Urban Chic Dinner Date

Some clothing items project a specific attitude. A biker jacket is one such piece. Even if it is pure white and structured, it feels a bit edgy and modern. The fact that this one has clean lines without many extra zippers, buckles, or studs makes it more refined. The hemline also dips down lower in the back to disguise a flat backside. All that combined with a soft, stretchy fabric makes this a jacket I will enjoy wearing almost year-round.

The downsizing continues. After a brutal week of working to prepare my commercial building to be offered for sale, I wanted to treat Mr. Mickey to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Rowland’s at Westglow in Blowing Rock, NC.

From the moment we arrive on the property, a feeling of peace and relaxation settles over us. We enjoy the banter with the delightful young people who come to valet the car and open doors for us, and the manager, Gary Brown, who comes to greet us with a hug. We take a few minutes to relax after the long drive with a glass of champagne in the living room while listening to Kim play the antique baby grand piano. Combined with the anticipation of a splendid meal, it all feels like being welcomed home by family.

An amuse-bouche or amuse-gueule is a single, bite-sized hors d’ œuvre. Amuse-Bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from the menu but are served for free and according to the chef’s selection.

Rowland’s House Salad includes mixed greens, watercress, oranges, shaved fennel, microgreens, Kalamata olives, citrus vinaigrette, and crispy vegetables.

The appetizer of a King Prawn with edamame, tomato, grilled baguette, and garlic butter was superb.

The Miso Marinated Mero Sea Bass with forbidden rice, bok choy, carrot ginger foam, and wasabi oil is the best. Chef James is a genius!

We shared the sour cream cheesecake with figs, pecan biscotti, and honey, but by that time, we had relaxed so much, we forgot to take a photo. My apologies.

My favorite part of getting dressed is adding the right accessories to pull the look together. I did not want to clutter the look with a necklace or bracelet with the edgy nature of the jacket. I did wear bold geometric drop earrings and dramatic rings. I also carried my most urban clutch bag. The Anne Klein shoes are no less than twelve years old. The black pants are the Chico’s travelers. I wore a pale silver-gray tank top to unzip the jacket while seated.

The photo above shows the back of the jacket.

  1. You look lovely. I love the jacket. Black and white is one of my favorite combinations. I didn’t realize you were still downsizing. Good luck to you.

  2. Beautiful look! Love that you always look so “put together.”

    With the downsizing continuing, I get the vibe that retirement is just around the corner. With that thought in mind, Susan how does one access the archives of this blog?

    1. I will continue to blog because I dearly love sharing what I have learned and also interacting with followers. (You’ll never know how much I enjoy your positive comments and emails.) My pending retirement will only involve the selling of my business and commercial property for now. You can look back at my old blog here, and you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to look back at the older posts on the SusanAfter60.com blog.

      1. I see that now at the bottom of the page–duh! Looking in all the wrong places.

        You have taught me so much about proportion and other techniques for looking one’s best. Thank you! It has given me renewed confidence and saved my budget many times.

  3. I love seeing the places you visit, one day I’ll visit the States again!
    Do you have any suggestions for earrings for unpierced ears? I had to let mine heal over as I found earrings for pierced ears painful.

    1. You can often find clip-on earrings, especially in the larger styles. Some budding jewelry designers will be more than happy to convert pierced earrings to clip-ons for you. You may also have luck when you google or search websites for clip-on earrings. Here is an example.

  4. LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE the jacket!!! Would like to see a little peep at how the back looks, with the unconventional cut. I also have a flat backside!! You look lovely as always. I learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge. It’s appreciated! Have a great week!

  5. You wear that jacket well; I can see why you like it. A great dinner again and you looked perfect for the evening.

  6. Love this jacket on you! You’ve inspired me to wear one that I have that is similar (from Chicos) during Monterey Car Week coming up this week. The weather forecast for Monterey, CA will be cool marine air, partly cloudy, around 66* for the high each day. This style jacket will work well to stay warm AND stylish while viewing lots and lots of cars. Will pair with different color pants and matching tops to give different looks each day. Thanks so much for your great ideas to inspire us!

  7. Wow, love that jacket. Very classic and classy, simple yet elegant and edgy all at the same time. And, again as usual the food looks yummy.

  8. I appreciate that your clothing doesn’t have to be top designer, with the proper shoes, and accessories, you always look like a million dollars. It is all about how to pull a look together with accessories. I am happy to hear you are going to blog in retirement. Is Mr. Mickey going to ever retire? I saw a picture of his neat warehouse business. He is amazing also.

  9. You look fabulous! What a classy look and the food photos! You have inspired me to learn to be happy with smaller portions and take my time eating them. Please keep the blog, I just discovered you not so long ago and have devoured all your videos many times!

    1. It is black rice. During the days of the Ching and Ming dynasties, it was exclusively reserved for the Chinese Emperors to ensure their longevity and good health. Eventually, ordinary people were allowed to eat the rice, so it is no longer Forbidden. It is a healthy staple that is reputed to promote long life and good health.

  10. You look superb as always, and your accessories are perfect. The one question I have though is you have talked about fooling the eye with a long shell/tunic and a short jacket, or a short top and a long jacket. In all the full body photos, your jacket appears to be the same length as your shell. Does this rule not apply if you have your jacket closed or zippered up? I have just started buying shorter jackets (two denim jean jackets in faded blue and white). I’m 5’2″ and I need help. Your dinner look scrumptious!

    1. The moto jacket is about the right length for my shape and height. The layered look from a previous post was a short over long look to create balance with proportions. In this case, the moto jacket is the correct length for my shape. The shell was not meant to show at all, but I did want to be able to unzip the jacket for comfort when I sat down. (That always helps to keep a jacket from wrinkling so much also.)

  11. You look beautiful as always. Picture of your dinner look so tiny. Are they misleading or are your stomach the size of thimble? I wish I could be satisfied with so little.

    1. Neither of us enjoys a large volume of food. I do not like to feel so full that I am uncomfortable, so I always stop eating before I get to that point. (The prawn is a very large shrimp.)

  12. Congratulations on your decision for retirement (or semi retirement as you stated)!!!!! Time is family and friends and time to travel – time to do just what YOU want while you are able to do so – there is no price to put on that. ENJOY!!!!

  13. Can you describe the difference between the Chico’s pants you are wearing here and the pants from your website? And why you picked these over the others? Wondering if they would be interchangeable with an outfit/jacket like this? Thanks!

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