It’s A Wrap

A cashmere wrap is a lovely alternative to wearing a bulky coat. They are easy to slip off while seated in a car and never as constricting as a coat. You can also layer them over a coat for extra warmth. I’ve long been attracted to the elegance and flexibility of large silk twill scarves, cashmere wraps, and ruanas.

I enjoy a touch of animal print but limit myself to one element per look. I only purchase animal prints with little to no gold in the design, and I don’t wear the items near my face since they rarely flatter a cool skin tone.

My jeans, cashmere wrap, and turtleneck sweater are from Talbots. The leather-trimmed jacket is about five years old from Helmut Lang. The animal print loafers are by Jeffrey Campbell from last year. The bag is by Dooney & Bourke.

For the past few years, I’ve only invested in clothing and accessories for long-term wear, emphasizing quality and versatility. As is usually the case, none of the items I’m showing you are trendy or new, so I’ll link to similar current items.

Turtleneck here and hereJeansShoesBagTights Cashmere WrapBlazer

We were on our way to the grocery store and picking up take-out food for our Friday date-night meal in my breakfast nook when we took these photos.

We often take outfit photos on the VA’s deserted campus because of the wide-open spaces, landmark buildings, and the landscape’s natural beauty. That’s why I am not wearing a mask in the photos. There are no people around for several blocks.

The gray skies rewarded us with a winter wonderland after a light snowfall on the following morning.

Now that I am mostly retired, I share posts randomly. You can look back at almost 800 posts on my Fifty, not Frumpy blog here. I use myself as an example to freely share all the things I’ve learned during my style journey. There are nearly 700 posts here on Susan After 60. Shopping links on these sites may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Congratulations, Sharon Burkhardt! You are the winner of the stylish Dramatic Heart Necklace (here) from Beauty in Stone Jewelry.

You can view the whole collection of Beauty in Stone Jewelry here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item.)

    1. Yes, very much so, but not on the weekend. The campus is home to the VA Healthcare facilities, East Tennessee State University’s Quillen College of Medicine, the College of Nursing, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Gatton College of Pharmacy, and College of Public Health.

  1. Lovely blog post! I haven’t embraced a wrap yet, but this makes it tempting. And, you scared me….I thought you were going to share that you were wrapping up your blogging career :(. I’m so glad that this isn’t the case! Thanks, Susan

  2. I always enjoy your posts, and I love that I can still read posts from the blog where I first found you, Fifty not Frumpy, because I find helpful tips there, too. Thank you Susan.

  3. The photo of the snow covered tree is truly lovely – especially with the black and white finish. Really like this post by the way. I never really thought about simply wearing a wrap over a smaller jacket. I always opt for a heavy coat or freeze in just a wrap. The layering idea is such a wonderful idea and your red wrap is stunning! Thanks Susan!

  4. Congratulations to Sharon!
    As I have looked back at my pictures during the past several years, I can see how your influence through both of your blogs has influenced my outfit choices. The information you share makes my life easier. Thanks for all you do, Susan!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your adventure partner!!❤️❤️

  5. I first found you Susan on some of your older posts and have continued to follow you ever since. I’m so glad to know, ‘It’s a Wrap”, is not about your discontinuing your blog but is about your beautiful red wrap. And it looks lovely on you. Thank you for continuing to share with all your readers.

  6. I so appreciate your posts, Susan. And I now enjoy several of the products you recommend. As my old products run out, I have been replacing them with BeautyCounter. I believe my problem skin has never been clearer. And just today, I’m enjoying my first pair of Sheec socks – so comfortable in my suede booties. I have also been reintroduced to Talbots and am enjoying several pieces. And, based on your recent feedback, I have decided to grow out my grey – simply making the decision has been freeing. Thank you for your insight and wisdom!

  7. As always, your post is wonderful! I am interested in trying Talbot clothing, so I appreciate the links you always provide. Thank you!

  8. I always enjoy your posts. Your style suits my taste.
    At 76 I look for quality over fad. Your care of yourself pertains to foods you eat also aligns with how I “attempt” to live my life.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Also as a widow may I say enjoy your Mr Mickey everyday!
    But it does look like you two already know that.

  9. I just recently received a Talbots catalogue and may have to try a few things. I also just purchased a short poncho at Chicos and can’t wait until it arrives. I appreciate that you show us how to enhance the clothes we already have in new interesting ways. So many blogs show new clothes all the time and I don’t always think more is better. I hope you will continue to write even if not on a regular schedule. The combination of fashion, home, food, and beautiful scenery contained in your blog is something to look forward to receiving in my mailbox.

