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On the day I snapped the first photos, I had gone out for lunch after running some errands. This look follows my most often-used dressing formula: a tee and jeans.

The top is a simple knit tee with ruching at the sleeves, and I bought it at Chico’s a few months ago. A similar top is here. The jeans are here.

A similar bag is here. The shoes are by Nine West from last year. Here is a similar pair of shoes.

A blue top with white jeans has always been one of my go-to summer looks. The style of the top and fabric can dictate a casual look or very dressed up. The accessories also change the attitude of a combination. So that the pieces are not too memorable, I usually buy solid colors with minimal details. Blingy buttons, ruffles, and eye-catching zippers make an item stand out but are also too trendy for my taste.

I’ve learned to buy my favorite colors when they are popular, so I’ve recently purchased a few blue tops from Chico’s. They have a lovely shade called Blue Grotto, and an earlier featured color was the lighter Amparo Blue.

The Blue Grotto embroidered tee above and below is here.

The Blue Grotto top shown above and below is here. It runs a little smaller in the bust than similar tops from Chico’s, so you might consider getting a larger size.

The Blue Grotto top shown above is here. I wear it with white ankle-length jeans and white sneakers for a very casual look, as shown below.

None of the shoes or accessories I showed today are new.

Mr. Mickey thought you would enjoy seeing how the urns look this year. We hope you enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Susan,
    The blue is stunning on you. Your posts are always inspirational. In fact, l frequently click on my saved photos when l can’t decided what to wear, and voila! Decision made. Today, for my grandson’s baseball game it will be white cropped wide leg jeans because it’s so hot, with a blue tee, as his team color is blue. Purple has always been my favorite color but l’m leaning more towards royal blue lately. So many outfits, so little time!

  2. What a nice color! I’ve always liked blue and do feel not so washed out when I wear it. That is a beautiful color on you.
    Also the urns look nice. They look very healthy even mid summer.

  3. That is a beautiful shade of blue on you! I do love the plants in the urns. I will try to mimic that next year in my porch planters!

  4. Is the bottom pots has been upside down? If so, do you put a tape to keep it secured or what? Loved the shade of blue on blue.

  5. What a pretty shade of blue! It looks great with silver hair. I love the deep purple petunias…striking in the pots with greenery. Have a lovely week to you and Mr. Mickey.

  6. Thank you for sharing….You look really cool for the hot summer days.
    Tell Mr. Mickey…enjoyed the urns.

  7. My favorite color. You look smashing and your hair is lovely. The longer length adds a very attractive softness to your features. Do you plan on letting it grow much longer?

  8. You are the star Susan and look so fresh in blue.
    It is most helpful to see the ways you use the combinations to different effect.
    You would smile to see how often I have stepped out confident in one of your suggested outfits.
    Mr M was right, it is fun to see the urns, clever him.

  9. Yes the urns look awesome as do you Susan. Nice looks for a summer day. Thank you and Hi to Mr. Mickey. Hope your parents are doing well.
    Patty V.

  10. That blue is definitely one of my favourite colours – & looks stunning on you as do your on trend white jeans.
    Yes Mr Mickey, the urns look gorgeous – I would love to see more of your lovely pot plants & perhaps some of your garden? It’s a cold & wet winter here in Perth, Western Australia – it’s great to be reminded that spring is around the corner!
    Thank you so much for your inspiring posts
    Margaret xxx

  11. You look lovely in those deeper but bright shades of blue. It’s easy to see why you gravitate towards them.
    I have a similar coloured top which I love wearing with white jeans. It’s such a crisp summer look.
    The urns are so pretty! I’m sure you both enjoy them very much. If Mr Mickey planted them he certainly knew what colours would complement your chosen outfits!

  12. Love the urns and also the fact that what are houseplants in the cold UK are garden plants in yoyr part of the US. I have both the Snake plant and Begonia Rex as houseplants.

  13. You look beautiful in the blue tops, it’s one of my favourite colours. I know that you are not a fan of fussy clothing, but have you ever been tempted to have one abstract or flowery top, that would go with all your trousers? Too many patterned tops are not a good idea, but one would look great on you I’m sure.

  14. Always looking good Susan. Nice to “see you!” Blue & white are definitely great on you.
    Urns look beautiful! Hope you’ve had a happy weekend so far!

  15. Blue is definitely your best color Susan! Thanks for sharing the details of each top. Mr. Mickey gave me urn envy as my Florida urns are struggling now with our summer heat.

  16. That longer length haircut makes you look fabulous and much younger than your years( I am the same age as you). And the blue really brings out a glow. Thanks for your posts. Before I started reading them, I had started to dress haphazardly, but now your inspiration has helped me quite a bit. Thank you! I look forward to them.

  17. Thank you for the blog as it has made me think more about what I wear now I’m retired and get rid of things that don’t fit my life anymore – it’s a work in progress. One thing did you manage to find your own place or are you still renting from Mr Mickey as I loved the posts from your old homes.

  18. I love the blue top with the white jeans. Your hair looks nice, the longer length looks good on you.

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