Everyday Makeup Routine

With temps in the high sixties and no rain, it was a good day to wear my new gray cotton cardigan. It runs true to size and is a very easy-to-wear style, but don’t pair it with black since it sheds fibers heavily. I purchased a size medium here. After each wearing, I turn sweaters inside out and hang them on a felt hanger to air out for a couple of days. Before folding them away, I check for pills and use the fabric shaver here if needed.

The jeans are no longer available, but these are similar, and the tee is here. The bag and heels are old, but similar items are here and here.

The day’s activities included grocery shopping and later meeting friends for a veggie pizza. I apply makeup sparingly and with a light hand for a casual daytime look.

The layered pendant necklace is here. The earrings are here.

Skincare is always my priority. I have been using Beautycounter since 2017, and my routine is here. I don’t apply all of these products every day or all year, so I detailed them in order of use. Makeup always looks best on well-cared-for skin.

I do not own the proper camera equipment to show you step-by-step makeup techniques on my face, so I’ll use sketches on paper. I will explain each step and link to the products used.

After cleansing, serum, and moisturizer, I start with the brows. I used light feather strokes in two colors to make my overplucked brows appear fuller and darker. I follow the natural line and fill the too-high arch from below. Always use the spooly end to blend and brush brows into place. I first used the taupe pencil here and then added a few hairlike strokes with the cool grey pencil here.

The eyebrow shape and color make a significant difference, so I take time to ensure they look natural, not harsh. I learned about symmetry and balance for filling in brows here.

1 – 2 Eyeliner is next. I apply this black pencil on the top waterline, into the top lashes, and slightly above the lashes. Follow the lashline without extending past it in either corner. I draw the outer corner upward from the last eyelash base, not outward. Lines that turn downward are never a good look for eyes or lips. Any makeup applied to the lower lash line can look too harsh.

2 – Eyeshadows – I use the color Chamois in the inner corner for the first eye shadow and blend it across the lid. I use the color Soft Black with a tiny brush to blur the top of the lash line where I added eyeliner earlier. I use a small flat brush to apply the color Cocoa to the lower portion of the top lid, keeping the color above the eye and not extending past the outer corner or the center of the eye above the pupil. I use the color Storm here to blend the outer edge of the eye up from the lashline to the crease and toward the center of the eye above the pupil. Use a clean blending brush to fade the edges. I have very sensitive skin, so Merle Norman’s eyeshadows are some of the only ones I can use; however, most colors are sold out online. The last product I apply to the eye area is mascara to the top lashes only. My mascara is here.

3 – 4 Line the lips, but don’t go to the corners. Blot with your finger to soften the lines. Fill in with color or lip balm. A soft, natural, dewy lip for the day is my goal. I used the pencil color Cranberry here and Plum True Berry lipstick here in my look for today.

Finally, I used Miracle Balm in the color Flushed here on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I often use it on my lips as well. The product gives my skin a dewy, natural glow since I don’t use foundation, concealers, or powder blush.

I share what works for me and often explain why, hoping the information will help you find what serves you well. As in fashion, makeup can be used to highlight your best features. The magic happens when we find what works best for us. The shopping links on this website may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Good Morning- concerning Miracle Balm- I purchased a sampling and have yet to see the dewy glow on my face. Perhaps I am not applying it properly. Do you pat it in to your skin or gently rub? Do you use a brush in doing so? How much of the balm do you gather on your finger to apply? Please advise as to what works best for you. Thank you!

    1. I pressed my finger into the balm to break the seal on the first use. Using my finger, I pat the product on and continue patting to blend. It can be layered if the first bit is too light, but I use a very small amount.

  2. I tried the Miracle Balm and found the formulation and smell off-putting. I’ve yet to find a creamy blush that doesn’t melt into my skin and disappear. Thank you for the eye makeup tutorial. I love eye makeup, but have struggled with hooded eyes and application problems for years.

  3. I am so glad you are addressing your beauty routine. The one thing I need to add to my routine is the Vitamin C serum. I was never sure when to use it, so your explanation of skincare really enlightened. Do you use whiteners on your teeth? If so, what do you recommend?

    1. A few years ago, I used a bleaching solution for custom made trays, all purchased from my dentist. Now I just dip my wet toothbrush into a small amount of baking soda and brush for a few minutes each day.

  4. The closeup of your face is beautiful and very brave. I always knew you didn’t wear foundation but thought maybe you changed. There is no discoloration or dark spots. So you must wear sunscreen and of course your skincare is very helpful. I know you have mentioned these makeup and skincare products before and it’s good to see you are still using them. They do work.
    I also really like the casual outfit. I’m going to check out the sweater.

  5. You always look perfect. I do miss your shorter curly hair. It was always so pretty and it made you look more “fun”.

    Thanks for all your good advice.

  6. The eye makeup tutorial is very welcome! Nothing worse than an old lady with too much eye makeup. Or lipstick creeping all over the place.

  7. So pretty! You have such a soft, dewy look to your face. A light hand with make up is necessary for us over 50 gals. I have a simple routine that works for me too. The most important thing for me is to take the time to always be well groomed. Hair, face, nails and simple outfit is key. You always look terrific. Thanks for sharing your routines and ideas with us. I certainly look much better for following your blog all these years. The best to you and Mr. Mickey as you navigate your week.

