Navy, White, and Gray

With much cooler and rainy weather fast approaching, we decided to make the most of the beautiful day on Friday. In the higher elevations, leaves are turning to autumn’s rich, warm colors, so we drove on the back roads to Weaverville, NC, to enjoy lunch at The Stony Knob Cafe.

After lunch, we drove through the heavily wooded neighborhoods overlooking Asheville, where we paused to snap these photos.

While the weather has remained warm, I’ve enjoyed wearing waffle-stitch cardigans with my tanks and jeans. Since I wouldn’t be walking much, I wore Vince Camuto animal print heels from last year. The gray Botkier handbag is also from last year. The silver gray belt is old from Talbots. The watch is here.

The smart casual combination of dark wash jeans and a comfortable cardigan over a soft tank has been one of my favorites for years. Accessories and shoes add updated touches that make the combo feel current. If black isn’t for you, navy or a deep brown might be better for your dark neutrals.

Jeans here.

One of the great things about Gap jeans is that you can order them in Regular, Tall, or Petite sizes and Short, Regular, or Long inseams. The prices are reasonable, and the quality is good.

My usual size in jeans is six, and I nearly always wear a size medium in tops. I’m five feet six inches tall and weigh about one hundred thirty-five pounds.

Refined tank here.

A simple white top in a slim fit with a flattering neckline is golden!

Waffle-Stitch Cardigan here.

In a few more days, the colors should be stunning!

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  1. I love this color combination, gray and navy!!! I struggle sometimes trying to use all my “grays”. You look so fresh and radiant! Always enjoy the scenery.

  2. After I let my hair turn grey in 2020, I went a little wild adding new colors to my wardrobe. Now I crave simple neutrals like those you use. Of course, we can’t throw everything out and start over so the addition of more neutrals will be a slow process. Especially since I don’t “need” any more clothing. Oh well.

    It’s been a few years since we visited Asheville. Hope that someday we will return.

  3. We are finally visiting your “neck of the woods” from October 16-20. We are taking the fall foliage train ride through the Smoky Mountains, spending 2 days at the Biltmore and then Ashville the rest of the week. It sounds as if it will be a perfect time to see the foliage. We have never visited that area, so we are excited.

  4. Quelle magnifique région ! L’automne est toujours très beau dans les régions montagneuses !
    Je trouve que vous êtes de plus en plus sophisti
    quée, en ce sens que vos vêtements sont de plus en plus élégants.
    J’ai eu le plaisir de lire toutes vos parutions depuis 2010 et j’ai pu suivre l’évolution de votre style.
    Pour ma part ,je trouve que votre habillement actuel ,discret ,chic et élégant correspond le mieux à ce que j’attends de la mode.

  5. I will be spending the week of November 5th at the Montreat Conference Center for a class on Agatha Christie. We have a free afternoon. Do you have any suggestions as to how to spend that afternoon? I have already been to Biltmore.
    Many thanks for all you do!

    1. There are so many fun things to do in the area of Black Mountain and Montreat. It all depends on what you find interesting. Here are the top 10 according to TripAdvisor. Lake Lure is also nearby. Here are some of the fun things to do there.

  6. Hi Susan,
    This great season is even more beautiful where you are. Glad you and Mr. Mickey are enjoying it.
    Susan, I posted on an older post; asking if you remember the silver medallion with a Pearl drop earrings, Mr. Mickey gifted you with quite a while ago. Do you k now the source for those? I was thinking, it may be a jewelry designer source. I am so disappointed that mine have gone missing, and would love to replace them. They were my favorite, especially with certain outfits. If you could link or picture them, maybe there is a slim chance I could get them reproduced.
    Thank you so much ! I think of you often, and wish you well! Pat

  7. Yes! Please keep sharing your autumn pictures! We get very few fall colors on the TX Gulf Coast, so we love enjoying yours!

  8. First of all, Stoney Knob is my favorite restaurant! And you look fine in your outfit, but jeans are not for me. However I love Mr. mickey’s socks in previous blog posts…..Can you tell me where he orders/buys his socks…..I have 3 sons, and all of them would enjoy these socks.
    Thank You….

  9. I love your posts!

    I agree with your comment on Gap jeans. They have a variety of styles, are very well made and I can get a long leg length!

  10. Susan, this is such a great look and those shoes are fabulous! The flared jeans give you such a long and lean look! I hope you and Mr. Mickey enjoyed a delicious lunch. I was wondering if you could wear the black military style boots you have with the flare jeans and how would you style that look.

    1. I would wear the military style boots with leggings or ankle length straight-leg jeans and longer jackets. I haven’t worn them with wider leg or flare leg jeans yet.

  11. I have bought at Talbots for years . I wear 2 petite in jeans and PS in tops. I have found it very difficult to find solid colors in shirts. Most now are prints, plaids, stripes. Once I retired I wear only denim, slim ankle or Chico’s denim ankle jeggings
    Where do you suggest for tops? Seem Talbots quality is down, too many ruffles, etc

  12. Glad we are on the same wave length, as often happens. Same colors, different order. I am wearing grey flare pants, navy blouse and white cardigan. My bag is snake print. Shoes, of necessity, are navy oxfords. Have a delightful day.

  13. That is one of my favorite color combinations.
    I agree with what others said about Talbots. Selection and quality have gone down. I have purchased a few things from Banana Republic and so far so good.

  14. Thankful you continue to share your wonderful fashion tips, trips, and path thru life. I enjoy every post and enjoy your thoughtful suggestions. Glad you and Mr. Mickey support each other thru the journey of life.

  15. Each time I see a post from you via my email I get excited to read it. They are enjoyable and informative.

    I do have a question. As you have mentioned in some of your posts, our skin tone should determine the colors we wear. My skin has more yellow which warm bright colors complement. My hair is now extremely grey and I have read when this happens we should wear more of the cool colors. Can you please share your expertise on this subject?

    Thank you so much. It has been a quandary for me.

    Jacquie Turner

  16. I’ve been following your looks for a few years, Susan, and have always been inspired by your elegant outfits. I notice that in the most recent posts you’ve embraced higher heels again, where many of your shoes seemed to be trending flatterer in the last couple of years. I’d appreciate your views on higher heels for those of us over 60 ;). Many thanks!

    1. I enjoy wearing heels when I am dressed to do anything more than go for a walk or relax at home. At any age, I feel that a woman should wear what makes her feel comfortable, happy and elegant.

  17. Love this look. Love the jeans. I feel like getting a similar pair myself as all of my jeans are skinnies. Very nice look Susan.

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