from Covered Perfectly to add a pop of color. I keep the colors to a minimum, no matter how I dress. In keeping with the casual attitude, I added a bold watch, a simple silver bangle, a plain pair of silver earrings, and one ring. My makeup is light and natural. Even my lip color is a muted, natural, understated plum color. My eyes are sensitive to light, so I never leave the house without sunglasses.

The Beautycounter lip color is Little Black Dress – Neutral Berry here.

The jacket is from Chico’s. The pants are old from J.Jill. The aqua top was made in the USA, and it is from Covered Perfectly. Here is my affiliate link. When you buy two tops from Covered Perfectly, the third is free.

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  1. Would you discourage pear shaped women to avoid the band of contrasting color around their hips?
    Really like this look. I’ve been afraid of short jackets unless Shirt and pants are the same.

    1. You are correct. Wearing a short contrasting color jacket with a top and pants in the same color would be perfect for the pear-shape. Since I am smaller on the bottom, this combo works for me.

  2. Very nice outfit, but in warm weather especially June July August, even a light jacket is definitely out. The jacket certainly completes the outfit but it doesn’t work for many of trying to keep cool and look put together.

  3. This is just lovely and the colour combo is so pretty. Is the top flared at the bottom, or the basic layering one?

  4. Susan….just saw the 2018 Hair styles for now…..Show off your curls! Your hair is super cute on you, keep the curls, natural Love your style and thank you for your blog.

    All the best,

  5. Absolutely lovely and pulled together yet comfortable! Thank you Susan for yet another great look for all of us to emulate!

  6. Thank you for being real and showing items most of us can afford! I follow another blogger in her late 50s whose outfits are always well over $1500 each, which most of us can not afford. Your style is classic and your choices are always within financial reasonability! Great look at very reasonable and attainable prices!

    1. With the intent to wear all of the items purchased now for many years to come, investing in the best quality I can afford makes sense to me. Quality over quantity is a good mantra. Thank you for your comment.

  7. I love this outfit – it is casual but put together so nicely! Are those J. Slide shoes comfortable? Do they slip off? I like the looks of shoes like that but wonder how comfie they really are.

  8. I am currently on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and this outfit would be perfect here in the middle of our winter. Lovely.

  9. I really adore your casual look. Classic yet simple and elegant. I also like the addition of the jacket. However, where I live that is too much fabric. The most we can do is one top and bottom or a gauzy lightweight fabric dress. The closer the thermometer reaches close to 18 degrees it’s time to remove all those layers. Although I like how it looks on you but for myself I would melt.

  10. Hi Susan—love your outfit. I’ve been contemplating that bag for awhile but they don’t have it in the store to view. The sales associate described the color over the phone as a grey with purplish undertones. I was wondering how you would describe the pearl grey color and how it looks next to grey clothing? I’ve been looking for an all year round grey bag (not too dark and not too light) with silver or gunmetal hardware that doesn’t have taupe or brown undertones. I purchased another designer bag in grey and once I returned home and held it up to any grey clothing, it looked more taupe. It’s been difficult to find a near perfect bag and large handbags overwhelm me. Any thoughts?

    1. This bag is a charcoal gray without warm tones, which is why I bought it. I have three sizes of gray bags and carry them more than any others. I like gray bags because they relate to the color of my hair.

  11. I like the long top peeking out of a shorter jacket. Even in August in Texas we need our arms covered in restaurants, stores, and movies because of air conditioning!

  12. Small details add freshness. I love the color of the top and the neutrality of the shoes. The weather is still sweaty and this is cool as chilled cucumber water.

  13. I notice that people often comment on the price of your clothing/accessories, which is totally out of line, as far as I am concerned. You know that some people cannot afford to pay as much; you know some people can (and do) pay much more. It is YOUR clothing and we can look and get ideas–basics are available at all price points. You never need apologize for what you spend.

  14. Hi, Susan, I loved the last photo of all the accessories together. I found it so useful. Could you please put more photos like this on for future blogs. Many thanks.

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