The Kaftan and a Haircut

When I showed the blue and white kaftan I purchased earlier in the year, several people asked what type of shoes to wear with it. Since I wore the kaftan on this 92°F (33°C) day, I snapped a few photos to share with you.

The platforms are by Nine West, and I bought them months ago from Nordstrom. The bag is old from Mango. The sunglasses are years old by Balenciaga. The earrings are also old from Chico’s.

The dress or kaftan is also perfect to wear while lounging on the beach or by the pool with bare feet and a large straw hat.

The kaftan also comes in other colors. It is here.

My very talented stylist April Atkins at Van Kye Salon, gave my hair a much-needed trim to lift some of the weight away from the jawline and up to my eyes. When hair gets too heavy and long, it brings attention to the lower part of the face. She also gave my hair a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate and add shine. The treatments are customizable and always make my hair look so much healthier.

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  1. Do be careful in those high shoes. It is not worth risking your skeletal health to look good, especially when you look so lovely already. It’s strange why we believe we need such shoes. Barbie gets it right in the last frames of her movie. Sorry to be negative as I love your posts.

  2. I love the shoes the model is wearing with the caftan, but I guess the ankle straps would make the legs look short on anyone who isn’t a model with super long ones. Cute, though.
    Your hair looks great!

  3. Hi Susan, the kaftan looks great on you in fact the whole ensemble looks perfect. Your hair looks a picture of health as do you. The temperature may be rising, but you look nice and cool.

  4. Love the lift that cut gave to your hair. It is so flattering. You look lovely in that kaftan with the perfect accessories. Thank you for brightening our days!

    1. Thank you, Vicki. April told me that she used products available only to salons. Trained stylists combine and apply the products. I’m sorry, I didn’t retain the name of the product line since I knew I would not be able to buy it in a store.

  5. I love your outfit. I was wondering where you wore it. I have a caftan and when I think I’ll wear it out. I feel self conscious. Also wondering if you wear a full length with it. I love seeing your style stepping out of the box.

  6. The kaftan is lovely on you. I’m thinking it would not suit a short woman. I tend to wear a knee length loose A shaped dress when it gets hot.
    Your hair is very healthy and pretty. Your hairdresser is a gem.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Susan, You look lovely — and the haircut is superb, and gives you a youthful “lift,” just as you noted in your post. I have to say, I don’t blame you for deactivating your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Mine were also hijacked and my privacy was compromised. Frankly, life feels much better, more sane, with less social media.

  8. Hi Susan
    I used to love wearing heels, but now unable to due to bunions and balance issues. What type of flatter shoe would you wear with the kaftan for someone like myself.

  9. You look so lovely and trim in that dress, and with the earrings and sunglasses and shoes, I must say WOW!

    Great hairstyle, and your hair is so shiny and healthy looking.

  10. Just so lovely. It would be a beautiful picture of you somewhere in a seaside town in Italy, maybe along the Amalfi coast?
    The Tyrrhenian Sea behind you.

  11. Susan you look lovely! I think you’ve gotten prettier since the last two years I’ve been watching you. Also I read about your weekly diet and your eating habits when you go out with Mr. Mickey. But I think you look thinner every time I look at your pictures. Are you losing weight? How, please? I am trying to lose two pounds and my gosh they never go away.

    1. I walk three to five miles (or briskly for an hour) up and down hills every morning in the warmer months, so I always lose a few pounds in the summer and trim down a bit.

  12. I love the caftan on you but OH MY LORD the price tag ($210) is most likely out of range for most ladies! Hopefully there’s one out there similarly styled at a more affordable price point.
    And as an employee of a huge Orthopaedic practice I have to agree with the previous poster about your shoes. One false move and you will be looking at a broken, or at the very least sprained ankle. I can’t tell you how many gals we have come in over the age of 60 who have worn similar shoes with a disastrous outcome! One of our doctors likes to quote that old adage to them “pride goeth before a fall.” Please be careful!!

  13. You wear it well! Perfectly pretty and cool. I love your new hairdo too. Keep smiling and sharing with us! Another enjoyable post.

