In The News on WCYB!

Last evening, my sweet friend Rose and I were featured in a news story on our local TV Station, WCYB in Bristol. Jess Cartwright is the delightful and very talented reporter who did the story about my blog. I am so impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.

You can see the broadcast here.

Feeling comfortable and confident was imperative today, so I wore one of my favorite combinations. My “superwoman” looks always include a scarf and a jacket.

The look began with a black scoop neck close-fitting tee from White House|Black Market and Chico’s Travelers No Tummy Pants in black. Step one in a lot of my outfits starts with these simple pieces. I wear a close-fitting tee or tank because I never want to add any bulk under my jacket. I do not remove my jackets or cardigans, so my goal is to look as sleek as possible under them. I like the fact that this jacket from White House|Black Market is more fitted. Short boxy jackets do not serve me well because I carry most of my weight at the waist. Without a nipped-in waist, I look even more significant from every angle.

I need to wear vertical lines as in a low scoop or V neckline because I have a roundish face, but I do not want to show so much of my neck and bodice. I often wear a square scarf in this simple way because it adds contrast, a pop of color or pattern, and fills in my neckline. When I wear a scarf folded into a triangle and draped across my shoulders, I put my jacket on over it, and the scarf stays in place reasonably well. Today, I wanted to remain very neat and have a bit more control over the scarf volume, so I added a narrow Ralph Lauren belt over it, as shown below.

  1. Both of you Susan and Rose look amazing. It takes courage to speak up like Rose did in front of camera. And both of you have come a long way. Thank you for sharing. Catia

  2. Wow, you rocked the look..think you would make a great anchor woman yourself! Have been following for awhile now & recognized both your living room & the pantry. So identified with the emotions you & Rose expressed in the news segment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your blog helps me cope with those times in a very practical way. Perfect timing too with the new year coming in. Lovely seeing your friend Rose..loved her hair & makeup, and I do recognize that flattering shade of blue! Know Monique was there somewhere behind the scene, smiles & a hug for all your encouragement!

  3. Beautiful look, Susan. You are inspiring! Happiest of New Years to you–make that trip to Paris! You will never be sorry.

  4. Great interview Susan! You truly are an inspiration to me, and by the comments I read, so many others. Thank you.

    Hope you have a very Happy New Year!


  5. Inspiring. I spend most of my free time with my grandchildren and it wears me out some days. I have looked at your blog and I think to myself Oh, she just doesn’t understand my life! I see NOW, that even though your life is different from mine, that was just an “out” for me and that I, too, can turn my life around and take care of myself while taking care of others. Keep up the good work in “taking care of others” while you take care of yourself. So sorry for judging your life and using it as an excuse to not live my own. You are an inspiration.

  6. Great suggestion regarding the square scarf and jacket. I too carry most of my weight on my upper body. I love scarfs but always feel so frumpy when I wear them. I guess I should just get rid of all of them and start over with squares. Oh my…I have some I just love.
    Thank you for sharing the television report. It is wonderful that you have discovered your mission in life and that it is encouraging to many.
    Blessings in the coming year Susan.

  7. Thanks for being such an awesome leader for our group of older women who want to look great and feel healthy at any age! When I first discovered your 50 not frumpy blog, I thought (as one of the earlier commenters today said) that I had little in common with you and wouldn’t enjoy this blog. I am older, not grey, have no children and live in NYC. However, I kept reading your earlier blog and now this new one and discovered some wonderful tips and information (I just bought the Absolute liquid foundation you mentioned in a post and love it!)

    You have a very open and generous nature and are so sincere in your wish to be of service to your readers. I am now an avid fan and love seeing you get the media attention you deserve. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey!

  8. I like the nipped in waist of the jacket. It does seem to be all about the shape certain clothes can give the wearer and the others should be left behind.

  9. As always , you look great ! Enjoyed the news piece so much . I am so glad you have created this blog and give us over ,umm , lol , well giving us ladies much inspiration! From Ky to .Susan , Happy New Yesr !

  10. What a touching interview! It must warm your heart Susan to know you help people with all you do. Again I’m so happy I found you and love coming back to visit!
    Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey!
    I know I will learn much from you in the new year
    Take care

  11. Dear Susan,
    You truly are an inspiration and I want to thank you. Over recent years my health had gotten worse and worse. When you recommended “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, I bought it. Gradually I began to follow the diet, and now I feel incredibly better. I’m 73 and have more energy than when I was 40. I’m 5’2″, and now I weigh 123 pounds. What an improvement!

    In addition to your health advice, I love your fashion tips. Yes, an older woman can look good and have a happy, active life! Thank you so much for everything you do.

  12. You are an admirable woman, Susan! Not only because of your physical beauty but more so because of your generous heart. It is easy to see how you inspire so many women. Thank you so much. At 64, I intend to make 2017 a turnaround year also with you as an inspiration.

  13. Fabulous as usual! I’ll have to try the belt idea and see how it works for me. I love that you work to keep your outfits reflecting your personality and needs and not just what is trendy. You have certainly moved your blog forward. Best wishes in the New Year!

  14. Dear Susan – congratulations on all your accomplishments! Hope you have a wonderful 2017 – I am looking forward to checking your site every day! Lisa

  15. Congrats on your nice TV interview Susan and thanks for telling us about; I ordered a nice outfit today from there and thanks for the discount! Blessings for 2017!

  16. Your look is so polished and I reference it when we have an event and I don’t know what to wear.
    I have a body proportion like yours, just a tad shorter, and older (66) so thanks for being there. I too love solids, am still uncomfortable with scarves because I’m active and they never stay in place, hate skirts and dresses and hurt! Loved the blog on how to wear flats.
    Happy for your success! Happy new year Susan and am looking forward to seeing you in 2017.

  17. Congratulations Susan…you are an inspiration to millions of women including me. Thank you for all you do. Because of you I’ve changed my life for the better and look forward to life beyond the 66 years old I am right now. You are my hero!!

    I watched your makeup video again and wrote down all of the colors and the steps you take to put on makeup, how you fix your hair, and the special tips you shared. I’ve put most of my makeup together and following my notes to help me every day until I get familiar with the process.

    Thank you and Happy 2017!!

  18. Super interview, Susan and Rose.
    Wishing you and Mr Mickey a happy and healthy year ahead, Mary xx.

  19. Happy New Year, Susan! You look radiant! You truly have the gift to inspire and trailblaze the second half of a woman’s life. I have learned so much from your openness and desire to help others celebrate life. I now can offer a heartfelt “cheers” to each new year and look forward with confidence to the adventures ahead with style — thanks to your blogs and posts! In those moments when my DH comments on how nice I look now, I smile and whisper a “thanks, Susan.” Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey in the new year and beyond!

  20. Congratulations Susan! What a wonderful interview. So proud of your beautiful friend Rose too. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog. I have learned so much and really enjoy the community you’ve created here. All the best to everyone:)

  21. Darn, despite multiple tries, my iPad won’t play the video. It must be the format the tv station used. I have no problems with the videos Susan makes. ☹️

  22. You look fantastic and I love the belt over scarf idea. I also love belts and wear them most times. I need to try it over a scarf to see how it looks on me.

  23. Loved your TV interview. You are a real inspiration for many women, even those who are not yet 60. Something positive to look forward to.

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