Hairstyle Update

Even though I am letting my hair grow a little longer, I continue to get regular trims so that I don’t look unkempt. I strive to keep my gray hair healthy and maintain a style that is easy for me to manage. I use the Daily shampoo and conditioner here.

I wore a merino wool gray sweater over black ankle pants and socks with my embossed booties by Sam Edelman. The wool-blend jacket is a bit scratchy, so I always wear a scarf folded into a triangle to keep the edges off my skin. None of these items are new, so I’ll try to find similar current items. (I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

JacketSweaterJeansBootsScarfBagEyeglassesEarringsLipcolor: Orchid

It helps your stylist give you the cut you want if you bring a few photos of the style you have in mind. I always get dressed for appointments as I would any other business meeting. My hairstylist is April Atkins at Van Kye Salon in Johnson City, TN. (423)268-2190

Thank you for your recent lovely comments.

  1. What a lovely haircut! I have long hair and I just let it grow until it’s just unmanageable. I love that you dress up for your appointments. Yesterday I was asked to take a neighbor to Walmart and I almost left my house in leggings which I have vowed to never do because here in Florida everyone dresses so casual. I put on my uniform which is my favorite pair of jeans and a cute denim jacket over my top. I have to say I was very tempted to just wear the exercise leggings but this post is a reminder to me to make an effort when you leave home for outings. Also love the tip of wearing a scarf under a scratchy jacket. Thank you for continuing to post every week!

  2. Your hair style suits you well. After 30 years of coloring/highlights, I decided to embrace my gray almost 3 years ago. Which worked out well, because when Covid shut everything down, I didn’t have to worry about my roots needing a touch-up! Do you shampoo every day? My hair is dry, so I only shampoo twice weekly. Otherwise, my hair would be a big fuzz ball. Always look forward to your posts….

    1. I agree with you! I don’t wash my hair with shampoo every day, but I sometimes use a bit of conditioner only, rinse and then blow dry so that the style looks fresh for my day.

  3. So true Susan Crosby! I am tempted to banish leggings from my wardrobe as I always feel better in dark wash jeans and a nice top maybe with a jacket or sweater. Makes all the difference in the world! Susan Street you are the motivation to always be our best dressed self!

  4. The color of that jacket is particularly flattering on you! I appreciate the tip about a scarf under a scratchy collar and will definitely give it a try! Thanks!

  5. Ah you’re lucky with your oval face, short haircut looks so good on you! I’ve got inverted triangle face with forehead way larger than my jaw, so I’m stuck with bobs. It takes awhile to style it! Best regards from California!

  6. Susan, your hair looks lovely. I was wondering if you could help.. A colleague of mine has a big birthday coming and she previously admired a handbag I purchased from your site I think in 2018. I did try to find it myself but no luck. It was a patterned embroidered bag. I would like to get her one. Thanks.

  7. I have very thick hair and I also have bangs. I’ve found I can wash just my bangs in between shampoos. It really makes a difference!

  8. I have a lot of trouble with blond sneaking in to my hair which is the same color as yours. I use purple products occasionally as suggested, but is there a way for it to be consistently the “right” color?

    1. I’ve been using Eva NYC Tone It Down Shampoo here for a few years. It keeps the brassy tones out of my gray. Limit use to a couple of times a month. It can be drying, so follow up with conditioner.

  9. I love your hair color & style! I’m in the growing out stage….can’t wait until I see a full head of silver! I’m very excited!

    1. It is very liberating to see those last bits of color snipped off. My sister scoffed at my decision to stop coloring my hair at fifty; however, immediately after that pivotal haircut, she decided to let her hair grow to its natural color.

  10. I wonder how some of your readers who are former hairdressers feel about one coming dressed to the salon as if one is attending a business meeting. I only bring this up as I have heard just the opposite from hairdressers. Accidents can and do happen with salon products. Maybe a middle ground? Just food for thought.

  11. I love your hair tapered in the back! We never see it ourselves! Always admired the back of head when it’s cut right!
    Happy Holidays

  12. Your skin and eyes look so young. Clear and bright. I like your haircut. I keep mine short now. It’s just easier to maintain and I think it’s a more youthful look.

  13. Your hairstyle is just like mine, except mine is a little shorter on the sides and layered more in the back to accomodate my cowlicks. The pandemic forced me to embrace my gray hair and now I love it. You are such an inspiration to me. Susan, thank you for your continued posts!

  14. Good morning,
    Susan you continue to give me new ideas and inspire me to go into my closet and see what I already have in a new way. I love that you give us reader the how and why’s of fashion. I don’t feel like you are advertising for a certain brand,but truly are interested helping us look are best.
    Thank you !
    Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season.
    Karen Stofka

  15. You have such a pretty shade of gray. Mine still has too much brown in it to go all gray so I have to use color. Wanted to tell you they had a Black Friday sale on the Pajameez. Pajamas at Shapeez. A really good sale! So I bought some, and they are the most comfortable that I have ever worn! They do not bind, and they are so soft. Thank you so much for tell us about them. Also have gotten the bras from there and those are nice too.

