Leaf Peeping

A stunning blue sky meant it was the perfect day to go for a long drive and take photos of the changing leaves for you. Our comfortable and very casual outfits do not include any items that are still available.

The wind at Roan Mountain visitor’s center made a photoshoot rather tricky.

Similar fun music socks are here.

It was a perfect day for windsurfing on Watauga Lake.

We hope you enjoyed our Saturday afternoon drive to Roan Mountain State Park and Watugua Lake in East Tennessee.

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  1. Beautiful scenery! Wind and hair, we all fight that! I love Mr Mickey’s playful socks as usual. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Susan, I love these casual photos of you! So much beauty all around and it is so important to connect with that natural world. You and Mr.Mickey look happy and contented with your excursion. Thank you for sharing and nudging me to plan a local trip of my own.

  3. Beautiful pictures! My husband is a bicyclist and has ridden to the top several times, along with Beech Mountain and Mt. Mitchell. He said it’s a very challenging ride! We just love western NC and envy that you are so close to do day trips!

  4. Susan, you look absolutely gorgeous in your casual attire, Mr Mickey equally handsome, you both are reverse aging! This photo shoot should be in a magazine or on a website. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty. It lifted my spirits to view it all, several times! So happy for you.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I am so happy that you are both well and are enjoying the fall. The clothes that you are wearing are in my wardrobe. I would probably wear hiking boots though. I dress like an LL bean person……but sometimes I add pearl bracelets, pearl necklace, and neck scarfs just to look a bit more spiffy. People probably think it is strange hiking pants, 1/2 zip top, and pearls but I don’t care. PS pearls are el cheapos and some are over size and some are normal size. It is my look. Thanks for listening.

  6. Fall foliage at its best! Lovely pictures of you two! It’s good for our soul to see all this beauty! Love the Sox!

  7. Nothing more beautiful than fall! You and Mr. Mickey look great! Thank you for taking us along for the ride!

  8. Thanks for reminding us that the world is still a lovely place to live In . Such beauty!
    Sincerely hope your health issues are under control. Hang in there.
    Carol in Canada

  9. There are Mr Mickey’s fun socks ! Thank you both so much for taking those photos for us! Breathtaking scenery. What a blessing to go there & relax & enjoy. You look so happy in those photos! Take care, both of you!

  10. I’ve been following you for years and I have never seen you look lovelier than in these casual windswept photos. What a wonderful day the two of you seem to be having.

  11. Love to see you enjoying one of the best times of the year with the unspeakable beauty of autumn. You look comfortable and happy. Thanks for sharing a great day filled with beauty and peace.

  12. Glad to see you both are doing well. Your photos are breathtaking. Gods artistry!! Always fun to see Mr Mikey’s socks! Be well you guys!!

  13. You both look great. I was in Western North Carolina last week visiting my sister and we went to Bistro Roca on Sunday for a late brunch and it was great. Thanks for the recommendation. It was also perfect since it is a little off te Main Street which was so crowded. They have a very nice art installation now at the museum if you are in the area.

  14. Beautiful pictures! We went leaf peeping along the Blue Ridge Parkway, up to Pisgah Mtn. Top……I have 3 grown son who would love Mr. Mickiesocks……can you tell me where her hasesthem? Christmas is coming, thanks.

  15. Love Mickey’s socks. My sister and I gave my Dad socks with Christmas Trees and he wore them every Christmas just for us.
    Love the turning leaves. We miss that in Florida.

  16. Hi Susan! Absolutely love this hair style on you! So cute, casual and youthful! You inspire me to get out and go exploring. We get too comfy and unmotivated at home. I love your day trips!
    Cheers! Bonnie

  17. Susan,
    Thank you so much for compiling these pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. My husband and I always enjoyed our fall outings to the mountains, especially the back roads around Linville and the beautiful back roads around Boone. We lost my husband in July but through you and Mr. Mickey, I have enjoyed an annual “leaf looking” this year.
    Much appreciated!
    Judy Rains
    Mooresville. NC

  18. Lovely to see you both so healthy. I look forward to your posts every week and have learned so much from you. Thank you Susan.

  19. Hi Susan, I haven’t seen these beautiful leaves yet. We just returned from an 8 day cruise to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. We tried land sailing for the first time. I was scared at first, but learned quickly and so glad I had the experience. It went really well! Nice to be home and looking forward to Fall. Your hair looks cute.

  20. Thank you – your photos of the autumnal-colored trees are gorgeous! It was nice to see you and Mr. Mickey in casual dress, save for Mr. Mickey’s fun musical socks. I hope that you enjoyed the day, too.

  21. Susan ~

    Thank you for the lovely, & familiar photographs of upper E-TN, so dear to.my heart, especially this time of the year!!

