White Jeans Year Round

I wear white jeans and suede shoes only on bright sunny days when there is no chance of puddles. White jeans are as warm as faded blue jeans. However, they look much more polished.

I wore this look to go to the grocery store, get my car washed, and stop by the bank on Friday. Even if you aren’t going anywhere special, getting dressed to please yourself can lift your spirits.

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Thank you for your lovely comments and questions. This short and sweet post is for all who asked for tips on wearing white jeans for fall. Note that I used the colors in the silk scarf to pull in other tan colors and make the look cohesive. I am wearing nude hose with the loafers because they look much better than socks and are much more comfortable.

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  1. You look fab as always! I love your glasses. A question-do you feel the same way about white pants that aren’t jeans? As far as wearing them year round? I have lovely white pants that are not thin fabric I bought this summer. I hate to put them away. Would you style them the same way?
    Thank you, have a lovely day.

    1. I consider the weight of the fabric and if it will be comfortable for the weather. White, tan, sand, ivory, and ecru are all lovely pale neutrals you can wear all year and with anything. White and pale gray are the best choices for my cool coloring.

  2. Stunning fall style! I admire how you wear denim jackets. If you had warm coloring instead of cool coloring, how would you replicate this lovely look?

  3. I love the idea we can wear white jeans no matter the season. I ruined a pair of white jeans on a rainy day when I was very young and learned my lesson. Very attractively put together. Thank you.

  4. Hi Susan! What a great outfit! The scarf and tan shoes are great accents too go with the white column! You look lovely as usual!

  5. Always enjoy your posts and sometimes pass the info to my 14 year old granddaughter. Especially the comments about wearing white jeans, anytime, anywhere, any season. Surprise, she is now wearing white jeans through Fall and hopefully beyond. Thank you. Now in my 80’s I have pared down my closet and find it so much easier to dress each day. Thank you again.

  6. As usual, love the outfit! You make dressing appropriately for any season and occasion seem effortless. Did you purchase the loafers in taupe/silver also? Thank you.

  7. I notice every influencer who recommends wearing white jeans year-round seems to live in the south. I live in NW Pennsylvania and wore them in September, but some of my outspoken friends either looked askance or made a comment.

    What are your thoughts, and I would love for others to comment, too.


  8. Pantyhose under pants is more comfortable than socks or knee highs?
    How crowded is Asheville today with all the leaf lookers?

  9. I agree with the comment about white pants in the Northeast. We just don’t do that up here! I really think most of us follow that old rule of no white pants after Labor Day. We definitely do look twice at somebody who’s wearing white pants in the cold weather, unless, of course, they’re wearing a wool “winter white”, something that I think personally looks gorgeous!

  10. Would love to see you style the white jeans in a montage of photos. Dressing them up and down. Thank you for helping us all improve ourselves.

  11. Hi Susan! Love your white jeans outfit. Here in Atlanta we have lots of warm sunny days in the fall. You’ve given me the courage to break the old “no white pants or shoes after Labor Day”. I have a question for you. . .Several years ago you showed a lovely outfit you had on and one of the pieces was a gray cashmere scarf/wrap. I think you might have had on a moto jacket with it. I was so impressed with how beautiful you looked in the outfit that I purchased the scarf. I believe it was from Everlane. It’s still sitting in my closet because I can’t find your post that I saved to show me how to style it. And I can’t seem to find the photo using the search on your website or on your Pinterest page. If you recall what I’m talking about and can easily put your hands on it, I would love to see that photo or post. It was so lovely. I hope you have a great weekend.

  12. Hi Susan, I love the polished look of white jeans as well. You always make things look so easy. Do you think white jeans can be worn on a nice sunny day in the northeast in winter on days with no snow on the ground? Thank you!

  13. I too enjoy my white jeans all year long! Thanks for encouraging us to dress to lift our spirits. We all need to brighten our days as well as others!

  14. This will sound so outdated but it was drilled into me not to wear white slacks/jeans or shoes after Labor Day – so I don’t! some lessons are hard to let go of no matter how old! (PS. I am an east Texas/Houston girl!)

