Where are those scissors?

Do you ever start the day realizing that you need a haircut right this minute? Today I am sharing the results of my snipping with you.

I was getting ready to have a Christmas dinner with Mr. Mickey at my sister’s house when my hair suddenly looked so unruly I could not go out in public. I am also very impatient to get rid of that strange brassy color that arrived after someone other than my usual stylist gave me a glaze last year. My natural color is still dark underneath and very light on top; that isn’t an applied color.

I will see my very talented stylist at a later date for a proper cut when time allows. She always forgives me, but one of my friends tells me that her stylist charges more after cutting her hair.

The fur vest was a long-ago Christmas gift from Mr. Mickey. The red keyhole top is by Clara Sunwoo, from ShopMyFairLady.com. I cut the label out of the knit pants because it irritated my skin, so I don’t know the source for those. The short boots and the bag by Zac Posen are both via Saks Off 5th last year. The long silver geometric earrings are old from Chico’s. The bold silver watch with a square face is from Stein Mart.

  1. I often have sudden hair emergencies. Usually it is my bangs, or my roots, or one side of my hair seems to have become suddenly longer than the other. It seems that my hair must have sudden overnight growth spurts, because one day the problem is not noticeable and the next day it is looking really bad. With the bangs and uneven hair growth, I have finally learned to talk myself down from going after them with the scissors. 99 percent of the time they look much worse if I cut them. I make myself put the scissors down and step away from the mirror. I have too often come out with them looking like the Poor Pitiful Pearl doll that I gave a haircut to when I was a little girl. For the dark roots I just try to puff my hair a bit more or wear a hat and make an appointment as soon as possible at the hair salon.

    The beautiful scarves that I purchased on your shopping site are really adding some polish and pop to my wardrobe. I am so happy to have found such nice scarves that are in my price range.

    Best wishes for a New Year that brings you health, happiness, and prosperity!

    Susie Donahue @ Persimmon Moon Cottage blog

  2. Cute look in a Christmas red. You did well with the scissors! I have often trimmed bangs & crown for length lift..one day they seem fine and the next day not. Lot of textural changes in my hair these days. Had a dental cleaning earlier this week..changes in maintenance needed there too as the enamel has thinned. Have always admired your pearly whites and would welcome any tips, helpful products, etc you could share! When clothing tags are an irritation, I don’t hesitate to snip either. Question on scarf tags..do you remove yours using a seam ripper? May need to put finding one on my errand list. Enjoyed this post as always..Happy New Year!

    1. Hi, Laura. Yes indeed, I always remove tags that might show. I use very sharp tiny scissors which have no other purpose than to cut out labels very close to the stitching. (I always put my reading glasses on first!)

  3. Wishing you and your staff a wonderful New Year Holiday Susan! I am looking forward to a full year of Susanafter60! Reading your tips’n tricks in fashion along with my morning cup of coffee gets my day going. Thank you Susan for sharing your style and your life with us! You’ve got a gift girl! {:>)

  4. How do you like the uneven hems of the top you are wearing. I’m never sure it looks that great on me. It looks marvelous on you. What shape of a body should not wear that type of top. Thanks. Audrey

  5. Know that feeling, Susan. But these days I have to keep my hands away with the scissors as a few weeks after my mum passed away some years ago, I cut my own hair. I’ve read since this sometimes happens. I did not make a good job if it as you always do. The next day, my daughter in law (an ex hairdresser) had to tidy me up and I had to agree no to do this again. Yes, I was on the naughty step!

  6. Love the fur vest ! As always, you look amazing, even with the self haircut!
    Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to next year and all that it will bring !

  7. I too have had the “yellow” color appear after a touch up. I have silvery hair now instead of the nice white I had when I quit coloring. So I tried salon “highlighting” to hopefully get more white than silver. Didn’t work twice even after going to the colorist that helped me with the transition grow out from light auburn to natural white (my roots were snow white). Now 3 years later I am turning dark, salt and pepper roots! Go figure. Guess I will just live with natures choice, much better than gold streaks. Ugh.

    Happy New Year,
    Susan B. in Va

  8. Happy New Year!! I look forward to your posts because I have learned so many great tips about how to dress in my own style! I have to admit I do trim my own hair at times. My stylist is very patient with me but she jokes and calls me a “cutter”. I guess some women would never take a pair of scissors to their own hair and then their are those of us that do it when the need arises. I also remove almost all labels from my clothes. They are so irritating on my skin. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t because I want to refer back to a brand or size. But the scratchiness of those labels drives me wild until I just remove them. I use a seam ripper and tiny trimming scissors. I get these at the local quilt shop. That is where you get the best quality.

  9. Wishing you a healthy, happy New Year Susan.

    Thank you for all you do for us “not so Spring chickens” !

    Your advice has helped me enormously over the past year.

    All good wishes to you and Mr Mickey.


  10. Hello Susan,

    I viewed your videos on YOUTUBE and they are fabulous!

    My question is when you wear a tank top do you have your arms exposed?
    Or, do you wear a jacket or sweater with the tank top.

    I’m 80 now and love your style but I’ve never purchased tank tops because
    of their skimpy design.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Glenna, I wear a tank top as a slim foundation to fill in the front when I wear a jacket or cardigan. I never take the outer layer off. When you wear a tee shirt or long sleeve tee or even a blouse under a jacket, they always add bulk. I have enough bulk up at the top so I never want to add more. Thank you for your kind words. Happy New Year!

  11. Susan: you look terrific as usual. Do the Clara Sunwoo clothes fit true to size. Based on your previous posts, I believe we are same size and would like to know what size would fit best. Happy New Year.

  12. You have beautiful hair. I don’t have enough gray or silver so still color. I can’t decide yo hi shiirter it stay bob length! It drives me crazy!

  13. Did you cut your hair yourself? It looks great. You did a great job. Saw the TV video and I understand why so many people are influenced by your examples and words. You have it all figured out and it suits you well. Have a very prosperous year ahead and a healthy new year. I admire you and can’t wait to meet you. I hope it is soon.
    Sincerely, Barb F.

    1. No, it isn’t heavy at all because it is bits of fur woven into a vest, not solid pelts. I would never purchase a fur of any type but this was a gift from Mr. Mickey before he knew about my passion for animals.

  14. Hi Susan, I’m struggling to find a good fitted bra and you were mentioned a brand which you prefer using. Could you let me know the name of the brand. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for your
    dedication in keeping up your lovely blog. And, for your encouraging words and educational posts. Best wishes to you and your family for the coming year.
    Lynn in Ladysmith, BC, Canada.

  16. Hi Susan, I’m curious how tall you are? I’m only 5’1″ so it’s difficult to find longer tops like this nice drapey red one that don’t instantly make me look even shorter! Any suggestions for petites in general would be very helpful!

  17. You look lovely and the outfit is gorgeous I don’t think anyone other than you will notice anything wrong with your hair.

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