  22. You live in a beautiful area. The leaves where you are, are not quite as advanced as where I live, Ottawa Canada. I have to say though it has been an absolutely beautiful October and the leaves are amazing. I wish you and Mr. Mackey all the best.

  23. Nothing says heaven more than a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway from Fancy Gap to the Town of Blowing Rock, inspiration for Jan Karon’s “Mitford” books, in the Fall. Beauty abounds in this area. Thank you for your colorful photos and it is so good to see you and Mickey looking so well. God Bless!

  24. Great to see that you and Mr. Mickey are getting out to enjoy the autumn splendor! You certainly live in a great part of the country for scenic drives.

  25. Stunning pictures! Looks like a wonderful day. Love Mr. Mickey’s socks. So great! …and you both look great! Susan, you are aging backwards!

  26. Phew what scenery, what colours. In a World full of grief terror and hatred these stunning photos bring peace to the soul and there is
    staggering beauty on this planet. Are there homes on the lakeside somewhere? I am not quite sure but the feel good movie of Cheaper
    by the Dozen 2 setting was based on that lake , a hilarious movie .
    I see you and Mr Mickey were excellent at Windsurfing, excellent technique, who took the photo of you both lol
    Nothing quite like wind blown hair and you look refreshed as I always feel windy days blow away the cobwebs in our mind, thing is Mr Mickey
    doesn’t have a hair out of place and he has his “I am smiling pose on” he should have had windsurfs socks on , but love the musical notes.
    You must be so proud living in Tennessee, hold your heads high it’s a beautiful place ?
    As always thank you both for being you.
    Pamela Wales Uk.

  27. Oooops I was totally wrong about the film Cheaper by The Dozen 2 , it was filmed on a lake in Ontario , Apologies readers.X

  28. Susan it’s me again. I had a routine mammogram lat week and I just had a phone call to attend this Friday for repeat mammogram .
    Ultrasound and possible Biopsy. I felt a bit shakey after call even though the Nurse was so kind. Immediately I thought of you and
    how brave you have been and to share with us all . Susan whatever the outcome will be on Friday I have taken a leaf out of your book
    and so grateful to you for your positive attitude and approach even though I am sure you were scared too.
    Just think a women I’ve never met lives thousands of miles away in America across a vast Ocean can give little old me courage .
    ITS a pretty Autumn day here and blue sky , I think I will go for a walk and enjoy the trees changing colour .
    You and Mr Mickey take care xx
    Pamela from Wales Uk.

    1. Dear Pamela,

      It is terrifying to get that callback, but try to remain positive. Everyone’s cancer journey is different, so don’t let anyone frighten you with their stories if you indeed have it. I shared a little of my journey, hoping it would inspire women to get regular mammograms. Early detection is our best tool for fighting back. Take this one step at a time and pamper yourself every day.

      Much love,

  29. Much love to you too Susan , your kind words are always welcome to us ladies.
    Even if it is Cancer , I will still take comfort from your journey as I have admired
    your positivity and sincere bravery to have shared world wide your journey.
    You are incredible X

  30. Beautiful photos Susan, thank you for sharing. Both you and Mr Mickey are looking really well. I hope one day to make a trip to the USA to experience the fall! Best wishes from the UK.

  31. Beautiful leaves this year. We just returned home after spending the summer and into October at Beech Mountain. We hated to leave when it was so spectacular. I have enjoyed following your posts and you have been an inspiration to keep up my appearance. It’s easy to slack off when we don’t have a workplace to go to. But as you have said, I feel better when I take a little time to look ‘put together’. So happy that you and Mr. Mike are on the mend.

  32. Beautiful photos and I love the reality of the hair-in-the face photos! I’m beginning to think Mr. Mickey’s socks need their own Instagram account. Always fun to see which pair he accents his outfit with. Hope your treatments are going well and accomplish the goal of being cancer free.

  33. Do you still wear your oxford and derby shoes, or have they been retired? I still have 3 pair and love them, but they may be hopelessly out of style with my regular straight-leg jeans.

  34. Hi Susan –

    I went to nursing school in Knoxville many years ago and still miss the beauty of east Tennessee – especially in the fall! Thank you for these lovely pictures and as always, you and Mr. Mickey have it all going on when it comes to the perfect ensembles to sport for any occasion. Hope you both are getting along well!

  35. With fall here, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming quickly. Could you give some outfit tips for casual family gatherings? Something a bit upscale and not too casual—casual chic? Since it’s multigenerational we’ll be eating and playing outdoors. Any ideas for high tea at an historic hotel with the grand girls? Evening holiday concerts? Neighborhood parties? How can we integrate what we have with a few new items? How could we style a black blazer for these occasions?
    Thank you for helping us look our best this holiday season!

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