Leaves and Lobster

Saturday was a beautiful autumn day as we drove to Asheville to try a new restaurant. A friend highly recommended the lobster rolls at Jettie Rae’s Oyster House on Charlotte Street. So we added a bit of leaf peeping and adventure along the way, stopping to snap some photos by the stream in Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park.

I’m wearing old favorites again, so nothing is new, but I’ll share where I bought them. The flare-leg jeans were from Talbots last year, the tank is from Chico’s several years ago, and the blazer is from Anne Klein. The boots are by Vince Camuto, and the bag is by Kate Spade. The various jewelry pieces are several years old but purchased here, here, here, and here.

The drive to Asheville takes about an hour, and the temperatures were in the high seventies on Saturday. We wanted to be comfortable, so we wore layers we could remove if needed.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, and the service is excellent. The lobster and shrimp rolls were served with french fries or ranch dressing chips. I rarely clean my plate, so I mainly ate lobster, shrimp, and a few of Mr. Mickey’s fries. The meal was filling and delicious.

We snapped a photo of the house’s specialty as it passed by. Neither of us is a fan of oysters, and we don’t eat a large volume of food, so we didn’t order those. We also skipped dessert, but they are known for their Key lime pie.

We hope you enjoyed coming along for our Saturday adventures. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. So happy to see your pics of the Asheville area! Based upon your recommendation, we have been visiting Black Mountain, NC every fall for last 5 years, but sadly are unable to make it this year. Love, love, love that area in the fall!

  2. Wow, as always you look great in this outfit and Mr. Mickey looks pretty nice as well.
    The pictures are fabulous. You share some of the most inviting areas to see. Glad you mention where you took these pictures. We love Tennessee and the surrounding states, so seeing one of your choice places, we can stop and admire them as well when in that area for vacation trips.
    I also want to thank you for telling me the Berkey water filter system you use. They do not ship to Iowa but we sent it to our daughter in Wisconsin and they will bring it with them when they come for Thanksgiving. Thank you as I am looking forward to drinking more water soon….
    Hope you have a fantastic fall.
    Clara from Iowa

  3. A question – do you own any brooches? I have recently started a campaign with some friends to ‘Bring Back the Brooch.’ I often think they can elegantly finish off an outfit. I have quite a collection now. Purchasing them mainly from Antique fairs or from Charity shops. I love following your blog for tips and ideas. Although I don’t think I could wear white jeans throughout the year in Scotland!
    Kind regards Elaine.
    P.s. Autumn colours here in Scotland are amazing right now.

  4. Yum, it all sounds delicious! I grew up on oysters and shrimp as my family had a house on Galveston Bay . I bought one too when I was older. We have a couple of lobster roll places here in DFW – so divine!
    Love your outfit. I’m a blazer girl too.

  5. What would guess is your daily consumption of calories and calories expanded if you wear an Apple Watch that display that, For your height I would be curious. As your breakfast seems to be most caloric and filling of the day. Thank you. I’m 66 as well.

  6. Love seeing your posts in addition to the fashion. How lucky you are to have someone like Mr Mickey to share adventures with.

  7. Asheville is amazing! We enjoyed our visit there and hopefully we will go again soon! So beautiful. You look amazing as well. Happy you escaped for a fun fall day together.

  8. You live in a beautiful part of the U.S, Thanks for sharing these pix. I appreciate, too, that you don’t have to wear new clothing for every post. I don’t have the finances to purchase many new items. Prices have gone up so much this season!

  9. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! Since I retired about 1 1/2 years ago I really look forward to your posts. They are so relevant for my new lifestyle.

  10. I love all your posts. Thank you for freely sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

    Any suggestions for how busty, short gals can wear blazers without looking like a quarterback? I’ve struggled with this my whole adult life. I’ve bought yet another Talbots jacket recently. Well made and … I always feel it adds too much heft and revert to a V neck cardigan.

    Have you ever done a link on wearing blazers well? If not suggestions appreciated!

  11. You both look so prefect for the weather. Love the pictures of all the fall colors.
    That’s what I miss here in Flordia.
    Thanks for sharing……

  12. Thank you Susan for the pictures! Always love you sharing as you travel. Stay warm today!

  13. Could you do a little more about the Berkey water system? Why do you use it? Is it difficult to maintain? I am concerned that it will get slimy and just be a horror to clean out.

    1. I buy new sets of filters each year and clean the system often. You should wash your hands well before cleaning it since it is an open system. I researched water filters for a few months before purchasing the Berkey. The filtered water tastes much better than tap water and doesn’t reek of chlorine. There are many different water filter systems, so you might want to research to determine if an under-counter closed system or a whole-house system might be better for you. The Aquasana Reverse Osmosis filter here is one of the highest rated.

  14. I love how you don’t need to be entertained but, rather, find your own fun in the beauty surrounding you! And , love your fashion sense and advice.

  15. We already know you don’t normally eat fried foods and monitor your portions. No need to explain. It’s ok to let go a bit, be a little silly, and eat a few fries now and then.

