Easy Ways to Wear a Scarf

Wearing a scarf makes even a simple tee and jeans look polished.

Brown looks sharp with dark-wash denim. The jeans were the Slim Fit Ankle Jeans from J.Jill last year. The BCBG bag is several years old from TJMaxx. The shoes are by Ralph Lauren.

I showed you how to fold a large scarf on the bias in a previous post here. Folding the sizeable square silk scarf on the bias creates a beautiful supple band of luxurious fabric. A long rectangle scarf will never drape like this.

When I wear a scarf, it is always in a simple, easy way. Fussy, intricate ties always look like I tried too hard.

  1. Will you be getting the 3/4 sleeve top back in stock in black, medium? I don’t see it on your shopping site right now.

  2. Love the look of the scarf to take jeans and tee to another level. This will be my look on a trip my hubs and I are taking in a couple of weeks. We will be hiking for nine days through the English countryside and then on to larger cities for a little more formal activities. Thus, I need very casual and smart casual outfits in one small suitcase! The scarf idea will make this possible. Thank you again!
    By the way, your hair is adorable in that side shot. So Cute!

  3. Brown does indeed look great with jeans. Your choice of scarf makes it possible for someone with cool coloring to wear brown effectively.

  4. You change purses a lot. How do you do it so effortlessly. I believe you had a video on that awhile ago. What was the title of that video so I view it once again. Thank you.

  5. Your video about how to wear brown was excellent. Would you consider making a video about wearing gray?

    Do you plan to have any more colors in your pants and tops shop? I have your black, navy and brown and love them.

  6. Hey Susan, I love your blog. As a former ice show skater I had to comment on your great ‘flex’ pose in the first pose. LOL

  7. Susan, just wanted to let you know that on weekdays when I don’t see a post from you, it feels like I am missing a good friend whom I visit regularly. I feel like blogging must be lonely at times, so I want you to know that you are missed on non-post days….

  8. I think the way to not feel awkward in a scarf is to focus on it’s function.
    Is it keeping a jacket collar clean by snuggling up to your neck, or maybe acting like a collar on a collarless sweater or blouse, or maybe providing a light layer on a cool day.
    When you use them to do something then they aren’t optional, they’re working for you in your outfit.

  9. I enjoy receiving your emails. I’m
    approaching 60 this fall and need to lose about 15-20 pounds. Tell us again how you managed to shed the pounds. You look great!

      1. Just wanted to tell you about my neighbor. I always see him walking early in the morning. Just found out he lost over 100 pounds using the Eat To Live book.

  10. Could you please recommend a scarf that would go with the Simple V in teal (that I recently purchased on your recommendation from Covered Perfectly.) I’ll wear it wither black, navy, or denim. Thanks.

  11. You are my expert on scarfs. You energize and encourage me to wear them. Please continue to write about scarfs because it is an affordable and practical way to add color, fashion, and comfort to an outfit.

  12. I love brown. I have some Chicos size 2 t-shirts that I’ve been wearing. They are a little bit too big for me but only a little. I’m pretty busty. What size do you think would fit me from your line?

  13. Susan,
    I love your blogs and photos and I am trying to move to your simple style that works. I am chunky, so I always feel like scarves add bulk….they look great on you, but make me feel heavier. Any suggestions?


  14. I have just found your site and I LOVE it. Do you recommend a site for accessories? I am recovering from a serious back surgery so I cannot do any heavy or long shopping. Thanks for all the great tips on outfits. I am almost 69 and short, 5’ 3”
    And wear a size 12-14, and I live in the south.

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