Dressing For A Day Trip

We often spend Saturdays exploring, shopping, or site-seeing while we travel to enjoy dinner at an upscale restaurant. It’s a fun way to spend the day that we both enjoy tremendously. Dressing for these day trips can be a challenge during this time of year because the weather can change a lot depending on where we are going. Today, I am sharing what I wore and how I styled it as the temperatures varied throughout the day on Saturday.

The first consideration is my comfort, but I also want to look nice when we arrive at the restaurant. After a full day of travel and activities, the look can be rumpled by the end of the day.

During this time of year, I always dress in layers to remove or add as needed. While the afternoon temperatures were highest, I took off the jacket. I rarely wear a tank top or shell without a jacket, but this one provides enough coverage at the armholes, and it is also the right length for my shape.

When the air conditioning became too much for me, I added a scarf.

Our final destination on Saturday was Vistas Land and Sea Grille at RedTail Mountain. We have enjoyed visiting this restaurant tremendously. Our dear friend, Chef Peter, is closing the restaurant next month to prepare for his studies at Le Cordon Bleu London for the next couple of years.

Mr. Mickey remembered to take a photo after he had enjoyed the first piece of bread. He certainly is a big fan of bread!

The Crab and Corn Chowder was excellent!

The Roasted Kale Pesto Risotto is one of my favorite meals. It includes risotto cooked in a roasted garlic stock, then tossed with homemade kale pesto and topped with a perfectly poached egg.

Mr. Mickey says the Wild Caught Salmon is the best he has ever had. He orders it often. Perfectly seared with a tomato rosemary chutney, it is served on top of crispy scallop potatoes then garnished with crispy kale chips.

Creme brulee and beignets were the shared dessert this time.

We will miss our dear friend and the excellent dining experiences we always have at Vistas Land and Sea Grille.

The white jacket is by Tahari from last year. Similar here. The necklace is old from Chico’s, similar here. The shoes are here. A similar bag is here. Links in my posts will generate a small commission for me at no additional charge to you.

  1. Those are great tips Susan – you do the travelling light brilliantly. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday and the food looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am going out of town this weekend and have been thinking of what I’d wear for the travel day, as it will include 4 hours in the car and then arrival and going out for dinner. I’m going with my black pants and black tank as you have done, with accessories/scarf to add interest. A jacket for dinner will be all I need to change up the look and survive the A/C! This came at the perfect time for me! Your dinner choices look delicious! That risotto….I’d have to go with that too!

  3. Susan,

    I have several fall/winter tops that I bought last year that are deep, muddy colors. I have found scarves to brighten them up, but I thought I would also pick up some costume jewelry necklaces with a lot of color in them to spark them up when I don’t want to wear a scarf.. And then I got to thinking – I don’t recall seeing you wear necklaces with lots of color. Since I respect your opinion so much, I was just wondering – what are your thoughts about costume jewelry necklaces that have a lot of color?

    1. I am only a fan of fashion jewelry that mimics the real thing. Any stones should look similar to natural gemstones such as turquoise. I avoid anything that looks plastic or too glitzy. A few crystals set in silvertone metal can look believable if the stones are small.

  4. Another wonderful post and the food pictures are enticing. What are your thoughts on scalloped edges and trim on clothes? I saw a longish white open cardigan that was perfect in fit, however, there was scalloping all along the inner edges of the entire sweater. I wasn’t sure this was my style. Thanks.

  5. I love the way you make an event out of eating in restaurants, and I am making a list of all the great ones you enjoy. Will that chef be coming back to Red Tail when he is done his studies? Also, very interesting that each dish is on a different coloured plate. It seems like he is “dressing” the food to be served on visually stimulating backgrounds for each item. I will keep that in mind when I serve salmon (pink) or risotto (cream) as the main course. You teach us so much!

  6. Simple, easy, and very stylish day-trip outfit! I just love white jackets! Thanks for sharing the meal pictures. I’m sorry I’ve missed the opportunity to enjoy a meal at RedTail. Best wishes to Chef Peter on his journey and next adventure!

  7. Very nice outfit. Exactly what I like…classic and comfortable.
    You spend your weekends doing what my husband and I should be doing. We used to do the same, especially when visiting my parents in the Pocono mountains. We would go for a drive visiting all the antique and country stores. Unfortunately Parkinson’s disease for him has taken away our future as I saw it. We are too young for the life we have now…he 61 me 52.

  8. Hello again, Susan,
    The white Tahari jacket is unavailable now; do you expect it to be available next spring? It looks like the type of jacket I have been searching for but unable to find. Could you tell me its fabric content? Down here is Texas, we need breathables, yet still want to look “fashionable.” Its style # 500118301 by Arthur S. Levine.

    Still loving and learning from you.

    Much love and admiration!

    on my email address…there is an “underscore” before the zero.

    1. Look for linen or cotton white blazers next spring. I did find another version at Nordstrom here. The trick is to find jackets that are not too long. The current trend is for oversized which can be overwhelming for many women.

  9. Your food photos have me salivating at my desk at 8:22 in the morning!
    As always, lovely and PRACTICAL suggestions for looking elegant and comfortable for a whole day out.

  10. Susan, I believe you live somewhere in the Carolinas. I hope you, Mr Mickey, and your families are safe. I will be praying for you and your fellow Carolina residents.

  11. Wow! My favorite picture was you in the black top and pants with the scarf draped straight down from your neck. You looked very thin and very elegant with a dash of spice. Wow!

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