  16. Dear Susan, I am new reader- but: love your blog! Very personal and “normal” and thank you for your fashion ideas! Have to mention that I also love to see pictures from area you are living! Thank you so much! My husband and I live in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. We try to visit US each year and to find out natural areas, where you have such a lot!
    Thank you for your efforts! Angela

  17. Very nice post! We love the warm fall days .I just removed my white jeans from my closet for the winter. Now, I’m going to put them back. I was going to make a comment about brooches, but someone beat me to it! Bring back the Brooch!

  18. Susan,
    Thank you so much for including your beautiful pictures of God’s colorful creation this autumn! I am not able, health-wise, to travel and see the spectacular colored leaves and the other lovely pictures you always include with your timely tips on clothes. If possible, please continue to include your travel pictures that you and Mr. Mickey take on your trips around your area. They are such a blessing to me!

    FYI – I live in Hickory, NC, which is east of Asheville about 1 1/2 hours away. I’ve always loved the mountains, especially Blowing Rock that you visit from time to time. My husband and I used to go there every summer, but now, at 76, we tend to stay closer to home. Needless to say, my great love for the mountains will always remain with me and my memories of them are ever so more precious!

    Psalm 121:1,2– I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

    Thank you again for your posts that I always enjoy! Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey. Travel safely!

  19. Oh my lobster rolls! I live in Asheville…..and we also enjoyed the fall colors driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Pisgah Inn which was packed….so we drove down Rt 276 to Brevard having lunch at SQUARE ROOT. I also wore a snappy casual outfit, and I make all my own clothes, but look to you for style comments and classic dressing…..
    Thanks for your blog!

  20. Thank you for sharing your life with us. The pictures of surrounding areas that you visit are fun. My husband and I love Asheville and it’s nearby towns, but sadly we live in Louisiana and can’t visit very often. So, your photos allow us a quick peek and some fond memories.

  21. Some wonderful pictures of the area. I do remember how pretty it is during the fall season. The colors going up the hills all around is special.
    Lobster rolls look great the pictures make me hungry.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Beautiful pics and Mr Mickey looking spiffy as well. So happy the temps are cooling, I love the colors of autumn leaves and the crunch of them as I walk thru. Have a wonderful week you two.

  23. Love the outfit. You always look classic. I was lucky went to the link for the blazer and it was on sale

    I really enjoy following you and have gotten great ideas how to reduce my wardrobe. At 74 it gets harder to shop and not try the “In Thing”. But I am changing and love it.

    You can look classic and stylish without looking frumpy

    Thanks again for you post

    Linda Rohe

  24. Your pictures are lovely! Someday I hope to visit your beautiful part of the country. Thanks, too, for showing us one way of styling white jeans for Fall.

  25. Another wonderful blog. You both look fantastic & such beautiful fall scenery!Your meal looked so delicious! Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  26. Susan,
    It’s always a pleasure to see your outings and what you wear. The white pants are nice and I did take your advice to wear them. I extended the wear into fall (past Labor day) for an extra month to enjoy them before the rainy days started here in Michigan. I had a few compliments and no strange looks or comments.
    A lobster roll and a few fries is sheer bliss to me!


  27. Thank you for the restaurant rec. I’m always in search of the best lobster rolls! We may go to Asheville as we’ll be in Charlotte in December/January. Don’t think that’s the best time of year to visit though, so will see what the weather is.
    Beautiful shots and chic outfits. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Beautiful pictures! I love how “everything old is new again”! Also would like to see more of Mr. Mickey’s styling!

  29. https://www.southernliving.com/home/cleaning-and-housekeeping/laundry-symbols-meaning

    Susan, I think you spoke of this in a previous posting. I don’t recall the source but maybe this will have some additional information that may be useful. Thank you for all the postings lately! You’re keeping us busy more than ever and it’s wonderful. It’s always a joy to see the latest post come our way and reading what the community is adding in thoughts or questions as well.

  30. Hi Susan; really enjoying your posts these days. I love your sensible but fun approach to life. Like ….not going on about how you cant wear high heels anymore and just celebrating your new lower heel styles instead. It’s so nice to catch a glimpse of Mr. Mickey also, and inspires me to go out more and enjoy some weekend excursions too, just for fun. Have a great week.. to you both.

  31. If you had to start over on your jewelry from “Beauty in Stone”, what would be the first pieces you would add for a bracelet, necklace and ring.

  32. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for all of your style tips. I went to a wedding a week ago that was held on a farm. I wore my white jeans and a black tee and a denim jacket. Also very little jewelry. I felt very comfortable wearing white jeans in the fall. I was always one who never wore white after labor day.

  33. Susan,
    I always enjoy and appreciate your posts. From your fashion wisdom and experience to weekend adventures with Mr Mickey. Always fun and upbeat…. Stay safe and well.
    Best wishes!
    Pat B

  34. Sounds like fun. That lobster roll looks like it made the trip extra special! I rarely order lobster because many places outside of the east coast just don’t know how to prepare well.

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