  14. Hello Susan – I love all of your posts but especially would like to thank you for a post that you made last year telling us how you get all of your sceenings done and encouraging us to do the same. i am more of an ostrich with her head in the sand and try to avoid those, but after your post I scheduled my annual mammogram and colonoscopy.
    I haven’t forgotten your wise ( and brave !) advice and have once again scheduled my annual physical and mammogram.
    Even though they give me a lot of anxiety ( both off my sisters had breast cancer) I keep thinking that if Susan can do this so can I!
    Thank you for your advice and good example!

  15. I love everything about this look. As much as I would like to wear flats all of the time they’re just not a good look for me so I’m back to buying heels again.

  16. I love the kaftan! I’d like to add a comment on your shoes. As a lifetime wearer of platforms and heels (I’m petite), there is a huge difference between the two. Platform soles do not give when the wearer steps on something, the way a regular sole does. I fell numerous times while wearing platforms over the years, even when young. Also, while driving and wearing a sandal with a platform sole, I tried to brake, but the car didn’t stop until I completely lifted my foot and slammed down on the brake pedal. What caused this was the back of the shoe remaining on the gas pedal, when I moved my foot to the brake. If you look online, you’ll see many posts regarding this issue. At this point I am careful to choose shoes that will be safe to walk and drive in. I think espadrilles with a wedge sole would be a safer choice with the kaftan, as shown on the model.

  17. Love the haircut! I was worried about you there for a while. The length (maybe) dragged down your usually upbeat look and I was afraid you were unwell. Yay. You’re BACK! And hope all IS well.

  18. You look stunning. I love patterned clothes in the summer. There is something about blue and white and it’s crispness.
    You have a great hairstylist; I agree that it gives you a lift.
    Stay cool!

  19. Great look with the beautiful caftan. I’m wondering how you are able to walk safely and without worrying you’ll twist your ankle, or worse, by wearing platforms and without any strap support ? Are your feet still strong and your balance uncompromised by the usual age factor? Do you have foot excercises to help? I recall some time ago you gave up on heels so have you recovered from something or just changed your mind?
    I still have some of the 2.5 inch heels that were comfortable through my forties and early fifties but my structure must have changed as I simply can’t tolerate them or balance well enough in them any more. I can see my ankles have dropped somewhat and also notice this on other ladies. Just wondering how you manage your platforms!

    1. I don’t wear platforms or heels to walk long distances. There isn’t a lot of walking on city streets in my town. We mostly park in front of the store or restaurant and walk very little unless we set out to do so. I walk for an hour or more each morning but wear supportive running shoes and thick hiking socks. It is essential to have the proper “tools” for the job.

  20. I have been reading your column for many years, Susan, and have always appreciated your advice and tips for looking our best.

    As to the lovely ladies who have implored you to consider the pitfalls of wearing high heels, I do agree with them but must say to them that trying to talk Susan out of high heels is like trying to talk the NRA out of their guns.

    Personally, I have compromised and wear shoes with arch support, lower block heels, and only for dressier occasions and short periods of time.

    Just this last month, I had two friends fall and break a foot and ankle, respectively. The recovery process is brutal (six weeks). So to all of you out there, and I think on this Susan would agree, be careful!

    1. The two times I’ve fallen, I was wearing a flat shoe once and a one-inch high block heel the second time. I am more mindful of my steps when wearing heels. I also don’t wear them every day, nor do I wear them for long periods.

  21. Love, love, love your new hair style! and I so appreciate the various views. I will show your posts to my stylist! Your photos will show her exactly what I planned to try and describe to her! What a huge assist to have your wonderful photos! and I love the caftan on you! All beautiful!

  22. Susan, I love heels, both platform and not platform. I would wear them every time I leave my house if I could find shoes that fit my narrow feet. I enjoy seeing you “rocking” the heels. I live close to Madison, Ga and ordered the kaftan after you showed it in the post about Madison. Unfortunately, it did not look great on me so had to return it. One of the important things I have learned from you is that not every person can wear every dress. Really learning that helps prevent me from being disappointed or feeling ugly. Instead I look for something similar that helps meet my goal of being well dressed. Thank you!

