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Date night means I get to wear my high heels and dress for dinner. I cherish these evenings because I had very little to look forward to for most of my life. Life consisted of working endless hours and trying to survive for most of my youth. I am eternally grateful for what I have now because I had to work very hard to achieve it.

“Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.” – Nicholas Sparks


If you are one of those lucky ladies who has lots of events to attend during the holiday season, you may enjoy some of my tips for putting together a look that is both special and comfortable.


Black is my go-to color because it works with my coloring and contrast level. You might be happier with navy, brown, olive, or camel. The trick is to have a comfortable top and bottom that you can use in various ways. A skirt or pants will work, but my favorite bottoms are almost always pants since I am allergic to dresses. Start with this column of one color and then add a scarf, a jacket, or a cardigan in another color or pattern that elevates the style and makes you look your best. For example, I could wear this turtleneck and pants from Chico’s with a jean jacket and boots to change the look. These are the other style of pants that I recently purchased at Chico’s. They are the So Slimming Reese Pants. The turtleneck is from a couple of years ago. That’s part of the magic of good basics. They can serve you well for years and in many different ways. The silver clutch bag was from T.J.Maxx a couple of years ago. The suede high heels are old from Saks Off 5th.

Now that you’ve got your good-looking basics covered, you might want to look for a unique jacket or two that you can use to take your look up a notch or two.


The new jacket I am wearing is by IC Collection via It comes in a gold color as well as this silver color. (I have cool coloring, so now you know why I chose this silver one.) I love the fact that I can wear this jacket with a tank in warmer weather or, as I have here, with a turtleneck. The jacket has an asymmetric front closure featuring a dramatic statement button, and the back dips much lower than the front. I can wear this jacket open or closed, which is also a plus. It looks excellent with wide-leg pants, a pencil skirt, or a simple dress.

  1. You have described my journey as well. So grateful for my current life! You look like a red carpet star in this…..

  2. Hi Susan!
    I always enjoy your posts and have learned so much from you. I was looking at the ShopMyFairLady website and couldn’t find a size chart anywhere. Can you comment about the fit of their clothes, i.e., are they true-to-size?I am shipping to Canada, so I really don’t want to pay for shipping something back. I am short and curvy which only adds to the challenge. You always look great, and I appreciate your integrity in refusing to do sponsored posts. Keep up the great work!

    1. I am wearing a size medium jacket here. The different companies all have a little different fit but the two lines I like best, Clara Sunwoo and IC Collection are sized on the generous side. I have never bought a jacket or top that was too snug across the bust. That is always the part I have to be concerned about (36DD). If you tell them your sizes or measurements, I am sure they will be happy to help you decide on the correct size. All the staff is very helpful at ShopMyFairLady; I am so grateful for that because I often have lots of questions for them.

  3. I remember you telling us recently that you start your day at 4:00 a.m. What you wear looks glamorous and doable, but it also looks like a lot of work to get ready for a daily photograph and the narrative that goes along with it. Nobody works harder than a self-employed person. I’m glad you’re taking us on the journey!

  4. Looking good, Susan. The slight glitz in the jacket fabric looks perfect for this type of year. I had a go at trying to put together some going out outfits this afternoon as I’ve been getting a bit samey lately – though I found no glitz in my wardrobe sadly.

  5. That is why we all love you, Susan. We can relate to you and feel like you would understand our own struggles if we had lunch together. We are cheering for you. We are soooo happy this part of your life is wonderful. (Can you hear the cheering?) God bless you!

  6. Love the jacket-it makes a great holiday outfit! You look so great for your date night with Mr. Mickey and I must say he always looks dapper! I love the column dressing and have gravitated toward the color navy blue. (I also have light hair and look better in the cooler colors) What color jacket would you recommend for navy blue column dressing? Love your advice and the warmth you exude in your pics and your messages. It’s like being in contact with a forever friend when I see your emails! Have a blessed Christmas season!

  7. Hi Susan, I rarely comment but have been an avid follower since Fifty not Frumpy. We have many tastes in common and some differences, guess that is what makes us individuals! I think you are the “classiest” lady ever! Right up there with Audrey and Jackie in my book. I too love jackets and scarves and can’t leave home without one or the other. The jacket you feature today is gorgeous. Very interesting lines, due to them variations. The black and silver is striking with your coloring. I’m so pleased for you that the second half of your life adventure is so positive. How blessed to have the handsome Mr. Mickey to share it with!!! Enjoy every minute.

    1. I still love to wear Covered Perfectly tops and there is always the ad shown at the bottom of each page. Since I now have a shopping site, I have not accepted any products to review for several months.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your past with us. I had a similar youth working all hours and sometimes not noticing the light of day. That is why this stage in our lives is so precious and we should make the most of it. You are a true inspiration!

  9. Hi Susan, Love your look as always. You always look so stunning, casual or dressy. You are one fantastic lady. I admire your ambition and all you do not only for us but for your business and others.
    Glad life has turned around for you now and Mr. Mickey is a gentleman to you. You are so lucky to have him as a friend and date. I had hard times when I was younger, but my life changed when I met my husband. I envy you having the business you have and your success. If I didn’t live so far away, I would love to work with you and the girls. Keep up the blogs, love reading them. Will chat soon.
    Barb F.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing where we can purchases the outfits you showcase for us, and at a reasonable price point.

  11. I would love to hear more about your earlier life ( as I am sure others would as well ). I look forward to all your posts and admire your style . Thanks for sharing such helpful tips .

  12. One of the things I have the most difficulty with is determining my personal contrast level. I am never sure whether I’ve got it right. Would you consider writing a post on this topic?

  13. You look just gorgeous Susan, and comfy yet elegant too, which I always like about your wardrobe posts! Have a fun time on your dates. 🙂

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