  10. The wrap is striking and not only adds warmth, but is pretty indeed. You always look terrific in red. I’ve been adding some nice cashmere sweaters this season from the winter sales. When my husband and I hiked in England, I wore cashmere sweaters. They are light weight, comfortable and always look nice. Some of mine needed replacing and the sales have been great! Thank you for introducing me to the idea that they can be worn daily, not just saved for special occasions.
    Congratulations to Sharon on winning the heart necklace. What a treasured piece!
    I am always happy to read a post from you. I’ve been inspired to elevate my lifestyle in many ways.

  11. Very nice idea the red wrap, black and the nice animal print shoes.
    I am grateful for every of the 800+ 700 posts.
    But give you the permission to retire very hardly…

  12. Congratulations Susan on your retirement. I’m a long time reader and want to thank you for all your years of blogging. I’ve learned so much about fashion, food, travel, relationships and kindness from you most likely beginning with your post on walking by the same elderly gentleman on your walks and how a simple hello led to a wonderful friendship. I’m sure you can’t possibly know how many of your “quiet readers” benefited from your blog. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement and I will be most happy to see you pop in from time to time. Thank you again.

  13. Hi Susan,
    Our weather has been very erratic here in central FL. It’s been in the 30’s, gray skies& rainy for the past 2 wks. and this afternoon it’s 80 degrees.
    So I dress each day by the weather report & temperatures. My question for you is that I bought some linen tops on sale last year after our very hot summer. Is there any way that I won’t look like a wrinkled mess wearing them?

  14. Hi Susan! After reading all the comments from your readers about how valuable and educational your blog is to many of us, I too so agree with
    their sentiments . Yours is alway the first email I open the day it arrives. I do a have another fashion question for you. I love your wrap. Love what it brings to an outfit. But my concern is as a 5’1”, small boned person, would or wouldn’t a wrap be too much material for my frame? Could it be carried off or a bit too much ?
    You have given me advice before that turned out to be spot on. So I value your input.
    Again thank you for coming into our homes and helping to sharpen our style!

  15. I have several ruanas. I can’t do cashmere, makes me itch, but I have several from Chicos and prefer them over bulky coats! Once in a car a coat gets too warm! We have not had more than a dusting of snow near Nashville!
    We have had a couple of days where it was beautiful falling but no accumulations.

  16. Everything about this outfit speaks to me – I love it!!! Thank you, Susan. Always a treat to see what you are up to, style wise and adventures!

  17. You always look so lovely! Iam a paraprofessional from An Atlanta suburb who’s been in quarantine since last March teaching via Zoom. Otherwise, I would be borrowing your impeccable style. As of late, Iam in leggings and school tshirts our principal gifts the staff. Maybe I will be able to dress up and teach face to face by next school year. I enjoy your post as I am a sprite 61 years of age.
    Mrs. Lorna Evans
    Stockbridge, Georgia

  18. I LOVE wraps and wear them especially when where ever it is I am going will take me indoors quickly (even in super cold weather) and where i don’t have the ability to “check” my coat and will have to carry whatever I’m wearing around with me. This way i can leave on or take off as necessary and then throw it over my purse as i’m walking or over my arm.

  19. Classic elegance as always. Also love your Dooney bag. I have a few myself and find that they hold up well and always look good.
    Thank you, Susan
    Kathy Campbell

  20. As usual Susan I love your outfit. It is classy as always. I have a question not related to your outfit. I have viewed your beauty video about how to apply make up and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for covering the dark circles under eyes?

  21. The cashmere wrap you linked turns out to be almost a square (51” x 64” I think it said) rather than the obvious rectangle you are wearing in the photo. I point this out because it is an important shopping tip for shoppers that might not read the reviews before purchasing.
    ~Laura Davis

  22. Love the red cashmere wrap, I have been following you for so long, and am amazed how little you have aged over the time. You always look elegant and sophisticated when going out but also love your casual at home style. I live in country Australia, our seasons are opposite to America, so it’s middle of summer here. I am shortly to be 72, and yet to find a comfortable pair of loafer shoes, so usually in jeans and comfortable sport walking shoes but still trying to find comfortable loafers with arch support. Thanks so much for inspiring us mature ladies not to be invisible, and seize the day.

  23. Hello Susan,
    I so enjoy your posts, both the fashion and your beautiful photos. The snow covered tree is beautiful. I am an artist and would love to try to paint it. Would you be willing to giver me permission to use it in my art?
    Thank you

  24. Susan, I also thought oh no she can’t stop now! Glad to hear you’re not. But you have our permission to cut back! Thanks for the pictures. I would love to get a wrap like that but thankfully we don’t get enough cold days to justify it. And that’s something you’ve taught me. Think before you buy. Before your blog I would have been tempted to get one. But the cost would never come down with the amount of times I would have worn it a year.

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