  23. Susan,
    Your hairstyle is perfect. A visit to the salon always makes me feel refreshed and ready to face the world with confidence. Since I experienced hair loss due to age and hormone-suppressing medication my hair is thin. Keeping my ends fresh is especially important. Thin hair is not forgiving since it’s sparse and shows every little snip!
    Platform shoes have been a favorite of mine since my teenage years. I like the extra height and they are easier (stable) to walk on. They also eliminate the extra cost of alterations when pants are too long. Keeping my sense of balance through exercise is a must to continue wearing this style.
    Your caftan is perfect for the hot weather .. an easy breezy look.

  24. You look stunning!

    Your hair looks so natural, healthy, and flattering. Love the cut. The dress is everything I would choose in a caftan/maxi–slim, not billowy silhouette; perfect drape; set-in and not poufy sleeves; very flattering length. (I remember back-in-the-day didn’t we call that tea length.) As for your shoes, I love them on you and with that dress. If you are steady and stable, bring it on!

    I am now limited to 2″ block heels at most. I actually like them with almost any silhouette. And I’ve also found two brands that have a number of pointed toe styles with 1″ block heels. My feet are okay in almost any style that I can find in Slim or Narrow, however …
    I expect to be getting a new hip in September. For now, there are days where my hip is quite stiff. On those days anything more than 1″ or only the slightest bit over just doesn’t work.

    I appreciate you! Aging “ain’t for sissies,” but you are a bright light on this journey. Thank you.

  25. When I read your blog approximately 2 years ago, you swore off heels. I find you are back to wearing them. What changed your mind?

    1. When I tried to wear flats, they were appropriate for my age and retired lifestyle. However, I did not find them comfortable on my feet or for my personality. Life is short. Wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

  26. Toujours aussi belle Susan, d’autant plus avec cette jolie coiffure ! Vous avez une très grande expérience concernant le port des chaussures à talons hauts. Pour ma part, j’aime beaucoup ces sandales. Elles sont vraiment superbes à vos pieds.

  27. With fall weddings starting in September, could you make suggestions about what to wear to a “dressy casual”outdoor wedding at a beautiful farm setting at the end of September —Also shoe suggestions. Thank you!

  28. Je ne peux pas marcher avec des talons plats .Ma démarche ressemble à celle d’un plantigrade !
    J’ai une multitude de chaussures adaptées à toutes les circonstances ,avec des talons différents !
    Il vaut mieux faire de l’exercice et soigner son alimentation pour garder la forme qu’abandonner ce qui nous fait plaisir .
    Je viens de fêter mes 73 ans et je n’ai renoncé ni a l’élégance ni a la joie d’être a mon avantage dans le style intemporel qui est le votre , avec une touche frenchy bien sûr !!!
    D’ailleurs mon âge reel a peu d’importance . Mon esprit et mes objectifs n’ont pas d’âge.
    Merci pour vos conseils ,même de l’autre côté du monde !
    Bien amicalement

  29. Pouvez vous lire mon commentaire ? Le votre est traduit en français .
    Je parle les langues latines et l’allemand …..mais pas l’anglais !
    Et vous quelles langues parlez vous ?
    La façon de s’habiller en France est différente , plus simple parfois . Quand je vois vos amies autour de vous je suis toujours un peu surprise .
    Les Françaises et les Italiennes sont beaucoup plus minces et cela change tout .Qu’en pensez vous ?

    1. I speak English and a few Spanish and French phrases, but I must also use Google Translate to read your comments. I’m glad we have that option.

      Our standard American diet could be better for our shape and health. I always avoid processed and fast foods.

  30. Susan,
    This is one of the most stunning looks I have seen.
    The colors of this kaftan and the pattern are perfect.
    Your accessorizing is exquisite.
    Always appreciate your styling
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. You look absolutely fabulous in your kaftan and have championed the quintessential summer look along with the chic haircut.
    I have been wearing kaftan for a very long time and find them extremely comfortable and they are now so fashionable that more and more ladies are accessorising them and wearing them to parties.

    I wear my Indian sandals with a smallish wedge for comfort or even espadrilles as well.

    Kaftans are on the market for a lower price, I saw some on Amazon but be wary of the fabric and quality.

    Happy Summer! Thanks for an inspiring article

  32. Will miss your posts but very happy you are taking care of yourself and the same for Mr Mickey. Lots of love and prayers for you both

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