    1. I am rebellious! When I learned why that silly American rule came about, I vowed to wear my white jeans whenever possible.
      The wealthy robber barons with grand houses by the shore left all their summer linens and white cotton clothing in the summer houses. Thus, they never wore them in the city. The women of the time noticed. Not wanting to look like they didn’t also have a grand house to store half of their clothing, they never wore white after summer’s end and drilled it into their children. When you walk the streets of Paris or anywhere else in the world, women wear white jeans without looking at the calendar.

      You might enjoy this Vogue article from last winter.

  15. You look lovely as always. I wonder what you think of wearing a jean jacket with any shade of blue denim jeans. I will wear a denim jacket with black, white or colored denim pants but I never pair it with any blue denim pants. However, I notice stores sometimes doing this. What are your thoughts?

    1. I wear my white denim jacket with whatever I want, including blue denim, but too much white on white can feel a bit like an ice cream man uniform. So I always pair some tan leather accessories and shoes to complete the look. Other than clean white tennis shoes, white shoes are a hard pass for me. Double blue denim can be tough to pull off, so I usually mix it up.

  16. Please tell us about the beautiful ring you are wearing. Also do you think pantyhose are better than knee high socks under trousers?
    thank you – I so enjoy your posts, keep them coming!

    1. My socks always need to be pulled up, and I haven’t worn knee-highs since the ’80s. The dark color and tighter band always show through, even if I’m wearing denim, but I do have thick calves. So pantyhose are the best choice for me.
      About fifteen years ago, Mr. Mickey bought the ring for me while we were browsing in an antique store in Knoxville.

  17. You are inspiring! Thank you! It would be so lovely if more of us considered out “going out” apparel !
    So many options, and I appreciate your description of the whole package.
    Beautiful day, Everyone!!!!

  18. Susan,
    On the white pants through winter topic….
    Do you wear ONLY white denim or can this look be carried over with other white bottoms that may not be denim but are a heavier /substantial white fabric ?

    1. It is the weight of the fabric that makes it appropriate for the weather. You could wear pants in any light neutral color as long as the material is dense or heavy enough to keep you warm.

  19. Like the look. Could you help with comfortable shoe styles with a 2 inch heel that I could wear every day with jeans?

    1. The shoes I am wearing in this post have an inch and a quarter heel and are very comfortable. Here is another loafer with a two-inch heel, and since they are by Naturalizer, I’m guessing they would be very comfortable.

  20. If I saw you in passing doing your Friday errands, I would think to myself how beautiful you are and what a Classy outfit you have on from head to toe. Your eye glasses are stunning! Have a beautiful day.

  21. Living in Florida we wear white jeans and white pants year round. I have several jackets that I wear just in case the A/C is too cold in restaurants or the clubhouse. I am wearing more of my scarves now too. Thanks for all your great advice.

  22. I always admire your look when you wear white jeans, it actually adds elegance to a casual outfit. Unfortunately I am not someone who can wear white jeans, I would put them on and just walk across the room and somehow I would have a smudge or other mark on them. My go-to’s are a very faded denim or a casual pant in a light (not white) color.

    I also cannot tuck in shirts or tops. Although very slim if I tuck in a shirt, I walk across the room and my shirt is all askance, it looks like I’ve wrestled a bear! So I always wear a shirt out and sometimes a belt on top.

    I love all your fashion ideas and changes, you seem just naturally pulled together. Love your ideas!

  23. I visited a relative in Asheville in September and hoped I might see you. We were at several places you mention in your posts. The Biltmore Gardens, The Grove Park Inn and The Arcade. Lots of shops with beautiful merchandise.
    As for the white jeans, they work for me most of the year but not in the actual winter months. In Nebraska, I don’t think they look right with the heavy coats we wear in December, January and February. Any other time, they look fine.