  16. So glad you are letting your hair grow out. You have the most beautiful hair, with so much body & gorgeous your natural color. Always appreciate your styling tips!

  17. You have beautiful hair! It always looks good!
    I have a question about hands. As I am aging the backs of my hands are so old Lady-ish looking! Veins pop up and my skin is getting thinner. Any recommendations on how to improve my look?

    1. I am noticing the same thing on my hands. Don’t forget to use sunscreen on the backs of your hands and oils to keep the skin supple and moisturized. I always wear gloves in cold weather.

  18. Is the shampoo & conditioner one that your stylist recommended or one you picked out? Do you use a shampoo for brassiness? I recently got my hair cut too short & want to let it grow out some but know it is important to go in for trims.

    1. I use the shampoo and conditioner because I have issues with a dry, irritated scalp with most other products. I do use shampoo to tone down the brassiness about twice per month. It is here. The purple shampoo can be drying, so I always follow with conditioner.

  19. Susan, your hair cut is lovely. Enjoy all your tips on fashion, hair and food. I am going gray after 25 years of dying my hair. Did you ever go through this. I would love to have your advise. I am feeling good about it but it is a very long process.. I have about 2to 3 inches of gray but many more to go. I will keep my style similar to yours.
    Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  20. Just wanted to say thank you for your recommendations. I finally took the leap and am trying some of the Beautycounter products. I am happy to report that I am very pleased with them. The facial cleanser leaves my skin so soft yet feeling clean. Love the charcoal mask. And just ordered some other products during the cyber sale. Love you ideas on style as I am at a place in my life that it is important to me to feel comfortable, yet stylish. Thanks again and have a wonderful Holiday Season,

  21. I am enjoying your posts! Recently retired and let my hair grow out into a natural gray. It is surprising healthy and I like having a shorter time in the stylist’s chair. My best wardrobe colors have definitely changed however! Warmer shades look wrong without the brunette tresses. With your inspiration I am spending the time to be honest with my wardrobe and keeping those items that make me smile

  22. Susan,
    It happens that I’m also letting my hair get a bit longer. My years-old hair style is similar to yours but it seems harder to style now then when it’s a little longer. I look forward to your pix as we both wait for a new look. If I was still living on Beech Mt I’d make an appointment with your girl in Johnson City.. But now I go to Island Style, great name for Florida, near Vero Beach. Keep on blogging.

  23. You do a great job of choosing lovely colors that flatter you hair and skin tones. My problem is I do not like the warm autumn colors that compliment my auburn hair and brown eyes. I would love for you to post some hints for those of us who deal with this.

  24. I really enjoy your posts. The interesting places you and Mr. Mickey visit are most special. You are like having a friend who seems to have many of my same likes. I do really prefer a little bit longer hair for you. However you always look so wonderful. Keep up entertaining us! Thank you.

  25. I loved your blog on How I Style My Hair…I think in was in Jan. of 2019. You look great and the style really suited you!
    Happy Holidays!

  26. Your blogs are one of the email highlight of my week! I fully retire in 15 months and your blogs have been so helpful as I enter this new but outstanding life stage. Thank you.
    Jeri M.

  27. You have been such an inspiration to me! I purchased the Shapeez bra you recommended and just love it, no more falling straps. I do have a question regarding hair care as you mentioned using the daily shampoo and conditioner. Do you shampoo daily? I have very thin fine hair and have been avoiding shampooing too often, but my hair would look better if I did.

    1. The products are called Daily, but I don’t use them every day. I rinse and restyle on most days, sometimes I use just the conditioner, and I use shampoo about three times a week.

  28. Alene D, My take on dressing well for the hairdresser is that if I am well turned out (not super dressy, just nicely presentable), it sends s silent message that I expect to be treated well and receive a cut and styling that is a notch above what I might get if I were to show up in this rural area’s standard uniform of jeans that have been worn beyond their wash date along with the first top I could grab without looking. This is not a scientific opinion—but hey, it doesn’t hurt.

  29. Do you have cow licks at the front of your hairline. I have a cow lick on each side at the front and the way your hair stands up on the left side I was just wondering if you had a cowlick there. I love your hairstyle and I love the back of it also. Was wondering how long you plan on letting the front and sides grow. Thank you for all your tips I look forward to them every week.

    1. I don’t have cowlicks, but I use a round brush to lift my hair as I’m drying it since I’ve never liked the way I look with flat hair. I won’t be letting it grow much longer and will continue to maintain a cut with the weight line near the eyes.

  30. Love the way you can add splashes of color to make basics work for different occasions. I especially love when you add colors like the fuschia jacket, or my very favorite, the Malibu Punch collection from February 2018. Please do more videos like that one. I watch it over and over to try and learn how to mix and match.

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