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When my day includes a variety of meetings and responsibilities, I must plan well. There may be no time to go home and change clothes.

My solution to dressing for a full, busy day is to wear a look that can easily be adjusted up or down with accessories.

I attended meetings in the morning and then had lunch with Mr. Mickey in the afternoon. Later I ran errands and stopped by the grocery store, which is huge. I always park far away from the door and then walk more than I need to while I am in the store. A man recently told me I would get a speeding ticket as I zipped past him in the frozen vegetable aisle. This is an excellent way to squeeze more exercise into your day, but you need to wear comfortable shoes.

I no longer wear heels all day, but I enjoy them for short periods, or when I know I won’t be walking very much. To adjust to my changing schedule on Wednesday, I took a pair of sporty slip-on shoes with an exotic texture by Sofft Shoes. After our lunch date, I changed to those and took off the necklace. While running errands, I carried just my wallet because that is all I needed.

The IC Collection Keyhole Back Tunic is from ShopMyFairLady.com. I should have worn Jag or Lior Paris pull-on pants with this tunic, but I wore jeans-style pants by Anne Klein. The loops and zipper sometimes show under this fabric. I know better! The necklace is from Chico’s. The bag by BCBG is from T.J.Maxx a few years ago. The sandals are by Antonio Melani Ferrah via Dillard’s.

  1. Well done “fit the moment” changes! I’ve learned that cute supportive shoes are necessary for me due to back issues. I loved the option shown here… comfortable yet stylish.

  2. Can’t tell you how excited I was to see we have the same taste in slip on shoes.
    They are the most comfortable shoes I own and I think they are fabulous!

    Lizer Pearl

  3. I’m definitely going to try the Jag jeans you mention, although the loops and snap isn’t showing under the pair of jeans you are wearing for this post. I always wear low heels and am happy to see you in slip on comfy shoes. I’ve incorporated several pair of loafers and driving moccasins into my wardrobe and have worn them A LOT this summer. I love my sneakers but it is nice to have options to dress up a look that includes jeans.

    As always, thanks for your tips and have a great weekend.

  4. Planning ahead is key! Great look and I love comfy slip-ons. That Soma bra is the one I wear, too. A comfortable bra is worth its weight in gold. Have a nice weekend, Susan.

  5. Hi Susan,

    Absolutely lovely and pulled together as always. Have a fantastic weekend.


  6. Susan, you have fantastic legs – I always envy the way they look in jeans and pants, whether you’re wearing pumps or flats. I am still steadily losing weight and my middle hasn’t caught up with my legs and now non-existent butt, so pants legs are always a little loose on me. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration!

  7. Great ideas to switch into casual mode; I often try to combine errands/appts in one trip as well. Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite tasks either..Would be interesting to see what you put in your grocery cart! Also, would like to ask why you don’t use stevia. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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