  8. Love your make-up. Also love your flare (or bootcut) jeans! Can you talk about wearing a belt with jeans when you tuck in your shirts, especially with the newer styles of jeans? I am not sure what works and what doesn’t after wearing mostly tunics with narrow or skinny jeans for a while. Thanks for your ideas!

    1. The proportions are more pleasing with a defined waistline when wearing a flare or wide-leg pants—a more narrow-fitting short or tucked-in top looks balanced with full-leg pants and jeans. As an opposite example, try on a long top with wide-leg pants, and you will see that you appear broader and shorter; now, put a belt over that long top, and you suddenly look more like yourself again. If the pants have belt loops, I usually tuck in the top and wear a belt. If there are no belt loops, I won’t be likely to wear a belt.

  9. Love your make up. I have been told many times that I look 10 years younger than I am (I am 54) and my secret is that I have been using a product called Strivectin for at least 20 or more years. I believe it comes from the USA. It was originally an anti stretch mark product that they found works on wrinkles. I use it morning and night as my moisturiser.
    Of course I still have wrinkles so look natural but I think not as many as I would have had by now. (it also helps that I follow after both of my parents and at 54 only have very very few grey hairs).

    I really appreciate your make up tips here Susan. Thanks so much!

  10. To Kris Boyle Kahler, check out Trish McEvoy’s Cream Blush. It comes in 3 shades. I apply it with a brush. It lasts for most of the day. You might like it.

    Susan, as always, I enjoyed your post. Thanks for all of you fashion and skin care advice.

  11. Susan,
    Love your blog. So many wonderful ideas and hints.
    Is Merle Norman sold online now? (I hope)

  12. Hi Susan it be a while since I sent a commentI am halfway through my Radiotherapy session re Breast cancer .All going well so far but it’s the laying flat on a hard plinth for 25 mins which is so painful for my back . Radiotherapy wise no problem apart from black felt pen drawings. The science behind it all is fascinating and above an beyond me.
    I know today’s post is about make up but you have been so kind and caring when this journey started and you asked me to update you. Hope you are doing well too, oh I am on medication for next 5 yrs are you?
    Anyway your skin is divine and I have always loved the subtle way you apply your eye make it is always understated. Personally I detest thick black heavy eyeliner on younger girls/women let alone on older women .it garish and unflattering you can’t even see the colour of their eyes. I love that you have always
    Left your lower lashes free of make up it’s a look I have copied from you years ago, less is more. Although you have eyeliner on upper lid it’s so cleverly applied and doesn’t flick up or is thickly applied it doesn’t take over your pretty blue eyes.
    Hope Mr Micky is doing well and when warmer weather arrives we may read about some of your great days out.
    Take care Susan and thanks for everything.
    Pamela Wales UK

    1. I’m so happy to hear from you, Pamela! You have been on my mind often. Yes, I do have to take a hormone inhibitor for five years, but all is going well.

      You will get through this, too, and I hope we have many happy, healthy years ahead of us.

  13. Thank you Susan for kind words , yes we will have many years ahead of us so take a deep breath I will
    be giving my usual lengthy replies to your posts.”OH NO”I here you say, lol.
    Hugs from Pamela Wales UK x

  14. Would you say that miracle balm had any coverage advantages?
    I am interested in trying, but already have rosy undertones that I typically try to tone down
    thank you

  15. Many thanks for the considerable time and effort you give freely to help us all look and feel our best. While you are certainly beautiful, your beauty is absolutely more than skin deep!❤️

  16. Hi Susan! I’m ordering the Miracle Balm, excited because ‘foundations’ are not appealing to me anymore. Informative post today, thanks.

  17. A lot of info to absorb with the shadowing of the eye lids. I love the look you manage to convey but not sure I grasped all the intricate way to apply it. I guess this old 81 year old dog is having a hard time learning new tricks of the face trade… I follow the majority of your instructions with everything else but the shadowing. I rarely use shadow so that may be a good reason I have trouble following. I’m sure to most of your audience it is quite clear and wonder why I have a difficult time following your instructions grin. In any case, I certainly learned a few new things to try.
    Thanks for all the wonderful insightful female “stuff” you share as it truly has made a great difference in my life in many ways from dressing, to eating, to loving the scenic pictures you share as well as all the personal health issues you grant us a glimpse to know about you and Mr. M.
    Clara from Iowa

  18. Perfect timing for this information. I need a bit of a change in my makeup and I am going to try this. Especially the Miracle Balm placement as that is something I need to change as my face shape changes slightly. I always adopt something from your blog and am thankful for all the inspiration.

  19. Love your posts, but I’m in Canada and the cardigan referral just doesn’t go there. Following your referral it gave me the cardigan but would not acknowledge my BR password when I tried to buy it. There seems to be a whole other section for Americans only. I have bought several of your 70’s flare from Gap though and love it.. Also bought your recommendation for the easy flare from BR which worked.

  20. I really wish I could get away with so little makeup. My light to moderate rosseca prevents that as I need more coverage on my cheeks and chin. Your makeup is really lovely.

  21. Excellent post and thank you for all the time and effort it took to put this together! Your skin looks radiant and the lip color is the perfect shade.

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