  24. I think you look great and I like your hair like this. I bought the vest you recommended and also that Jean jacket from Talbots even though I had both, these were an upgrade. . I’m glad to know that my white jeans are ok! I spend the winter in Hilton Head and have always hesitated. However, in Michigan I’m afraid they would look like wishful thinking in the winter! I enjoy you’re emails very much-thank you
    Leslie Shape

  25. Here in Ontario Canada, we have cold blustery weather after a warm & sunny September into October. Turtlenecks, wool and cashmere sweaters are a must. You have given me food for thought…white/ivory jeans worn with wool, cashmere and slim fitting puffer jackets? Sounds good, but what colours work best? Then I stumbled upon a post you did on January 11, 2019 and voila, the perfect combo for me! Here you wore a grey top and jacket with ivory (?) jeans. Although I have yet to assemble an outfit using my heavier weight ivory jeans, I may have found a starting point wearing grey wool & cashmere tops/jackets. Thank you, Susan!

  26. I do not wear white bottoms ever! But it has nothing to do with the season and everything to do with my shape. Although I wear a size 4 bottom, my top half is smaller. White draws unwanted attention to my lower half. However, I still get great fashion ideas from your blog.. Perhaps I could recreate this outfit with dark jeans, a chambray shirt and a white or ivory jacket with tortoise-shell buttons. I have exactly the same hair, eye, and skin tones and get many ideas from your combinations, Susan!

  27. Thank you so much, Susan! That’s exactly the post I’ve been searching for. You look so stunning in this outfit. Can’t believe it’s been three years that this lovely scarf has been sitting in my closet. Of course with Covid I really haven’t been out much the last few years. You’re a gem and a sweetheart for taking the time to post that for me again. Thank you.

  28. Very nice, but pantyhose? More power to you! I agree that I wouldn’t wear socks with this look, but would consider knee high pantyhose. Do you ever wear them? Granted they can be a little binding, but I’d rather have that then a full to the waist pair of pantyhose, which I find to be very uncomfortable with any outfit. I avoid them like the plague! Lol!

  29. I got a new blazer and am confused about the washing instructions. They are all symbols with lines through them, indicating to me that it is not machine washable or dry clean-able. Maybe you could do a post on all those symbols and their meaning.

  30. Susan,
    I have read most of the posts here and have not seen anyone mention heavier fabrics in ivory/winter white…. Is anyone into corduroy pants???? — most definitely NOT the old corduroy we all wore at some point as kids – UGH!! There is a fabric (some stretch) baby corduroy that is so soft and pliable. I have a pair in winter white and love them mostly because of their softness and warmth in New England. They can be dressed up or down….depending on accessories – they wash beautifully. I have a friend who has several pairs of pastel cords that look great at holiday time or deep winter more than fall. Just a thought – one or two pairs in your closet (of course they do not replace jeans or dressy pants) but might be a thought for some who live in colder climates.

  31. This is a great idea for white jeans/fall. I have such trouble with the New England fluctuation in weather. This time of year we often start our day in 40 degrees and quickly increase to sunshine and 60+ degrees. This outfit is a nice solution.
    Any more ideas for transitional days?
    Thanks so much

  32. Susan, I already commented above but I have another question. I was reading a fashion blogger who stated there is a “3 color rule” for building an outfit. Basically, this rule states that you should have no more than 3 colors in an outfit, including shoes, hats or handbags. However, black and white do not count as colors and can be in the outfit as well. If you wear a printed blouse or scarf then only three solid colors with it. I looked back at some of your outfits and you seem to follow this rule. Is this on purpose or just comes to you naturally. Have you heard of this rule?

    1. I don’t follow any particular rules but prefer fewer colors in an outfit. I also feel more comfortable in neutral colors. So except for colorful silk scarves, I don’t own bright-colored clothing.

  33. I Love that your wearing White jeans for fall. Very stylish. That’s inspiration for me to pull out my White jeans. Thanks Susan.

  34. You look awesome Susan! I wear white jeans and white pants with silk and satin shirts! there’s definitely something about white that does it for me!

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